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Hey James ,

I just want to thank you for the tips this weekend. My son and I had a great time. Although he didn't beat his best of 6 pounds. He did end up catching two 5 pounders. Plus a few 3's. For my report, we pulled down to the dam, I caught 2 fairly quickly on a jig. One being 8.75, granted not a monster for Falcon, but it was an upside. I was throwing a 1/2 oz football head with a Rage Tail Falcon Craw. Sunday we really hit the trees hard outside of the Veleno, we started flipping trees around 7 foot like you suggested. Best bait was a craw in Okechobee Craw or Zoom speed craw in blue. They really seemed to be going for the smaller size. Biggest Sunday was a 7.85 on the last cast. Son was catching the 5 pounders on the zoom and I was throwing RT craw. Thanks again for all the help. Tightlines to you my friend!

Dale and Dalton Hughes




Just a thank you for the guidance of where to find the fish-way back in the creeks. We talked to you a couple times the end of last week. I bought the spring for my trolling motor. We won the CAST tournament 27.50 lbs on Sunday. We try to stop by but you guys were closed for the day. Not bad for the tough days we had pre-fishing. Thanks again and keep the fishing reports coming.

Gary and Lynne Brooks.




Hey Tom,

Sorry we missed meeting you on our trip to Falcon. We did get to meet James and had a nice visit with him at your store on Monday morning. He is a great guy....He gave us some valuable info about fishing at Falcon...Just a quick run-down on our 5 day visit to Falcon....We arrived last sunday evening and only had a couple of hours to fish before dark and it was very windy, only had a few small fish. Monday was still very windy so we had to make the run from the state park ramp to the Tiger creek area to find some fishable water out of the wind. We only managed 16 fish with a 5 lb. big...On tuesday the wind laid and we were able to fish our open-water spots and the results were phenominal!!...45 fish total with our best 5 weighing 38.2 lbs. On Wed. the wind again co-operated and we had a total of 52 fish with our best 5 weighing in at 42.8 lbs. On Thurs. we only fished from 6:30 am till noon and we had a total of 42 fish with our best 5 weighing in at a whopping 45.3 lbs.!!! We had a two-day, 10 fish weight of over 87 lbs.!! Our biggest fish was 12.2lbs and our 2nd big was 10.53lbs!! In all of my 52 year fishing career I have never done anything like this, it was truely the trip of a lifetime for me to say the least. This was my 1st. trip to Falcon but I tell you it won't be my last! On my next visit I'll be looking forward to meeting you also. Loved your store...you only keep the best stuff in stock and we were very impressed. See you next time..... Tommy




Thank you so much for loaning the trolling motor to me today. You saved my vacation. I called the shop in Corpus Christi and he said it would be 2 1/2 weeks before he could look at mine. That only left me one other choice and that would have been to drive somewhere and spend about $1000 or so for a new one. The few trips that I have been down here, I always looked forward to visiting your shop for baits, advice and a good laugh!! You guys went over and above on this fix for me and I really appreciate it. I will return your motor Wednesday afternoon. If you need it sooner, call me and I will return it. I am staying at the Sunbridge.

Thanks again, Kelly Goldston




Guys, I want to tell you how great your website is….can"t wait to read it & see your updated info….will be down 3/11 & we waited to long to find a guide for the 1st day…. We will certainly be in for tackle….I run a marina on Lake Navajo in Co, & customer service is what I have built the store on….nothing better than happy customers for your advertising… Keep up your great work & see you soon……..



Hello guys.

Just wanted to stop for a sec and tell you guys thanks. We were very impressed with how much help you guys were while were down in Zapata. Everyone we meet while we were there either at your store or just around town how nice everyone was. And to top it off on my 40th birth day the 10th got my only two DD bass ever. We were amazed at the quality of the bass in your lake. And to make you feel better they are both sill in Zapata and plan to come visit them again next year. Lol. But thanks again had a wonderful time. Buy the way 11.13 (pic 19) and 10.7 (pic 44) P.S. While down there you guys were joking on some people saying how disappointed they were down there. Guess they wanted a DD every cast. Send them to Beaver Lake up here in Arkansas.



Just wanted to say thank u for Ur great customer service. U guys definitely go out of Ur way in helping us catch the fish of a lifetime. Here is my first DD.....10lbs 10oz. I also had a 9 and 8 that day. My best 5 fish that day was 39.90. Can u heaven.

Thanks again. Crawford




Thanks a million for contacting the Game Warden for us as we were stranded in Tiger Friday evening. They came to our rescue thanks to you. You guys are the Best tackle store with the most customer friendly attitudes I have ever seen in any kind of store, and I appreciate that. The call to check on us just before you closed up shop was awesome.

Thanks again, Cary



I wanted to take a few moments and thank you guys for the help this past week. We had several boats down last week and enjoyed 4 days on your beautiful lake. Just before dark on day one the steering cable on my trolling motor snapped. After taking it apart and diagnosing the problem we just knew this was going to cost us a half day or more to track down this part and get back on the water.

We were at the store when you guys opened on Friday just to ask if you could point us in the right direction to find a part like this. To our surprise you had exactly what we needed in stock at your store. Unbelievable! We were back on the water only loosing an hour or so of fishing time and went on to have a great trip! I have attached a couple of fish I caught right there in the Veleno area. Would not have been possible without your help. Thanks Again, Andy Hilger




I want to take this opportunity to thank you for all that you do for the fishing community. Sometimes, this becomes a chore and you wonder if all your efforts are taken for granted. Please accept from one off your most recent fans.......thanks for what you do for all of us that cannot avail ourselves of the wonderful Falcon Lake.

I was recently in your store with my two sons that were visiting from the military. I wanted to do something different with them and chose to go fishing at your wonderful lake. Prior to going, I had got phone numbers for Tommy Law, and Speedy, from a partime resident of Zapata. Unfortunatley, for me, both fellows were booked.

But what happened next really surprised me. I was treated like I was the most important person ever to call these guys. They were extremly gracious and promised to get me someone. Gary Harlan called and said he could take us. We met Gary close to his home to and visited with him for the next day fishing. Gary told us that the people that he had taken that day wanted to fish again the next day. But he said he had got someone to take us. We told him we did not have any fishing equipment and he proceeded to take some rods out and hand them to me. He said, here use these. My cousin and I were shocked. Here is a guy that doesn't know us from Adam...lending us his equipment. But, then again you being part of the community understand better than anyone else, the type of people that comprise the Falcon guide community.

Matt Simms took us fishing the next day. We met him at your store and this day went down as one of the most memorable of all time. I wish I could tell you that we loaded up the boat. We did not. Yes, we caught fish, had wonderful weather, but I want tell you its not about what you catch. It was about the overall experience, to include our short visit to your wonderful store.

God has blessed the Falcon Lake guide community.......in turn all the guides strive to make our visits to your lake a memorable experience. I pray that you continue to be the glue holding all these crazy guys together.

People can say, well he has a busniess to run.....I say BS. These guys all love what they do. Keep up the great news letter.

Thank you,

Ted Gutierrrez

Madisonville, Texas


Dear Jim,

I'd like to thank you for the assistance you provided that made my visit to Falcon Lake an enjoyable one. As a redeploying Soldier, I had looked forward to coming to Zapata and fishing the famed Falcon Lake. Yours was my first visit to a local establishment after getting settled into my hotel and I couldn't have felt more welcomed from the minute that I stepped in the door. I've attached a picture from my outing on February 18, 2010 with local guide Jim Edwards, himself a very knowledgeable and personable individual.

I can't speak enough about his ability to not only find fish, but to make a day out on the lake a pleasurable experience. We faced a challenge with the weather conditions but with Jim's insight and ability we were able to boat this 8.54 lb fish as well as a 6.18 lb fish with five more around the 5 lb mark. I value my time away from the rigors of military life as well as the blistering cold of a Michigan winter. Falcon Lake Tackle and Jim Edwards exceeded any and all expectations. Thanks' again for your hospitality.

Highest Regards, Arthur G. Austin Jr. COL, USA




Just wanted to let you know I got my order yesterday. Talk about FAST!!! Best customer service I have had entire 2009!!!! You guys are GOOD....Can't get the service you provide. Good to see there is someone out there who truly belives in their customer. I'm impressed and will tell others about Falcon Tackle. I will certainly stop at the shop while @ Falcon and buy!. You Guys Rock



James and Tom,

I know that we said "Thank you!" before we left Zapata, but it is difficult to express just how heartfelt those two words were. You two made us feel welcome, and freely gave us information that made our time on the lake thoroughly enjoyable instead of frustrating and disappointing. And you didn't try to sell us a bunch of stuff we didn't need, either! When we left Saturday evening we felt like we were leaving friends.

THANK YOU! THANK YOU!! THANK YOU!!!!!!!! And bye the way - we are still enjoying some of the best brisket we ever ate!! Absolutely s-u-p-e-r-i-o-r! Don't want no stinkin' barbeque sauce on meat like that! Man that is the good stuff! We are already planning our next trip back to Falcon (hopefully before the end of the year), so get some more of those V&M "ringer" worms that we cleaned you out of. J OK - some of the Plum Ole Monsters, too. LOL

Herman and Linda Chelette, Tallahassee, FL 08-13-09



Hey guys this is Courtney from Gatesville Texas. I took a trip down to Falcon last week with my wife. We had a pretty good trip. I ended up catching a 7.13 and an 8.3. They were weighed on 2 different scales. I thought the 8.3 was a good 9 something but the scales said otherwise. I still won't complain though!! Is this a good address to send a picture of that fish? I also wanted to say thanks for the professional treatment while we were in your store. Often times bass fishermen have a holier than thou attitude, so it was nice to deal with laid back fellows willing to give info on locations and colors....Thank you!! 07-31-2009


Hello James!......... Wanted to say "Hey" and tell you what a great time we had while we were there. You will probably remember me as the 'ol fart from Mo. who knows good friends of Rick Roamaine.......My wife Bev and I were in there a lot, and you posted a 9.9 and a 10.14 we caught in Jan. Thanks for all your help and advice while we were there. You guys run a really great shop! I guess we were among the "lucky" ones while we were there. We did really awesome and had the time our life. Loved it so much, we bought a little place over at Lakefront.........by the way, the day we left to come home, I showed Tom where we had been fishing for two months, and he said he'd be a good brother and show you..........did he????? Bet not. :) Anyway, we look forward to seeing you hopefully this Fall. Don't know how the fishing is in Sept or Oct? Take care and catch that big 'un you're lookin' for...........

Best Regards, Jack Hollingsworth Lake of the Ozarks Mo





James, Tom,

I wanted to thank you and your staff again for your hospitality last week when several members of my bass club "Big Sandy Creek Bass Club" from Round Rock, TX stopped in last weekend March 13-15 for our club tournament. I was pleased to find the great selection of tackle, line, and flexible hours of operation at Falcon Lake Tackle. After going through all of the new Tommy Biffle 8.5" Lizards I had purchased on Friday from your shop, I came back around 7pm Friday night and purchased the remaining 4 bags you had in stock. Thanks for being open til 8pm as I would not have caught this great 11.9 lb bass! This was my first trip to Falcon although I had been wanting to fish here for many years I am defiantly making a return visit soon. I will stop in on my next visit to Falcon and look forward to sharing pics of the replica fish mount. This is my first mount as I wanted only a fish over 11 lbs. and my next one will be over 13 lbs.

Thanks again!


Joe Duck Big Sandy Creek Bass Club Georgetown, TX


Dear James,

I would just like to thank you for all the flash reports you put up. I am on the LSU fishing team and I had never fished the lake before last Saturday. Your reports helped me and my teammate get 5th in the tournament with 21 lbs and 13 oz of fish which was not bad since it was our first time on the lake. Without your reports on the lake it would've been real hard fishing. I hope to get back down to Falcon soon and I'll be sure to stop by the store and thank you personally. Thanks again for all the help.

Logan Mount, LSU


We are the group that came into your store from the Longview, TX area on Oct. 9th and picked up some maps and a few baits. I Just wanted to let you know we had a great time and appreciated your help in finding some spots to fish. We found a lot of fish in the mouths of creeks but they were small, we did better for size on main lake points and structure in 8' to 12' of water, (when we could fish them, due to the wind). I thought I would send you a picture of the first fish we caught. I caught this 9 pounder on the 3rd cast that morning, with a watermelon red ¾ oz. spinnerbait. Thanks again and we will be back. James Pilcher


Oct 20, 2008

Hey guys. I would first like to say that East Texas appreciates all the info you put out in the fishing report. I can probably speak for all of us when I say we need that report for something to look forward to since the decline of our beloved Lake Fork (the most pressured lake in the south). Anyway, a friend and I were down there in early June when it was 108 degrees and the lake was like 28 ft. low. Don't get me wrong, we had a blast catching some of those whoppers, but we wondered the whole time what the lake would look like at full pool. We're in the process of planning a fall/winter trip down there to try again for a couple wall-hangers but would love to see what the lake looks like now. Could you post some pics of the lake around the ramp or the Veleno at the bridge. We were catching our fish in 12-18 ft. of water. I'm guessing that stuff is 30 ft. plus now. Too cool! Thanks for all the input and hope to see ya'll soon. Keith Shuttlesworth (new Falcon Lake enthusiast)


Oct 20, 2008

James, We just wanted to say thanks for the after hours service in opening your store back up for us on Thursday evening. The tackle and advice we received really paid off. In addition to a really GREAT fishing trip, my partner (Bill Herrera) landed this nice 12-6 lb beauty , truly a fish of lifetime ! Again thanks for advice and going the extra mile for your customers. See ya in December ! Rick Pompa Jr. SwRI Bass Club


October 17, 08

I Love your web site, I check it everyday. We come to Falcon from East Texas twice a year and stay for 6 weeks each time at the State Park. This past weekend our son Zebulen came down to fish with us he caught this 10.2 (according to our scales) on a rattle trap. He was just too proud. Your on-line is just wonderful, I think you have everything......

Jessie McGowan


Oct 15, 2008

James, It sure was nice to finally meet you on Thursday morning. Thank you so much for all of your help, and for running such a great store. I actually had to make a second trip to the store on Friday because of that dang spinner bait you sold me. They tore it up, and was the key to my success. Thursday afternoon, I had an 8, 2 fives, a four, and a 2 1/2 in 2 hours of fishing. My partner broke off a behemoth that did everything in our favor, only I didn't believe it was a bass until the third pass by the boat. An honest to goodness 12+. On Saturday I had my chance at a big fish on the spinner. With 25lb flouro and the drag tightened all the way, she kept right on going, straight out of my dreams.... After thinking about catching a 6.79 on the spinner, the 8 from Thursday, and numerous others, I have no doubt about the size of that fish. I couldn't do ANYTHING to control her! Anyways, we had a great time, the fishing was very good, and to think about how great it will be in 2-3 years is unbelievable!



I just wanted to let you know that the picture of the "youngster from Oklahoma" is my 22 year old son, C.J. We had a great two days with Gary Harlan. Putting CJ's picture on the web sight put a huge grin on his face. All of you do such a great job to make us welcome, and as a father, it was great to see it as well. We sent a link to your sight to over 100 people to see the picture, maybe you will get some well deserved business from it. We will see you in March, 2009. Warmest regards, Andy


October 15, 2008

Well, let me say thanks for the hospitality, lake advice, and for that AWESOME Lake Falcon bass fishin'. Hope you enjoyed that boudin. We all caught a lot of fish and a few biguns' too. We had three and a half days of solid fishing - all over the lake. Our group of six had a big fish pot, 50 bucks a boat, winner take all. Fished 3 hours on Sunday, each team of 2 had 18 to 24 Lbs. - IN THREE HOURS! ! ! Spinnerbaits, Ribbits, and Ol' Monsters, were the trick, in 5-12ft. of water. The next few days were just as impressive, with 20 to 35 lbs. for 5 fish, including 3 over 8lbs, 2 over 9, and a 10.5 for big bass! ! DAMN it was AWSOME, but it still was fishin' not to make it sound too easy. Can't wait to go back. Best creeks were School Bus, Tigre, Salado, and a small creek above the Salado on the Mexican side. Thanks again, from Louisiana!!


Oct 9, 08

Hello James, My name is Pat Soto, and I'm emailing you a picture of a recent trip that I did to Falcon Lake on Sat. Oct. 4, 2008, I wanted to share this picture w/ you because I enjoy stopping at your store and I love your web site. Well I hate to brag but this time I will because I caught my first double digit fish. It was a whopping 10 lb. 8 oz. and 24 inch fish. I'm sending you a pic so that may post it, if you would like. I hope that you or your brother remember me and my friend stopping by more than once at your store, I'm always buying my rat'l trap lures at your store. Anyhow I had an awesome day at the lake last saturday w/ 6 fish on my stringer weighing at 4lbs to 6lbs. and of course my 10lb. But I'm the type who catches and releases them, so Icould'nt stop by the store for an official weigh in.

Thank You, Pat


From Falcon Lake to Lake Champlain in 4 days. Great service at the right price. Thanks so much. Bill


James, I was the kid with that group from Arkansas, Texas, and Louisiana. I just wanted to tell you that the fishing was amazing. I didn't catch any "monsters," but I caught 4 or 5 fish over 7 pounds, which is bigger than any I have ever caught. The thing that made the trip the most fun is the fight that the fish put up. I had 2 pound fish that fought like the average 4 pound fish, and the bigger ones must think that they are small sharks. I am definitely spoiled now, and I hope to find some way to return to the lake next year. Your store is really amazing considering it is in such a small town. You had everything we needed, even that boudan. It really is a credit to you and your brother that ya'll have built it up to what it is. Thanks for all of your hep and advice; it was definitely a trip to remember. Thanks again, Stephen


Hi, I stopped by the store yesterday on my way out of town to pick up a couple items and told the Gentleman working, in the blue shirt, that I would send a picture of my big fish for the trip and he said you all would post it on the website. I just wanted to say thank you and tell you that we enjoyed your store very much, the insightful conversation, and the down home feeling you store and personnel provided. Again, thank you and I look forward to seeing you in the future. The fish is 9 1/2 lbs. (Boga Grip 15 lb. Scale) Caught 5-18-08 Flippin the bushes. Caught on a Strike King Super Finesse Worm (Green Pumpkin w/Chartreuse dipped tail) Dan from Cibolo, Tx


Guys, I would like to say thanks for the great tip. We had a great time catching fish just as you said and on the baits that you suggested. I realize that you didn't have to do that or you could have given us a bum steer but you didn't… I can assure you that went a long way in my book. We get to Falcon about 4 - 5 times a year and I can assure you that your place will be our place of choice when it comes to fishing supplies. Thanks again. Rick Pompa Jr. Hill Country Steel L.P



2006 Reader Comments:

Gary D.Bogle February 6, 2006 DeKlab, Illinois

Just thought I would let you know I received the snake weights today, it was a pleasure to have done business with you, your promptness was outstanding, Many Thanks! Gary D.Bogle


Rob Gardner 1/20/06 Colorado

I just drove in from Colorado. Thanks to your reports on the good fishing, I had a couple days I was able to get away so I left the business with the kids and came South. Your timely and accurate reports of lake activity are really helpful.


Douglas Marshall 1-20-06 Bastrop, TX

First of all, many thanks for your web site and tackle store. Your flash fishing reports and lake levels keep us up to date on what's
happening at the lake. Thanks for your efforts in keeping the information timely and informative.


Craig White 1/20/06-Pleasanton TX

The lures I ordered yesterday arrived this morning. Thanks for the great service.


Ron Castle-Del Rio Texas 1-19-06

I ordered a crankbait rod yesterday and it was here today. What did you guuys do, beam it here on the Starship Enterprise? Thanks for
the great service.


2005 Reader Comments

I just wanted to drop you a line and let you know what a fine job you are doing reporting on Falcon. I guide fishing trips on the Guadalupe River chain of lakes(McQueeney ,Canyon,Dunlap) and occasionally on Choke Canyon and a few saltwater trips seasonally. I too report for probass.com(Lake McQueeney), as well as TP&W, and my reports are seen in the S.A. Express News every Thursday.I read your report weekly and I think you are doing a great job. Everytime I read a Falcon Lake report I can't help, but to think about Mr. Jim Murray and how I enjoyed reading his reports about this fabled Intl. Reservoir. I think it is a wonderful tribute to him by keeping this report alive and a true service for all of us Bass fishermen in South Texas and a great way for others nationwide to see what kind of tremendous Bass action we are blessed to have here in S. Texas .Thanks again for your service and keep up the good work.

Capt. Shaun K. Dowell


September 2005

Jim Ziebert-Arma Kansas
Received my order of worms today. Thank you very much for the prompt service. These are much nicer worms than I've been getting from my other supplier (I can't buy these in stores around here). I got "turned on" to them by a Texas fisherman some years back. At one time a tackle store on Grand Lake in Oklahoma sold them but it closed few years back.. I only purchase for personal use and probably go thru around 300 or 400 a season


August 2005 Allen Gray, McAllen Texas

Let me start by thanking you for all the work you and your staff do on your website. I check your site daily and I have referred many of my fellow hunters and fishermen to do the same. There is so much information on the site that keeps me up to date on the "goings on" in town and on the lake. I have been hunting and fishing in Zapata for 5 years now and your town holds a special place in my heart. I wish I could be there more often. I'll have to stop in sometime and say hello.
Allen Gray

August 2005 Stan and Rebecca Weirich - Killeen, Texas

We are the couple from Killeen /Harker Heights. ( Stan & Rebecca Weirich ). We did have our must successful fishing trip ever. The winds cooperated and for three days we caught in excess of 230 blacks up to 7 pounds. We had an absolute blast. Once we found fish, you could catch upwards to 20 out of the same spot. I am planning another trip in late Sept. Can't wait. Sorry to have missed you this last time, hope all is as well as possible. We went to Falcon because of the (Flash Fishing) reports I read weekly.

Stan Weirich


June 14, 2005
The package arrived yesterday, thank you for the quick, professional service.
Bob Short
Alice, TX


June 14, 2005
Thanks for efforts on my order, I hope it wasn't too much trouble getting the hooks. After you first e-mail I had started recommending you to fishing buddies. I'd much rather deal with a family owned buisness than a big discount chain who have the" Tell them what they want to hear attitude". I'm sure I'll be ordering from you again as well as some friends of mine. Thanks to you and your wife,
Robert Keough
Murray KY


June 13, 2005
It's nice to see someone truly concerned with customer satisfaction. Your email was greatly appreciated. Thanks in advance.
Mark Walker
Canton, MI


May 31, 2004
My worms arrived today, just as promised. Thank you so much, and I look forward to buying from you in the future. I will also recommend you to the guys in my bass club.
Gary Neuhart
Raleigh, NC


May 23, 2005
Thanks for the great service on my Mexico fishing license and boat permit. I notified the whole team from our BASS Federation and everyone that contacted you couldn't believe how great you were to work with. We're all ready for the divisional tournament at Amistad next month thanks to you. Some were even bragging about how quick you were with their extra tackle orders too. Really nice to work with someone who cares.
Fluffy Fisher/Dan Bowlin
Oklahoma BASS Federation


April 21, 2005
I would just like to say thanks for a great transaction. Can't believe they ever stopped making these lures. Best performers for me. I thought they were expensive when they came out, but well worth the money, when it came to production on fish. Hope I can make down to Zapata some day and meet you in person and have a look around the shop. Good luck! and Thanks again!
Joel Norton
San Antonio TX


April 2, 2005
I am just writing to congratulate you on an awesome website. It is people like you that Zapata County needs. Being a citizen from Zapata I really enjoy and admire you for putting up a good website, being that we are a little town and our resources are to a minimum. Right know I am at college in San Antonio, pursuing a Marketing degree so your website really makes me feel at home. I want to again thank you for making Zapata, TX a better place, and hope you continue your business's success.
Victoria Vela
San Antonio TX


March 10, 2005
Just wanted to thank you for the reports and website you offer. This is actually the first year my partner and I have fished Falcon lake and let me tell you it has been a blast. We are from San Antonio and the last two times we have made the drive to fish for the day and return. Definitely planning more two-day trips. Well, we had a great day yesterday and you are right about one thing, it's all about location for the fish. We fished one area new the Tigre and got very few fish. Found another area and within a couple of hours we had 41 fish in the boat including the 7.5 pounder I attached. It was released after the picture in good health.
MSgt Keith D Hunt
San Antonio, TX


February 23, 2005
We appreciate you and all you do for bass fishing.
David Glenney UCBC Tournament Director
Universal City, Texas


February 20, 2005
Just wanted to drop you a line and give you an update on our week long fishing trip to Falcon. Neil and I stopped by your tackle store on Sunday, Feb. 13 to get a Mexican boat permit and two licenses.We fished almost exclusively on the Mexican Side of the Lake near the Dam. We averaged 50 - 75 fish per day except for Monday when we caught 125+ fish. Our biggest fish was an 8-1 and a 7-9 (see attached) which were both caught on Wednesday morning. We had several other fish in the 5 and 6 range and many others in the 3 and 4 range. The fish were in 1 - 8 feet of water. We didn't have a thermometer but we guessed the water temp to be in the 60's. The water clarity ranged from 1 - 3 feet depending on location but it didn't seem to matter to the fish. Nearly all the fish were caught using 6" Berkley blue fleck and Zoom Watermelon lizards. Between the two of us, we must have used 200 lizards.Except for a few of the smaller keeper fish we kept for a fish fry, all of the fish were live released. I think we might have had one or two fish that swallowed a hook or broke a gill but otherwise, all the others were released unharmed. This trip will rank as the best bass fishing trip of my life. Falcon is definitely the place to be right now. Thanks to you for all your fishing reports you provide on your web site and for providing a tackle shop near the lake with everything a a person needs when fishing Falcon.
Doug Marshall
Georgetown, TX


To: Falcon Lake Tackle From Ray Rippenstein Bryan Texas 2/2005

Sorry that Bob Barnes, Pat Fisher, Charlie Thomas and I were not able to get by before we left Sunday morning to give you our great report. Thanks for your advise and the great recommendation on the bait that produced bass after bass.


To Falcon Lake Tackle from Mike and Brenda Pullin San Antonio, Tx

We got back to San Antonio about 3:30.Rained off and on all the way home. Brenda and I just want to let you and Barbara know how much we enjoyed your shop and talking to you both.Our visit to your store was certainly one of our highlites of the weekend.I was inpressed with your inventory.I told Brenda on the trip back to San Antonio that I see no reason ever to go back to BPS in Houston.Last Feb.we when to B.P.S. and I spent exactly $16.29 because they didn't have anything I was looking for.When both the weather and lake settles down,I can see us coming down,spending some hours on the lake,going by your place to stock up,eating a little supper,and coming back to SA. Sounds like a good day to me. Good luck to you both. Thanks again,Mike & Brenda Pullin


Larry, Just want to thank you for the great job you do on the web page and for the honest, comprehensive lake info you provide there. Lake Falcon, in the past, was absolutely the best bass fishing I have encountered, and even though I don't get down there often, it is good to be able to keep track of what's going on. Thanks, Bill Joiner


Post on Fishing Forum RE: Falcon Lake Tackle Mexican License Sales

"Excellent, I highly recommend Larry and Barbara at Falcon Lake Tackle. I purchased my fishing license from them over the phone and it was in my mail box in 2 days!"

"I can say the place Debra mentioned is top notch. I just purchased my 7 day Mexico license from them via email for the TTT tournament coming up and their service was very prompt."

"Deb, I called the (Del Rio) number in your post....they would not sell a boat permit over the phone with a credit card. I'll try the people at Falcon who sold me my fishing lic". "M - sorry to hear that about the Del Rio folks, but I only deal and trade with the folks down at Falcon Lake. Larry will treat you well and take care of you."


To Larry Bridgeman From Dennis Weaver President, Seguin Bass Anglers 2005

It is with mixed emotions that I pen this letter to you. On one hand, I want to wish you the very best in your retirement, health, and hopefully being able to get out and fish more! On the other hand, I cannot imagine ANYONE doing as good a job as you and your wife have done operating Falcon Lake and Tackle! Even though we as a Club as well as myself have not fished Falcon as much lately as we have in the past, I feel there will certainly be a void there! I STILL check Falcon Lake Tackle AND Falcon Lake's website DAILY! Anyway, I wish you much improved health, good luck, good fishing, and hope you get a "fair shake" on all of the wonderful things that you have started at Falcon Lake Tackle! Sincerly, Dennis Weaver, Pres. Seguin Bass Anglers


To Falcon Lake Tackle Larry Bridgeman From: Stan and Wanda Foltz- Universal City Bass Club

Aw Larry. I just saw your web site and saw your “For Sale” info. I was afraid something like this would happen. Selfishly, you are the best thing that EVER happened to Falcon Lake in particular, and south Texas fishing in general. I sure hate to see you go. Personally, I will miss talking to you on our trips to Zapata. You have a great sense of humor, smile, and a wonderful personality. You have always bailed us out whenever needed. No…I’m not going to ask you t marry me. I just want you to know that you will be sorely missed by this fisherman. You are a man among men. If I don’t see you in November, I wish you and your wonderful wife well in whatever you decide to do. God speed, my friend. And may He bless you. Your friend, Stan


To Falcon Lake Tackle May 2004 Order Gary Neuhart

My worms arrived today, just as promised. Thank you so much, and I look forward to buying from you in the future. I will also recommend you to the guys in my bass club. Gary Neuhart


From Bruce Fox Two Time Honey Hole Angler of the Year October 2004

I just wanted to let you know how much all of us appreciate the comprehensive inventory of fishing tackle and marine repair parts you have available in stock. This is probably the best equipped tackle store in Texas and maybe in the whole country.