Falcon Lake Tackle

Is Also A Federal Firearms Licensee


License Number 5-74-505-01-3B-04646

In addition to being South Texas' largest independently owned fresh water tackle store, Falcon Lake Tackle is also Zapata County's biggest Firearms Dealer. We stock new and used firearms, and often buy small collections from private owners to sell here at our store. We do a lot of custom ordering for our customers, and we are the home of the cheapest transfer fees in South Texas. So if you find a gun somewhere else that you have to have, we'll be glad to take care of the transfer for you.

Our inventory of course, changes on a day to day basis. This page features some of our inventory. And of course you can always call us at 956-765-4866 for up to the minute detail on our current stock.


*** As you can imagine, in these unique times, gun and ammo inventories are at all time lows.. Never seen anything like it. We still have several rifles and pistols in stock including a couple of 9mm Remington pistols.


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