New Lures and Tackle Just Added:
1) NEW "HOLD ONS" Rick Cathey's Plastic Worm Bait Holders 6 Keepers/Package
2) New Clip on Magnifying Glass- Swing away monocule design-helps see small screws, hooks etc. Clips-on hat bill for 10x viewing of work!
3) NEW Zoom Superhogs
Watermelon Red-Great Drop Shot Bait 4"
4) Sweet Beavers AVAILABLE NOW Also Doublewides and Smallies New California Color
5) Gambler Ugly Otters - Similar to Sweet Beaver
6) Yum Wooly Hawg Craw - Similar to Sweet Beave
, Also YUM Wooly Hawgtails, Houdini Shad and Zellander Lizard
7) Trilene Big Game Supreme Steel Gray in 14, 17, 20 and 25 lb
8) McCoys Mean Green in 12, 15, 17 and 20 lb Test plus 30 and 50 lb Braided
9) Mason Bass On Mono Line Charcoal Brown in 10, 12, 15, 17, 20 and 25 lb te
10) 8" Finesse Worms in Red Bug & WM Red
11) Gary Yamamoto RED/Shad Silver Yamasenkos
12) Muscadine Brush Hogs, U-Tales, Lizards, Mag IIs
13) Wackey Wacky Plum Apple Reaction Lures
14) Norman GDD22 &/or GDLN in Red Ear, Slick, Watermelon Craw, WM Candy, Bream and new Lateral Line Patterns of Chartreuse Brown, Slick. Fire Fire Tiger, Tennessee Shad, Texas Shad
15) Spinner Jigs For Tubes, Grubs, Craws
16) Tru Trac 1 Oz Spinnerbaits and 5/8 Oz Buzz Baits
17) V & M Two Twist 7" Worm Motor Oil Chart Belly
18) Yum Scent and 4 inch Minnow & Jig with scent pocket
19) 4" Storm Minnow & Jig
20) 4" Panther Martin Minnow & Jig
21) Owner Weighted Phantom Tube Hooks
22) Falcon Weighted Fluke Hooks 5/0 & 6/0 Gamakatsu 3/32 wt
23) Oldham's new Horny Toad Hooks with screw lock
24) Riverside 1/4 Oz Spinnerbait with Counter Rotating Willow Blades
25) Twin Lakes Dixie Dancer Buzz Baits with 2nd Inside Counter Rotating Blade

26) YUM Chunk Watermelon Red
27) New Norman Thin N 2-5' and Fat Boy 0-4', New red lateral line lures in DLN and DD22
28) Zoom Z-Nail and Ultra Vibe Craw in WMR
29) Watermelonn Green Orange Brush Hogs
30) V & M Magnum 14" Worm, 8" Mag Finesse Worm, 9" Mag Lizard, 5" Craw in WMR and WM Chart Claw
Daiichi ButtDragger Weighed Screw Lock Hooks
32) New Shimano Curado reels 100D. 200DHSV and 200 DPV and Calcutta in 100B
33) New 4 " 1 Oz Swim Shad in Panther Martin, Yum and Storm Wide Eye Shad
33) Norman 181 GDD22 and GDLN Chart Blue Back Suspending
34) Suffix Line 20 Lb Test Lo Vis Green
35) Zoom Special Run Colors in Plum Apple, Gourd Green and Dirt in various worms and Baby Brush Hogs
36) New Tempest Rods in 6'6" and 7' M. MH and H
37) Bandit Chrome Blue back lures in 100 AND 200 SERIES.

38) Ciitica and Cruxis Shimano Reels
39) Mann's Hardnose Flipping Craw 4"
40) Norman DD22/DLN New Colors Red Lateral Lines
Sunfish, Bream etc
Call if you do not find them listed on our site!

NEW SPECIALS ADDED UNDER KITS AND SPECIALS UNDER $5 - Compasses, Key Chains Lights etc. TACKLE SPECIALS include Brush Hogs and Speed Worms Limited Colors and Quantities, Abredeen Hooks, Plastic Lizards