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FLT Flash Fishing Report!

Not your Daddy's fishing report...

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September 13, 2019: It's Friday the thirteenth.. It's a full moon.. There's a marathon of the Walking Dead on TV..

What could possibly go wrong?

But for those of you who do not suffer from Triskaidekaphobia, it is basically just another Friday.. And a nice one here as well.

I will tell you one thing that could go wrong.. If you hit the old bridge in the Veleno..

And to complicate matters, I hear the big marker that was tied to the west end has come off.. I have to get out there and pit a chain it on..

So be sure and stay to the west side of the creek on the way out.. If you do not know what I am talking about, ASK!


The API tournament is underway, with only nineteen teams participating. Weigh ins will be at Beacon Lodge down on the river about 2-3 o'clock.. If you are around and want to see what is weighed in..

There is also a big BBQ cookoff tomorrow with judging in the PM.. Call me if you need info on any of it..

Uvalde bass club is also in town this weekend, and they will be fishing tomorrow and Sunday.. Weigh in at County ramp both days I believe..

The lake is still on a slow rise.. Very slow.. Rain all around us yesterday.. But little here at the shop..

We are sitting at 265.91, so we are up a foot or so in the last ten days..

Top of the lake is dirty.. Pierce's south looks good.. Nice.. Great..

Deeper fish still being caught.. But a wave of very shallow fish have been reported the last few days.. Fresh water up on a bit of very shallow new grown grass I guess.. Lotsa bait up there in some spots..

Square bills or waking baits are good in that one foot of water..

Brushpiles are still best. But any rocky drop or ledge will work..

Of course not all brushpiles and ledges are created equal..

I will post a report on tourney results when I get em..

Some good fishermen out there this weekend that fish here a lot.. So we'll see what they do..

Come see us when you can..


It has been eighteen years since a bunch of brainwashed Muslim motherfuckers killed thousands of American civilians in an early morning attack on the American way of life..

And it is about the shittiest of feelings knowing that there was, and is, nothing I can do about it..

Can I harbor hate and disrespect for an entire religion, (supposedly; it's more of an ideology of hate and non acceptance in my mind) throughout my life, and not have it eat me up from the inside?

I have thought about it thousands of times..

But so far it hasn't bothered me any..


If you read the Koran, and admittedly I have only read a few passages, it is pretty clear that there is to be no acceptance or toleration of other religions. And from what I understand, if you cannot be converted, you should be tormented, or even killed..

If you read the old testament in the Bible, you can also find passages that speak of stoning's, and vengeance, but I have found no passages that speak in favor of conversion by force.

Maybe some of you more knowledgeable than me can find a passage that will contradict me..

And don't give me that shit about the Crusades.. The Crusades were in response to Islamic aggressions that went on for century's..

I am not here to get into a philosophical discussion about the differences between Christianity and the so called religion of peace.. I think it is quite evident which religion is more peaceful..

And accepting..

And maybe that is the problem with America..

We are too accepting.. And we let shit slide till our society no longer represents or resembles what it once was..

Almost all changes are incremental..

A bit at a time.. Till you can no longer even recognize the original wrapper..

Those that are all about re-making America in a newer, better image.. Your image..

Well yall can kiss my ass as well..

I know I am Old School.. And there are less and less of my kind.. And many think that me and my kind are non-relavent..

But don't expect me to EVER give up my beliefs. And that is something I will fight to the death for..

And that's all I am gonna say..


Fishing is good.. And bad.. Depending on where you are. What you are throwing.. And how you are fishing it..

The patterns working best are still deeper presentations, whether you have a jig or a crankbait or a soft plastic tied to the end of your line.

Repetitious casts to the same cover can be rewarding.. But you have to stick it out..

Rocky ledges.. Brush piles.. Humps..


The water on the south end of the lake looks a lot better that the water on the north end.. We have a little bit of water flow coming down the river, and it has kept the top a little off color..

Currently we are on a very slow rise. Water releases have been cut to the minimum this week as good rains in the valley on both sides of the river have the ground saturated and the irrigators have no need for more water.

At least right now..

And we have entered a bit of a wetter pattern in South Texas.. So let's hope it stays around for a while..

We have also seen a bit less heat this week, as we have not made it over a hundred in the last few days.

I ain't saying it is over.. But it is September.. And we are headed for cooler times..

The lake has caught about nine inches of water in the last ten days, and that has made the concrete ramp at the state park a lot more friendly. It is very useable..

The ramp at the county park is great but flat.. Two wide..

The old Veleno bridge is about eighteen inches under the water, and it has a big orange marker tied to the west end of it.. Run past it to the west side about fifteen yards or so.. No sweat..


The annual API tournament is in town this weekend, and it is going to be headquartered out of Beacon Lodge as usual. Registration is tomorrow evening.

The last few years there have been about thirty five teams entered, and I would expect about the same this year. So there will be some river traffic coming and going early and mid afternoon north of the Veleno.

For info on the tourney go to Border Chapter API..


Good fish have been caught from the Tigers south, and if I was fishing a tournament that is where I'd be..

I'm a shallow water fisherman.. But right now it is all about offshore..


If you need a Mexican license, give us a call.. In advance if possible. And we will have it ready for you when you get here..

I will get back to a more fishing fishing report the next time around..

Till then, Keep the Faith America!

And stay vigilant.. We're always one day away from some bullshit.. And there is no telling where it might come from.

But that's the world were in..

September 5, 2019: Tropical storm Fernand has pretty much come and gone from Zapata, and it did about what I thought it would.. It gave us some nice rains that were sorely needed, but did little to raise the lake level.

But what it did do was to get the Valley on both sides of the river wet.. In some places real wet. And this should stem the flow from Falcon for a bit.. As of this morning, releases have been cut to about 1000 CFS, which is about as low as it gets.

Hopefully this will just be the beginning of rains that will benefit the lake as we head farther into September, which lately has been a good month for rains along the Rio Grande.

The gauge here at FLT showed about 2.5 inches total for the last couple of days.. And I think we are about through with this event..

The lake came up about four inches or so, which helps the state park ramp. What the rain did do was wash out the parking lot at the county ramp, and piled some silt on the ramp.

But I just got off the phone with the county and they are on it.. And they promise to have the area in good shape for the Metro tourney in October..

Nobody fished yesterday.. At least nobody I know of.. It was a washout and a windout.. So reports from yesterday are nonexistent..

But.. In the days prior, all the guides that have been out have whacked em really good, and Holly caught this DD fishing with Matt Reed..

All of them are fishing the south end of the lake.. Almost exclusively.. And most of them are still saying that the afternoon bite is best..

Deep is best, and big diving crankbaits are a good choice on ledges, and tickled above brushpiles.

Of course a soft plastic is easier to fish around them, and can be just as productive on any given day and spot.

Stick with the old tried and true colors. Something with some chartreuse on a crankbait.. Or the citrus shad in the Spro or 6XD is also good.. Plum and Plum Apple are hard to beat on the worms and other soft plastics.

Those are not the only things that are working.. But it is a damn good place to start..

I have been really impressed with the health and quality appearance of the fish on Falcon this summer.. They are built like tanks for the most part, and are as mean as any fish I have ever caught, including the fish in Mexico.

But hell we are in Mexico, practically..

I see great things for the fall down here.

Another thing that we are seeing lately is a hatch of summertime spawn fish, that are now from four to six inches long.

And while their size right now is cormorant preferred, they cain't get em all. The summer spawn is well documented around here. And seeing these fish is not at all uncommon.

I remember talking to a good number of folks a couple of months back that swore they caught spawning fish.. I told them they did.. Remember that wave of shallow fish we caught back then? Bunch of fatties as I recall.. In knee deep water..

I love me some Falcon..

The water cooled a few degrees the last couple of days.. You will find it about 83 to 85 degrees today. That is still very warm so take care of your fish if you have em in the well.

This weekend finds the Laredo Bass club holding their championship here at the county ramp, and they will have approximately 35 boats in the contest.

UCBC is also on their way here as well and they should have at least twenty boats in their tournament.

I also have on my schedule that Quality Bass Club and San Antonio Bass Club are coming to town..

And if they all show up it will be the busiest weekend we have seen in months..

We look forward to seeing all of you here!

If you are coming and have been living under a rock and need a new Mexican license.. Please give me a call, we will have it ready for you when you get here..

The new system takes a bit of time to get it done and it will save both of us time if you pre-order..

We can do it when you get here, but it is much easier to get it done while I am sitting on my ass doing nothing..


The bridge in the Veleno was just coming visible this week.. Before the rains came.. And now it has about four more inches of water over it..

You CANNOT drive over it without hitting it.. I am going to try tomorrow to get that big orange marker back on the west end of it.. I am going to wear some snake leggings and a Chastity belt before I get out on top of that bridge..

Got to protect the vitals..

Let us know if we can help you in any way, and remember it is still summer down here.. Be prepared to deal with some heat AND humidity this weekend..

Like always, we'll see you on the water!

September 3, 2019: Optimism.. Hopefulness about the possibility of a good or desired outcome..

And for the first time in a while I am optimistic about getting some rain around here.. Although we have already received two inches in the last week, counting the inch we got yesterday..

That's gonna make the grass grow..

If you are any kind of Falcon fan, you are probably also watching the disturbance in the gulf, that is drifting towards the Mexican shore, a few hundred miles south of Brownsville.

This storm is certainly not making news, with the Cat 5 storm that is roaming around just below Florida. Although it has calmed down some, after devastating the Bahamas.. Too early to tell how bad it was over there, but it has to be a catastrophic scene.. Prayers out to all those living down there.. We'll see how bad it is in the very near future..

Looking at the storm in the Gulf, and its projected path, it is possible that we could get some beneficial rain, if it tracks far enough north. At the minimum, it should get the valley wet enough to have them shut down releases from Falcon for a while.

But I am greedy, and certainly want a lot more than that.. Time will tell.. So we will wait and watch the next couple of days.

Believe it or not, we are still three feet higher than we were last year at this time..

One note of warning.. The old Veleno bridge is in the strike zone so avoid it at all costs.. I just have not been able to get the end of it marked yet, but will try to get it done this week.. Skirt the west bank going out and you will be fine..

I hear the top of the bridge rails are visible if you are up close.. But the water is off color and they are hard to see.. If we drop a bit more you will see them.. If it comes up some.. You won't..

I will try to get that buoy on the west end this week if I can find a helper.. It will be a giant orange one ten feet long..


Fishing remains good, especially on the south end of the lake. Deeper is better, and flukes, worms, big crankbaits and jigs are catching fish.. The jig bite has really picked up I hear..

Carolina rigged baits are good, but Texas rigged soft plastics have been doing well in the brush piles as of late.. And they don't hang up near as bad.. But you can fish any of the above on rocky ledges and humps and get bit..

The afternoon bite is as good or better than the morning I hear from several folks that are fishing a lot.

If you are going to be fishing a tourney down here, keep in mind that the water is very warm. It was 87° when I was out last week. It may cool a bit this week if we get some clouds and rain, but it will not be cool..

I hate to keep preaching about fish care but I have been seeing and smelling way too many dead fish at the ramp here lately. If you are thinking that a fish is going to die.. He probably is..

It is easy to give away a few fish around here, so instead of completely wasting the fish, and polluting our local boat ramp environment, find someone to give it to if you do not want to deal with it.

It's not that hard..

I know a lot of clubs are headed to Falcon this month, in advent of the Metro tournament.

If you are heading our way, and need a Mexican fishing license, make it easy on both of us and call ahead so we can have your license ready.. It is not impossible to do it when you get here, but it does take some time. And if we're busy, it can take a little longer..

Holler at us with any questions you might have. They are the same cost as the last ten years..

I have a few pics to post, but am currently a little short on time. I will post another report before the weekend and will keep you updated on water, rain, ramps, etc..

Till then..

August 27, 2019: It's still hottern a fire at a salsa factory around here, and we are supposed to be in the low hundreds for another week. The high pressure is back on top of us, and it pretty much squelches anything like rain.. Or cooler temps.. Or freakin clouds..

How hot was it? Matt Reed took this snap down at the boat ramp at the state park last week.. It was a family affair..

Shade and water is a valuable commodity around these parts this time of year..

We did have a couple of day break from the really hot, and a few thunderstorms lumbered across Webb and Zapata counties. And it rained like a cow pissin on a flat rock in a few places on Saturday..

Here at the shop, we got an inch of rain in my gauge.. But I have no idea how it got in there as it was all coming down sideways.. We had straight line winds that were estimated at 60-65 MPH..

And if it wadn't tied down, it is no longer around.. Power was out in town for hours in most places.. Trees and trash cans have come up missing..

If you are missing something.. Look to the south..

Luckily this thing blew in about four in the afternoon, and most folks were off the water.. I did not hear of any damage to folks or boats on the water..

Elite Bass Club had a two dayer over the weekend, and there were some nice fish weighed in.. On Saturday there were two 9.13's weighed in.

And the leading stringers were just short of twenty five pounds.. I heard that both of these fish were caught in the same place.. By two different boats a couple of hours apart..

The two day wining weight was 31 pounds and the second and third place teams both had 27 something.. Everybody said the fish did not bite as good after the storm..

Overall fishing is still pretty fair, but the truth is that not a lot of folks are hitting it too hard.. Outside of the tourney folks..

Deep cranks and soft plastics in deep water.. Square bills on the shallow rock.. Pretty much status quo..

This is our typical summertime pattern.. Rockpiles.. Points and ridges..

This report is a rinse and repeat.. Again.. And nothing is going to change till the first norther breaks the back of this high pressure on us.. And we need that fucker out of here so we can get some late summer rains on the river above us..

We're due Baby..

Other species are still active, especially if you are fishing the sunken brush.. Everything lives there.. The other day we caught seven species while crappie fishin..

Crappie, black bass, white bass, perch, blue cats, Gaspergoo, and a tilapia.. That's fifty bonus points for the tilapia..

We had our asses handed to us a few times by what I am sure were catfish or bass.. You ain't stopping them big Mo-Fo's with six pound line..

Anyway, if you like fishing, there is always something biting around here..


The other day I got a phone call from an old high school classmate and he told me that our class is having a 45th class reunion..

I said WTF? Couldn't wait till fifty? Reckon they think we'll be dying off before we get there..

And after I got through berating him about having it on September 21st, the traditional opening day of dove season, he reminded me that this year the opening day in the south zone is the 14th..

I knew that.. But I forgot..

While on the subject.. Why in the fuck doesn't PAW open the dove season the same way, the same day, all across the state.. This shit is ludicrous..

Morning.. Afternoon.. South of 90.. West of whatever.. 1st.. 14th.. Two mourning doves.. How many whitewings..

Could they make it any more complicated?

You can hunt on a corn or milo patch.. Or plant sunflowers and shoot over em. You can even shred a crop and hunt over it..

But you better not scatter any grain out there.. No, No.. That would be baiting..


Did I say that was Bullshit?? It's really utter bullshit..


Anyway.. I was talking to my old classmate and he asked what I have been doing the last few years..

I told him I have done some swimming..

I killed a few gar..

I shot some doves in Mexico..

Shot a few birds in Argentina.. Five times.. Damn I love that shit..

I caught some bass in Mexico..

I caught a twenty pound Peacock in Brazil..

I fished below the dam on Falcon..

I went out to Big Bend..

I'm living in the Texas brush country..

My cactus finally bloomed..

I met Rocky and his buddy..

I invented a new potato/tomato/cheese dish.. I call it Death By Cheese.. Cain't eat no freakin meat..

You gotta enjoy something..

I got my cat on an exercise plan..

I went to see all the Texas Independence battle sights in South East Texas..

I dug up a pot on a sandbar in Mexico while arrowhead hunting..

I celebrated the election of Donald Trump..

I built my Mom a quilt rack..

I saw Sugar lake full..

I bought me another 222.. Dammit.. One flier..

I filmed a Teradactyl that everyone thought was extinct.

And I bought me a new workshop.. Errr.. House..

Other than that I just been workin'..

And trying to keep from getting the fuckin gout!

All things in life change.. And a lot of my ability has, and yours will too..

When I was fifty-five I could jump a five wire fence with my dick in my hand.. Now I can trip over a nickel left on the floor..

So I say to you. Life is short.. Do it while you can.. It's a big, beautiful world out there.. Go get you some..

I'm down to doing it when I can.. I ain't ready for em to throw dirt on me just yet.. But we'll see how it goes..

Don't forget to take joy in the little things.. And give God a shout out for all the blessings in your life..

Keep the faith folks.. Come see us when you can..

And if you see my truck at the ramp, I'll probably see you on the water!

August 19, 2019: A new week on the books down here and we are promised that the high pressure on us is heading west. Should get our highs down to 102 or so..

Break out the sweaters..

But they did not mention any rain..

Maybe that SOB will circle us up some sea breeze showers off the gulf.. Hope springs eternal..

I have been writing the same stuff for the last month when it comes to fishing..

It's hot. Fishing is good.. Fishing sucks.. Fishing is So-So..

Yeah, well it is all about getting out there and fishing.. Something a lot of folks are not interested in this time of year.. Just too freakin hot..

Cain't say I blame em.. My fishing has been limited as well..

But a few hours in the Veleno, right here at home can produce numerous bites and some good ones on occasion..

If you want to get serious, I would still head south to the Tigers and beyond and fish ridges and humps and ridges and humps with brush on em..

Points with rock and wind on them are also producing some fish, sometimes several in succession. Small schools of fish have been sighted and some of them caught on most any crankbait chunked in there..

I do not leave home without a sexy shad square bill tied to a rod. Or a Red Eye shad in sexy shad.. Anything you can chunk a mile at a chasing fish..

Of course I personally am throwing the squarebill a lot of the time.. Keep your eyes open for a pack of egrets standing in the water pecking at shad.. There are usually some bass not too far away..


The real ticket these days though is fishing brushpiles. Same on a lot of lakes. Summertime.. Deeper water.. Brush..

And when you don't have shit in the water but hardwoods and rocks.. A planted pile of thick and often green brush will attract bait and forage.. And everything that eats em..

The guides, and a few others, have put in a lot of work to put brush piles on a lot of ridges and humps and creek channel edges.. And it is paying off those guys, and for you if you hire them..

If you are good with your electronics you can probably find a few, as people do on lakes all over the state..

A magnum fluke in those bushes has been good.. Watermelon based is the ticket.. Stop by and I'll show you what we are using..

Steve Simmons drove all the way here from Virginia to fish with Jay Grieshaw because he has been catching some big fish.. And sure enough he caught this 10.39 on Saturday..

There are some very good guides here on Falcon and you can shortcut your fish finding by hiring one of them for a day or two..

See our guide page for contact information for the folks we suggest..


While I am in the sales portion of this report, let me ask you a favor..

If you or someone you know needs a Mexican fishing license, please call ahead and let us get it done for you. Before you get here..

Can we do it when you are here? Sure.. But it is not an exact science.. We have been spending an inordinate amount of time on the phone with credit card company's and their fraud departments while we are ordering licenses on their Mexican server..

Sometimes it goes thru in a snap.. Sometimes not so much.. And if we have to mix in a call to the Visa fraud department... Well you get the gist..

There are several fairly large tournaments coming up on Falcon and Amistad..

The TABC state championship and the SIT are in the middle of September in Del Rio..

The API and the SA Metro tournament are rapidly approaching here on Falcon..

So if you are going to need a Mexican license lets get it taken care of sooner than later.. One good thing is that we can select the start date on the license with the new system.. So you won't be overlapping days of validity if you let us know when you want it to start..

We can hold the license here for you. We can mail it to you. Or we can now send it to you in a PDF if you like and you can print it out and save the postage.. And that can also help you last minute guys that find you need a license right now..

And we'll do the best we can to get you taken care of whichever way you choose..


The crappie are still on the bite, in brush piles of their choosing. With the loss of water we had lately, some of the fish have relocated to deeper piles.. Or actually piles in in similar depths.. Just different ones in sixteen to twenty feet..

Reports of white bass are still good.. You can run into them most anywhere. The old Veleno bridge still has some on it as well.. It is not peeking out of the water yet.. But close..


We have stabilized a bit in water level but we are still creeping down slowly.. Rain.. We need rain..

Other than that there is not a lot new going on around here. We are just waiting out the heat and the next thunderstorm..

The departure of one.. The arrival of another..

Oh yeah.. The arrival of you will also brighten our days..

And we look forward to seeing you here sooner than later..

Holler at us with anything you need help with..

See you on the water!

August 16, 2019: Well.. It was hot and windy.. Now it has been hot and not so windy.. But mostly just freakin hot.. And it's gonna be for the next week. But according to the internet.... This is the hottest week of the year on average.. And we're living up to it..

And Falcon is a big titty and the valley has it's lips stuck to the nipple.. And they're sucking water out faster than it is being replenished..

We are sitting at 265.85, or 35.35 feet low. Not unusual.. But I don't like it.. And I am not sure where we are headed from here. But I got an idea if it don't rain..

For reference. The old Veleno bridge is just under the water, and the new bridge over the Veleno has about two feet of water under it.. The state park concrete ramp is about two feet of water from being unusable..

The county ramp is fine but flat..

This has kinda been a replay of the last two years.. I hope the fall turns out the same.. With good rains on the water shed below Amistad.. We'll see..

But maybe they'll just take out the dams on the Rio Grande like they're doing on the Guadalupe.. Then we'll just go back to being a river like God made it..

I can't believe the shit they're planning on the Guad..


Not many fishermen down here this week.. With the first week of school going on and temps pushing the mercury out the top of the glass it's not too surprising..

The Magnum Fluke is still catching a good number of fish.. Anything watermelon based is good.. Magic and Mardi Gras are good choices..

Deep cranks on rocks and tickled across the tops of brushpiles have also been good. It takes a little finesse to fish a high dollar crankbait over the top of these thorny assed brush piles.. Well if you ever want to get it back..

Slow and easy is the ticket, and when you feel contact let it float up a bit and then just tick it along off the top.. Till the SOB hangs up..

I'm going with the fluke..

I do sell some good lure retrievers though.. But it sure as hell messes up the bite while you're draglining the pile retrieving your lure..

But they'll get over it in a few minutes..

I don't see any tournaments on the books for this weekend down here.. September is going to get a little busier with the advent of prefishing for the Metro tournament the first week in October.. A lot of the SA area clubs will be holding their monthly tourneys down here in order to prefish for the October contest.

That will be October 4th and 5th..

And I am hoping for a front to blow it's way out of Canada to push this high off of Texas way before then..

The hardwoods on the main river channel are starting to put out a few fish.. Like they always do when the water gets about this level. Across from the Veleno and down lake just across from Dolly Parton on the Mexican side are good places to try.. That shade is the real deal.. And don't be afraid to fish laydowns that are one foot deep..

And if you don't know what to do at all.. Put your trolling motor in the water at the county ramp, tie on a sexy shad squarebill, and fish all the rocks in the creek.. You'll catch em..

Typical summer fishing around here.. And it ain't gonna change anytime soon..


Yesterday I was down at Rockport fishing with a guide buddy of mine, and he fishes out of an airboat in the Goose Island area.. And we caught a limit of redfish and black drum and had em cleaned before noon..

My old buddy Ted said he always wanted to ride on an airboat, so I sais "Hotdammit lets make it happen."

This is certainly not the first time I have been on the airboat back in the lakes and lagoons back in there.. But this is the lowest I have ever seen the water.. We slid across sand and ankle deep water in a lot of places to get back where "A rabbit couldn't go." (Johnny Horton, 1959)

And it always amazes me to see all the freakin fish swimming in water that will barely cover their backs.. And we caught reds out of water less that a foot deep actual all morning..

We stopped in one spot, and after fishing a few minutes I looked over the side of the boat and there was a redfish, squashed to the bottom, with half of him sticking out from under the side of the boat.. Kinda looked like the wicked Witch of the West's feet sticking out from under Dorothy's house..

I told Steve to, "look at that!"

And he said, "Son, when I park on a school of fish, I park on a school of fish!"

We had a great day of fishing in a half day.. If you are interested in a trip down there and want the airboat experience give me a holler.. I'll hook you up.. The fishing is awesome..


I was reading this morning about how the TPWD new regulations regarding Alligator gar are going into effect on Sept. 1st..

I have rarely seen such a crock of shit.. And I have seen some crocks of shit.. And I have been sales pitched quite a few crocks of shit in my time.. And I don't care what kind of pretty crock you put it in, shit is still shit..

You lucky dogs.. You are just in time to enter a drawing for the incredible opportunity to harvest (Kill, catch, spear, bowfish, or rod and reel and kill) an Alligator gar over 48 inches long..

But only one hundred and fifty of you. Here's a quote from TPWD on their news release.

"With the new drawing system being implemented this year, we will be able to give 150 anglers the opportunity to harvest the fish of a lifetime."

Like this is an improvement in the ability or possibility of anglers to harvest the fish of a lifetime?

I think we need to do some critical reading and thinking about what this statement means..

What it actually means is that you cannot just go and harvest the fish of a lifetime without special permission from the state. Without first winning a lottery.. And getting a permit.. Yada yada yada..

What it means is that they have removed the right of hundreds, thousands, maybe millions of people to to harvest the fish of a lifetime..

That's what it actually means..

And gosh darn it, when you are hot you are hot.. You lucky dogs; now you get to (free of charge) download an app so you can report any gar taken to the gar police.. Not optional.. A requirement.. For all Texas waters except for Falcon..

That 48 inch regulation is in place for a certain part of the Trinity River.. You gar hunters will figure out where..

BTW.. An alligator gar on the Trinity that is 48" long is weighing in at a whopping 28 pounds on average, according to TPWD data..

And the really ridiculous part of all this is that these new regulations, rules, laws, are being implemented without regard to the millions of dollars worth of research and study done by TPWD in the field..

Yes they have taken the work of scientists, kicked it to the curb, and arbitrarily passed laws because it made them feel good..

And that my friends, is the true definition of the proverbial, "Crock of Shit," that you hear tell about..

That's what happens when you put politics and emotion over science..


So why don't you come down to Falcon. The last free bastion of gar killing heaven.. Where the gar are as thick as hair on a dogs back.. And where you can kill five a day if you want..

And you don't have to tell Mommie about it either..

I better go put some merch on the shelves.. Before I get myself all worked up..

I wish PAW would put as much work into some real problems.. Like the fucking cormorants..

See you later. Hopefully on the water!

August 12, 2019: Hot and Windy.. Hot and Windy.. Hot and Windy..

Holy shit, I think we are stuck in a temporal time loop.. I seen it once on Star Trek.. So I know it can happen..

We are still hitting 103° or so every afternoon.. I have seen reports of higher all along the Rio Grande.. And once you're at 103 it don't seem that much hotter at 108..

But all of Texas is sitting under this high pressure system.. And I been around long enough to know that this happens almost every year.. So it ain't anything we ain't used to..

We still have a few folks fishing down here, despite the temps and the winds.. And while some have done better than others, (bout the norm) there have been a few groups that have figured them out..


Funny thing is that some of the folks that have figured them out have figured them out several different ways..

There have been shallow fish, which I am catching, and deeper fish and then there are some really deep fish.. Down to twenty five feet in a lot of places..

If I can't stand on the bottom and still breath air it is a bit too deep for me.. I told you the other day that I don't like running.. Hell I don't like swimming either..

I could sell my boat.. I could wade fish the depth of water I fish.. But it does make getting around the lake a bit easier..

The squarebill bite is still working around here.. Especially in the Veleno.. Of course the Veleno can get a bit crowded on a weekend.. Especially with the winds we have had..

Yesterday the Laredo Bass Club had their monthly contest, and a lot of the fishermen stayed in the home creek..

But the tournament was won down south, with the fish being caught out of deeper brush piles I hear. It took over twenty five pounds to win, and twenty and change was second.. Good umber of fish caught I hear..


That big fluke is still catching a lot of fish.. And quality fish as well..

The super fluke is also catching some fish. But the bigger fish seem to like the bigger bait a little better.. Some of these fish have been coughing up shad six to eight inches long.. And they seem to be eating them a lot right now..

This lake is so full of bait it is just ridiculous.. I assume that is why the cormorants and white bass love it as well..


I have always had a theory about Falcon that included perch.. Bream to you Yankees.. Bluegills.. Shell crackers.. Sunfish.. Long ears.. Short ears.. Rio Grandes.. Cichlids..

You know.. Perch.

And when the perch population is healthy around here, everything else seems to be too.. And you can see it in the bass we are catching.. The high percentage of them are as fat as a Christmas pig..

With a ton of fight and energy.. They pull like a freakin tuna..

And I am seeing and catching more and more perch every time I drop in a few brushpiles for some crappie.. And I have heard the same thing from a lot of other folks..

They ain't much bettern' scaling a perch.. Choppin his head off, and deep frying him till golden brown and eatin the meat right off the bones.. And I eat them fins and the tail just like a tater chip.. Awesome..

You gotta watch the little bones.. But damn that is some sweet meat..

When I was a kid, if you were choking on a fish bone, Mama would always make you eat a piece of bread.. I don't remember if it worked or not.. But I'm still here.. So I guess it did..


I still don't have a marker on the west end of the bridge.. The lake level has kinda stabilized with releases from Amistad.. But maybe on the next calm morning, (whenever in the hell that might be) I'll get out there and try to get it done.. You do not want to hit that bridge..


Nothing has changed when it comes to the fishing.. And this report is about as redundant as it can get.

Fall is just around the corner.. Well kinda.. And before long it is gonna get wet around here and cooler and we will be fishing newly flooded brush..

At least that is what I am hoping for. I don't mind ever cleaning green shit off my crankbait hooks.. It is a labor of love..


I do have an update on the Mexican fishing license situation.. It does not look like we will be getting licenses like we did in the old days from a distributor that sold them to a bunch of resellers (us included) across the southwest.

We sold them here for twenty years..

Well with the recent invention of the internet, Mexico has gone to an all on-line sales approach. I am not sure if anything will change in the future, but all license sales are coming thru their portal for now.

It does take some doing to get it done. It is something you can do.. But it is a pain in the ass.. Mostly because you will probably have to call your bank and authorize international charges on your CC over the Web.

And I know a lot of you might be uncomfortable with that, dealing with a Mexican server..

We will be glad to get your Mexican fishing license for you.. At the same price that we have always provided them for..

Just e-mail or call and we will get it for you.. And like always we will be glad to mail it to you..

We can also get you one when you walk in the door. But it does take a few minutes and if we are a bit busy it may take a bit longer..

If you now you are coming, and will need a license when you get here, call us and we'll have in ready when you show up.. Makes it easy on both of us.

Another good thing about this system is that we can start your annual license on whatever date you want.. So if yours is coming up soon we can get you a new one starting the date your old one expires..

So do us both a favor.. If you want/need a new license.. Avoid the rush of tournament day and call us and we'll get it done in advance..

If you have any questions about it please call and we'll answer any questions you might have.. But in the big picture, nothing has changed..


The kids are getting back to school.. And maybe it is time to take a little vacation of your own.. So bring your sunblock and a floppy hat and get your ass down here.. Before the crowds show up..

See you on the water!

P.S. I do not personally know Bill or Hillary, and have never been in the same room with them. But I always admired and looked up to both of them..

August 8, 2019: Dog days.. We're in the middle of em.. And I think the reason that dogs lick their junk is to keep it cool.. Evaporation man.. It works..

I'm not a contortionist.. So I'll just stick with air conditioning..

I have pretty much used up every synonym and description for hot over the last ten years, and this year has been a typical summer in south Texas. Yeah it is hot.. But it is supposed to be..

Daytime highs this week have been running in the low hundreds.. If you call that low..

We have had some days when the wind has blown.. And some days when it has been just right.. And some days when there ain't a puff of breeze.. That'll get you off the water pretty early..

BTW.. That spotlock don't work worth a shit with zero wind.. Well I guess it does.. But that motor will drive itself crazy trying to figure out which way to move.. And you along with it.


For those that have braved the heat, some really nice fish have been caught. Methods and locations have not changed in a month.. Ledges, humps, and brushpiles are still the deal, in deeper water for the most part.. Twelve to twenty feet is a good area to concentrate on.

A magnum fluke and a deep diving crank bait are two things to not leave home without..

There are still shallow fish, and fish near the shoreline.. I had to do a repair on a board on my trailer yesterday, and being I had the boat in the water, I figured I would dink around in the Veleno for a bit although it was getting warm by the time I finished.

I threw a squarebill on rocky banks for about an hour, and I caught four fish and missed a couple while I was within sight of the boat ramp. And I'll tell you what.. These fish are about as fat and mean as any fish I can remember catching.. I caught a three pounder that made me get my net out.. Till I seen him.. They are overpowered.. Like putting a two-fifty on a sixteen foot Wrangler..

While I am on the subject.. Note to trailer/boat manufacturers..

Put some wolmanized wood and some freaking carriage bolts on the trailer bunks. That lag screw bullshit is just that..

Eighty thousand dollars for a rig.. And you put that trash on there.. It's like putting a push button AM radio in a new Cadillac..

I think you can afford the extra $20 it will cost.. Or shit make it an option.. Like every thing else..

"Well Mr. Bendele, would you like three or four sixteen inch units on the console?"

"No thanks.. Just give me the Ray Jeff flasher with the newfangled suction cup transducer.. But I do want to opt for the thru bolts on the fuckin trailer bunks..."

I know I bitch a lot.. But I am pretty good at it.. If I do say so myself..


The south end of the lake is still the clearest and the most popular. And while I won't call the north end dirty, (some would) it is off color some and a lot of folks just don't like fishing in it. The Veleno is an exception as the water color in it looks pretty good.

Speaking of the Veleno.. The old bridge has about eighteen inches of water over the rails, and if you hit it you are going to be very upset.. As is your insurance company..

Two days ago I tried to go out and re-attach one of those giant orange buoys to the west end of it.. Because I remembered where I had seen one washed up on the bank a few months ago..

And let me tell you I should have dragged it to the boat ramp back then.. That hundred pound son of a bitch was four hundred yards from the water, and it was like dragging a mule deer out of a canyon..

I'm not too much into aerobics these days.. Matter of fact, if it makes me breathe hard I try to avoid it all together..

Like I say.. If you see me running.. You need to be fuckin' runnin..

It took several rest stops to get it floating..

Anyway.. I had calculated that I should be able to see the bridge rail tops.. But I could not.. So currently the marker buoy is tied to a tree on the bank just west of the bridge.. And I will attach it to the bridge as soon as I can see the tops of the rails just under the water..

It is kind of a weird feeling getting off the boat, hoping you are stepping onto the old bridge, and not getting tangled up in all kinds of shit while you are shuffling along, not seeing what you may or may not be stepping on.. Or in..

There is fishing line, anchor ropes, trotlines, lower units.. And a shit load of shit I have tied to it over the years trying to keep it marked.. Including old buoys that have sunk and cables that attached them.. Kinda gives me the creeps..

But in any case, I will mark the west end as soon as it is feasible..

There is one marker on the bridge and it is about in the middle of it..

I have tried all kinds of attachment devices from rope to cable to small chains to try and keep these things attached. But the constant wave action yanking on them sooner or later wears them through and they float off..

Not this time motherfucker.. I bought some chain that you can tow a bulldozer with.. Hope it don't sink the buoy..


Fishing is good.. If you know where to fish.. The guides have been beating them like a rented mule the last couple of weeks.

Their common denominator as been brush piles. And all those guys have worked their asses off putting them out..

I'm too old for that shit.. And at this lake level, and as flat as the country is around here.. You gotta drag that shit a long way to get it in the water.. They're earning their money.. Believe me..

Water temps are mid to upper eighties.. And speaking of water, Amistad is releasing a bit more than they were, so hopefully it will mitigate the free fall we were seeing.. We'll see..

Ramps are still fine on both ends of the lake.. For now..


On another note, many of you have called requesting Mexican fishing licenses..

At this time, Mexico is not issuing any licenses to US resellers, like us.. They have closed the office in San Diego where we used to get them for over twenty years.. Nobody in the US is currently able to obtain any.. Believe me we are trying.. But there is no news from Mexico on it and I have no idea where they are heading with this..

Conapesca's website is still up.. You can try to get one there.. But it is a hassle and that is a fact..

I'll update you when I hear something different.


I always try to remind you when the water gets about this level, to run the river channel when running up and down the lake, especially if you do not know exactly where you are going.. Pay attention to your map and run the channels going in and out of creeks..

We don't have many big trees down here.. But the ones we do have grow close to the water.. And they did before the lake was impounded.. And they have been preserved for sixty five years and they are still harder than granite..

And they are near the river channel and scattered out on the flats near the river.. So don't be running wily nilly without regard for the wood.. It is harder than that stainless steel prop blade.. Ask me how I know..


Here's a couple of pics of personal bests caught this week..

Clay caught this 11.12 pound, 27.5" long yardstick. He's fished here a lot. But his wife's PB is still bigger.. Yeah it came out of Falcon too..

And Nicolas Karam caught this nine plus.. Gonna take a while to get that smile off his face..


In any case.. Summer is always a good time to fish on Falcon. Yeah it's hot.. But where in Texas ain't it?

I forgot to tell you that the crappie are still really good as well.. Although I have not had a chance to chase em this week.. Don't know how it can be so slow and I can be so busy..

Stop in and spend a buck or two with us.. It'll be worth your while..

See you on the water!

July 29, 2019: The wind and the heat are back, after several days of reprieve last week.. It was awesome.. Actually had a little NHO running down the lake last Thursday morning..

But that is the last day I was on the lake.. Too damn windy for me.. Although Saturday wasn't too bad.. But I was stuck in the store over the weekend anyway..

Before I get too far, I want to tell you that it is that time of year again.. When the old Veleno bridge is about to become a hazard to boats and lower units.. We are sitting at 267.66..

As of today you can probably still run over it but it is best to get in the habit of going past it on the west side, or the right side going out of the Veleno. There is one of the old markers that has appeared in the middle of the bridge. But the markers on the end of the bridges are no longer in place..

There is just a bit too much water still on the thing for me to mark it. But at current rates of decent it won't be too long till it can be done..

You don't think any fuckin governmental agency would mark it , do you? What a crock of shit..

In any case, if you are not familiar with the bridge, stop in here and ask before you go out of the home creek and we will explain what I am talking about..

You do not want to handshake with this structure..

Ramps on both ends are still fine.. But we are down to the two main lanes at the county ramp.. Use the center lane at the state park.


Fishing has been a little tougher for most the last few days.. And winds are compounding the situation, making it hard to fish much open water.. If I'm sounding a bit redundant.. Well I am..

When this high pressure sits on us, like it is now, we are likely to see more of what we have had.. But Wednesday and Thursday are looking pretty good.. Got it circled on my calendar..

There have been a few big fish caught lately, and certainly the deep water near the dam is the place to fish if you are after a whopper.. Deep cranks, C-rigs, jigs, and big shakey heads have accounted for most of the offshore fish.

That sounds a little repetitious as well, don't it..

Blane caught this 10.10 this week..

Fact is that it is summertime, and this pattern is standard issue around here.. It is hot and dry..

We did get 6/10ths of rain here at the shop last week.. And it was a welcome sight. It came on the front edge of the uncommon July cool front that passed thru.

There are still shallow fish out there.. And a decent number of fish have been caught on the rock piles that are becoming more and more evident on the river channel between the Veleno and marker eight. Small plastics and squarebills are the ticket here..

Some flipping fish were also reported, and as the lake falls, main lake hardwoods above marker eight will start to really hold fish. The water color on top of the lake is still a little off..

And with the big winds the last few days, I am sure the wave action on the muddy banks will keep it off colored for the near future..

But that don't mean that there ain't no fish in them thar trees.. Think shade when flipping em.. And fish slow.. The Plum Ol Monster (POM) and the Zoom Z-Craw in tilapia are good choices in that stained water.. Today you will need a 3/4 oz weight..


The crappie are still biting good in the brush piles.. Some days real good.. And there are some really nice fish being caught in the mix.. Of course there are a shit ton of little fish, and a bunch of legal sized fish in the batch as well..

I don't keep anything unless it is near whopper sized.. Or gut hooked.. And catching them suckers is a lot of fun when the bass are less than cooperative..

You can still run into a lot of white bass out there.. And they are stacked up around the old Veleno bridge right now.. But you may run into a plague of them on any windblown point on the lake.. Or anywhere in open water as well.

Of course the catfish are always biting, and rod and reel fishermen have been doing good on most any bait.. Punch bait in the trees.. Or cut bait up the river a bit..

If you fish near the cormorant roosts with some J-Pigg you can catch a box full of eating sized fish without doing too much work..

Where are the cormorants, you might ask? Look left after you leave the Veleno.. You can see miles of them in the trees and on the bank.. I mean thousands of them motherfuckers.. Turning the ground black..

I'm still waiting...


Well August is almost here, and before you know what is happening the Snowbirds will be heading back into town.. Although we have fewer every year it seems.

We still have a couple of warm months to go, but also before you know it we will be bitching about the north wind every few days.. Or at least I will..

It appears that I am pretty good at bitching, no matter what is going on.. And believe me, there is plenty to bitch about these days.. My Dad always said that I would bitch if I was hung with a new rope..

We'll save the bitching for another day..

Come see us when you can.. Staying awake around here is pretty hard, so yell when you come in.. I could be asleep..

Good thing I don't have a recliner in my office... But I'm thinking about it..

July 18, 2019: To say it is slow around here would certainly be obvious to a casual observer.. I think we have had three nights of full moons..

It's that time of year when time seems to crawl by.. It's hot and windy and more folks are thinking about staying cool than staying on top of the fish.

Situation normal..

And with so few folks on the water, it is hard to get a real handle on what is going on out there.. I went out last Sunday, but have not returned since. It has been just too darn windy to get me excited..

On Sunday I did find some fish on long points and some in brushpiles. I still have not caught a big fish lately, but I did have one clean my clock on a brushpile in about eighteen feet of water.

I thought everything was going fine.. Till my line broke.. Shit happens.. But to be truthful I get kind of complacent and do not retie as much as I should..

I'm still throwing a big fluke a lot, on a Carolina rig. I keep thinking that a big fish will eat it, but I can assure you that a little fish ain't afraid of it either. Watermelon Magic is a good choice.. Put some chartreuse on the tail.. Or head..

If you are going to flip a few trees, I still recommend the the POM, a Z Craw in Tilapia, or creature bait like a brush hog or a Rage Craw..

And to tell the truth, any of those baits are working well on a C-rig as well. You can also catch some fish an a properly dressed jig..


We are thirty one plus feet low.. Which is just a number when we get down to this point.. The cover in the lake will stay exactly the same for the next ten vertical feet of water level..

We are fishing three different types of cover right now.. And they're the only three things we have.



And Brushpiles.

I guess you could throw in fence lines and roadbeds.. But I am gonna call them subspecies of the above..

Water temperatures are right around ninety, but it has not deterred the fish from the shallows in a lot of places. Especially early. And a topwater bait can catch you a mess of fish on the right point or windblown bank before the sun gets too high.

Think rocks in this application. We have a few muddy or dirt banks, and they just don't hold the fish the rocky banks do.. Think crawfish..

And raking the rocky bottom with a crankbait is a good way to get a bass's attention. A big billed crank in shallow water slowly bounced off the rocks can often work great..

A racecar don't have to go fast.. And a deep diver don't have to go deep..

I hate throwing them Red October crankbaits anyway.. But they are easier to throw up shallow and retrieve nice and slowly making a racket on the bottom.. And that big bill will often keep you from hanging up more than a squarebill will..

Try it sometime.. But what the hell do I know..

Universal City Bass Club is in town this weekend, and they have some good fishermen in the club.. Hopefully we will get some reports from them in the next few days.. But they will have some windy conditions to deal with I am sure..


And speaking of tournaments.. I know many clubs are headed down here in September to pre-fish for the Metro tourney.

The water is hot as the hinges on the gates of hell.. If your club is fishing a tournament, please make it a priority to to care of your fish!

We have had a lot of dead fish at the ramp here lately.. And it is hard to see on Monday mornings.

Consider a three fish tourney at the least, or a paper or weigh em in the boat tourney is even better.

It all starts with you.. The fisherman.. Take care of your fish in the boat!!

And if you have dead/dying fish, please don't throw the in the water cause you are too lazy to clean em. There are plenty of folks on the bank that will take em..


The ramps on both ends of the lake are still working fine. The center ramp at the state park is suggested.. And the two ramps on the east side of the county ramp are the best and longest. It's all good..

The Old Veleno bridge is still deep enough to drive over, but if we loose a few more feet, going around it to the right will become very important..

The markers are no longer on the bridge, but I am preparing to remark it as soon as it becomes necessary.. I think my scuba tank is empty..

But we will do it as soon as it can be done..

It is still dry in Zapata county, and we still have not received five inches of rain YTD.. Sad.. But it is our time of year to get some rain on the river.. Last year in September I think we had thirteen plus inches.. Hoping for a repeat..

Of course we do live in a desert..

Overall the fishing has remained pretty good around here.. Our worst enemy is the damn wind.. A little is good.. A lot is a bitch.. But we will deal with it accordingly.. And you will have to as well if you come on down..


BTW.. The crappie and the catfish and the white bass are still excellent. These days there is always something biting around here..

We hope to see you soon.. If you are in Zapata, stop by and talk about fishing.. At a fishing store that is more than a few clickable icons on your screen..

We'll do or best to help you find some fish on Falcon..

Don't forget your sunblock.. But if you do we got some here..

See you on the water!

July 11, 2019: It ain't cooled off any.. And we are going to be over a hundred all week long. Unless we get a thunderstorm or something like it.. Fishing till noon or one is about all I can take at my old age.. It was 98 at lunchtime..

Water temps are also the warmest I have seen in a couple of years.. It was 91° at noon today in the midlake..

Nothing has changed since my last report.. Water level about identical.. We are hovering around 270.. About 31 feet low.. Still lots of water out there.. And all the ramps are fine..

The wind has taken a few days off, and while it makes the boat ride much more pleasurable, when it goes dead it is an oven out there.. But it has not gone that dead.. Yet..

The storm in the gulf looks to stay east of us, and areas that don't need the rain are going to get it.. Situation normal.. It is hard to get a hurricane up the Rio Grande.. It just doesn't happen..

I guess that is why we are in a desert.. Well.. Some of the reason..

I took a buddy fishing on Saturday last week, and we fished the top of the lake. We only caught about six bass, but one of them was a 7-2.. We caught a few on squarebills, but mostly on soft plastics in the timber. Of course we fished from 8:30 till almost noon.. We ain't that mad at em..

Yes those are the Indian Bluffs in the background.. Water color in the Salado and the Hedieona both sucked.. But we did manage to catch some fish out of it.. Think dark colored baits up north.. The Plum Ol Monster is a great choice.. Not that I'm sweet on that bait or anything..


Today I fished a few hours, and about two thirds of the time I was fishing for crappie.. I caught a bunch of them, but most of them were about 9-12 inches long. I kept seven big son of a bitches.. They will be released at a later date..

The bass I caught were all smaller today.. I caught nothing over two and a half pounds.. And I might have had to pull on the tail to get them to weigh that much.

First cast on a C-rigged Fluke in W/M Seed caught a fish.. Those little fish are not afraid of that Mag Fluke..

Caught and missed a few others on it as well.. Mostly fishing humps and ridges in the big bay of the Tigers. There are lots and lots of rocky ridges in there, and lots of brush has been added on them. And with the lack of cover in the lake at current levels, brush piles can be a magnet.. And some of them are super magnets..

Not all brushpiles are created equal.. But if you happen on the right one, it can make a good day in a hurry..

Same with the crappie..

Speaking of non-bass species.. The catfish have been excellent on rod and reel or baited lines. A buddy of mine had out a twenty five hook trotline here in the Veleno last night.. And he had sixteen fish.. No monsters but all nice eating size..

If you are gonna hard core bass fish, I would recommend deeper water and deep presentations. A jig. A deep diving crankbait, or a C-rig. Or even a drop shot or shakey head.

Of course there are still shallow fish, especially early. And you can catch a few on top if you are in the right place.. After the sun gets up a bit, just move out those long points and ridges.. And looking at humps and ridges on your map will help you find the kind of water I am talking about..

Here are a few pics of fish caught this week..

Wally caught this 10-7 on Tuesday..

Local Yaker C.J. Hurtado caught this DD here in the Veleno..

And Ryan Myers caught this 10-2 down south as well.. On the Plum Ol Monster, of course..

I guess there are other lakes fishing as good as Falcon.. But fuck if I know which ones they are..

I ain't saying it is easy.. But if you come down here and get after it, you are going to catch some fish.

And much like those brush piles, not all fishermen are created equal either..

Some sons-a-bitches can catch fish with a bare hook.. Most of us have to work at it a lot harder..

But figuring them out is the rewarding part.. And once in a while it all comes together and we can walk around with our chests puffed out.. For a little while at least.. Till the next time we don't catch shit..

I sure like it better than Soccer..

Congratulations to the American lesbians beating up on the rest of the worlds lesbians.. I hear they celebrated with some hard lickers..

I told you the USA was number one.. We even have the best LGBTQ people on the earth.

And I say that if they can consistently beat some fifteen year old boys teams they should get equal pay as the men's team..

I'll let you know when that happens..

I still can't believe that people actually get paid to play soccer.. And it is harder to believe that people pay to watch it..

Told you the world is fucked up..

But what people do with money they have earned, I really don't care..


Of all the assholes on the planet, there is one group in particular that puts the rest to shame.. These little cowardly mask wearing Antifa motherfuckers need to have a mudhole stomped in their ass..

I'm talking about an old fashioned beatdown that would make Ike Turner smile..

You guys are some real bad asses with your faces covered so no one will recognize you.. Are you afraid your Mommie will see you and cut off your allowance? Or kick you out of her basement?

You're real tough when there are thirty of you and one of someone else..

Fuckin pussies..

And what the hell is up with law enforcement when these assholes are on the street? Yall need to start cracking some skulls and making things right. No one should get away with the shit that these guys pull..

Talk about infringing on other peoples rights.. And you're worried about protecting theirs?

I ain't got the cure for all the problems in the world.. But I could sure cure this one..


Well hell, I gotta go tarp the boat.. And with any luck I will uncover it again real soon..

Send that hurricane over here..

So we can see each other on the water!

July 3, 2019: When the temp's this high.. It must be July..

Hell it was a lot hotter last month.. Yeah.. Hot as hell..

Man, we have been promised rain for the last month.. And so far we have got what the little boy shot at.. Nothin..

It has rained around us.. Above us.. Below us.. East and west of us.. But not on us..

It is drier than a popcorn fart, as my Dad would say.. And for the YEAR.. We are stile sitting under five inches..

Last year we got 3.10 in July.. And .2 in August.. Followed by 13.85 in September..

I hope we get a rain before too long.. Stormy Daniels wouldn't even show up for five inches..


However.. The valley got hammered last week, and some places got over ten inches.. Much of the heavy rain fell on ground watered by the sacred liquid from Falcon. And I hear there is still water standing in cornfields up to the second ear..

And this rain has resulted in them finally stemming the flow from the dam..


So for the last week we have been holding petty steady, fluctuating only a few fractions.. We'll see how long this shit lasts..

The Pacific hurricane season is starting to get wound up, but so far everything has gone west.. We need a couple of storms to go straight up the poop chute of the Gulf of California.. And give that area a good enema..

In turn washing all the shit out of the creeks and arroyos that feed the Conchos..

I say the same thing every year.. But maybe not as succinctly..


Despite of the slowdown in water releases, it appears the the dam is still getting a lot of attention from the fishermen around here..

A buddy told me he got there at daylight yesterday, and there were already four boats near the gates.. But they are there for a reason.. There has been a good number of big fish caught there lately.

Big crankbaits with big bills have been very popular, and if you have Popeye arms you might want to join in the mix. Lots of chunkin' and windin' has been going on. You can also entice a strike with a C-rig, a Shakey Head, or a Drop Shot..

All of these applications have deep water and rock involved.. Depth can be a bit relative.. But break lines are always good. Twenty feet is none too deep for these bigger fish..

You can take these same tactics to the Tigers or big water points when the wind will allow. Even here at home in the Veleno the ledges have put out fish all week.

There are still shallow fish out there.. And I guarantee you that if you take a squarebill and run the windblown rocks you will run into some fish.

Last weekend saw some gusty winds on Saturday, and Sunday was a mixed bag of balloon juice.. It kinda came and went.. And came..

I did hear some complaining on Saturday, but Sunday seemed to be a better day.

Honestly, I have heard of fish being caught on a little bit of everything.. And I can't say that there is any one bait that is head and shoulders above the rest. You just gotta get out there and show it to em.. Cover some water.. And maybe you'll land on em.. Like a few of these..

Addison caught this 10.40 in a tournament weekend before last..

Kevin Welch broke his PB twice in one day, (First time on Falcon) with an eight and this 10.7..

I think she swallowed a Volkswagen..

And Pete Gonzalez caught this one in the last week as well.. 10.10.. Musta been a bright flash on that camera..

Seems like the big numbers of fish (30-50) have slowed a bit.. Twenty fish per boat for a couple of fellows has been the norm.. Some better. Some worse.. But I have heard of a good number of four to six pounders.

Of course you can run into a school of those chasing fish and you can jack your total catch rate up in a hurry.. Most of these are shallow fish..

The white bass and the crappie have been excellent, for those in the know.. Whites can be caught on most any point or out in the middle of the lake.. If you see a lot of Sea Gulls going Kamikaze you have probably spotted a school of them on the surface..

And honestly you can throw a used condom in there with some chartreuse on the tip and catch em.. (I told you they were biting soft plastics..) Be sure and remove the condom before you Texas rig it.. I ain't explaining that to Dr. Mary..

The crappie are in the brush piles, some places thick as dog hair. There are a lot of brush piles scattered around the lake. And several guides have done a shit ton of work putting them in.

I sure like that side scan.. And that Ultrex is a Godsend fishing that brush..

If you want to catch some really nice crappie, there are a few guides down here that can put you on em.. Great time with the kids..

And BTW.. A lot of these ain't no skinny ass, punie fish.. Them's some slabs..


Let's see. What day is it? July third... That makes tomorrow... No.. Not Groundhog Day.. Not The Day The Earth Stood Still.. Not Judgment Day.. Not Die Another Day.. Not even Ferris Bueller's Day Off..

The Longest Day.. Nope, nope.. That was last week..

That's right! Tomorrow is Independence Day!! The Fourth of July!

Holy Shit! A day to celebrate the founding of our country, and to stop and think about the good things here in America.

You ain't gotta look too far to see how good we have it here.. Yes even here along the South Texas border..

Although there is a lot of bitching and gnashing of teeth by some here in the US that should just move the fuck to another country..

I'm sick of hearing it.. And I don't need a retired bartender that don't know the ingredients of a rum and coke telling me what's wrong with America.. I already fuckin' know..

I think we should organize a national campaign to mail mirrors to about 99% of our elected and tell them to look in the mirror to see all the problems with America..

I bet we can get a bunch of cheap pocket mirrors from China..

Then every time the assholes up in DC can't figure out what the problem is, all they have to do is look in the mirror..

I have never seen such a divide.. Not even in a Blue Bell carton..

Of course I wasn't around in 1776.. But I feel their pain..

Maybe it is time to Plagiarize something I heard before..

"When in the course of human events it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another and to assume among the powers of the earth, the separate and equal station to which the Laws of Nature and of Nature's God entitle them, a decent respect to the opinions of mankind requires that they should declare the causes which impel them to the separation."


I think I can declare a lot of causes..

There is a line in the second paragraph that strikes me as odd.. But it shouldn't.. But it doesn't seem that it has been read by too many of our electorate..

"Deriving their just powers from the consent of the governed.."

Yeah right.. They keep shoving so much bullshit into what they call governing it is pathetic..

And I know I'm just a face in the crowd.. But they ain't got my consent on much of this bullshit..


Well I don't want to get spun off on a terror here on Americas Birthday, so I'll just say, Have a Happy Fourth of July.. Party safely. And

June 25, 2019: Fishing on Falcon lately has been good, despite the conditions on most days. If you like hot and windy.. Well we got it..

Hot is fine, and as long as you are on the water, the evaporation and breeze will make it bearable. But when you step off the boat onto that parking lot.. That's when reality sets in..

Daytime temps have been running close to the century mark, and strong southerly winds have kept the humidity high, and on some days, it has made the main lake tough to navigate..

It's twenty four miles to the dam from Zapata, but over the weekend, if you had an odometer in your boat, it would register thirty one.. By the time you went up and down the waves..

Saturday was a real beauty..

But here it is Tuesday morning, and not a puff of breeze out there.. And I am stuck in here..

Yesterday evening we had thunderstorms charge Zapata from all sides.. Of course it did not rain a drop in the city.. It rained on all sides of us and the outflow boundaries from these storms made for a cooler evening, and a very pleasant 72° low this morning..

The valley got some real rains yesterday evening, some places up to four or five inches.. But it all fell below the dam and that water is not going to run uphill..

Maybe they'll shut the gates this morning.. Good rains fell over the areas that Falcon irrigates.. But who knows what they are doing with all the water they are still taking..


Despite the tough conditions, there have been a bunch of good fish caught. We had a few bass clubs in town over the weekend, and some fishermen landed on top of some nice fish. Not everybody caught big stringers, but most everybody caught fish.

Here's a report from Jonathan at Elite Bass Club about their results:

"Elite Bass Club just had our two day tournament on Falcon and I thought I'd share the results. Wind was the worst I have personally seen. Speared two waves in the Veleno! But everyone made it back safe.

First place blew everyone away with thirty pounds each day and a ten pound big bass. They were deep cranking down south. Second Place ended up with 34 pounds on swimbaits around the Tigers, and we finished third with 31 pounds cranking shallow around Veleno and Salado. So basically you can catch fish anywhere.. Just hard to cover water or fish plastics in the wind!"

Thanks for the report Jonathan!

SAPD was also in town, and they fished a paper tournament, which ain't a bad idea this time of year. I did not get final results from them..

Helotes Bass Club was also in town, and one of them caught a ten also.. See pics below..

Our water temps are currently sitting around ninety in the afternoons, and if your club is planning a trip to Falcon, a paper or weigh em in the boat approach might be a good idea. A three fish limit at the minimum should be employed.. And maybe consider weighing in a bit earlier.. Better for you and the fish..


I will certainly have to say, that the deep water bite has finally showed up. And lots of folks I have talked to caught fish in water deeper than fifteen feet. As is usual with this phenomena, fishing the humps, bumps, ledges, and rip rap down in front of the dam has been highly productive. I heard there were a lot of boats there trying to hide from the wind on Saturday.. And catching fish..

But similar ledges and humps in deeper waters can also hold groups of good fish. Like the Texas side at marker three.. The Tigers.. State Park Cove.. Even the Salado up here on the north end has put out some nice fish lately..

And the Veleno has had a hellova streak in the last few months.. Of course it has some of the best structure on the entire lake.. Right here one pint of gas away..

Speaking of gas.. Fill up before you get to Zapata.. They are poking our eyes out for fuel here right now.. We're $2.49..

I filled up in Alice when I was fetching my boat last week for $2.13.. Go figure..

You can spend what you save here at FLT..

Deep crankbaits have been especially good the last week or so, and it is likely to continue. Also a Carolina rig has continued to produce numbers and some quality fish as well.

Shallow action is still continuing, as there are always fish up on the windblown points here on Falcon. And that is where I like to catch em..

I'd rather piss on a spark plug than throw a deep diving crankbait, but I re-strung two long and wimpy assed crankbait rods yesterday.. And I tied on a couple of baits with bills that are about the size of a corn scoop.

A couple of years ago, this same shit happened.. Everybody catching fish on deep divers.. So I tied on five fuckin' bottom scrapers of different colors and told my self, 'I am going to throw crankbaits all friggin day...'

Two hundred and fifty casts later, I hadn't caught jack shit.. Saw a tree in four feet of water on the end of a point.. Tossed a Plum Ol Monster in its shadow and wham!.. Five pounder..

Kicked those crankbait rods overboard and never looked back..


I have no idea why I am setting myself up again.. But hell.. I'm a scrapper..

If I'd a quit askin, I' a never touched a titty.. (Nothing sexist about that.. Just the truth..)

When it came to asking girls out, I never ran out of pace..

Here's the biggest fish I have seen in a while. Jonathan caught this 12.10 down by the dam last Tuesday I believe..

Michael Williams caught his first DD while fishing with his son during the Helotes Bass Club tourney.. Always teaching.. Soft plastic on a Ball and Chain..

And Mike with Elite Bass Club caught this DD during their weekend visit.

The big fish have been on the bite as of late, so if you are thinking of a summer Falcon trip then now might be a good time to come.. The lake is deserted during the week.

All you have to be able to do is put up with the heat and wind.. Oh yeah and fish.. A little..

And if you do come down remember to prepare for the heat.. Sombreros were invented for a reason..

A good hat, Sunblock, shades, a facemask, gloves, radiation suit....

Well maybe not the radiation suit.. But you never know about those fuckin North Koreans..

And don't forget the water.. Lots of water.. Hydration is the key.. Beer don't count..


I got my boat back last Friday afternoon.. And still have not got it wet.. I spent two hours cleaning it up, in anticipation of going.. But honestly, I'm not going out there in thirty mile an hour winds..

So what are you doing in here today you might ask.. With low winds and cooler temps..

My brother is on vacay the next ten days, so I am stuck in the store.. Till Sunday at least..

And I am bored to tears.. Like I said.. There is just nobody down here..

So you fuckers need to keep me entertained.. Send me some shit to look at (not literally) that will keep me occupied..


If not, I am stuck shredding documents from back in 2008... Almost up to 2009..

Wonder what kind of shredder Hillary used.. Has to be faster than mine..

In any case, things are looking up around here.. Fishing is good.. We are headed into the rainy season..

Summer is finally here, and the days are long and warm..

Stop by and we'll discuss the latest in what's happening, on the lake and in the world..

And one of these days, I'll see you on the water!

June 17, 2019: Fishing remains decent around here, and for some it was really good a couple of days last week. Stringers of old days proportions were reported by a couple of Falcon long timers, as they caught a bunch of really big fish on the ledges down in front of the dam.

What they caught em on was also a bit old school, (not really) as the magnum fluke on a Carolina Rig did most of the damage.

We sold thousands of bags of them a bit back in the decade, but until recently we really had not been fishing them too much. But it is certainly time to re-visit that bait..

Deep diving cranks have also been good on similar structure. The ledges here in the Veleno put out some good fish as well, as a lot of folks had to stay close to the boat ramp the last few days, as the winds really kicked up over the weekend again.

That is not to say that the shallow bite has gone anywhere.. Still lots of fish up shallow.. And the square bill and the little brother to the mag fluke is catching them up there on the rocks.

Maybe the deeper bite is actually going to catch on for the summer.. It has been a long time coming..

One would think that with all the water they released for the last two months, that the fish would have been stacked up down in front of the gates on the ledges and humps.. There were certainly a few fish caught there, but it was never lights out..

And I am not going to say that it is now.. But on the right morning it could be.. We'll see if the trend continues..

Of course all the info I have is second hand.. Again.. Still don't have my boat back. Hopefully this week.. If all goes well and parts get delivered..

Also from what I heard, the Tigers and Salanaias are still fishing good, and a some deeper fish have been caught in those creeks as well. Tigers has more deep water than the Salanaias, and it is riddled with ridges and channel edges and humps and all kinds of good stuff.. And brush piles..

To my knowledge, no one has built brush piles in the Salanaias..

I am sure that other creeks are putting out fish as well.. But honestly, there just aren't many folks down here about now..

And I reckon that is understandable, as it has been hot and windy. The dog days are upon us. But the days of the dog are typically some of our most consistent fishing of the year..

If you can handle the heat.

The top water bite continues to amaze me as well.. I'm not sure what is up with that, but if you stick with it a while you are likely to catch some fish on the surface.

Several reports from folks that were throwing surface lures, up shallow, during the middle of the day even, caught some really nice chunks. I have a Whopper Plopper tied on but have certainly not given it a fair chance.. You probably ought to..

TPWD brought some baby bass down last week and put em in the lake.. About 320,000 of them. We scattered them out on the upper end of the lake, with the vast majority of them in the Veleno. We should have another batch coming shortly, and those fish are planned to be put in the Tigers area and points south.

No matter where the fish are planted, there is not a lot of cover for them to hide in.. Certainly nothing that you would call dense or thick. Most of the shallow cover we have is some stick ups and old bean bushes. Certainly less than optimal.

But it is what it is, and we do appreciate the efforts and money spent on our behalf. What you see in this pic is about as good as it gets.. Certainly not cormorant proof.

Man we are overdue for a year (or two) of high water and good recruitment.

The fish we are catching look really good for the most part.. There is currently no shortage of bait fish in the lake.. I guess that is why the cormorants and the white bass are also doing so good.. The only bad part is that they thrive on the lack of cover.. And we all know that a lack of cover for bass is a slow death sentence.. For a lot of the population..


On second thought.. I guess when death happens, it usually happens quickly.. To a bass anyway..

Well wait a minute. On third thought I reckon if you get swallowed whole by another fish or a cormorant, you are slowly suffocated and digested inside the stomach of whichever predator you got eaten by..

Hmmm. Sounds like a shitty way to die..

Like Han Solo getting digested in the belly of the Sarlacc..

"In its belly, you will find new definition of pain and suffering as you are slowly digested over a thousand years.."

{C-3PO translating for Jabba the Hutt..} (I'll admit I had to go to Bing for the quote.. It's not like it was a line from Tombstone or something..)


Anyway, you know there is a shit-ton of eating going on out there..24/7/365..

And stocking fish is certainly a numbers game.. It is estimated that only five percent of hatched bass make it to sexual maturity. If cover is thick and predators are few, that number can go up dramatically.. Of course bass also think bass are tasty.. And I have seen the two inch fish being stocked come out of the tanks swallowing another his size.. Course both of em are dead..

And of course that 5% number is a guess as no one can be sure of exactly what happens.. But its probably a decent guess. Like I said, the survivability of the babies can and does vary wildly..

If we get 5% out of this stocking, I'll consider it a huge success..

Of course PAW does not stock fish to increase the numbers of bass in our lakes. We stock fish to influence the genetic makeup of the overall population.

Natural spawns are incredible in number,and when the conditions are right, a lake that has sucked for years can be an incredible fishery in two years.. When the conditions are right..

I have seen several cycles of it here on Falcon in my lifetime..

And damn I am hoping for at least one more.. Not that I think the fishing sucks here, far from it.. But I know what it can be.. And we ain' there just now..

If you let me control the water level here.. I'd make you a dandy of a pond.. But we are at natures mercy on that one. It'll happen again.. Just hope I'm still able to fish when it does..


I hope you had a good Fathers Day.. Both of my kids live a fair piece off, and we were not able to get together.. But it's not like I never see em..

So I grilled some giant Pork Chops, had a few beers and watched some golf..

Do you ever watch golf?? It is the best way to nap on a Sunday afternoon.. And occasionally I am awakened by the roar of the crowd and I do see some of the action..

And while the US Open is one of the biggest tournaments of the year, it was still some fairly boring golf.. Till about dark.. They should outlaw golf in California anyway..

But I digress..

One thing about all the golf announcers that drives me crazy is the use of the the adjective; "pace".

When clearly they should be using the "noun" speed.. It could also be a subject..

When I hear them say that "The the shot ran out of pace", it makes me crazy..

When you're a lexicographer like me, this shit will send you into convulsions..

A rolling ball does not run out of pace.. It looses speed.. It was not hit speedily enough.. It never had enough speed.. It had way too much frickin' speed... It quit rolling.. But it did not run out of pace..

It could have been hit at an improper pace. But the fucker does not run out of "pace"..

And unless them guys in the booth are talking about picante or hot sauce they need not use the word again when describing the "speed" of a rolling golf ball..


Slow news day..

Well I'll just have to mute the TV when golf is on, because "pace" is the word of the decade from the broadcast booth..

"The flag is just greenside of the left bunker, just seven paces from the back of the putting surface.."

Listen, I don't want to have to do a fuckin math lesson when I am watching golf.. Just say the hole is twenty one fuckin feet from the back of the green..

I heard some foreign accent announcer say that a players ball was right up against the "cush".. Meaning he was up against the second cut.. Against a bit of taller grass..

I'll bet you $20 dollars this will be the next catch word used by golf announcers..

There are a hundred paces I could go with "Your balls are up against the cush.."

But I'm gonna let it lie..

I hope to have my balls resting on the seat of my boat by weeks end.. And if the water is rough, I may need to put some cush underneath them..

Cause wind or no, I need to get my ass back on the water.

Hope to see you there!

June 12, 2019: I was sure I had written something about four days ago.. Double that and some.. Time flies when you're having fun.. Or not having fun.. Or you're busy..

Or your just aging faster every day.. That's for sure..

We had a hot spell set on us last week, with several days of high temps near 110°.. And some days there was very little wind and the humidity was off the hook..

Hottern' your girlfriend's little sister..

But we had a Norther' blow in over the weekend, like most all of Texas did, and it turned things back to tolerable.. Of course the North Wind is the spawn of Zephyr with a westerly influence and when that happens it can also make a few bumps on the lake.

Which is not uncommon this time of year.. But it is usually because of a southeast wind..

The unsettled weather also created a few rain showers in our area but we only garnered about a half inch during the whole ordeal, which saw the Valley and areas north of us get some nice rains..

Say it with me.. Chihuahuan Desert...

That's where we live.

Taking ten feet of water out of Amistad and six or seven out of us is still not enough water to appease the water hogs down south.. And they are still letting a significant amount of water out of Falcon.. Currently the US is releasing most of the water going out the pipe..

We have fallen to 271.06, which equates to about thirty feet low.. We still have plenty of water to play in and on, but it is a shame to see the same old thing every year..

Tons of baby fish.. And then releasing the hounds on them by sucking the water off the cover..

Some things never get old.. Like most of the baby bass..

The cormorants, gar, and white bass are doing fine..

Speaking of baby bass, PAW should be delivering some down here most any time.. But I have not gotten that phone call yet..

My boat is still in the shop, but a buddy did take mercy on me last Friday and took me out for a few hours. And we did not travel too far and managed to catch a handfull of bass and a plethora of white bass..

We caught fish on everything we threw, including spinnerbaits, squarebills, and soft plastics.. I'm telling you that a W/M Red lizard will catch fish.. For the tenth time..

The fish we caught were shallow.. We did fish out to fifteen feet on a few drops with no luck.. And I am hearing the same story from 90% of the fishermen that I have talked to..

A lot of us want the fish to pile up out deep.. But if it is happening, me and a bunch of other folks have not seen it..

As a matter of fact, if it is possible, the fish may have gone even shallower.. A buddy of mine was digging an armadillo out of a hole on the edge of a creek .. And after he got the National Road Kill of Texas out, he saw something else in the hole..

Yep.. A four pounder.. Said it had two ticks on em'..


Water temps are not to boiling yet, with most places registering the middle eighties.. And that is truly where Falcon fish like it.. And it is the the temp where they are most active..

The fish and the weather are truly Jalapeno..

I was out of town Sunday and Monday, but the folks I talked to yesterday and this morning have also confirmed what I have stated above..

If you want to catch any numbers, fish shallow..

And I'll reiterate, fish your way out points.. Start shallow and work your way out to eight feet or so and move on. Any hardwood or laydown up on the shallowest of points or banks can a have a fish laying in the shade..

Long story short, not a lot has changed..


I was reading a thread on the TFF about how fishing in the state of Texas has changed over the years. And I guess you could say the fishing has changed, but more than that, it is the conditions that have changed, and are ever changing.

Not only are there exponentially more fishermen than ever before, which adds pressure, noise pollution, extraction, mortality, education, relocation, and the urge to roam to the fish population; these fishermen are equipped with the latest in cutting edge technology to help them locate and catch fish.

Which is probably the single biggest "game changer" in the big picture.. Technology..

Who would have known that those guys in a garage all those years ago, combining some 1's and 0's, would totally rewrite the way we fish today.

Mapping, Sonar, GPS, Sidescan, Downscan, Livescope, Spotlock, Power Poles.. The internet...

And a host of other stuff I can't remember.. Not to mention new bait technologies and finishes..

We should be catching fish like crazy..

But it all goes back to one thing.. Even if you can find the fish.. See the fish.. Know what depth he's at..

You still gotta trick him into biting your bait..

And even though this is a dumb animal, with a brain the size of a pea, with no ability to reason, his basic instinct is what keeps him alive.. And instinct is one powerful tool..

And often times it is enough to defeat the well equipped and skilled angler..

Happens to me all the time..

Ever wonder how many fish look at your lure down there?


All I know is that fishing will always be fishing.. There will never be a sure fire day when you are going out there with a guarantee that you are going to kick their ass..

Does it happen? Sure.. And with dedication and devotion you can make it happen more often.

But there ain't never going to be no guarantee that it is going to happen..

That's why it is called fishin.. Not catchin..

And I think that is what drives most of us to keep going back..


One thing I DO know is that fishing beats the shit outta working.. I've tried em both..

And though my brain is also the size of a pea, that's a discernation I can easily make.. Maybe that's instinct..

But it is a No Brainer!

So I suggest you quit that workin shit, even temporarily, and get your ass down here..

Hopefully I'll have my boat back this week.. And I'll see you on the water..

June 4, 2019: It's been fairly busy around here.. Compared to the last month when the wind howled like a pack of Coyotes.. It's funny how people will actually come to fish when there aren't four foot waves all over the lake.

We've got a couple of groups in town, including some old friends from Shreveport.. And they are just getting started on a few days of Falcon fishing.

A few years ago one night we wore out two sets of Black Diamonds and drank up all the tequila in Zapata.. Glad that shit is just a good/bad memory..

Back when I thought the caps on Hornitos were single use items..


Last weekend we had a few boats on the water, and on Sunday, the Laredo Bass Club had their monthly outing here on Falcon. I hear that twenty one or two pounds won it, but I don't have much more detail than that.

Most of the other folks that I have talked to are still saying that the fish are shallow.. Very shallow.

I have also heard that there are a few better fish out a bit deeper, but the numbers of fish out there are still not big.

Schooling fish can be happened on just about anywhere on the lake. Most of these schools of chasing fish are not giant packs but threes and sixes or so.. Sometimes you can catch em all.. Sometimes they won't bite anything you throw in there.

But sometime it s like throwing a weenie on Rosie's desk.. That fucker is going to have some teeth marks in it pretty damn quick..

But a square bill or a fluke are good things to chunk at em.. DO NOT leave the ramp without a shad colored squarebill on the deck..

One area of the lake that has been particularly good this spring has been the Veleno.. Maybe it is because it has been too damn windy to fish anywhere else. I dunoo..

But it is a good place to start and there is a ton of rocky, bluffy, ledgey structure here in the home creek that will rival any creek on the lake.. It is funny that a lot of us think we have to haul ass somewhere to fish.. When truthfully we could just drop the TM and go to it..

If there is a predominant bait around here, I am gonna guess it is still the squarebill.. And we have sold more of them than any other hard bait as of late.

A fluke or a smaller soft plastic, even baits that can be fished on a shakey head or wobble head like the Fighting Frog, have been good dragged on rocky points and hopped down slopes..

Not all the fish are on the bank, but most of them ain't too far from it. And if you cover hard bottom from one out to six or eight feet, odds are that you are going to run into a bunch of fish.

I also hear that deeper rockpiles and old foundations are holding some fish. A lot of those rocks are bait eating machines.. But that's why we're here..

A deep diving crankbait bounced gently over the rocks can get you bit. Color does not seem to be super important, but if your bait has a hint of yellow or chartreuse on it that is not a bad thing..


All of this info is second hand, as my rig is still awaiting parts. Actually I guess it is me awaiting parts. We need to move this on.. I ain't getting no younger..

Hope to have my boat back early next week.. I hope..

We have our first gulf threat in the Bay Of Campeche.. And although it looks like it won't be a real rainmaker for us, maybe it is a sign that.. Well a sign of something..

Looks like all the rain will head towards Houston.. Again.. Like they need it..

I'm telling you that a gulf hurricane just cannot bring rain to our watershed.. The physical shape of the coast, the Mexican mountains, and the wet side always being to the NE just can't get it done..

But as I type Del Rio is getting pounded by a thunderstorm.. What we need is a low to settle out west and drown all the rattlesnakes and lizards along the Rio Grande.. Below Amistad..

We have gotten lucky the last two years with rains between us and Del Rio.. And hopefully that pattern will hold up another year.. The Mexicans surely aren't passin' us any water from the Conchos..

But they are sending us plenty of other motherfuckers.. Wonder how long we are going to allow this bullshit to keep happening..

There's a segue for you.. Water to illegal immigrants all in one sentence.. Or two..

Evidently the word is out.. All over the world.. The gates to America are open..

Yall come..

Haven't all these people heard how bad it is here in America? Evidently they don't have CNN and CNBC where they come from..

And as they come, they bring empty bellies, empty wallets, diseases that were once wiped out in America, and few skills that can contribute to American society..

And we keep borrowing trillions so we can give it away..

What's wrong with this picture..

I don't give a fuck which side of the political isle you are on.. Our federal government is out of control..

And I think the finger has done gone thru the paper on this one..

I love the old saying about, "Spending money like a drunken sailor."

At least the drunken sailor was spending his own money..

Where will it all end? Will it all end? When will it all end?


I'm not ready to don the sandwich sign that says, "The End Is Near!" just yet..

But my paint should be dry in an hour or so..


Well get your ass down here and visit us before the whole damn thing unwinds..

And I'll see you on the water... errr.. More likely here in the shop...

Till I get my boat back!!

May 31, 2019: The end of the month is here, and it has expired just about the same time as my tolerance for the wind. The only thing that has made it bit more tolerable is that my boat is in the shop..

Actually the wind has layed a bit the last couple of days, and fishing locations have greatly expanded to include mid lake and open water areas.. Believe it or not..

And today is pretty fishable as well..

Yesterdays reported catches ranged from twenty to thirty plus fish per boat, with a few nice fish caught as well.. But mostly two to four pound fish. And mean as a snake they are..

Any soft plastic can catch a fish.. As can any crankbait.

But basically nothing has changes when it comes to bait choices. Flukes, Ol Monsters, lizards.. Rage Craws..

Lotsa folks are using a C-rig I hear..

The 6-XD is a good bait on the ends of points and on rockpiles in deeper water.

This ain't rocket surgery.. It is basic Falcon fishing..

Lots of folks have reported schooling fish at some time during the day. These fish are mostly in the two to three pound range, but once in a while a big son-of-a-bitch will be in there with em.

A square bill or lipless crankbait should always be on the deck and at the ready for when this happens.. And if you can get a bait in their general vicinity within a few seconds, odds are that you are going to catch one of these slashers.. Sometimes you can catch several before they retreat to the depths.. And sometimes when you are reeling one in there will be several swimming along with the one you got hooked.. Chunk another bait in there amongst them if you really want to complicate things..

I don't mean your partner.. I mean you..


Yes folks it is summertime fishing on Falcon. It ain't that difficult..

What is a bitch as of late is the humidity that we have has to deal with. Middle upper nineties and 50% humidity ain't something we are used to around here..

This is supposed to be a desert.. Cactus.. Sand.. Rattlesnakes.. Dust..

So be prepared when you come.. Stay hydrated. Wear sun protection.. And raise you're hand if you're sure..

There was some good rain north of us last night.. But it did not make it this far south.. Maybe we'll get it one of these days.. We are sucking so far this year.. To date we have had 4.1 inches here at the shop.

And unless you are a cactus or a rattlesnake.. It is hard to get by on that..

The summer has been good to us lately when it comes to rainfall. And I am hoping for the same this year. We need some insurance claims along the Rio Grande in the next few months..

The National Weather Service has the Hurricane Center page up and running.. Nothing out there just yet.. But before too long I hope to see some activity out in the Pacific.. It is from where all good things come..

We due, Baby..


Bass Champs is out at Amistad this weekend, so it should not be too busy around here, although we have seen a few boats pull in today. Should be a pretty good weekend for it.

Speaking of Amistad, TPWD stocked largemouth bass out there about two weeks ago.. And we should be getting some fish before too long as well.

So pray for rain, light winds, a parasitic infection for the cormorants, and an endless supply of Kitchen Passes for this summer..

And get your ass down here when you have a window of opportunity..

See you on the water.. If I ever get my boat back..

May 25, 2019: Jeez Louise.. Is this gale ever gonna stop? If you wanted to do a remake of Twister then Zapata would be a good place to shoot it.. You could just replace the flying cows with gar..

"Gar! We've got gar!"

Maybe I'll open a surf shop..

And of course with the presence of the wind and waves we have had an absence of fishermen and fisherwomen. Of course we do have a few, very few, folks out there challenging Darwin's theory on survival of the fittest..

And we are damn glad to have em..

Finding a protected place to fish is as challenging as the fishing itself. And the few boats that are out there are pretty much all fishing the Texas side, not choosing to make the run across the lake or down the lake to the Mexican side.

This shit is one of the major reasons that I do not guide.. I fished enough bad weather days when I used to tournament fish.. Some fond memories indeed..

But despite of the challenging conditions, a few fish are still being caught. Methods and baits have changed little if any since my last report. But fishing points and drop offs are still the best places to catch fish. And inside of fifteen feet is still the most productive I hear.

I'm gonna try and get out tomorrow if there is any reprieve at all in the wind..


This of course is Memorial Day weekend, and there are a few folks that have a three day weekend that ignored the weather forecasts and came on down anyway. Can't say I blame them, especially if they already had the kitchen pass issued.

Is it sexist to use the word kitchen pass? It probably is.. But wouldn't that term, and the issuance of a kitchen pass by said kitchen pass issuer, imply or suggest that the issuer was in charge?

And I am certainly not implying that the man of the house is in charge.. Or the woman of the house is.. But I'll bet one of em is..

I gotta quit trying to over think things..

I have been married for almost forty years, (same woman) and I am thinking one of us is a saint.. But I ain't sure which one.. These days my goal is peaceful co-existence..

But anyway, like I said, it is Memorial Day weekend..

And while for most it is a three day weekend, and the official start of summer, and I can't deny those things; it is first and foremost intended to be a time to remember those that have given their lives to this Nation of ours, and reflect on the incredible sacrifices that thousands upon thousands have made.

Many of you out there have had your lives directly affected by the loss of a family member in service to our Country, and I cannot begin to feel the pain, sorrow, and anger, that your family has endured..

And for the most part, all I can say to you, is Thank You.

And to those that served, and you that are currently serving, my hat is off to you as well..

And know that I, and many others like me, hold you and your family in the highest regard.

And in today's times, where many US citizens are self loathing, and think that America is not the shining beacon of freedom and hope that has set a two hundred year plus example of what freedom is, and freedom means, I say to you; Get the fuck out of the USA..

Go find your utopia somewhere else.. We'll see how long it takes you to come crawling back..

Go down to Central America where all these refugees are coming from. There ought to be plenty of places you can buy cheap.. See how that shit suits you..

We are imperfect to be sure.. But show me a place where there is more opportunity, and the freedom to pursue your desires and dreams, and I'll kiss your ass..

In front of Wal-Mart.. And I'll give you thirty minutes to draw a crowd..


Whatever you do this weekend, take a little time out to remember those that did go before us, and if you are the parent of some younguns, maybe take a little time to explain a little portion of what this holiday is all about.

And enjoy your time off.. I guarantee you that the ones who gave their lives for our way of life would want you to..

See you on the water!

May 21, 2019: It's been windy, hot, and muggy around here.. But out of the three, only the wind can keep you from catching fish..

I don't care if you've got balls like Bonzo, that wind and waves the last few days will beat you down.. And keep your feet wet.. And run your bilge pumps..

And when you're old and grumpy like me, it's hard to hitch it up on those days.. Even though I am aware that I am probably in the fourth quarter of life, and I've only got so many days left to fish.. If it ain' the fourth, it's damn sure late in the third..

But today was a day of reprieve.. We have a kinda light north wind blowing .. With highs predicted to be about 103°..

That don't make sense..

But a reprieve in wind speed and direction gave me the opportunity to get out for a bit, although I do hate north wind..

At least it ain't a cold north wind..

I stopped on a couple of rocky points with good depth next to them, and proceeded to have myself a good time.

I caught a fish on my first cast, third cast, and on my fourth cast I hooked one that was taking drag, and the son of a bitch wrapped me up on something.. Although I had em on for a bit.. I couldn't get him out and finally broke em off.. And lost my favorite fish catching square bill.. Of course I got a lot more like it..

But sometimes it seems like a bait is just a special one that for some reason catches more fish than one that looks just like it..

Fuck if I know.. It's like picking out a tomato.. Or a watermelon.. Or a hooker.. You just don't know how good it is going to be till you sink your teeth into it.. (or insert metaphor here)

Anyway I had probably caught fifty fish on that bait.. But like The Rolling Stones said.. It's all over now..

Lucky for me these fish did not give a shit as I chunked out a watermelon red lizard.. With Spike it on the tail of course.

And proceeded to catch the shit out of em..

I have been fishing Falcon and Mexico for a long time.. And I am used to the way these fish fight.. But I'm gonna tell you that these bastards are about as jacked up as I have ever seen them.

They like warm water, and we are around eighty degrees, and these fish are loving it and they will try to pull you out of the boat.

And while there are some deeper fish out there, (and I don't usually fish for them) these fish were in water from two to six feet deep. My biggest fish was about a four pounder, but I caught several in that range. I did not put a scale on any of them.

As a matter of fact, I have not felt the urge to weigh any of them lately.. And you are right.. I am way overdue for a picture fish..


Last weekend there were a few small bass clubs in town, and they were heavily hampered by the wind. Especially on Saturday. I heard of a 8.90 caught, and stringers to fifteen and sixteen pounds, but that is not official.

And I did not hear anything about Sunday. Senkos were good, as were swimbaits on a underspin I hear.. I bet I could catch em on an underspin where I was catching them this morning on a crankbait..

Yeah, but I ain't about to tie one of them fuckers on.. I ain't eatin no tofu either.. I don't know why that underspin shit seems so queer to me.. I just cain't do it..


If you are a gar hunter, you need to get your ass down here.. The main lake pockets are loaded, with lots of five to six footers cruising the shallows.. And rolling out on the big water..

The white bass are starting to school up out in open water, and where you run into the birds you can catch them on anything. When they go deep, a jigging spoon will catch em real good.

Crappie are good on brush piles, and rod and reel catfish are good up the river.. Some bigguns have been caught on a big chunk of cut shad.. Bring your cast net..

If you like fishing, and you ain't here.. Well you're probably fuckin' up..


People are always asking me, what is the best time of the year to fish Falcon.. And I always say, The middle of summer.. Ain't nothing changed..

I look for more and more schooling action as the summer rolls on..

I haven't heard too much about topwater the last few days.. But flukes, lizards, (although I seem to be the only one throwing one) senkos, and magnum trick worms, are all good plastics to be throwing.

Sexy Shad squarebills and anything with some green/yellow in it are working well. I can't tell you much about the deeper fish.. But from what I hear there are not a lot of fish out in twenty feet of water.. I ain't saying there aren't any..

I'm just sayin.. Drag your c-rig out to fifteen and start over..

Aw shit, do whatever you want.. And let me know if you catch em out deeper..

The cormorants are nesting in a lot of places in bushes surrounded by water.. The egrets are mixed right in there with them.

So stop by for your free three foot piece of 3/4 pvc..

Saw a Chicken Hawk eating a baby cormorant the other day.. Bout brought a fuckin tear to my eye..


In their effort to improve our e-mail service, our hosting company migrated us to a new e-mail server.. You might recall that a couple of years ago they migrated our site to a new server.. What a shit show that was.. Took me three months to make all my pages re-appear..

When I would call and bitch, they would tell me to have my IT guy give them a call.. When I told them that they were talking to my IT guy things only got worse..

I hate computer shit.. I have a interface product as big as the state of Texas, and am working in a postage stamp sized area of the program.. And I don't want to learn any new tricks..

In any case if you have been trying to e-mail me or Tom, and have had no luck or got no response.. It ain't cause I ain't trying..

Call if you really need something.. Or hell just call to keep us awake.. Or if you need to e-mail me something or Tom something just send it to: NoWeighers@aol.com

Till I get this shit fixed..

AOL may suck.. But they do have a bullet proof e-mail system..

Get your sunblock and wind block and come see us.. And hopefully I'll see you on the water..

May 17, 2019: For not doing much I sure have been busy.. Rat killin.. It's always something.. Besides trying to run a business.. And fish a little..

And it's been damn little.. Despite of the good fishing reports I keep hearing.

Numbers of fish have been decent, with reports scattered all over the board. Some folks have happened on a couple of different schools of fish during the day and caught the shit out of two to four pound fish.. But more two's I am sure..

But they are jacked up and mean and will try to pull out of the boat..

I fished on Wednesday with a buddy and we caught about fifteen or eighteen fish, and none of them were over three and a half pounds..

Most were caught on squarebills, and watermelon red lizards. A squarebill with some chartrusey-green hue really worked well. Of course dipping the tail of the lizard in chartreuse was a must..

And 90% of the fish we caught were in five feet of water or less.. But you gotta remember who you're talking to..


Most of the guides are also saying that the majority of fish they are catching are coming from shallow water. And the topwater bite continues to impress as well. A whopper Plopper or a spook are good choices.

I don't know where this topwater bite came from.. And it is a dimension that we usually don't exist in.. But it is fun when it is happening..

A super fluke on a Carolina rig is also catching fish. Long points and shallow humps and ridges have been good places to target..

Deeper crankbaits have also been catching some fish. The same areas as with the C-rigs.. Ten to fifteen feet seems to be the most productive ranges.. Not hearing of anything deeper..

In any case, fishing is still fishing here on Falcon, and if you go out there and bust it you ar gonna catch some fish.. Maybe a bunch if you find the schools of fish.

We did see several small groups of fish chasing shad on Wednesday.. And if you can get a squarebill anywhere near them within a few seconds.. Odds are you are going to catch that fish..

Also on Wednesday, I had a strange thing happen.. The first fish of the day I hooked on a squarebill.. On a rockpile in Pierces..

As I got the fish up to the boat I saw that it was about a one pound bluegill.. A monster.. And in hot pursuit of this fish was a six or seven pound bass. So I left the fish in the water and the bass made a few bumps at the perch, but there is no way he could have swallowed this fucker..

So I had my partner throw some shit at him.. But he wasn't buying it.. Strange.. And he was on top of the water for ten seconds..

The big water releases from Amistad have subsided, but there is still a decent flow of water in the river. Falcon is actually rising a bit, but nothing to get excited about. We are sitting at 273.65, and that is within a few inches of where we were a couple of weeks ago, but a foot lower that we were a month ago..

Hopefully we are through with the big water releases for this spring. The valley has had a shit load of rain.. I have no idea what they are doing with all this water.. Said the same thing last year..

We need a water transfer system from north and east Texas.. Said that for the last five years..

There are a coupe of bass clubs in town this weekend. And I'll get a report or two from them for sure..

And I'll pass along what I hear.. But overall fishing is pretty good.

Come get you some..

May 8, 2019: The weather has been a bit unsettled around here, but at least the fronts that have passed thru have allowed for a day in between wind directions that has allowed some open water fishing. Most of the midlake had not seen too many boats as of late

Our latest wind change, that went by Monday morning from the northwest, produced a whopper of a thunderstorm that recharged the earth with electricity, and dumped a bit over an inch of much needed rain on Zapata, and maybe a bit more on the south end of the lake.

Some rain also fell in the valley, but I reckon that the water releases are going to go on as scheduled no matter what.

I did hear yesterday from TCEQ that heard from IWBC that water releases from Amistad are supposed to wind up on the 12th.. Releases from Falcon have eased slightly, but there is still water going out the floodgates.. And with the slight decrease in releases and the local rain, we have actually picked up a couple of inches this week.

I am sure you Amistad guys will be glad when they close the gates up there.. I hope they close em here at the same time.. If not sooner..

So if what I heard is true, Amistad should not loose over another foot on the current cycle..

Water running thru the gates on Falcon sets up a hell of a current, not only in front of the dam, but on main lake points as well.. And while catching has improved in front of the dam, it is also good on long points that run east and west.

Back in the creeks it doesn't make much difference.. But 10,000 cubic feet a second does make a current running down the lake.. Rockpiles and humps on the river have more water moving across them than you might think..

And if you are a believer, you can use this to your advantage..


I had a couple of hometown buddies in town for a four day weekend and it seems that every time they come, I get a headache.. Maybe two..

I took em crappie fishing on Sunday, despite the wind, and we caught a sink full. And we proceeded to fry em up on Sunday night. It must be the crappie that gave me the headache..

Also on Sunday, the Laredo Bass club was in town, and they had about forty boats fish their team tournament.

It took 27 and change to win it, and I hear the winners had a nine and a eight in the bag. There were also several other big fish caught.

There are about four out of town boats fishing this week, and they have caught real good numbers, with fifty fish a day being reported by a couple of the boats. I heard of no monsters, but several sixes and sevens were landed.

If you come to fish, you might try a super fluke in watermelon or green pumpkin on a C-rig. The rig has caught a LOT of fish lately.. And you might want to try a topwater..

Yeah I know.. But some fellows whacked em on a spook like bait all day yesterday.. Shallow.. Go figure..

Squarebills are also catching a bunch of fish.. Again.. Still.. Continuing.. Like always.. Throw one..

I went out this AM and fished for about three hours.. I know that is not long, but it's a lot longer than any current sexual escapades I could muster.. And it don't hurt my knees too bad..

I fished the Veleno, The Hedieona, and the Salado. And I caught fish in all three. I had eight bass and a tub full of white bass. Best fish was about a three, but I did not weigh any of them..

Matter of fact I have not put a fish on the scale in I don't know how long.. Seems like I'd foul hook a whopper one of these days..

Like Susan Reissig did yesterday.. (She did not foul hook this one) It went 9.7 I hear..

In any case, you ain't gonna catch em sitting at home.. And I promise you that Falcon is fishing as good as any lake in the state right now..

You might want to bring your Mama down here this weekend.. It is Mothers day weekend you know..


Don't you just love all the jewelry commercials on TV this last two weeks.. I mean really.. I been married for about forty years..

How many rings, necklaces, tennis bracelets, ear rings, ankle bracelets, nipple rings, waist chains, and belly button paraphernalia can one woman use?

I guess there is no end to the diamond supply.. And the jewelry stores think there is no end to your money..

Besides.. This is Mothers day.. Why in the fuck ain't they advertising to the Millennials and Gen Xers..

Oh snap, I forgot.. Most of em ain't got enough money for a Big Mac for two..

So I guess the target audience is still you, Mr. Husband.. With a job..


Let's guilt him into buying her another diamond..

Talk about Sexist commercials.

She gets a four thousand dollar diamond on Mothers day..

But let's be fair.. You know you're going to get a fuckin weed whacker on Fathers day.. So don't bitch..


Now I know that some of you ladies out there are thinking; what a sexist asshole... This is all in good fun.

But if the shoe fits I'll wear it.. Long as it is not a NIKE or some other Chinese piece of shit..

Fathers day ain't too far off.. 11 Double E please..

Don't take life too serious folks.. It's only temporary..

Don't forget to call your Mom!

And come see us.. The fish are biting.. The weather is warm..

And there are no jewelry stores in Zapata!

May 2, 2019: Well May Day has come and gone.. Half of Europe is on fire..The pettiness in DC is still going strong..

And the wind is still blowing in Zapata..

Wanna take a guess which one bothers me the most?

South Texas has been like a wind blender the last month or so.. One day North.. The Next south.. And then a possible squall line from any conceivable direction.

This wind shit is giving me a case of the redass..

Cause then I am stuck in here reading about the aforementioned bullshit..


If you are gung-ho enough to get on the water, which I ain't been, odds are that you are going to catch some fish. A customer went out on Tuesday, and stayed in the Veleno all day.. Gusting into the thirties..

And he caught sixteen fish. That man wanted to fish.. And was rewarded for his efforts..

Others I have talked to, and admired their sand for going, have also caught fish.. But got beat like Rodney King, and were wetter than a can of tuna when they got back..

Conditions have not been the best. But the flippin bite has been decent.. Because unless you have a John Holmes trolling motor shaft.. You just ain't been fishing much open water..

There might be some deep fish out there. And out there the depth changes four feet.. Every five seconds..


The lake has dropped to 273.54.. It has been dropping steadily, but not too rapidly.. But we have lost two feet since the middle of March, and about a foot of it was in the last ten days.

There have been recent years when Amistad was not letting out water and we have been much worse off.. And we are almost two feet higher at this time than we were last year on this date.. But that could change in an instant.. Who knows..


One hazard of note.. If you are going up the river.. And I should have talked about it a couple of weeks ago.. But it kind of snuck up on me..

If you are going up the river, the concrete bridge abutment in the river channel right below Hedieona is just barely under the water. You need to avoid this thing like your neighbors kids second birthday party..

It will hurt you.. And it will cost more than a bag of Huggies to fix.. And you might need a bag of huggies if you hit it.. Cause you're gonna shit your pants..

Coordinates for this monolith are N 26° 52,705 W 99° 19,592.

There's not a lot of water in the creeks up there anyway.. I ain't saying there ain't no fish up there.. Just not a lot of water in the creeks.. And with all the water in the river flowing pretty hard right now, the water is not the prettiest of color..

Lizards have been good lately, and W/M red is as good as any.. Flipping hardwoods and laydowns, and anything that makes shade in the shallows is a good idea.

I am always talking about shade.. And on Falcon it is the real deal.. Concentrate on the shady side of structure, including rocks and ledges, and you will catch more fish..

We have a chance for rain in the next couple of days, and tomorrow nights chances look pretty good, according to the folks that predict such things..

And with that passing front we might get a couple of days where the wind might not blow so damn hard. I'm itching to get out, but I can get wet in the shower.. We'll see.

Bass Champs is at Amistad this weekend, so I am going to guess that it will be a light weekend around here.. Might be a good time to come down if you want to miss the crowds..

Yeah.. Like we have crowds down here in the summer..

The fishing is the best. And we have the fewest people of the year.. But I been saying that for years..


If you are wondering about the other species that inhabit Falcon, let me tell you they are all active.. If you can find a day that the water is flat, the Gar are all over the place.

I don't give a fuck what they say about gar anywhere else.. But here in Falcon, these son of a bitches are teeming..

Try the Tigers or anywhere around marker eight.. Or the back of most any creek..

The white bass are ganged up on a lot of points, and are doing some schooling on the surface occasionally. And you can get on top of them with jigging spoons and catch all you want in a lot of areas

The crappie are biting good on brushpiles.. But you gotta know where some are.. Or find some..

And the catfish are doing good on rod and reel and on juglines.. Like almost always..


With Choke Canyon catching some water last year, a lot of the folks I know have been fishing it, and most with limited success.. I hear that the Hydrilla is awesome, and the flooded brush is so thick that it is impenetrable in most places.

And with that kind of cover, the lake is bound to bounce back next year. If they don't drop the water off the cover..

Sure I am a Falcon Homer, but I love me some Choke Canyon as well. I spent many a happy day there.. And hope to do so in the future..

I also hear that the Gar are off the hook there as well. Big Motherfuckers.. Lots of em.

That won't help the recovery any either.. But cover is essential, and if it holds out a year or two, that lake could be awesome again.


I really fucked up back in 2010.. When the Golden Triangle was fishing so good..

Falcon, Amistad, and Choke Canyon..

And while I fished the hell out of all of them, I never followed thru with a promise I made to myself, to film a show, catching a limit of fish, from all three lakes.

On the same day..

Could it still be done.. Maybe. But certainly not with the ease that it could have been done ten years ago..

And I ain't getting no younger..

And the thought keeps reoccurring to me lately..

If Choke just gets a little better.. Maybe next year..


Well I better get back to work.. My A/C ain't working this morning. Fuckin fire ants in the contactor..

So I'm changing hats.. Where's my tester?

Come see us.. And bring a sail!

April 26, 2019: Believe it or not, we have actually had a few decent days to fish this week.. And that means winds less than fifteen miles per hour.

The rain that went from west to east managed to skip us again.. But then again, we do live in a desert.

Speaking of desert.. Southern Mexico must be one as the water releases from Amistad and Falcon continue at high levels as this irrigation cycle continues. Mexico is letting water out of Amistad at a ten to one ratio over the US.. And at a three to one ratio out of Falcon..

No big shock there.. Demand on the Texas side is not near as high. You tell me why..

Fishing has been pretty good this week, but I have not heard of any giant fish being caught.. But numbers have been decent.

I fished yesterday and caught fish on every stop. But some stops were better than others.. I fished from the Hedieona to the Big Tiger, and found fish in basically the same depth of water. Not over eight foot deep, and mostly in fourish..

I did best flipping hardwoods as the sun was out, and shadows are a real deal this time of year. As the water drops, there is less and less thick shit on the banks, and more and more hardwoods will come into play. We seen this scenario before..

There is still a ton of bait up on the banks, and if you run around throwing a trap or a squarebill against the rocks, you are gonna get bit.. If you can find some water that is not infested with white bass.. I caught a shitload of them yesterday and could have caught a double shitload if I wanted to..

And I'll tell you one thing. Them shakin, floppin, wigglin son of a bitches are a recipe for getting a hook in a hand or finger.. I keep a needle nose in my pocket and don't even grab em till I got a hold of hook with the pliers..

I think the last two times I got impaled was taking a white bass off a crankbait.. Not counting the time we were re-enacting Medieval jousting contests using pecan thrashing poles and dirt bikes..

Some things you just gotta learn the hard way.

The water on the top half of the lake is stained due to the water flow in the river, and in some spots it is really murked up. If you get off the current line in the river you can find some clearer water.. And certainly the creeks off the main river are very fishable..

The Salado looks good once you get in there a bit.. Although I did not really catch much in there.. But to be fair, I did not really give it a good effort, but did fish a couple of my favorite spots in there.. And one spot I really like had a net wrapped around it..

Anyway, I believe that if you find some gravely points with hardwoods on them I think you can catch some fish there..

And on the top of the lake, I was using a Plum OL Monster due to the water color.. And guess what. Them fuckers like it.. I wouldn't leave home without it...

You can catch fish from the Veleno to the back of the Salanaias right now.. Some days are better than others.. But you can happen on the right spot and whack em on some days..

Crappie and catfish are also doing very well.. And the rod and reel catfishermen have been doing great.. Lots of nice eating sized fish..

What else is new..

This week we got a deal worked out with Bass Champs to come back to Falcon twice next year.. I know that will make a bunch of you happy.

Preliminary dates are for January 18th, and March 28th.. You might want to make your reservations when you get a chance..

I already told you that the San Antonio METRO tourney is headed back to Falcon in October.. That will be fun..

And we'll see what else shakes out in the next few months.

If your club or organization is considering coming to Falcon, holler at me and I'll help you in any way I can.

I know some people....

Anyway.. It looks like a good weekend to fish.

See you on the water!

April 22, 2019: I am not sure where the last ten days have gone. But it would be a good guess to say that they blew away.. We have had one day in the last week that would qualify as a good weather/fishing day..

The wind has been relentless.. And if it ain't out of the south it's out of the north.. With no slack days in between.. With the exception of last Friday.. And this week don't look much better..

So with the high winds, there have been few folks fishing, and those that have, have had to hide from the wind and waves as best they could. Which wasn't easy..

Those that have fished have had some decent results, with a few good fish mixed in.. But fishing open water has been a challenge if not an impossibility. And several of the guides that I have talked to either cancelled or rescheduled some trips last week due to the dangerous conditions.

A few deeper fish are starting to show up, and Carolina rigs out long points and on humps have been reported.. When you can fish em.. But the majority of fish are still shallow from what I am hearing..

I did fish last Friday, but we were chasing some crappie for the skillet.. And crappie in brush piles have been pretty easy to catch. And t is hard to beat when it is golden brown..

Most bass are being caught inside of eight feet of water, and a lot of that is because the shad are still shallow, and really thick in some places on the banks. Starting on a windblown point or rocky shore ain't a bad idea.. Squarebills and small soft plastics are good.

I had a buddy catch an eight and a six on back to back casts on the rip rap of the dam yesterday.. But he said that he threw it for another half hour and caught squat..

Fishing is crazy shit.. Right place, right time.. I haven't gotten those two together lately..

And Stan Kaminski caught this 10-10 last week.. Pretty fish.. Second cast of the day.. And not a bad start.. There's still a few out there..

The lake is holding steady as far as water level this last week, as a lot of water is being passed thru from Amistad.. A Lot..

I really have no idea how much or how long this will go on, but I heard from TCEQ about the time it started that it would be about two weeks.

I have no idea if they are planning on taking all the water this go round from Amistad. You will remember that they took about five feet out of Falcon since the first of the year already. I never see a rhyme or reason in it..

So your guess is as good as mine..

The top of the lake could almost be called muddy, with discoloration in the main river channel down to about marker 10. I am sure that will persist until the flow decreases. But it is funny some days how the dirty water moves from side to side.

If you are a white bass fisherman, you can catch a pile of em in a hurry.. Jigging spoons in the schools, or shallow cranks on the right point will catch one every cast. A lot of bass fishermen have complained about running into them all over the place while fishing points.. Sometimes they will peck your soft plastic incessantly..

They are everywhere..

Most of the crappie have finished their spawning, and they are showing up on brushpiles all over the lake. Fifteen to twenty five feet seems to be the best.. And there are still some beasties amongst them..

My favorite crappie report is that they are done.. Don't even need no tarter sauce with them..

The catfish took last week off out in the open water, as a lot of them have headed shallow to spawn.. Jug liners did poorly.. But rod and reel fishermen did pretty good in standing timber.. Especially if he cormorants are roosting anywhere around there..

And it ain't hard to find the cormorants..

About 99% of the Snowbirds have cleared out of town, and things are pretty quiet around and here and in the RV parks. A lot of folks waited till later this year to leave, as winter has been a long time exiting lot of places north of the Mason/Dixon..

Hell it has been long time exiting a lot of country south of Hwy 90.. (IH-10)

I wore blue jeans the last two days up at the ranch.. At least early in the day. Come on summer..


I hope you and your family had a chance to get together yesterday to visit, and celebrate the anniversary of the resurrection of the one true God.

I do not wear my religion on my sleeve, but I will be the first to attest that Jesus Christ can and will change your life if you give him the chance..

You don't need and i-phone or Siri to contact him either..


Get yourself down here when you can, and I'll be back shortly with any news worth talking about..

Now make the wind stop!!

April 12, 2019: As we head into the weekend, there are a couple of clubs in town. Capital City Bass Club out of Austin.. Duh.. And Helotes Bass Club from just outside of SA..

And while we have a nice day to fish today, tomorrow we're supposed to get a Lewinski..

The fronts just won't quit.. We just had one yesterday.. I guess it could be worse.. We could be living up north..

No we couldn't. That shit sucks..

The fish are still shallow around here, and flipping is as good as any when it comes to catching fish.. All the guides are throwing plastics... Well mostly.. A few squarebill and spinnerbait fishermen out there..

Shad are still all over the banks.

I had some buddy's fish the Salado yesterday.. Said they had seventeen in there flipping trees.. And a half dozen that kicked their ass.. You ain't getting them all out of the trees..

Most fish that have been caught this week are averaging two to four pounds.. With a few gooduns mixed in.. Like this 10.24 that Sixto caught..

They ain't everywhere.. But they're out there.. You just gotta show it to em..

Seems that not a lot has changed the last ten days.. Other than we have lost six inches of water this week.. Mexico is moving water to the valley for irrigation.. Not sure why.. They had the same rains we had last week..


But in an unusual move, they are also letting water out of Amistad. We'll see where it all shakes out.. But water from there should start hitting here about Sunday.. And we'll probably loose another three inches before then.. At current rates..

But if you are one of those that are tired of beating the banks.. Maybe you can start to catch a few down near the dam now that there is some current moving on the deep rocks.. Just food for thought..

I'll stick to the shallows. No surprise..


The crappie have started to stack up in brush piles, and some folks are whacking them really good. I was planning on getting after them today. But dammit my knee has been killing me.. Damn Picachos..

What else is in the news..

The San Antonio Metropolitan League of Bass Clubs has decided to hold their annual tournament here at Falcon in October. The first weekend to be exact..

It has been a few years since they have been down here.. And that usually means that most of the clubs will move their September tourneys here to do a little pre-fising..

It will be a much needed shot in the arm for Zapata's economy after a long hot summer.. Unless this global cooling takes over..

We look forward to seeing you folks back down here..

We're working on a few other events as well.. I'll pass on details as they firm up..


Hurricane season ain't too far away, and I'm hoping (like always) that this year, as screwy as the weather patterns have been, that we get some storms beneficial to us down here in South Texas.. Which means that I am hoping for Pacific hurricanes.. Wet ones.. Several.

We are overdue to fill up.. Hope springs eternal.. But for this time of year, we are really not doing too bad.


What else is in the news..

I hear that if we shut down the border, we will have a Avocado shortage.. Well shit there ain't no way that we down here in south Texas are going to go without guacamole.

So I have implemented an emergency plan and all assets are in place if they shut down the border..

Anybody that knows anything about baseball knows that the Spanish American league gets a lot of players from Mexico and Central America. And being them fuckers will be stuck on the other side of the border, but right on it, I have used my connections to re-route a bunch of top scouts down here.

We will hold pitching tryouts on the rivers edge.. But they won't be throwing bound leather. Along the river.. They'll be throwing avocados.. Across the river.. Already got the eighteen wheelers lined up..

To date, no one has thrown an avocado over 100 MPH.. So we will also have the folks from Guinness World Book of Records down here, and a test truck from Motorola.. Checking out their new radar guns..

Shit this sounds like a Win-Win for everybody..


The other day, when I was flying over Mexico, the waitress on the plane was giving us the safety briefing like they always do.. Telling you a bunch of bullshit about what might happen in case of a plane wreck. It seems like they leave out a bunch of shit that might happen..

My favorite thing in the briefing is when they say, "In the event of a water landing..."

Hey.. I looked at the fuckin plane before I got on it.. And there weren't no sponsons hanging on this son of a bitch when we took off.. And unless Boeing has invented some airbag technology I don't know about, probably what they should say is, "In the event of a water landing, the last thing you will see is your asshole going over your head.."

I'm thinking that would be a lot more accurate.. Cause I didn't see Sully in the cockpit when I boarded the plane..


I see these commercials about the dark web, hackers, stolen identities, and fraud, because your information is at risk..

And these commercials are put out there by the same assholes that put your information at risk in the first place..

Cyber people..

We let your info, that we demand we have, be hacked.. Now pay us a bunch of money and we'll be sure it never happens again..

Talk about your self licking lollypop.. Bunch of bullshit..


Another commercial I have seen, is for a razor that can eliminate irritation..

Hmmm.. If they can make a razor that will not irritate you. Couldn't they do the same with a wife?

Maybe a spray on or even a topical application..

I hear that Raid! is working on one..

I'm just joking of course.. But relationships these days can get a little complicated.. Back in the day, I had my heart broken so many times I had to carry it around in a sack..


I see this Cortez chick, from the NE somewhere, got elected to the representatives of some bullshit state.. I ain't really paid attention..

Let me put it in perspective for you.. Somebody told me she got 16,000 votes..

More folks than that will read this blog before the sun goes down..

Keep the faith folks. The idiots will self destruct on re-entry..


I gotta go find some Advil.. Now there's a good product.. Although my liver has stuck a cork in the bottom of my esophagus...

Come see us!

April 8, 2019: Things are looking up weather wise around here, and this week should be a dividing line between winter and summer.. You will note that I left out spring..

Spring was that two day period a few weeks back.. We are supposed to approach a hundred degrees later this week.

Water temps are up in the middle seventies and water levels are about the exact same as they were a week ago. And fish are about in the same position as they were a week ago.

Shallow.. Freaking shallow..

When I say shallow, I am not talking eight feet.. Or six feet.. I am talking two feet.. Laydowns in that depth are holding fish, and a few folks have told me that if you find a retama that is shading the water in about two or three feet of water there have been a lot of fish at their bases..

Sounds like last year.. And speaking of last year, while we started out a lot higher, (water level) we are about two feet higher this year at this date.

And some good things happened yesterday that can't hurt us..

It rained in our watershed a good bit and it rained on the valley in a lot of spots that Falcon water irrigates. So both of these thing will help mitigate our water loss. And water saved is as good as water caught.. There is a bit of water in the river but it is not a game changer.. But we might pick up a bit.. We'll see in the next couple of days..

It seems that I write a lot more about fishing than I fish these days. Some of it has to do with old age.. Some has to do with being busy. I somehow got involved with tending too many irons..

But I'm fixin to piss on that fire because summer is finally getting here and I don't have to worry about freezing my ass off or fishing in a north wind.. Two things I abhor..


Shallow fishing is shallow fishing and shallow fishing calls for shallow fishing baits.. A spinnerbait or a small flipping bait is about as good as it gets I hear.. A baby brush hog is really working good.. Or a Rage Craw.. Or a Z-Craw.. Or a beaver.. Or a..

You get the picture.. Your favorite flipping bait, properly presented, will catch you some fish up in the skinny water..

Speaking of pictures.. I need to post a few..

Falcon Loves the Kids.. Seven year old Emilio caught this new PB last week.. Didn't get the weight.. Don't really matter..

That smile says it all.. And that, brothers and sisters, is what's it's all about..

Last week I told you that the big catfish are going crazy around here..

Cut bait, live bait.. Weenies.. Stinkbait.. It don't make a shit.. And it is OK if it smells like shit..

Just Poo it..

That's a fifty eight pound Yeller on the left.. And about a hunnert and fifty pounds of whiskerfish in that photo.. Them Squareheads from our country can catch em.. They had a bunch of other big fish as well..

The crappie are winding up their spawn, and are starting to be caught on deeper brush piles and ledges.. And there are some slabs being caught..

The white bass are schooling up in a lot of places and if you are any kind of hand with your electronics you can find em and whack em.. Most of their spawning activities have concluded as well.. The bigger fish are deeper in the schools.. Jigging spoons..

I have seen some pics of some really nice bass that have been caught lately.. Most are spawned out but a few remain with eggs.. But not many..

Numbers have improved over three weeks ago, as the shad have hit the banks and are in their procreative spell.. Bait everywhere on the banks.. (Don't forget that 1.5 in sexy shad..)

Hopefully we can keep a lot of this water and protect the fish in the brush..


Last week I talked (bitched) about the cormorants, and it set off a bit of discussion on the TFF.. And in my in box..

And it did illicit a response from PAW as Craig Bonds posted an update of what has gone on behind the scenes in regards to the birds..

And it would be nice if there was some transparency there so we could see what and if anything is actually happening to protect our fisheries from these fish eating bastards.. But to date, nothing has actually been done to alleviate the situation.

Nothing but talk.. We need action.. And it would help if the state helped us help them by letting us know who exactly to contact in our pleas to address the situation.

Doing nothing generally gets nothing done.. Cancer don't cure itself.. And neither will this problem. And with both cases, the host usually fares the worst.. Often times dying a slow death..

I'm trying to keep that from happening.. And I know you are too.. Thanks to all who wrote to PAW and deposited your two cents..


A few days back I took a little vacation down to western Mexico.. Which is really just across from us down here in south Texas. To a little lake called Pichachos, somewhere I have been three times prior..

And let me tell you that all the hype about the numbers of fish in that lake are true.. You cannot catch them all.. Although we tried..

We had thirteen anglers in our party.. And party is a term that could be said to describe us.. Well.. Some of us.. But we behaved for the most part.. When you are getting your ass kicked by the fish every day, it is hard to stay up late singing with the Chachalacas..

But if you saw an up tick in the Pacifico Light stock.. It coulda been us..

We flew thru Dallas on the way to Mazatlan, and we hit town about sunrise.. We had folks from five states going, and the bar at C-21was probably not quite expecting the plague of locusts that landed there.. But the man there handled the situation pretty well, and about $200 worth of Bloody Mary's later we were ready to board our spacecraft.. Errr.. Airplane..

After we achieved orbit, I had a conference with our capsule commander and arranged free Jack Daniel's for the crew.. Well it was free for the rest of em..

Needless to say we landed in Mazatlan like Original Sin..

The crew for Ron Speed picked us up at the airport in their typical professional manner, and forced us into vans with ice chests full of cold beer.. It's hard to get the genie back in the bottle once it gets out..

It was only a fifty minute drive to the lake.. Good thing as we were still sober enough to to rig our rods.. But I will have to admit that I had a bit of trouble stringing my rods.. Good thing they weren't micros..

We did not fish the first evening as there were other folks completing their last evening of fishing.. I took a nap.. As did a lot of us.. We were up early.. And most of us had enough sleepy juice in us to nod off..

Some of the boys caught a bunch of fish off the bank that evening.. I didn't go.. I knew what was coming..

Ok.. Ok.. So far this sounds like a bunch of drinking.. Well.. It was.. But that shit was now over and it was time to kick some bass ass.. (Well, it wasn't all the way over..)

The first morning dawned and we hit the water..

Sunrise view from my room..

And it hit back as everyone whacked the shit out of em.. And we whacked em on everything known to man.. Soft plastics were the order of the day.. And it would remain the top bait for our group the entire four days..

You could pick one.. But a 6" senko was hard to beat.. I wore em out on the Mag trick worm, a lizard, and of course when you take the Plum Ol Monster somewhere, it just does what it does.. It kicks ass and takes names..

I am not gonna bore you with pictures of four and five pound fish. The biggest in our group was a 7-2, although my fishing partner had a 8-9 pound fish pull his panties down and spank him..

We were fishing out a long point in about 25 feet of water, and I had a five pounder at the boat, with a few others in pursuit. My buddy had a line out, and about thirty feet from the boat this big bitch started started treating a six inch gizzard shad like a shuttlecock.. If he'd a stayed out of the water any longer he'd a needed oxygen.

Anyway.. You can just tell when it is a big fish after their ass..And I was stuttering....... Get in there..

Ted had some line out and I figured that by the time he was reeled in that fish would be gone. But he got his senko back to the boat and in the general vicinity of the ripples and it hardly got wet before this big fish inhaled it.

There wasn't no setting the hook on this fish and he was just along for the ride.. The drag screamed for a few seconds and the fish came out of the water like an Orca. Not a high jump.. But a long one.. And she spit that bait out like some used Days Work..

We all been there.. But it is always something to see..

In the next four days we would all catch over a hundred fish a boat.. Most over a hundred and fifty.. And a couple of 200 fish days as well..

We caught thousands of fish..

I was fishing with a buddy into his eighties, and neither one of us had anything to prove.. But two evenings in a row we sat up against the dam, fishing in the shade, and caught eighty to a hundred fish.. Without moving the boat.. And all of these fish were three to five pound fish that were bad asses and fight filled fish.. We left em biting both evenings..

I sent a buddy there the last day as we took the evening off and went to Mazatlan early to check out the scotch reserves..

They caught over eighty fish in two hours in the exact same spot..

I'm telling the lake is full of fucking fish.. Nice ones.. And they'll kick your ass..

Other fishermen also caught the crap out of them on crankbaits.. I caught them on cranks as well.. But it is a lot easier taking one hook out of a fish than two.. Or six..

The last morning we were flipping trees and my partner was taking the reels off his rods.. Said he was done.. I said I was going to flip this last one tree on a mini point..

I caught four in a row on a mangled up lizard between two hardwoods.. And my lizard had give up the ghost.. My last cast was a four pounder.. My first cast was a four pounder..

Life is good..

Folks if you want to go just whack the snot out of em, you can't pick a better lake than Pichachos.. If you want to teach a kid how to worm fish, there is no better place on the earth to do it.. They'll eat him or her up like chiggers in Bermuda..

And you can't find a better run camp than Ron Speed Jr.'s. They'll take care of the details..

Food is overwhelming in proportion and quality. Accommodations are awesome as you have your own private room..

I love this place.. A trip there will cost about 3K, turn key, but they have had some two for ones lately.. Not sure what the status of that is right now.. but I bet he'll have some more..

If you have any questions about the trip, call me and I'll give you the bullshit redacted facts about going.

But you'll catch a lot of fish.. No bullshit..


Well I gotta get back to work.. Oh wait.. I am working..

I'm one lucky son of a gun..

See you on the water!

April 2, 2019: We just had the last cold front of the year.. I ain't saying it is the last one that we will have.. But it was the the last one we had. And it was a son of a bitch for this time of year..

We ain't used to dipping into the forties in April around here.. Kind of a cruel April fools joke.. That ain't a joke..

But one thing that did happen that was good.. We got the first real precipitation that we have had in months.. Literally..

We got 1.65 inches of rain on Saturday and Sunday, and it was a welcome sight. Most of the Valley got some decent rainfall as well, so maybe we'll keep the stopper in the dam for a while longer.. Of course there is no telling with them guys..

We are sitting at 275.58, and that is just about steady for the last two weeks.. And almost for the last month..

Water temps are right around seventy on the good days, and slightly above if we get a few days of sun in a row.

The warmer water has got the shad trying to spawn, but it ain't going on big time just yet. But there are a few spots where they are hitting the rocky banks.

I have been out of town for the last week, but all the fishing reports I hear are of improving catch rates. Shallow is the name of the game, with most fish coming from water less than three feet deep.

Rockpiles and old house foundations are also holding fish. You can catch them with a variety of baits, but plastics and squarebills are best..

I also talked to some folks this am that said the afternoon bite has been best, and the fish they are catching are on shallow laydown's and tree bases in about two feet of water.

And a spinnerbait has been whacking them. My kind of fishin..

While other parts of the state are just getting into their spawn, we are pretty much winding down. From all indications. I ain't saying that we are completely wrapped up.. But there ain't much of it left.. And I for one am glad to get back to some more predictable fish.

If and when we get the water back up in the middle seventies and into the eighties, we will certainly see fish that are more consistent in location.

The soft plastic bite is still best I hear, with a Rage Craw and a Baby Brush Hog catching a lot of fish. The common denominator for all these baits is shallow water..

Overall I will have to say, that by all reports, the fishing is improving.. If we can just keep the water warm.. Air temp was 49 degrees this morning..


The one bad thing that we have been observing this year, is the lack of small fish, that should be 12 inches long about now..

Of course this is due to a couple of factors.

Last year we had a tremendous spawn, with clouds of fry in the weeds and vegetation that was everywhere. And about the time the fish were big enough to swim, the powers that be sucked all the water off of the cover and exposed the baby fish to the thousands of predators waiting in the wings..

And a bunch of the predators have wings..

We also have a revived white bass population, that is not afraid to eat a baby bass either.

And truthfully, bass also think baby bass taste good as well.

It is hard being at the bottom of the food chain.

Some of these things we can't do anything about. And having a population of white bass is not necessarily a bad thing. But they are bait eating machines, and they no doubt compete with the bass for food.

And we have had the conversation about biomass before.. Any fishery can support X amount of fish based on the amount of forage available.. Yada, Yada, Yada..


And I guess any fishery can support any amount of cormorants, based on the amount of available forage. So looking at the cormorant numbers, I will have to assume that we have a good amount of forage.

Because these mother fuckers are out of control.. And news flash, Parks and Wildlife can still not give a shit.

But bring up alligator gar, and they are all over it.. I guess we should rename them Texas Parks, Wildlife, and GPA..

That's not grade point average.. That's Gar Protection Agency.. EPA.. GPA.. Kinda catchy..

I wish they gave as much attention to the bass.. I reckon they are just taken for granted..

"We spend millions annually growing and stocking largemouth bass in Texas lakes.."

And them we dump em in at the boat ramps and let the cormorants eat em..

Pissin in the wind..


You know.. Lets do the math. Just one more time.. Cause I like it..

Oh wait. Here's something I wrote before.. On August 7, 2017..


"If there ain't ten thousand of them on the top of the lake I'll eat your hat.

How we coming on that TPWD?

If I was in charge I'd be on the phone everyday trying to get this cancer fixed..

I find it hard to believe that everyone at the EPA is is an idiot, so someone, somewhere, has to be able to see the light and give us a look over.. The problem being is that they do not even know that this problem exists.

Is anybody ever going to help us?

Someone has to make this a priority. Someone besides me.. They won't let me handle the problem.. Or I'd personally get it fixed..

At this water level, with no real cover in the lake, it is easy pickens for these bastards.. And our fish populations are getting hammered by these mother fuckers every day..

Let's see.. 10,000 birds.. Half a pound of fish a day.. That's 5,000 pounds of fish a day..

That's a hundred and fifty thousand pounds of fish a month..

That's one Million, eight hundred thousand pounds of fish a year..

You think the netters are hurting the lake??

You think the fishermen are hurting the lake?

You're crazy..

How we can enforce laws pertaining to the last two items mentioned, and ignore the birds is mind-boggling to me..

It's the epitome of the elephant in the room story..

And on it goes.."


Do I really expect TPWD to do anything about the cormorants..

Shit no.. They'll let the devastation continue, as they let the birds continue to destroy the habitat, water quality, and the fishery..

And the sad truth is, that Falcon continues to struggle and endure, in spite of TPWD.. Not because of it..

But we could be so much more..

I have been talking about cormorants for a decade.. A fuckin decade.. Has anything been done? Has a count been made? Have recommendations been sent up the ladder even considering that maybe there might be a problem? An infestation?

An overpopulation? A fucking plague?

One day.. One day.. Whoever is in charge at TPWD.. Is going to wake up and say, "I wonder whatever happened to the fishery at Falcon.. Didn't they used to catch em down there pretty good?

Note to current upper management at TPWD.. This shit is happening on your watch..


The catfish have gone crazy down here, and I have some pics to post.. But I am still trying to get caught up after being gone for a week..

And I am surprised that I can even type after all the fish I caught down in Mexico.. We tore em a new asshole.. Or maybe they tore us one.. More on that later..

In any case, it sounds like fishing is really picking up.. So if you are headed this way you just might catch em good..

I'll see you soon. Here.. Or on the water..

March 23, 2019: It's been a pretty quiet week around here, as the weather has not been the best for fishing.. But there were a couple of days that it was not too drizzly and windy.. And a good number of folks did get out and fish.

With mixed results.

Like usual, some folks caught them pretty good, and some folks struggled. People fishing the south end of the lake did better for the most part. The upper end of the lake is spotty, but reports of fish on old foundations and a few rocky points have been reported.

Drag a square bill over the top of em and it is likely that you will get bit.

Down south the Salanaias is fishing about as good as any water on the lake. Fish those creek channel swings, whether back in the creek or in the creeks that run in from the sides.

A soft plastic is as good as it gets.. And small flipping baits that we have been talking about for months are still producing. Something with a candy vibe has been one of the best.

Seems that green and purple flake is doing something the fish like.

The shad are finally showing up on some points and rocky banks.. And it is about time. They are not up there thick just yet, but it is happening in some areas.. Mostly south.. And when the shad get up there thick the bass will be right behind them. Happens every year.

We still cannot maintain a seventy degree water temperature.. It's been over it a few times, and it will be there today. But when I was out on Wednesday I saw a lot of 68 or so.. And there was little to no sun since..

As far as the spawn goes, we are still seeing pics of fish and getting reports of fish that have not spawned yet.. I do believe we are very late in the cycle, but it is still going on to some extent.

I am not sure what depth is best to fish right now, and I am getting mixed reports from the folks I have talked to. Some say eight to ten feet, but most still say that four to five is best. So trying some of both ain't a bad idea.

A spinnerbait is still a good search bait, and if you catch a couple in an area, slow down and fish it with small plastics thoroughly. The fish have been a little clanny as of late.. And I am not sure if you find a pod of fish, or if you just happen to be there when they are eating.. But who cares as long as you happen on them.

This has been an awesome year for the crappie.. The Tigers has no doubt put out thousands of giant slabs this year. Actual two pound crappie have been very common, and fish pushing three pounds have been caught. These fish have shoulders on em..

The white bass are still everywhere, and if you are looking for them, they ain't hard to find. If you run around throwing a crankbait, it is likely that you will catch some by accident.. Sometimes a shit load of them..

The catfishermen have been whailing on em, and it don't matter if you like rod and reel fishing or if you want to set out some jugs. Stink bait on trebble hooks in standing timber in water from eight to twelve feet has put a lot of good eating size fish in the box.

Jug lines with cut perch or the sort have been catching some whoppers, with fish up to forty pounds reported. Folks from our country are coming down this week to catch some fish for Good Friday fish frys.. They shouldn't have too much trouble getting it done..

For this week containing the first day of Spring, it has not been too damn springy around here, or anywhere else in the country. I see that the northeast is getting it again.. Better them than us..

You just can't trust that fuckin' gopher anymore..

It is dryer that a popcorn fart around here, and what little drizzle we have had is just enough to make your car and boat a mess. I am praying for a wet spring and summer so we can keep some water on this years hatch.

I have no idea what the water lords are planning this year.. They have sporadically taken some shots of water out of us.. But to date it has been short releases for the last month.. Of course they took out four feet plus back early in the new year.

Releases from Amistad have increased just a bit this week.. Hopefully enough to offset what we turn loose for a change..

But we'll see..

I fished the Salado and the Hedieona on Wednesday.. And I was the only swinging dick in either creek. Despite having them both to myself, only little fish and a plethora of white bass were to be found. So many good rocky points and banks.. But still no shad up shallow.. It's coming..


I see and hear that the Mueller report is out, or about to be.. And it does sound like a big nothing burger to me.. But don't worry you liberals.. I am sure the house will keep up their bullshit for the next couple of years to keep you on the edge of orgasm..

But alas.. Like that cheerleader you almost nailed back in high school.. You're still running around with a hardon with nothing to stick it in..

I have never seen such a waste of time and money, big money, in pursuit of something that don't exist..

Well maybe the search for Bigfoot.. Or Nessie.. Just cause you want something to be, don't make it be..

And you fuckin' hypocrites can't see the obvious illegality on the side of the Democrats on the run up to the election with the Clinton's.. That's fuckin' hilarious..


I have decided that this is certainly the decade of the woman.. Look at all the attention and respect and the jump to the forefront that they have received in the last ten years.

Many women have been elected to high office.. Many women helped to elect the last two presidents.

The Mee Too movement has brought to the surface years of abuse that women have endured under the hard hand of male dominated businesses.

And I am for one glad to see that women are finally getting their voices heard..

Have you watched any TV lately? Women in power positions on all the dramas have taken over..

I thought that Liv on SVU was a badass.. She has taken down more rapists than all of the DC cops combined.. (But I don't think they really look inside the beltway..)

And she has been whoopin em for decades.. (Or at least it seems like it..)


But what cracks me up is all of the shows, and there are a shit load of em, that have these bad ass women, that weigh a buck twenty, (and fifteen pounds of that is silicone) whoopin the shit out of some two hundred forty pound, tattooed up ex prison inmates, that are built like Scrwartzanegger in the eighties..

I gotta call bullshit..

I realize that the kind of movies that I watch might be different than the ones you watch.. I personally think that if there ain't a car chase, two wrecks, at least ten shots fired, and some frontal nudity in the first ten minutes..

Well shit I am changing the channel..

I realize that fiction is fun, but mixing in a bit of reality couldn't hurt a bit.. It is a movie after all.. And nobody is actually getting hurt..

So I'd like to see a hunnert and twenty pound woman get her ass kicked by a eighty six pound, basement dwelling, skinny ass millennial computer nerd. Maybe he could backhand her with his mouse pad..

After she chastised him for his toxic masculinity.. There's some fiction for you..

Shit this report has gotten a bit off track..


I am outta here for a few days to go visit Ron Speed's Camp over at Pichachos on the Mexican west coast. And I am fully expecting to whoop some ass of my own..

But it is gonna be black bass ass..

I have not had a steak in 351 days (gout issues) but when they put that 24 ounce rib eye in front of me I am going to eat the whole thing.. Don't bother with that tater, Mam.. I mean Senora..

I'll post a full report of the carnage down there when I get back.. But this is a close to a sure thing as going to a whorehouse with a pocket full of cash..

Them fish are stupid, and always hungry.. And I need some numbers to bolster my confidence..

Maybe they'll whoop my ass.. I hope so..

See you in a week or so.. Unless you're in Mexico!

March 16, 2019: This spring has had some of the most screwy weather I can remember.. Of course my memory is shorter than grasshoppers pecker..

This week featured all four seasons.. Which included gales from the North, south, and southeast.. And temps ranging from the low fifties to the high nineties.. And one dead calm day.. And plenty of clouds..

And fishing that has been less than spectacular.. With certain exceptions..

It appears that a man, or woman, can happen on the right spot and get happy in a hurry.. Several folks I have talked to said they have fished their ass off for several hours, and not caught much.. And then it is flip the switch and go on a streak of fish catching for an hour..

I am not sure whether this is just happening on a pod of feeding fish, or finding what they are wanting to eat at a particular time. But in any case it is certainly being at the right place at the right time throwing the right bait..

I have talked to several guides this week, and they all seem to be doing different things. One says tie on a spinnerbait.. Pick a bank.. And throw that SOB till your arm falls off.. And you will catch some fish.. Some days a lot..

Another says throw a senko.. All day.. And another says throw a Rage Craw..

The common denominator is still that most fish are fairly shallow.. Although a lot of fishermen don't want them to be..

Six feet and in is still where the majority of fish are.. Rockpiles with tops in four to ten feet are holding some fish, and you can run a squarebill or hop a plastic over the tops of them and catch some fish. Not all rock piles are created equal..

I am sure that out there.. Somewhere.. There are some deep fish..

I do think that the spawn is wrapping up. I'm sure there are still some late bloomers.. But for the most part the bigger fish being caught are spawned out.

Water temps have been fluctuating a lot here lately.. Last week we had two days with highs in the upper forties.. And clouds.. And the water cooled to 62 on the surface.. But this week I have heard reports of water over seventy degrees..

Of course that was on the 96° day..

The lake level is still holding fairly steady.. I have no idea why.. We are sitting at 275.56 within a few inches of where we have been for a couple of weeks.. But about a foot lower than we were a month ago.

I have been watching with great interest, as I always do, the water levels and release rates from the lakes in northern Mexico. A slight uptick in releases has occurred this week, but it is nothing to get excited about.. Amistad is releasing less than we are, but some little bit of flow from La Fragua and Don Martin have kept us from dropping very much.

Amistad has been on a very slow but steady rise..

Of course it is mid-March and any day the gates could open.

Instead of building a wall along Falcon's shores, we should just keep the lake full.. There's a good natural barrier for you.. But until we can manufacture water, I don't guess that is going to happen..


A couple of weeks ago I posted about the CAST (Catch A Special Thrill) fundraiser, where we auction off local guides for a day of fishing.. The proceeds from this guide auction go to help fund a day of fishing for some special needs children that might otherwise never get to experience what we take for granted.. The thrill of catching a fish.. Hence the name..

And to date there are several fellows still available for purchase. You can buy em now, like E-bay.. Or you can offer a bid on a guide for the day..

If you would like to support this great cause, please e-mail Jim Behnken at Jimb@castforkids.org Or cut to the chase and just call him and get up to the minute results on the auction.. His number is 210-414-8048.

Still available are some great guides and if you were planning on booking one anyway.. Well it is a no brainer.. You can contribute to a great cause, get to go fishing... And write it off to boot..

So quit fucking around and get it done..

Guides still available are:

Ray Hanselman on Amistad.. Who wouldn't want a lesson from him on the Big Friendly..

Jay Grieshaw on Falcon.

Jim Edwards on Falcon.

Calvin Hudson, Falcon.

And Jimmy Steed on Falcon.

Do what you can if you can..

You can also make a donation to the cause by contacting Jim as well if you are so inclined.


I don't know about you, but I am ready for some hot summer weather..

The kind that gets the shad up out of the deep and puts em on the windblown banks and sets off a chain reaction of hungry chasin fish..

The kind of weather that makes you put the blue jeans back in the bottom drawer..

The kind of weather that brings out bikini tops.. Sunblock.. Floppy hats.. Flip flops..

Weenie roasts..

The smell of fresh mown grass..

Kites in the air..


But till it gets here we'll have to suffer with this shit..

Do kids even fly kites anymore?


The weather this week looks pretty crappy down here.. Chances of rain most of the week and highs in the 60's.. So I am less than excited about it.. This shit just sucks..

A week from tomorrow I am heading to Pichachos for a few days of fishing, west coast style.. Where summer never goes away.. And the fish are stupid.. So I have a level playing field..

I haven't been out of Zapata since Christmas, (except by boat) so I am looking forward to some screwing off..

Thanks to all of you who kept me tied to the shop.. We appreciate your business..

I'll see you on the water.. Either here.. Or down Mexico way..

March 12, 2019: Being busy is a good thing.. Being too busy to fish is a bad thing.. But that has been happening to me a lot here lately.. And it ain't all work related.. But a lot of it is..

Fishing has been a bit spotty this last week, with some folks catching some fish.. And some struggling to catch anything that would stink up a skillet..

I can't remember what day it was last week I snuck out for a few hours.. And I will have to say my results were somewhere in the middle.. With no big fish in the boat. And what I caught was shallow..

It seems that some of the fish have moved a bit deeper, but there are still fish in the waist deep water.. And I reckon there always will be. That's the nature of Falcon fish.

The common denominator between the deeper and shallower fish is that they ain't just jumping in the boat. There are still a few quality fish being boated, but numbers of fish have been widely varied.

We have talked to folks that have caught two fish.. And folks that have caught thirty two..

A bright spot lately has been the Salanaias, if I had to pick out a creek in particular.

The Tigers have woken up a bit.. But you will have to put up with a lot of crappie fishermen back in the creeks.. Seems that the crappie have gone to spawning back in them stickups and hardwoods.

And speaking of non-bass.. The white bass may attack you in any area of the lake.. On most any bait..

And if the white bass were John Wick.. I think they would say, "Yeah.. I'm thinking I'm back.."

Senkos and crankbaits are doing pretty good. A senko on a C-rig will catch you some fish.. A squarebill on rockpiles and some rocky points and banks will catch some fish. Wind on the rocks is good.. If it ain't too much..

If you are having trouble getting bit.. Tie on a chart/white spinnerbait. Put your boat in six feet of water. Put your head down, and go down the bank..

The shad are trying to spawn.. Which will inevitably bring the fish to the shallow rocks.. Some of my favorite shit.. It's coming.. But I reckon them white bass are going to be up there after em as well..

Ah hell, they'll help keep the kinks out of your line..

Water temps are up to about 70°, and it looks like we will keep it there for the next few days.

The only problem today is the south wind is blowing about thirty.. Not your chamber of commerce fishing day..


Unless you are living under a rock, you have probably heard that there was an incident on Falcon last weekend. It appears that some fishermen were run out of the Salado by a boat that was firing shots over their boat, and according to reports it chased them a good ways out to near the mouth of the river.

The boat is described as a Pro Craft bass boat with a 200 Merc on it.. I hear the motor has a strange whine to it.. White top with some black on it as well.. It is not the first time we have heard of this boat harassing fishermen.. But this is taking it to a new level.

For the short term I recommend staying out of the Salado, and any other creek you may get way back in on the north end of the lake.

The authorities have been made aware of the situation and hopefully we will get this problem cured quickly.

If you have been to Falcon, or read about Falcon, and who ain't if you're reading this site, then you know that we live right across the river from some importers and crossing Falcon is part of their business. And 99.99% of the time they could give a shit about what we are doing.. What is going on here, I do not know..

I will let you know what I know.. I just am not sure what I will hear.. But when I hear it, you will too..


Stay tuned, and pray for rain.. Irrigation season is just around the corner.. Like tomorrow..

We'll talk soon..

March 4, 2019: Well Ladies and Gentlemen.. If Elvis left the building, he did not take winter with him.. As I type it is 38 degrees outside with a nice north wind blowing some mist around..

Lovely.. Just fuckin lovely..

I am hoping that this is winters last curtain call..

Water temperatures were in the low seventies a couple of days last week.. Just getting warm enough to get some of the shad up out of the depths, anticipating spawning on the shallow rocks..

Yeah, this shit might back them off for a bit.. Hopefully we will bounce back pretty quick but this is a no bullshit cold air mass sitting on us and it ain't gonna get what I call livable till about Thursday..

I hate this shit..

There were some nice fish caught over the weekend, but there were a lot of man hours of fishing over the weekend as well. There were still a lot of folks down here this last week.. And it sounds like there will be a decent number of fishermen down here in March as well..

Cain't say I blame em.. If you can ice skate from Canada to damn near San Antonio then Zapata is not a bad place to be.

We even have the internet here in Zapata, believe it or not, and we have been watching this winter across the country..

Appears that some of you folks have had a rough go of it this year.. I think it is time to tell them global warming idiots to shove it up their ass.. Hopefully it will warm up for you before too long.

Spring has sprung here in Zapata.. My ash trees are fully leaved out, and my live oaks are growing new leaves as we speak. All the black brush and huisache are blooming like wild, the spanish daggers are headed out, and our landscape is covered with flowering thorn bushes. Bout as pretty as this country gets..The whole countryside is covered with thorn bushes that look like this..

So hang in there.. These are signs that even you are not that far away from spring..

We sold a plethora of different baits this last week, but I will have to say that soft plastics are still the best thing going. And fishing them in water less than six feet deep is still the best scenario if you want to get bit.. Because that is where the majority of fish are..

I fished last Wednesday.. Beautiful day.. Water in the high sixties.. And I have been hearing all these stories about deeper fish on rocks..

So I spent four hours fishing some of my favorite rocky ledges and rockpiles in ten to twelve feet of water.. Without a sniff.

So I headed back to the shallows and flipped and casted to some shallow woods and got bit.. Nothing big.. But at least I got some bites..

I hear a few folks are catching them deep.. But not the vast majority.. Most everybody tells me what I still believe.. That the fish are still shallow..

And when them shad go to spawning here pretty quick we are going to start whacking them on the shallow rocks, and maybe not as much on the wood..

A spinnerbait is catching a lot of fish, and this weekend we heard a lot of folks say that a senko was working good.. Heard of a lot of fish coming from the Salanaias as well.. You can run into a big fish anywhere.. Or nowhere..

The super fluke (not the big one) and the Rage Craw are both still good choices as well, and a lizard ain't a bad idea either..

You just gotta get out there and show it to em..

Like Dave who caught this DD over the weekend..

Or Beverly who caught this big six a few days ago..

There were a lot of fish in the six to seven pound range caught last week.. And I heard of several nine and ten pounders that I don't have pics of..

A lot of these bigguns are spawned out females.. And we are seeing more and more of them..

The crappie are up shallow and spawning, and we have a year class of them that are true slabs. Big as a saddle blanket.. And a lot of locals are whacking the snot out of em..

Two to six feet of water on woods in the creek channels. They are all over the lake it appears.

And talk about apeshit.. The white bass are pilled up on some points so thick your electronics can't see thru them. Easy limits on jigging spoons right here around the Veleno..

Some buddies put out some juglines for catfish over the weekend.. Yeah they caught the shit out of them as well..

Bunch of twenties and some thirties too. Everything hungry down here..

So whatever you like catchin, you can probably catch it down here..


I have been watching the political goings on up in DC.. The District of Clowns, and it is interesting how filled with hate and rage the Democrats are.. Just because their candidate lost.. It is embarrassing.. I hope no other countries are watching.. And it looks like they can't find anything to stick on Trump..

I'm sure they'll keep inventing some new crime they are sure he is guilty of.. While ignoring obvious crimes committed on their side. Hypocrites one and all..

I thought it was amazing the last go round when the Republicans had about fifteen candidates vying for the nomination. But not to be outdone, the Democrats are rallying the troops and I think that most folks that got elected to dog catcher or higher are running for the Democratic nomination.

And they all are trying to be more radically to the left than the next guy.. Or gal..

Socialism is the rallying cry.. And I just can't imagine that anyone with a brain could even consider the possibility that socialism is a good and long lasting way to run a society..

Especially after seeing how good it has gone for other countries..

Because as socialism breaks down, it always morphs into some kind of dictatorship, or autocracy.. With the country turning into a piece of shit. And people dying in the street.

I really don't think I need to mention names.. But you can find the globe littered with these pieces of shit.. And you don't have to look too hard.

A sow only has so many teats.. And nothing sucks like socialism..

Them titties that seem so big and full of milk will run dry sooner than later..

All I can tell you youngsters and dyed in the wool Democrats is that you will get the government you deserve, if you don't pull your head out of your ass..

And what I wonder is, How can you do this to your kids? Are you that blind? Are you that filled with hate?

Or are you really that stupid..

There really is no free lunch.. Trust me..


Well I spent more time on this subject than I intended.. I need out of here.. But looking at the forecast it don't look like anytime too soon..

Keep the Faith America!

And I'll see you on the water..

February 26, 2019: Yes it has been a while since I last wrote.. But in my defense, it has been a bit on the busy side around here. And thank all of you for that.

February is always our busiest month of the year, and this last thirty days was no exception.. Making hay when the sun shines has always been an important business philosophy.. And with the internet sales machine out there these days, the sun does not shine as much as it used to..

And thanks to all of you that stopped in recently.. And ever.. Sometimes we get a little tied up when it is busy and and a proper thank you may not get issued.. But thanks to all of you who visited Zapata and left some money with us.. We all appreciate it.. Especially us here at FLT.


Bass Champs has come and gone, and there was a very impressive weight that won the tournament. I was expecting a few more sacks at thirty, and and a double handfull in the mid twenties.. But they did not appear.

I know that cold fronts and high winds aren't the best of conditions for a tourney.. But it is what it is.. The wind did not blow as bad as predicted I don't think, but it did blow. And I am sure a lot of fishermen did not chance making the big runs down and across the lake that they would have liked to in anticipation of the gale..

In any case, about 155 teams hit the water, and I would imagine that some folks did not come down due to the wind forecast. So it was a decent turnout considering the conditions. And a shot in the arm for local businesses. Thanks to BC for coming to Falcon, and hopefully we will get them back twice next year.


The weather around here has been less than summer like, and we can't seem to get the water temps back in the upper sixties and around seventy to where the fish get really active.. We have had a few short stints of it.. But it hasn't lasted over a few days before the yo-yo heads back down the string.

We are on a slight warming trend right now, but it looks like this Sunday we are headed back to cold with highs in the forties and fifties for a couple of days.. Depending on who you ask.. So here it comes again..

Water temps this AM are around 62-64 degrees. And we are cloudy with drizzle.. Not much warming going on today..

I hate winter..

The lake is holding steady, if not creeping up like a pair of tight drawers.. We are sitting at 275.76, which equates to 25.44 feet low.

And if we don't get some rain in the valley pretty quick, I am sure the water will start to flow pretty quick as well.

We still have a decent amount of cover in the water, and fry survival depends on it. Pray for rain..

I believe that the spawn, while still going on, is certainly in the third quarter, if not farther along. I know we will have some fish spawning into April.. But the bulk has happened or is happening now. In my opinion..

I am hearing of more and more fish out in the eight to twelve foot range, and a lot of them I hear are holding on brush lines or little depth changes somewhere in that range. I am ready for some warm water and a spawn conclusion that will have these fish mean and hungry after the lovemaking session is over.

Of course these fish are always mean..

And I always thought a big old Whataburger was great after a couple hour session of messing up the sheets.. Or the upholstery in the back seat of a Nash Rambler.. (You younger guys insert Ford supercab.. Why do you think the back windows are darker that the front ones..)

Anyway.. These fish should come out of it hungry.. And I'm all for it..

A Carolina rig has caught a lot of fish as of late.. And I hate the idea of tying one of them son-of-a-bitches on.. But I reckon I am gonna.. And I am going to move out of the thicket a bit and fish some edges.

When I get time to get back out.. Maybe tomorrow..

As far as baits go, there are still a lot of Rage Craw fish out there.. The super fluke and the brush hog are working as well.. And a spinnerbait has worked for some. I wish I had more personal info for you.. But you guys have had me tied up in the store.. And I ain't complaining..

Of course we sold every type of bait lately.. You might even try a little swimbait if you get down here.. And a crankbait in the squarebill or a slightly deeper style appear to be working as well..

That sounded pretty generic.. But you cain't catch em if you don't get out there and show it to em..

Every year about this time I ask you guys to help out with a charity that I believe in.. Namely the C.A.S.T. event that is held in San Antonio for special needs kids. Of course CAST is an acronym for Catch A Special Thrill.. And you know how I like acronyms..

My buddy and yours, Jim Behnken, who used to guide here on Falcon, is the director for our region and beyond, and is once again organizing this event..

And I am sure many of you guys are familiar with how this thing works..

Many of our local guides have donated a days fishing trip for the benefit of this cause, and we are auctioning them off with the proceeds going to help defray the costs of the of aforementioned event.

You can e-mail Jim with a bid on any guide in the batch.. Or much like E-bay, you can buy it (him) now, for $600.

And if you are planning on a guided trip to Falcon anyway, what better way to get to fish a day and get a Duck at the same time.. You of course will have to arrange the day with the guide that will fit his schedule.. But that shouldn't be too hard..

I am not sure how many years in a row we have done this. But it is good clean fun and you will be helping some kids to have an experience in the outdoors that may otherwise never happen for them.

And that is about as macho as it gets..

The guides for this years auction, in no particular order, are Jim Edwards, Calvin Hudson, Jay Grieshaw, John Adami, Robert Riessig, Jimmy Steed, and yours truly, here on Falcon.

And Ray Hanselman on Amistad.

You can e-mail your bid to Jim Behnken at Jimb@CastForKids.org

So bid early and often and lets help this years event come out in the black. I am sure that if you would like to make a donation to C.A.S.T. without buying a guide, Jim will be glad to help you arrange it.

A few bucks from most of us won't hurt too bad.. So do what you can..

If you have any questions, you can call me as well and I'll be glad to tell you what I know.


There are still a good number of folks rolling into Zapata, and it is probably a good year to be coming a little later. As crazy as the weather has been.. I hope to be posting a bit more often as things settle down a bit.

And I'll let you know what is happening..

And hopefully.. I'll see you on the water..

February 18, 2019: Well I have been busier than a one legged man in an ass kickin contest around here.. And I have truthfully not see this many people in town on a non (big) tournament weekend in years. I hear there was a head in every bed at the local motels over the weekend.

There were several club tournaments in town as well over the weekend, and they had some good and some so-so results. Depending on who you ask.. And there were some decent fish caught, but I did not hear of anything over eight pounds being brought to the scales.

I did hear of a few other big fish caught by visitors just fun fishing..

Like this ten caught by Al Lochner, his first DD.

There is s lot of discussion around here about the progression of the spawn. Some folks think it is winding up.. Some folks think it is winding down. But there is no doubt that there are still fish on the way up.

On Wednesday we caught a several males off beds, but saw no females in the area. And we saw no fry either.. So I am not sure what is going on there.. But I did hear from a few folks that they caught some bedding fish, and some of them were females.

I also heard from a few folks that they caught some fish that were white as a ghost. And typically on Falcon that means they have just come up out of deep water..

In any case, there are still a lot of fish in the shallows..

I did hear from a couple sets of fishermen that they caught some fish out a bit deeper, in the ten to twelve foot range, off of drop offs that were rocky. A Carolina rig was used by several to catch some fish.

I also heard that there were some folks that had no luck at all, catching very few fish, and some folks even blanked..

I'm not sure of all the reasons why.. But I know it can happen..

My fishing has been very limited lately, thank you very much, but I did sneak out mid-day a couple of times last week to try out my new trolling motor. And on both outings I managed a dozen bites or more and landed seven to ten fish.

But I do have a couple of places that have been holding some super shallow fish, and I got em figured out.. At least the last ten days I have..

Water temps had jumped to seventy and above on Friday and Saturday, but we have another cooling trend sitting on us for the next few days.. I don't think it will be near as severe as the highs in the forties we had last week. So we should keep water temps in the middle and maybe upper sixties this week, and back to about seventy by next weekend.

And long term prognostications look good for the weekend.

When you have a lot of fishermen in town, you hear of a lot of different baits being used. And fish were caught on just about everything that we sell.. And on some stuff we don't.

And while square bills, spinners, and chatterbaits have caught a bunch of fish lately, the soft plastic bite still appears to be better than anything else.

If you are one of those catching fish on hard baits, you might think I am full of shit.. But I am just going by what I hear and have sold. I am sure in the right spot at the right time you can whack em on a crankbait.

I do agree that a moving bait will catch fish.. Cause I ain't letting my soft plastic make no dents in the bottom. I am still swimming a fluke and a Rage Craw.. And I get a lot of bites when I am letting the bait fall. I am fishing it very erratically.

A lizard has finally made an appearance as a fish catcher as well, which is typical during the spring around here. And whatever you are throwing.. If it will take some chartreuse dye on the tail.. Put it on there..

And speaking of spring, it got summer around here on Friday and Saturday.. A lot of folks worked on their tan base it appeared as I saw more red legs than you'll see watching The Outlaw Josey Wales..

If you ain't from around here, prepare yourself for sunny conditions.. Cause this south Texas sunshine is the real deal.. Specially when it shows up in February..

The lake is holding steady, as we are letting out about what we are taking in.. Sounds about like ICE and Border Patrol..

No real hazards to report at this level..

Except for the gill nets on the Mexican side.. And the Barbed wire fences on the Texas side. If you are back in the shallows on either side, you need to watch out for both.

The nets are thick in a lot of coves on the Mexican side, especially early and late. They generally take them up in the morning.. And set em back out about 2:00.. So often there is reprieve mid-day.

But not always.. Be on the lookout for nets in the shallows..

The coming weekend will feature an appearance by Bass Champs, so odds are that there will be quite a few folks in town once again.

So plan accordingly, and if you are looking for a motel room, you better get busy..

What else can I tell you.. Hell if I know.. But if you have a question about anything just give us a call..

Thanks to all of you who visited our store lately.. And thanks for your patience when we have been busy..

And we look forward to seeing you again soon.. Holler if we can help.

See you on the water. One of these days..

February 8, 2019: The older I get the more I hate winter.. And I am sure that is hard for you to believe.. I've probably never mentioned that I dislike cold before..

As it makes good sense..

Did you ever hear of car needing to be cooled off before you drive it? Shit no.. You have to warm it up..

Did you ever have to get your sex partner cooled off before you went at it.. Hell no.. You had to warm things up a bit first.. (Of course when I was a lot younger it did not take much to get the mercury run up my thermometer.. If you get my drift..)

Did you ever go to bake some biscuits, and before you banged the tube on the counter, the directions on the outside said to pre-cool the oven to minus thirty? Fuck no..

It says preheat to 350°..

Do you light a firecracker with a ice cube? Shit no; you use something hot..

Do cold blooded creatures, like lets say.. Errr.. Florida strain Black bass.. Do they get more active in cold water?

Of course any hayseed that ever jerked when his bobber went under knows the answer to that question..

And let me tell you that this cold weather does the same to me.. I just don't want to come out from under the porch.. No matter how many bones you throw in the lawn..

If you think I'm bitchin, well you are correct.. Cause things were going so good this week.. Highs were in the eighties.. Low winds.. And the fish were in water so shallow that they were getting dusty..

And I was whacking the crap out of em..

Water temps were in the 70° range, but I am sure with two days of cloudy and highs in the forties we are going to loose about ten degrees of water temp. It is amazing how fast the water can cool in the shallows..

And I am sure that the fish will react accordingly.. And not in a positive way.. I am not saying they will be un catchable.. But it ain't gonna be as good as it was till the water temps bounce back.

The lake level is holding steady for the time being, and we are sitting at 275.63, or 25.57 feet low.. That's about eight feet lower than we were at this time last year.

But the good news is that there is still a lot of water out there, and the ramps and hazards are non issues at this time.. We are still five lanes wide here in the county park, and all three lanes are fine at the state park.

The Veleno bridge still has plenty of water over it to not be a problem..


I have been fishing, as have a lot of other folks, in the backs of creeks, and the flats off of them. Right now you do not have to be in the creek to catch fish.. Or at least not before this front. It is conceivable that some of the fish , not yet committed to the spawn, may have backed off a bit into slightly deeper water. But they will not be too far away.

And hopefully this cool snap will not affect the the bite too much or too long.

I have been talking about swimming a craw for months.. That shit is still working.. But this week I have been swimming a super fluke and beating them like a blanket on a clothesline..

Much of the water I have been fishing has been super clear.. So long casts are necessary to catch fish.. Of course that makes it interesting when it comes to getting them in the boat.. Cause it is a freaking forest out there..

I did not fish yesterday morning before the front.. I have a few issues to deal with..

On Wednesday on my last cast, I caught a fish and had him dangling from a hardwood.. While I was in water about eighteen inches deep. I tried to move to the fish but had my trolling motor stuck inside another hardwood and when I stomped on the TM pedal I broke a cable..

Yikes.. I yanked on the line and got my fish loose.. And got him to the boat.. So that was good..


But then.. I had my motor tilted all the way up and I guess I was a bit low on fluid in my trim unit.. And it would not go down..

Being I was in such shallow water I had to use my dip net handle as a pushpole for forty yards to get into water deep enough to get my prop wet.. After I dangled my fat ass over the transom to loosen the release screw on the trim unit and get the motor down a bit..

I tried to steer the TM by hand.. But that worked about a good as socialism..

Anyway, I finally got in water deep enough to putt out a half mile.. But half way out I ran into a net and balled up a bunch of shit on my prop..

This shit just kept getting better and better..

Anyway I finally got back to the shop and found that I am out of the cables that I need.. They are now en route..

And on any other day I might say that it was a bad outing.. But it was pretty awesome and I caught back to back five pounders.. Something I ain't done in a while..

Like with all things, your results may vary.. But a lot of folks have been whacking them pretty decently..

Sam's first day on Falcon turned out pretty good, as he whacked and eleven..

And David got his first DD, courtesy of Mother Falcon as well..

And like I always say, Falcon is always nice to the ladies..

The best thing I can tell you is to get out there and show it to em.. There were a LOT of quality fish caught this week.. Of course I am talking pre-front.. But I don't think that the weather is going to hold em off too long..

If you see a good window, and you got mobility.. Come get you some..


You know, another thing about winter that sucks is being trapped in the house when it gets dark at five thirty in the afternoon.. And for me that means sitting on the couch, eating junk food, and watching TV.. And let me tell you that TV really sucks, for the most part.

Thank God I can binge watch Captain Kangaroo with my TV stick..

But in between the programming there are these annoying snippets of video they call commercials. And let me tell you that is where the real gold exists..

Years ago you would see commercials for Jiffy-Pop.. Delaware Punch.. GI Joes.. Aqua Net.. Camels..

You know.. Good commercials about good products..

Now you see commercials for prescription drugs, condoms, catheters, lawyers, insurance companies, communication devices, and car companies..

And my newest mostest favorite product is named something like Poo Be Gone..

You're supposed to spray it in the toilet bowl to eliminate odoriferous emmitances attributed to gaseous and semi solid waste products.. Which in many households has been a long standing badge of honor.. Seems like this product may take a little bit more of the fun out of life..

Anyway.. I have another idea for someone to make a lot of money.. With a new product with a No Shit guarantee..

Matter of fact.. That is what the new product should be named.. No Shit..

This product should be made in a pump and aeresol spray applicator.. And you spray it on the inside of your underwear before you put them on.. In the right location..

The spray itself will be made of a combination of three products..

Firstly, Dawn.. Cause it takes grease out of your way..

Secondly, 409.. For obvious reasons..

And finally.. Windex.. Cause it prevents streaking..

Think of the time if will same Mom pre-scrubbing and soaking your unmentionables..

I can see this going viral..


Wait a minute.. Maybe hashmark ain't the best advertising idea..

Maybe #NoHashmark..

Well this report has turned to shit.. Just like the weather..

But you better get down here and get you some. And that's no shit..

See you on the water!

February 5, 2019: It's a busy lake around here as far as Falcon goes.. Over fifty rigs at the county ramp yesterday.. And a bunch at the state park as well I hear. And that's a Monday..

Not your usual Monday, or any other day around here..

Of course with that many boats on the water there has been some bitchin.. And some braggin.. But big fish have been really scattered the last couple of days.

Males appear to be plentiful in the shallows, cruising around looking for love. But I guess they are having about the same luck as me back in the seventies..

But I can tell you that it is happening.. And has happened..

I fished the last couple of days and intend to fish again this afternoon.. And yesterday I saw a lot of beds.. With no fish on em.. I am not sure what that means.. Whether the fish are done and gone.. Or they moved off because of the falling water levels last week..

But there were a lot of fish in the area.. Just cruising.. But impossible to catch if you saw em.. There were also some decent sized females up there as well.. But I never caught a fish that I saw first..

A lot of places the water is clear as gin.. Or maybe vodka.. And making long casts I learned was required to catch these clear water fish.. And of course these fish were in tree infested water so getting them in the boat after hooking one was also interesting..

And of course I am talking about backwaters that were two feet deep.. Just enough to run your trolling motor..

Water temps were up to near seventy yesterday.. And I reckon it will top it today if the sun comes out.. The last two days we have had air temps in the eighties and today and tomorrow should be the same..

So I am hoping today and tomorrow will have more fish on the move shallow.. Of course on Thursday we have another front headed our way..

It's still February..

Water levels have kinda stabilized.. But releases have picked up a bit.. Not a drastic drop going on.. Yet..

I have not heard of any giant fish, but I have heard of a few tens and a good number of sevens and eights.. Here'a a nice DD..

But there are a lot of fishermen down right now, and there are a lot of man hours being put in..

Nothing has changed. But the water temps.. Looking forward to seeing what this week brings..

All my battery lights just turned green.. I gotta go...

January 29, 2019: The first month of the new year is about shot in the ass, and as is typical, we are still dealing with front after front, and nobody here, including the fish, likes it.

But we have been blessed with a few beautiful days, which makes the fishing very comfortable, but it does little in the short term to warm the water to a temp where the fish really get active.

Currently we are seeing water temps in the 60° range. Some days a bit over, some days a bit under. Water releases have slowed for the short term, and we have not been falling as fast as we were the last few days.

We have lost almost four feet of water since releases began back in early January. And not a drop of help has been passed down the river from Amistad.

Oh they are keeping water in the channel.. But it is a hell of a lot less than they are taking out of us..

I guess I could cut and paste that part from the last few years reports.. Condition normal.

But the truth is that the lakes above us have really gotten a break the last two years, as year before last, we caught 22 feet of water from rains that fell between us and Amistad. And last year we caught about fifteen or sixteen feet from rains that fell in the same proximity.

I'll call that an answer to prayer.. Or we'd really be screwed..


The fishing has remained steady.. Now that could be construed as good or bad.. Some really nice fish have been caught lately, and I have seen seen several DD's this week as well.

But they ain't everywhere. Four to six pounders are pretty common.. But you gotta put in your time..

Males are still the most common up shallow, with females spotty and a bit unpredictable. But if you hit one in the head, you can catch the fish of a lifetime..

There is no doubt that the females will be all over the shallows when the water stays warm a few days..

And looking at the long term weather, this weekend and a few days into next week we may have the water temps to move a bunch of fish up.. So look at your calendar and at our weather..

And if you like the looks, pack your ass down here..


Fish are being caught on all sorts of baits.. Long as you fish em shallow. Eight feet and in is the best and if you are fishing outside that you are wasting some valuable time in water that is about 10% as productive as the afore mentioned.

And that ain't just my theory.. Everybody down here will tell you the same thing.

Soft plastics like the Rage Craw, Speed Craw, and Baby Brush Hog are good choices. Putting a dab of chartreuse on the tips is a good idea. And I have no idea why, but these fish like Garlic.. Maybe they're Italian bass.. Fuck if I know.. But that shit will help you get more bites..

Even if you aren't using a bait that needs coloring, putting some Smelly Jelly or the like on it will get you bit more often..

Don't leave home without it..

And when it comes to bites on the soft plastics, you need to be paying close attention to your bait.. Many a time lately you will not even feel the fish pick your bait up. Watch your line and if you can't find your bait you better be jerking..

Typical of the spawning bite here on Falcon.

Swimming a Rage Craw is still catching a good number of fish. Moving it slowly through the cover in a constant slow presentation can get you bit.

Slow rolling a spinner bait or a chatterbait will work as well. Slow is the key.

Last week I was talking about a red craw pattern square bill.. You still need one tied on.. Fish it on any exposed rock or clank it off any stand of hardwoods. That bite is not so subtle, and these fish are inhaling it.. Not like Bill Clinton.. But more like Linda Lovelace.. A long needle nose is a good tool to have in the boat.


We have talked about this time of year since I started writing this report back in 07.. It is the most unpredictable time of year to wet a line.. But if you are looking for an egg laden Rosie then this is the time of year to be here..

Last report I posted a picture of David Sears with a nice nine pounder.. I guess it is his year as he caught another big fish.. A 10-2.. With a belly as big as Santa Claus..

And Rod Haseloff caught this 10-6 this week as well..

Big Bellies are in around here..

In any case.. Like I said.. If you see some warm water and weather and a hole in your schedule.. Get your ass down here..


I see that the TPWD is considering doing what it always does.. Spend millions on research and data collection.. And then take all of the money they took from you to collect it.. And set it on fire..

Totally rejecting their own research.. Of course I am talking about the continuing saga of the alligator gar.. And the commissions infatuation with this fish.

I know that many of you don't have time to listen to the commissions meetings.. And rarely do I..

Here's an overview of the latest.. Or parts of it.. They want to limit the taking of gar on the Trinity river to fish that are no longer than four feet.. A four footer from the Trinity typically weighs 28 pounds..

They also want to make you report the taking of any alligator gar within 24 hours to TPWD.

And here is a a really fucked up idea.. They want to outlaw any night bow fishing for gar..

And then there is the rumored idea that they might even want you to have to get in a draw for a permit to take an alligator gar..

According to ALL research.. There is no threat to alligator gar on any water body in the state of Texas at current levels of capture. And that is why we have PAW biologists and technicians to stay on top of populations and make recommendations based on science.. Not bullshit..

The commissioners are also deciding limits on bass on a whim on a lake or two.. Just because they say so.. With no regard for the research put into recommendations by biologists employed by PAW..

This shit is just ludicrous..

I think bullshit is a fair description..

What the fuck do we have all this field research for if we are going to ignore it.. We could save millions on staff and benefits if we simply appoint a few Czars to decide what is best for the fish and game of the state of Texas..

Maybe in a year or so PAW will decide that killing anything like a beautiful bird of peace like the dove is just immoral.. And we must outlaw this horrific practice at once..

Why don't we just get PETA to make our game laws for us? They certainly don't have any regard for research..

And evidently nobody in the TPWD hierarchy has any balls either.. Because no one has stood up and said:

"Commissioners.. Here at Texas Parks and Wildlife, we pride ourselves in our work, and making sound and solid decisions regarding our resources is what we do. We make these decisions based on in the field measurements of the habitat, game and fish living within it, and the amount of harvest of the game being taken by sportsmen in Texas.

We employ the best biologists and technicians we can hire. And we charge them with guiding us with protecting our resources. We do not make decisions on any piece of this valuable puzzle without regard for the future of all species, and we are here to serve the people of Texas, and to protect all sporting game for today's Texans, and all generations of future Texans.

And at no time will we let anything within our control, have a negative effect on Texas' game, and the the enjoyment of it by Texans. To include the commissioners here on the court.."

Yeah.. When someone from PAW stands up and says that to the commission. I'll buy em a steak dinner at Ruth Chris..

And I won't even charge em with plagiarism..

E-mail Craig Bonds and Carter Smith and let them know what you think of the proposed legislation.. Their addresses are easy to find..

Let em know what what you think.. Even if you agree with them..

But in my view.. Especially if you don't..

January 22, 2019: I keep telling myself.. It's only January.. It's only January..

But the wind here lately has played out like a bad horror movie.. One direction one day.. Another the next.. The north wind quits blowing.. And before you can get the cover off your boat, there's a twenty MPH south wind..


And I'm getting tired of saying, "I live here.. I can fish the good days.." Shit.. When you get my age there might not be that many good days left..

There have been a few folks out on the water.. And most of them have driven farther to get here than the locals.. And I reckon that is why they are out there on the water..

And the report I am getting is that to catch a big fish you just have to get lucky enough to hit one on the head.. And I can believe that.. As a matter of fact I think that is always true.. Skill is important.. But a little luck never hurt anybody..

Moving baits are still doing as good or better than anything else.. Throwing a chatterbait or swimming a Rage Craw seems to be producing some of the best numbers.. But several of my buddies are still throwing the squarebill in the red and having good results.. Rocks and rocky shallow ledges and points.. Typical square bill locations..

Several folks I have talked to have tried deeper water, but their reported results have been sub-par. These fish are in spawn mode, and if they are not in two feet of water, they ain't too far away.

I surely believe that there are some deep fish out there.. But nobody I have talked to has had any luck catching anything of any size or numbers out there..

So I am still gonna recommend that you fish eight feet and in.. All the way to dirt..


The lake is still dropping, with no replacement water coming from Amistad.. Status quo.. We are at 275.88 as of this morning.. That's 25.32 feet low.. We've been worse.. But we've been better..

And one hazard to warn you about up the river.. The old bridge abutment is about to come into play in the next few days. It is currently about three feet under water.. But will be a problem for your lower unit in the next week or so at current levels of water extraction.. This piece of concrete is in the river channel just below Hedieona.. Coordinates for it are N 26°52,705 W 99°19,592.

Pass this obstacle to the west, or on the Mexican side..

The old Veleno bridge is not a hazard at this time..


There have still been a few good fish caught, despite of the conditions.

David Sears caught this 8-15 a few days ago..

And this Yak fish was caught by Pedro Valdez..

I reckon there are still a few out there..

In any case, this time of year is always trying, when it comes to fishing/catching.. Mother Nature rules.. And right now she says the water is going to be cold.. And the wind is gonna blow..

And I got nothing to fix it.. Wish I could..


I was thinking the other day.. Which often gets me in trouble.. But I was thinking about how crappy TV as a whole is these days.. So now I have started fast forwarding thru the programs, and just watching the commercials..

I think I am getting Ralph Nader syndrome.. Cause most of this shit they advertise looks to be dangerous to me..

But don't worry..

And just because we make a drug to cure or help with one affliction, and the possible side effects number one and nineteen more, (thanks Marty) there is no reason to be concerned..

I guess if you have arthritis, (like me) but they make a drug to make your knees quit hurting you should take it, even though it may cause you to shit your pants in a restaurant.. Or in church.. But at least you can make it to the bathroom without a walker..

But don't worry..

If you have problems with a drug, the next commercial in line is for a lawyer.. And he can get you free Depends for life..

And how about those of you who are trying to re grow your hair.. Let me tell you that there is no product on earth that will re grow your hair.. And I have irrefutable proof..

How do I know you might ask? Because Tiger Woods is going bald..

So save your money.. Fedoras are back in style anyway..


Like you I have been hearing a lot about the government shitdown.. And I am sorry if it is affecting you.. Hope you get back to work soon..

But the ridiculousness of the whole deal is laughable.. Am I in favor of the wall.. From El Paso to the west coast, hell yeah.. Along the Rio Grande we need it in places.. The rest we can do electronically.. As long as we have people to react to areas of need..

And all these people who are entering the country illegally.. And those allowing and supporting the idea.. What the fuck is wrong with you?

I heard the other day something about those poor folks were just victims or accidents of geography.. That they were just not lucky enough to have been born in the US..

Does whatever dumb shit that said that think that the US just happened by accident? That the US is the only place on earth that that anyone could be happy and prosperous?

As far as I know, nobody in the US government, or any Americans for that matter, are gonna get pissed off if you take a few of our documents.. Like say.. The Declaration of Independence.. The Bill of rights..

Take out "United States of America." And insert the name of your shit hole country in its place..

Then you can have it just as good there, and you won't need to come to this country.

Of course there might be a little work needed on your part.. Or maybe not.. If the US just happened by magic..

In all reality, how much more do these idiots, and I'm not talking about the invaders, I'm talking about the Americans that live and work here, and support this shit, think we can absorb and afford?

And the shutdown would not even be happening if the congress did their fucking job.. Pull up your panties and pass a fucking budget.. Quit kicking it down the road..

I can't believe the American people are this stupid.. That we keep sending the same dumb fuck's back..

I gotta go fishing.. I'm going nuts..

But even if I had a lobotomy I couldn't possibly be a stupid as some of these democrats.. It is embarrassing that they are in office.. Some of the republicans are no better..

But if they're there.. The scarier part is that there are a whole bunch of stupid fuckers that put them there..

I've always said that common sense ain't very common..

I must be a genius..

I'm gonna go build a kite..

January 18, 2019: It's Friday in Zapata.. And probably where you are too.. And it is going to be a great day to fish.. Wish I was out there..

Although the weather this week has been pretty shitty.. No sun.. Cloudy, misty, nasty, mostly..

But that ain't stopped these sombitches from biting.. For those with the Pancho Villa sized balls..

The numbers have not been off the charts, but some boats are catching upwards of thirty fish. But the quality has been good and that's why you come to Falcon anyway..

Well.. Most of you..

Water temps are in the sixty degree range, but it appears that a lot of these fish have committed to being up shallow and spawning.. And as we approach the full moon on Sunday/Monday, I don't see them slowing down..

The water should get up a few degrees today, before the wind of tomorrow, from the evil direction, cools things back off and whips the water up a bit..

Tomorrow is going to be a tough day around here.. But it looks like Sunday is going to be alright..

Shallow is the name of the game of course, and a lot of quality fish have been caught in waist deep water or less.. Some in water waist deep on a midget..

The Rage Craw is still catching a lot of fish, but your soft plastic fav will probably get you bit..

I'd try a creature of some sort for sure..

A spinnerbait and a chatterbait will also catch fish. As will a trap like creation.. From chrome to red.. And yes the red with chart belly square bill will still catch em where you can throw it..

It can be a little gnarly up there with those trebble hooks dangling like John Holmes going commando..

Here's a few of many pics I've seen this week..

Eric 9.20

Griffin Park 9.56

Remember those spotted fish from a few years ago?


And here's the biggest fish I have seen or heard of in a while.. Ladd Owens caught this 12-3 in some skinny water as well.

Anyway.. Some nice fish being caught despite of the so-so fishing conditions.. And you can tell from the pics that these fish are bellied up and ready to domino..

If you see a good window.. Get your ass down here..

More soon I'm sure..

January 14, 2019: I'm still having trouble with this 2019 shit.. And writing the end date on a Mexican fishing license way out in 2020.. It just doesn't compute.. I've screwed up more stuff than the Obamma administration..

It's true we are less than a year away from a new decade.. And by the end of the next decade, who knows what we are going to see.. If we make it..

Yes time flies and I can't believe that I retired and moved here eleven years ago.. (My Ol Lady says I was always here anyway..)

Yes I retired and took a part time job just working a half a day.. And for those of you who are good at math you know that a day has 24 hours in the motherfucker..

If you think I am complaining, I ain't.. I've had a real job before.. Yeah.. It sucked.. But like most folks that worked for a living, it was a means to an end..


I really never hated my job.. But if I had to drive into San Antonio every day.. Shit I think I'd come up with some kind of bullshit injury and and try to defraud the Social Security Administration out of a few thousand a month and sit on the porch and drink 40's..

It works for a lot of other no count sumbitches.. Why not me..

I could see me now.. Big pot belly. Overalls.. With a off white T shirt with ketchup stains on most of my shit.. Eatin cold Dinty Moore stew out of the can.. Passin gas that would keep the bird dogs in the back yard..

"Hey!! Hey! You kids keep the fuck off my grass..."


Well I ain't quite there yet.. Hopefully I still got a few rounds to make before the magneto goes out on this Ol B.. Mind that hand clutch..


I'm the same age as Falcon, and she ain't done yet either.. Matter of fact, I am sure she is fishing about as good as any lake in the union. Specially as being right now it is cold enough to freeze the balls off your pet canary in most states..


I reckon that the US and Mexican governments had an inklin that I was coming, so they decided to build me a lake back in the early fifties. A lucky sperm made a connection and Here I am..

Thank you Lord.. It's been fun so far..

I ain't said much about fishing just yet so I reckon we best get to it..

Fish are being caught in bout every stage of the spawn.. There are a small number of fish that have done had their fun, and are in the post spawn recovery state of mind.. But this is still a small number of fish.

A lot of these fish can be found in the same areas that some pre-spawn fish are hanging out.. Off creek channel edges in six to ten feet of water.

Of course there are the fish that are actually on the beds makin babies.. Not a huge number of them but they are there.. And them bitches will sneak up there, do their thing and be gone before we think they are even thinking about it..

Traditionally, Falcon fish spawn in the biggest numbers in Mid February.. That's traditionally.. But like the government likes to say, we have to make seasonal adjustments based on real time weather conditions..

If you'll remember, we had a hell of a cold streak in November down here.. And likely where you live as well.. And water temps got in the low-mid fifties.. And to these fish, that means winter.. It means winter to me as well..

Twice since that event we have gotten the water temps back up to the middle sixties and slightly higher..

And to these fish that means spring.. (Although we are on the typical water temp roller coaster that is January.)

Currently on sunny afternoons, we are seeing 63-65 degree water temps.. And we have a bit of cloudy and cool conditions predicted for this week.. So I don't see a big warming trend for the water in the next few days.. But come mid-late week, we are supposed to be in the seventies and eighties.. And some shit is surely going to hit the fan..


Ok.. What can you catch em on.. I have heard a multitude of baits catching fish the last few days, and if you can fish it in the shit, in less than six feet of water, you have something that can work.

Soft plastics are probably doing as good as the moving baits right now, as the fish are back up in the thickets. That's not to say that a spinner or chatter bait won't catch fish. So will a lipless or square bill if you can fish it in the area you have chosen..

I recommend having all of those on the deck. And it is spawn time and traditionally a lizard will catch them in January and February. Green Pumpkin or W/M Red are hard to beat. Put some chartreuse on the head or tail..

The Rage Craw is also a goodun.. Do the same to it.. And don't be afraid to swim the Rage or the lizard thru the thick shit.. I ain't the only one catching fish with this method..

The lake is dropping as we speak, which is not unusual for this time of year.. We are sitting at 277.01 which ain't bad and the ramps and access and running the lake is no problem. A lot of the creeks up the river, where I have actually been catching some fish, will begin to become problematic in the next week. Stop in and ask me about access when you hit town if you plan to fish above Hedieona..

Basically what is going on now is typical prespawn fishing.. The most unpredictable time of year. Water temps, as previously discussed, are vacillating in a ten degree range that can have the fish going nuts one day.. And watching Opra the next..

And what is also typical is a fluctuating catch rate.. But a lot of folks caught some good fish the last few days.. Saturday Uvalde Bass Club three fish limit was nineteen and something pounds.. With an eight, six and a five..

That's not too shabby.. Here's a couple of pics of fish caught this last week..

George Franklin caught this fish a day early pre-fishing on Friday for Uvalde..


Gerry, a winter Texan and long time customer caught this big nine..

And Dylan, caught this 10.11 last week as well..

You can see that these fish are bellied up and look like they swallowed a cinder block.. I'm telling you these fish are ready.. A little warm is all we need..

I talked to the Prez, and he says that the government shutdown could last a while. You know that McAllen is just down the road from us..

So being you have some time off, get your ass down here.. And the good news is that there are plenty of Pay-Day loan company's in Zapata.. And being you don't have a payday scheduled, you don't have to pay em back till who knows when..

See you on the water.. About Thursday and Friday!

January 8, 2019: Well as we get back into the swing of things, with the new year off to a fast start, we have found some great fishing weather sitting on Falcon this week. The last few days have been fantastic and we have a predicted non-cool night pattern for the next week.

We have been near eighty for the last few days, and as Phil Collins would say, No Jacket Required the last couple of mornings..

I am sure that winter ain't over.. But this shit is why a lot of folks like to hang out in Zapata this time of year.. Well that and the the anticipation that your next cast could be the bite of a lifetime..

I have been on the water the last two days, and if Tommy turns his back, I'm liable to be on it again today.

Sunday I found the fish to be a bit more cooperative than I did yesterday, but some folks caught em better yesterday than they did on Sunday. And I reckon that is just fishing..

I have been talking a bit about crankbaits with some red on it.. I'm still thinking that is a good idea.. I have been whacking them on a Norman Deep Little N in Tomato Craw Green.. Of course they don't make it anymore..

But anything close would be a good choice..

A square bill on very shallow rocky points, and in some places, bounced off the woods has been good as well.

I did catch my first fish yesterday on the Rage Craw.. Swimming it of course.. But they seemed to ignore it after that..

I think right now it is more about hitting one in the head than anything else..

I have heard of a lot of baits catching fish. And I have seen several others catch fish that I am not throwing.. An underspin with a small swimbait on it has been good. And in a few places the spinnerbait has been whacking em..

I guess mostly I am going to tell you to get out there and throw your confidence bait.. And sooner or later you are going to run into some fish.. I think it is only going to get better if the water stays warm..

Yesterday the water was in the 64 degree range, and that is on the edge of good.. If we can sustain it for a few days.. Or increase it..

Water level is going down, as releases continue.. And we have lost about a foot in the last ten days.. There is still a lot of water out there, but it does seem early to be drawing us down.. With no water replacement from anywhere else..

Pray for rain..

Overall though, I am very optimistic about the fishing we have coming up in the next couple of months, and into the spring..

There is not a lot on the tournament schedule for Falcon this spring.. And I am toying with the idea of putting a Saturday tournament together in March or April.. And at this point that is all it is.. I will keep you advised if something works out..

If your club is heading to Falcon, please let me know so I can add you to our tournament schedule.

I am sure there is something else I am supposed to tell you.. But I can't remember anything else..


I hear President Trump is coming to McAllen tomorrow.. Man I wish he would have chosen Zapata.. We could have spent some time on the lake.. Caught a few fish.. Played nine at Zapata National.. (I think I could kick his ass..)

Congrats to the Clemson Tigers on wining the National Championship last night.. That was also an ass whoopin..

I've a got a few views on some of our newly elected national 535.. And I want to share them with you.. But it will have to wait.. Cause like I said.. I have been waiting for the weather to get good, and I want to fish while it's warm..

Daylight's a wastin!

And if you're out there today.. I'll see you on the water!

January 2, 2019: All right you slackers! Back to work! You guys have been screwing off for nearly two weeks..

Wait a minute.. Maybe that was me..

Well there has been quite a lot going on with the holidays and all.. And welcome to 2019.. Ready or not..

We are starting the year with off with some really good fishing. Despite the the cold snaps and dropping water temps. Although the last time I was out, about five days ago, I saw water in the 67° range.. And fish were in water so shallow, that you had to use a spading fork to get to em..

But after this last cold front, and the one that is sitting on us now, we are seeing water temps in the 59 degree range. Maybe a hair warmer or cooler..

And the fish have backed off to the creek channels, or the edges of them. And if you can find a little deeper pocket in the creek, it can have a pile of fish in it..

This ain't rocket science.. It is Fishing the Spawn at Falcon 101..

Every year we fight this same scenario.. The fish are up and down like a hookers bloomers.. And this year is no exception..

Now for the good news..

Starting about Thursday afternoon, a warming trend is in the works. And it looks to be an extended one.. With highs in the seventies and maybe flirting with the eighty number.. And the nights are going to be warmer.

What kills the water temperature is the clouds all damn day and the cool nights.. And we are on day three or four of it..

But I expect the fish that have put their shallow water recreation on hold to get their ass back up there pretty quick.. Once the sun hits the water and the temps are on an upward trend..

And it's gonna be on..


It seems a bit early, but they are starting to draw some water from Falcon.. And it is the Mexicans I hear that have the gates open..

Of course getting any info from the government during this time of the holidays and the government vacation that the fucking politicians have going on has garnered me no flow info on the Rio Grande water shed.. So I am going on water levels in the river.. Above and below us.. And in the last ten days we have lost about three or four inches of water..

I do expect this trend to continue, unless by some miracle it rains in the valley.. A lot.. And I don't see it coming anytime soon..

And of course the releases will increase as the planting season advances.. But like always , we are at the mercy of the rains..


Back to fishing..

A lot of fish have been caught on moving baits.. A spinnerbait, a squarebill, and swimming soft plastic have been good.. Also heard of fish being caught on chatterbait's and swim jigs..

I have personally been catching them good on a Rage Craw, Texas rigged, slow rolled thru the trees and shallows.. But like I said you need to move out to the creek channel edges with the cooling water..

And that is why the square bill is catching some fish. Because you can actually fish it out in the creek.. Where it has been virtually impossible to fish it in the thickets. Where the fish have been..

I expect the fish back in the two foot deep shit in a few days..

I'll also mention the the water clarity in a lot of places is awesome. Three foot is common, and in protected areas it is more.. You can see your spinnerbait on the way back from way over there..

I do believe some fluorocarbon is a good idea right now with the water so clear.. It cain't hurt..


The Salanaias has been a good place to fish lately. A lot of shallow fish have been way in the back.. As have a lot of fishermen.. Virtually every creek, way in the back, has had active fish reported..

The Coyotes, Benavides, and State Park Cove have also been good.

I have been catching fish up the river.. Bout time..

Long story short, a lot of these fish are ready to spawn, and they are fixin to do it..


Now do I believe that the main push of fish shallow is imminent.. No.. But there are going to be a bunch of early bloomers up there before too long..

When the sun comes out, my ass is going to be on the water.. A lot..

If you come down and come by I'll share some creeks and baits with you that are working.. Like always..

Happy New Year and we hope to see you soon!

December 17, 2018: Well if you are one of the lucky ones that scheduled this week off to fish.. You should be happy as a puppy with two peters..

Cause the weather can just not be nicer than what they have predicted.. If they have gotten it right.. And granted it is weathermen we are talking about.. And they have been known to be less than accurate.. But I am going to give them the benefit of the doubt..

Highs in the seventies and low/no winds.. I'm in..

I fished yesterday, and of course I did not make it south of School Bus.. And I only fished from 11 till 2.. I'd of stayed longer. But I rammed a tree and screwed up my trolling motor mount.. Hell if I know.. Fixin that is on my list for later this morning..

Anyway, I started in the Diablo where I have been getting bit a little lately.. And did not receive the attention I thought we would.. In other words we did not catch shit.. So off we went heading south.. All the way to School Bus.

There was some light boat traffic going in and out of there and I will have to admit that the water in there looks fantastic.

We started out on some long points not that far in, and fished a ways back with little success. I threw a square bill, and flipped a Rage Craw at some awesome looking woods and weeds, and than tied on a chatterbait, but it did not catch anything either..

My partner started tossing a spinnerbait and damn if he didn't catch a nice big male.. About three casts later he had another one whack the shit out of it.. Well I am dumb but I ain't stupid..

So I picked up my spinnerbait rod and about the third cast I had one knock the crap out of it.. But no hookup.. A couple of casts later I caught a fat fat fat female, but she was only about three pounds..

Three casts later I caught another fattie, and when she was running with the bait I swore she was a hog.. Meanest three and a half pounder on the planet..

These are the prettiest fish you have ever seen.. Dark.. Blotchy.. Looks like you painted em after a twelve pack..

Anyway, shortly thereafter I smacked into a hardwood that I did not see and busted the collar on my TM mount.. So that ended a fifteen minute period of excitement that had the blood running..

Kinda like that last fifteen minutes before the dance hall closes.. The potential is there.. Something good could happen.. If you know how to present your bait..

And like that old hound that is too old to get off the porch, I still remember what that trail smells like.. But I'll admit its been quite a while since I been on it..

But I digress..

I spoke to several groups yesterday, and they reported better results on the south end of the lake.. There's a newsflash..

The Salanaias is fishing about as good as any place on the lake.. Most boats that go out and seriously fish, unlike me, are catching fifteen to thirty fish a day. And in that mix there have been some nice quality fish caught.

A swim jig and a chatter bait have been reported as good choices. A little swimming tail trailer on the back is a good choice.. Less is more, so don't go hanging a six inch fattie on there. Three to five inch baits are fine..

Light or shad colored choices are best..

Some areas have a ton of bait in them.. Some have little that is visible.. Bait = Fish..

That spinner bait does not have to be a monster either.. But I will admit I caught fish yesterday on a 3/4 ounce bait with a long split tail trailer.. But my partner was throwing a 1/2 oz in white with no trailer..

So who the hell really knows.. Just go fishin..

Water temps were about three or four degrees cooler than they were last time I was out, and when we started out it was 59 and change.. Almost 62 when we got off..

If the nights stay a bit warmer like they are supposed to we may have a water warming trend.. And the shit is gonna hit the fan..

You heard it here first..


The white bass are going hog wild especially up here on the north end of the lake. Mainlake points and humps almost anywhere can have a cloud of em on there and you can wear your arms out..

Lotsa winter Texans having big fun..

The crappie are still spotty, and not taking a liking to the new poles under the Veleno bridge.. I don't know why.. A few are being caught on creek channels and creek mouths, but it has been a hunt and peck endeavor..

The catfish are still easy anywhere near the river or creek channels.. Seen some ice chests full lately..

Overall things are setting up nicely for the spawn of all species it appears.. And Falcon is going to be the place to be this spring.. Of course now ain't a bad time either..


Christmas is only a week away.. And though it can be hectic, it is also a fun time for most.. I heard on the radio today that you are 37% more likely to have a heart attack on Christmas Eve than on other days of the year.. Around 10:00 PM..

So hit that Egg Nog early and chill out!!

I hope to post a report before the weekend and let you know what happens with this warming trend..

But if I don't.. I want to wish for you a happy, hopefully not too stressful, and a very enjoyable Merry Christmas..


It is possible that some of you I have never met think that I am a foulmouthed redneck with too many guns and fishin poles.. But you might find my musings slightly a-musing..

And many of you who do know me are sure I am a foulmouthed redneck with too many guns and fishin poles..


I am a passionate man, about many things, and I can tell you this..

God put us all on this earth to get along and support and love one another.. No matter your race, creed, religious denomination, or political party affiliation..

He put us on this earth to enjoy the theme park he provided for us. And there are lots of different rides.

And what a ride life on earth can be.. If you remember who is at the controls..

Put God in control of your life..

You just can't believe how much easier it is when someone else takes care of all the details..

I ain't saying it's all easy.. But it is a lot easier than trying to do it all yourself..

I'm through preaching now.. But don't forget to call your Mama.. (Or substitute the family member you need to talk to..)

Love You Man!


December 10, 2018: It's a beautiful day here in Zapata, and truthfully if every winter day was like this one.. Well I wouldn't bitch about winter so much.

We did have a wet and cool stretch late last week, and that is the part of winter I like to bitch about.. But we did get an inch of rain out of the deal.. So all in all not so bad..

But the weather did keep a lot of people away, and there was very little traffic on the water last weekend.

The lake is still on a very slow rise, and we are sitting at 278.77 this morning. Water clarity is awesome all over the lake and visibility in the protected pockets on the north end is two feet or more.

We have cooler water that grows less algae, and the greens in the water make for some effective filtering. There are no barren dirt banks for the waves to wash up on and murk up the works.. The south end of the lake is as clear or clearer, and you can see your spinner bait coming back a long way off..

It's not Amistad water, but it is clear. Water temps are in the low sixties..

The few people that I did talk to over the weekend gave me a mixed bag of results.. Of course the conditions on Saturday were poor.. Windy, cool, wet, and cloudy for most of the day..

But a few folks figured it out and caught em late in the day.. In shallow water.. I mean shallow.. Like right on the bank in some instances, and the majority of fish were in less than three feet..

These Falcon fish are different, and like I have said many times before, they just seem to like shallow water.. And several of the guides were in here the other day and we were having a discussion.. About how there are no fish out in the deep water.. Like outside of twelve feet..

You would think that some would have retreated with the cooler water.. But if any have they have gone on a hunger strike out there.. It is damn hard to catch one offshore.. And it ain't for lack of trying..

So lets talk about the shallow bite..

A 1/2 ounce spinner is still a good bet. A chatterbait caught a couple of good fish yesterday. And flipping a smaller offering has been a good choice.. Like a Baby Brush Hog or a Rage Craw.

Putting some Chartreuse spike it on the tips is a good idea.. And throw that sucker on the bank..

Isolated retamas or retamas on mini points have had some fish hanging out on them. And making multiple casts to likely looking areas can double your catch rate.

There were actually a few fish caught up here on the north end this weekend.. And I am not sure if it is because a lot of fishermen stayed close because of the conditions.. Or if maybe.. Just maybe.. The top of the lake might be starting to awaken..

Certainly too early to tell, but what I heard sounds promising.. We'll see..

Lyle Reagan was down here last week and he caught this toad fishing with Matt Reed..

And Jared caught this nice spinnerbait fish last week..

What we need is fishermen.. And we ain't seen many.. It's hard to get a handle on what's going on when there are only three boats on the water.. That's what's at the county ramp this morning..


Of course I do realize that it is Winter and Christmas is only a couple of weeks away. But if you get a chance and you see a few good days of weather, you might want to come down and try your luck.

One thing that is easy pickens, is the white bass.. Those things have been schooled up and will black out your graph in a lot of areas..

The crappie are still spotty, but they are making their ways up the creeks.. Their egg development is really coming along, and they will be doing their thing before too long as well.

And for eating, there ain't much better swimming in Texas waters.. And we been catching some whoppers..

Call us if you have any questions or need help with anything, and we hope to see you early in the new year. And if we see you before that, well that's OK too..

Merry Christmas!

December 3, 2018: It was an absolutely beautiful weekend around here, with very light winds and temps in the seventies to low eighties.. You just couldn't ask for anything nicer..

Except for some fish to bite on the north end of the lake.. It seems that the lake is fishing like two different bodies of water, and I guess you can kinda draw a dividing line somewhere around the Tigers..

I'm not saying that you cannot catch any fish up north.. But it is spotty and inconsistent at best.. And after talking to a lot of fishermen and the guides, we all seem to agree..

It is not for lack of trying either.. We have a good population of winter Texans in town, and many/most of them like to fish locally.. As do I.. But it just ain't happening.. At least not yet..

And you haven't seen any prettier water anywhere.. Yesterday water clarity in the Veleno and Diablo was two feet plus.. And water temps were back up to 64.5.

I am sure that will drop a notch or two with the coming front.. But that is cold water for this time of year around here..

Ok.. Lets talk the south end of the lake.. (You ought to go there if you want to catch some fish..)

Lately the Texas side of the lake has gotten a lot of attention, with decent reports coming from Governors cove to the Tigers. And creeks with a half assed channel seemed to be the best, when fished in about ten foot of water..

Of course that can vary from place to place and sometimes the fish have been right up on the bank..

Spinnerbaits and swim jigs still seem to be the most popular with the fish and fishermen. A lipless bait can also help you locate some fish and when you run into a batch of em you might catch a bunch in a short amount of time..

And then you can go for an hour without a sniff.. Odds are that you will do something in between..

The last week I have heard some good reports from the Salanaias and the Benavides. Remember last year when we were whacking them on the big creek channel in the back of Salanaias..

Well some of that is going on again.. The same can be said of the Benavides. Back in there behind the island on those scattered tree lines.. Tons of hardwoods to pitch and spinnerbait heaven along the green trees..

Speaking of pitching and flipping; that bite is coming around as well down south.

Hardwoods in four to ten feet abound, and every now and then you will pitch to one that has a fish on it.. And truthfully what is more fun than trying to drag one of them mean bastards out of the middle of a woodpile..

That's my kind of shit..

A baby brush hog, senko, or a Rage Craw are good choices.. But your favorite flippin bait will probably get it done..

Keep in mind the water is clearer than it has been in a long time.. So your color selection may change a bit from some of our standards.. But when you throw a Zoom Watermelon Red bait in the clear water when the sun is out, that red just jumps out of the bait..

Yesterday I was trying to do something different and with the thought of clear water in mind I was pitching a Rage Craw in Chartreuse Pepper at woods in about four feet of water.. That bait is not commercially available for reasons I cannot imagine but if you see some get some..

I have caught a shit ton of fish on the Mexican lakes on the west coast with this thing, and have done quite well with it here as well.

I haven't caught shit flipping up here lately, and I have been throwing a spinerbait for the last six weeks. So to preface this story I am going to tell you that I had not retied this particular rig in who the hell knows how long..

But evidently it was too long..

And after flipping a couple of thousand trees, (probably closer to 50) I pitched into one that looked like all the others.. Four feet deep and you could damn near see the bottom..

And though I felt absolutely nothing indicating a bite, I did see my line doing something I wasn't doing to it.. And a light finally came on and I realized I had a bite.. And it had been so long that I stood there for a moment enjoying the thought that a fish might actually be eating a bait attached to the end of my line..

I am sure the elapsed time was not actually that long, but it seemed like it.. It was like standing in warm sunshine on a winters day..

Anyway.. I set the hook in my usual try to turn the boat over way, And holy shit I had a fish on.. A good one.. For about 1.25 seconds..

And when I retrieved my line all I had was a little twisty corkscrew looking end where the hook and weight used to be..

Son of a Bitch..

I am always bragging about I have the best and easiest and fastest knot to tie.. Seems like if it was that easy, that fast, and that good, I would have retied it in the last month..

Unforced error on my part..

Anyway I retied and re-baited (while muttering some curse words I can't recall) with the same outfit and went about ten more trees till I came up on an isolated hardwood in the middle of the back of the creek in about four feet of water..

And I told myself if there is a fish anywhere in this fuckin' creek there's one in there.. So I chunked it in there paying close attention to my bait, line, slack.. Humidity.. Wind direction.. Cloud cover.. Boat wakes..

All that shit..

And sure enough my line started to move off into open water.. And I'm thinking I got your ass this time motherfucker...

(Sorry for the use of the word motherfucker.. But that is what I was thinking..)

So I pushed the fire button and yanked hard and fast.. And it is a good thing that I still have cat like reflexes as I was able to duck the baitless hook and weight as it parted my hair on the way by..

Missed him again.. Light bighting sons a bitches..

Anyway I fished another thirty trees in similar looking water with no more bites and I went home and raked leaves..


I know I could have just said that I fished the Diablo and missed two fish.. But there would have been no fun in that..

Anyway, if you come down here and seriously want to catch some fish, (and who don't) get down south of the Tigers or in the Tigers and work some of those creek channels on back into the creeks. Flipping the trees on the sunny days is not a bad idea right now.. Although I know I have been touting the spinner bait bite as of late.. The flipping bite is coming around..

And it will only get better as the spawn comes to Falcon in the next warming trend.. These fish are ready..

I ain't bullshittin.

I'm gonna go ride out this front in the deer blind and hit em a lick when it warms back up..

And I hope to see you down here before too long..

Twenty two days till Christmas! You're running out of time to catch em in 2018..

See you on the water..

November 26, 2018: OK.. OK.. So I have been FTD here as of late.. But I have been really enjoying it.. And having a triptofan hangover is a serious impediment..

But I am about over it..

Fishing here on Falcon is really on the upswing as the fish seem to be adjusting to the cooler water temps and the semi stabilization of water level.. Although we are still creeping up slowly. Water temps are in the low sixties.. Quite a change from a few weeks ago..

As of this morning, we are sitting at 278.11, or 23.09 feet low.. Which is about five feet lower than we were at this time last year.. But I ain't complaining..

The lake looks awesome and water clarity is fantastic, even in the creeks up the river. Visibility in some areas is up to three feet.. Maybe more in the backs of some creeks when the wind is calm and the sun is high..

And baits with a lot of flash and movement seem to be doing well.. Which is a continuation of the spinner, chatter, swim jig bite I have been talking about.

I have also heard a good report or two that fish are chomping on traps and your favorite lipless baits when you get around a mess of them.

And like I have been saying.. If you catch a fish or two in a kinda small area, slow that trolling motor down and fish that spot thoroughly.. These fish have been clanned up a lot lately, and I have heard of big numbers of fish being caught in an area the size of your kitchen..

It is easy to fish past a school of fish. So if you get bit, beat that water up a bit before you move on..

Over the weekend I also heard of some fish on points coming on a Carolina rig.. They did not say if it was a north or a south Carolina rig.. And I forgot to ask..

But they did say that a smaller bait seemed to work better than a big one.. Stop by and I'll give you some suggestions..

Those fish were also reported in water no deeper than fifteen feet..

Like always, think points and jutouts in creek channels and brush lines.

If you saw the pics of the fish we have been catching you would say that spawning is imminent.. They are so fat and bloated that you'd think they were going to bust..

And they are as mean as any fish you have ever caught.. And no doubt that they are buiding eggs for the coming spawn..

I would not fish with any line less that seventeen to twenty pound test while fishing the moving baits mentioned above. Lotsa cover in the water.. And bad things happen to good people when fishing with light line..

These fish will test your equipment, kick your ass, and break your heart.. Not necessarily in that order..

Now before we go off half cocked, (that is a shooting term and has nothing to do with sex, you perverts) I do not want to infer that the fishing is off the hook good.. But it is certainly much improved from a couple of weeks ago when you could spend a lot of time practicing your casting..

I have not talked much about a flipping bite.. Because it has been secondary in fish caught.. But on sunny days, you can catch a few in the shadow of the trees..

Your favorite bait will work in the smaller varieties.. That Z-hog is still a good bet..


I was gone for a few days last weekend, thru Thanksgiving.. And I spent a lot of time in the deer blind..

I did manage to dirt nap a freaky horned cull buck and make a batch of sausage.. And I ate some.. And chased it down with a preventive dose or two of gout medicine.. It's never better than when it comes right out of the grinder..

But I gotta lay off.. I know what's in store for me if I keep eating it..

I also killed a hog and a coyote.. So I got to shoot a few times.. My wife says I am not happy unless I am killing something..

Hell, I get excited what a bug hits the windshield..


We certainly had a crowd on Thanksgiving at the ranch.. And as predicted the decibel level was high.. Thirty something Bendeles can lead to some yammering..

The table was covered with food and we are truly blessed to have all the fruits of our hard work.. As are many of you I am sure..

And it is only right to give thanks for the opportunities we have been given in this magnificent country..

Keep in mind that only by the Grace of God are we here, in the best country that ever happened on the face of the earth.. And don't let the naysayers tell you otherwise..

I hope that you have a great Christmas season.. And that you can make it down to Falcon and enjoy some fine winter fishing..

Our fish don't take the winter off.. And neither should you..

See you on the water..

Or in CVS getting my gout medicine prescription filled!

November 14, 2018: Only about 45 more shopping days till Christmas.. You better get busy..

And busier it has been down here the last ten days or so.. At least when the sun comes out for a bit..

Last weekend we had quite a few folks fishing as there were a few clubs in town. And there were a few groups from across the state here as well. And while there were spotty times of decent weather mixed in, there was also plenty of wind and light rain in the mix.. Enough to make it somewhat unpleasant..

But it is November and it can get cold down here.. As I type we are sitting at a record low temp for this date in Zapata, or very near.. Of course since they moved the temperature collection site from Falcon Lake Tackle to the airport, which is on low lying ground, I notice the lows are about three or four degrees lower than the old days.. And lower than my super accurate thermometer.. (So I was told when I bought it..)

It is 35 on my thermometer at daylight.. But officially 28 at the airport.. And we did have sleet here in Z town yesterday morning..

In either case, your nipples will poke holes in your T-shirt at about 60.. MPH..

I have been talking about how clannish the fish have been as of late.. And how if you find a couple in a small area you need to rake it pretty hard.. Because these suckers have been a little grouped up on occasion.

Over the weekend, there were folks that whacked em in small areas, and folks that struggled to catch anything more than random fish.

And this has been the common story as of late.. But I do believe the fishing is improving as the lake has almost leveled off, and the breakdown of shore line weeds is wrapping up. And what was once flooded greens, then turned to rotting plants and bushes, has now turned to dead stems and sticks and it has lost a lot of the funk that decaying plants can have after being submerged a while.

Cooling water temps will also slow the decay of shoreline weeds and bushes..

We are still creeping up very slowly, and we are currently sitting at 277.38, which equates to 23.82 feet low.

My stick in the water served me well as the online water data gauge was down.. But it is back up and working for the time being.. We have been gaining about a quarter to a half inch a day for the last few..

As we have been saying for the last month or so, the spinnerbait is still catching more fish than anything else going. I think that being able to cover a lot of water is a good thing, and the blade is a good seek em out bait..

There is also nothing wrong with a chatter bait or a swim jig. If you are coming down, stop in and I'll show you which rig is catching em pretty good..

When and IF the sun ever comes out, you can catch some fish flipping the trees as well. Concentrate on trees on creek channel edges in about eight to ten feet of water.. And don't be in a hurry when you are dunking your bait.. A slow presentation has been best. And a lot of the bites are verrrry subtle.

So it is a good time to let your sensitive side show.. Lots of these little bastards (and big bastards) will just swim off with your bait without the slightest feel on your end.. So it pays to be a line watcher.. And if you can't find your bait.. You better jerk..

The pictures I am seeing of fish lately are very impressive, when it comes to the condition of the fish.. All the fish, even the two pounders, look like Rosie after a raid on the Blue Bell factory..

And they are as mean as they come.

I forgot to mention that the water temps were running in the low seventies before this cool snap.. We'll see what this frontal passage does to it.. We are supposed to have some nice conditions the next few days.. So hopefully we can catch a few post frontal fish in the next few days.. Before the next front blows in.

Looks like we are off to another cool start to winter. I hate this shit..

A few crappie are starting to show up on scattered woods here in the Veleno, and a few on scattered brush piles from the top to the bottom of the lake.

I caught a few the other day and they were so fat and thick it was amazing. I split the fillets in half because honestly they were a inch thick on a couple of the fish.. I mean some of them were tanks..

The catfish are still going pretty strong on rod and reel, but maybe slowed down a bit since the river flow has slowed to a trickle.

And while I am giving a general lake report, I'll talk ducks.. Lots of Teal around, but giant numbers of ducks are not here yet.. There may be some arriving as we speak with this front cooling off a large part of the country. But till a lot of shit up north ices over, we won't have em too thick.. But it looks like it won't be long..

There are some.. But not like last year just yet.

Long story short.. If you can be down here a few days after a front, it is possible that you might get in on some good fishing.. But I hope we don't get in another pattern, like last year, of a freakin front blowing in every three to four days..

These fish are building eggs, and there are some fatties out there swimming around right now..

We will be closed on Thanksgiving day, like always, but I will be here bright and shiny on Friday the day after. But I'll talk to you before then..

Last week in my rant about water and cormorants post I intended to thank all of you Veterans for your service and sacrifice to our country.. In honor of Veterans day..

But I went a little off script (probably not) and got caught up in the passion of the moment and forgot..

My apologies.. I wouldn't be sitting here in this warm and cozy fat chair if it weren't for you guys and gals.. And I can never say it enough, but Thank You..

Don't seem like much, but believe me it is heartfelt..

And while I am on the keyboard, let me say a few things about Nationalism.. Or my definition of it anyway..

What in the world can possibly be wrong with being in favor of your homeland over some other country?

Are we not to be proud of our country and what we have built? And what we have have achieved in a fraction of the time the Euros have been around?

And what we have done to help the Euros over the years and the entire planet for that matter?

I am very proud that the United States, along with its Allies, has basically defended the world against tyranny and global aggressors since its inception.

And any of you who equate American Nationalism of today with Nazi Germany are just fuckin idiots..

Go read some history books, you morons.. And not any written today. Find some info written about twenty or thirty years ago.. Maybe you can figure it out..

For the life of me I can't figure out the push for globalism, from Americans, as it can only serve to bring us down to levels that until now have been reserved for second tier and lower countries..

And yes there are second level countries.. We are not all alike.. Or equal..

If we were, there would not be thousands trying to come to this country on a weekly basis..

So we must be doing something right..

And to those of you who think this is such a bad and oppressive place.. Pack your shit and get the fuck out.. Call me if you need bus money..


Keep the Faith America! Keep America first and thank God that you were lucky enough to be born here.. And keep busting your ass to make things even better..

I gotta go pluck my turkey..

See you on the water..

November 5, 2018: You do realize that it is only fifteen days till Thanksgiving, don't you? Holy shit.. Where has the year gone..

I guess the best thing we can say is, "Hey you bastards! I'm still here!" One of my favorite movie quotes of all time..

But it is hard to compete with, "I'm your Huckleberry", or "This is a tasty burger.."

And this year has been a bit of a challenge, from many standpoints..


We started the year out with lots of water, and a tremendous hatch of baby bass, with clouds of fry and schools of little fish of every breed known to man, or at least to Falcon, and they were living in a jungle of shit that was about as ideal a situation as you could imagine.

And from a fisherman's standpoint, it was looking like a banner year for recruitment..

But then the government took over.. And dropped twenty two feet of water out of us so quick that fish were flopping around on the bank..

And being that the government loves cormorants, they allowed the twenty thousand of them living here to eat all the little fish that were evicted from their homes..

We should be catching ten inch bass by the bucketful.. Sadly they are as scarce as hens teeth..

2018 will not be remembered for a bumper crop.. What might have been..


We got lucky again in the last few months to catch some water from local rains.. And when I say local, I mean rain that fell between Falcon dam and below the dam at Amistad.

That's two years in a row.. And that is VERY unusual.. I had never seen Falcon catch as much water from local rains as it did in 2017.

And I have been watching this shit for a long, long time..

The sad part in all of this story is that the Mexican lakes on the Conchos have, and have had plenty of water that could have helped mitigate the level loss here last spring.

But the IWBC doesn't have the nuts to get anything done when it comes to fairness and equality of the use of available water, that we are due.. And our congressmen talk a lot of shit about how we are going to enforce the water treaty, and update it.. And get Texas the water we have coming..

But you know it is bullshit.. All hot air.. Tell you what you want to hear while shoving flowers up your ass.. And then do nothing..

Status quo..

If you want to find out the meaning of boondoggle.. Do some research on the IWBC.. Look at their budget.. Number of employees.. Salaries.. And what they accomplish..

You're not doing anything but looking at election results today anyway.. This will give you a good laugh.. And you might need it today.. But it might make you cry..


TPWD is complicit with the IWBC when it comes to non-protection of our fishery.. I hate to go Larry Bridgeman.. But if he was still alive he would be tearing PAW a new asshole..

And deservedly so.. And while we do still have an alligator gar infestation, the more pressing problem is the freakin cormorants..

Saying that we are doing something for Falcon fishing, by dumping four hundred thousand fingerlings in the lake every year, and doing nothing to protect them, is just ludicrous..

And when we stocked the lake this last spring, these fish did not have a blade of grass to hide behind..

I'm not trying to say that it is nothing.. But all we did was feed the birds and white bass..

Those are the facts..

And while TPWD pats itself on the back for its new Sharelunker program, our fisheries continue to decline in quality.. But at least now everybody can catch a Sharelunker..

And they'll keep blowing smoke up your ass telling you that everything is fine..

I'm telling you it ain't.. And it is going to get worse..


I'm not speaking for every lake in the state.. But Falcon has a Cormorant problem..

Instead of spending thousands and thousands of dollars on fingerlings for Falcon this year, give me some money for shotgun shells, gasoline, and the authority, and let me take care of this problem..

And don't tell me about public safety, lake issues, and a bunch of bullshit regarding, "We can't have some Yahoo running around the lake shooting up the place endangering the public.."

This ain't the first time I shot a Red Ryder and I ain't about to put no eyes out..

If anybody can teach a shotgun safety class, it's me..

I am dead serious.. I can get this taken care of..

But I am sure PAW will continue to bury its head in the sand and say there is nothing we can do about because it is a federal issue..

Horse shit..

From the top down.. TPWD stand up for Texas, and get this crap taken care of.

It is no wonder that lots of folks think that the board members are just a bunch of rich friends of the governor, that like to see that they served on the board on their resume', and that they are there just to get along and look good doing it..

You know.. Sometimes you have to get a little dirt on your hands if you want to actually make a difference..

And I am sure there is a hand sanitizer dispenser at the entry to all the TPWD meetings..

I have officially offered my services the the governor. So if you guys don't want to make a difference then get out of there and let me in.. I have not heard back from him or his office..


You probably clicked on this page to get a fishing report. So lets get to it..

There have been five boats on the lake this week.. And I was one of them. But I went out to catch some crappie for lunch.. And damn they were good..

So that leaves four boats bass fishing.. Actually there were about twelve boats at the ramp on Saturday. And it was so windy I could see seven of them from the ramp..

Most of them were prefishing for a tourney this weekend for the club out of Laredo.. And nobody told me a lot as they barely got out of their trailers shadow.. It was a tough day..

Yesterday however, the fishing was better than I have heard in a couple of weeks.. From the four boats fishing..

I heard that on Saturday, fish on the creek channels, getting to the back of the creeks in Tigers and Goose Bay, were in about eight to ten feet of water, on the drops and slight depth changes. Hardwoods define the creek channels as they wiggle back there..

Peg your weight on a Texas rig and drag and pop it thru the vegetation that is on the bottom.. Sounds like a lot of the bites were reaction bites to when the bait was snatched out of the shit.. A craw or brush hog is a good choice..

Yesterday a buddy of mine caught them pretty good on a spinnerbait on the north end of the lake.. Six feet of water between hardwoods and flooded weeds and brush..

Another guy I just talked to said he had the best day in a month yesterday on the south end, Texas side, flipping and cranking, to include an eight and two sixes..

I do believe that fishing/catching is improving.

We have a few folks heading this way this weekend, including Alamo Bass Club, Uvalde Bass Club, and the aforementioned group from Laredo. So we should get a better handle on what the fish are really doing..

I'm telling you that there are just hardly any folks down here fishing.. So as of late I am just not hearing a lot of info to pass on..

I would have a flipping bait on the deck.. A Z-craw or Rage Craw.. A spinner bait, preferably a chart/white one.. I have been throwing the Jo-Baby with chart/white blades, as have a few of my buddies, with decent results.

You always need a square bill in shad pattern tied on.. And if you want a deep diver for those ledges or a C-rig that is not a bad idea either..

There is no doubt that a spinner bait has caught more fish lately than any other bait..

I have a bunch of fish pics to post. But am growing time short for today.. And I have to go pluck some Beto signs out of some yards.. (Just kidding.. Don't get your panties in a wad..)

If you haven't voted yet, don't forget to get it done.. The last thing we need is more communist bastards in the electorate..

Keep the faith Texas and America! And get involved!

See you on the water. Or at the deer processor..

October 31, 2018: Well October is finally shot in the ass, and it has been an interesting month around here.. Not a lot of it was good.. But some of it was..

From a fishing standpoint, I am going to give October a 5.5.. Some think that might be generous. I have often said that October is my favorite numbers month..

Not this year.. But maybe it is still to come.

It was a wet, cloudy, windy, water rising, muddy water, no current at the dam, no fishermen in town kinda month..

A good friend of mine and fishing buddy had a heart attack.. My brother had a ruptured ulcer and was in the hospital for two weeks.. My son had a visit to the emergency room..

The Mexican gangs had a spat that lasted a couple of weeks across the lake..

And I worked more hours than I like to without a visit to the water for almost three weeks..

It was truly a shitty period..

But I'm lookin at that world in the rearview..


Yesterday I finally got back out on the lake, and if felt good to get some wind in my face.. I'm still picking the bugs out of my teeth..And you cain't get bugs in your teeth unless you were smiling..

Jay was not working yesterday so he hopped in with me and we went out and killed half a day on the north end of the lake.

We fished the Veleno for an hour without a bite, so we picked up and moved down to the Diablo.

I had not been on the water in so long that I hardly recognized the lake with all the new water. And it looks awesome.. Anyway, last spring when the water was falling, but was about at this level, I had a bunch of fish on top of a gravel bar that is studded with hardwoods.. The ultimate flipping scenario..

And I started flipping the woods and Jay was throwing a spinerbait.. And about the fourth cast he had one out knock the rod out of his hands.. But missed him..

I kept throwing the worm.. About five casts later Jay caught a fat two pounder on the blade..

So I picked up the spinner and chunked it for thirty minutes without a bite..

And then I picked up the trolling motor..

We tooled down to Blanco and cruised the channel on the way in, but I didn't really like the depth where I wanted to fish, so we headed to the mouth of Pierces.. We threw a red eye and a spinnerbait at some likely looking rocks and bushes, but all we caught was some sun..

So across the lake we headed to the way back of Coyote. And prettier water you have never seen.. As a matter of fact, the water everywhere we went looks great.. Even the river channel looks good.

Anyway we flipped trees on the creek channel from eleven feet up to six feet.. And the only bite we got was when I wasn't paying attention and my bait was behind the boat by the time I realized it wasn't where I'd left it.. And I swung and missed and came back with a bare hook..

We ran into some other folks I know back there and they only had two fish and a miss or two back there as well..

It looks freakin awesome.. But just cause something looks good, don't mean it is..

So we came home only boating one fish by 11:00..

So yeah.. Fishing sucked.. But it was good to get out..

This morning I talked to a fellow who fished the back of the Salanaias till late yesterday and he did decent. But he said it was slow till the late afternoon when the water warmed back up.

From all reports, the south end of the lake is still fishing much better than the north..

I had a buddy fish Salado and Hedieona on the weekend, and he said the fish they caught were scattered.. No real pattern. And not a lot of em..

Yesterday morning the water temp was about 72°, but I heard that it warmed to near eighty in the shallows in the PM.. Just a couple weeks back the water temps were near 90..

So maybe these fish are in a bit of shock..

The lake is still rising, although you couldn't tell it from looking at the online gauge system.. I can't figure out why it has been two weeks and they still can't get this shit fixed..

Facebook would have fixed this shit in twenty minutes..

When I got home on Sunday, I drove a stake in the ground over at my place on the waters edge.. From Sunday evening till Monday evening, we came up and inch.. From Monday till Tuesday we came up another inch and a half..

You can't beat analog, baby..

I have no idea where where we are headed when it comes to water level.. But if they don't fix the fuckin gauges pretty soon I'm gonna drive up the Rio Grande and drive some more stakes in the ground..

There are finally a few folks in town, and a few more on the way it appears, from the emails and calls we are getting.. And it would be nice if you got down here and helped me figure this shit out..

We also have out first influx of Winter Texans hitting town, so things are getting a little busier at the parks and on the streets.. But it is still Zapata..


I was in Big Bend National Park last weekend, and I'll have to say that it was one thing that I have seen that was not over hyped.. Rugged and beautiful.. If you have never been, like me, it is well worth the drive.. And yes it is a ways out there..

I don't care where you are headed there from..

So the month did end up (so far) in a good fashion as we got our son married off to a super sweet gal and I'll have to say that I am as happy as a clam.. Good job Son.. I'm still not sure how he pulled that off..

But I am also happy to be back in Zapata, USA. And I am looking forward to sitting in the deer blind and chilling out a bit..

Until the next Melee at the ranch on Thanksgiving when forty something Bendele's, spouses, and descendants will all gather in one house..

Oh it's gonna be loud....

I'm kinda meandering a bit.. Get you ass out there and vote if you have not..

Whichever side you are on.. I like to see teams playing at full strength and I am glad to see Americans involved in the process.

Some thoughts on Nationalism next time we talk.. And hopefully a bit more detailed fishing report..

But throw a spinnerbait and a swim jig.. It's a good start..

Hopefully things will get back to normal.. If there is such a thing..

See you on the water I hope!

October 23, 2018: Willa.. Will she or won't she? Who the hell knows.. But it is not looking as good as it could.. According to local prognosticators..

This is the first time I have ever seen a Pacific hurricane put the bulls eye on Zapata.. But that is a pretty tough target to hit.. With those mountains in the way..

I reckon we'll see what happens.. But local forecasts give us a decent chance of rain tonight and tomorrow.. And then a return to sunshine.. Which is overdue..

I'm sure we'll get a bit.. But as it looks for now.. It don't look like a lot of water..


There are still damn few folks down here fishing, probably less than ten boats on the entire lake. But given the conditions the last few days I am not too surprised.. It has been cool and shitty.. With a chance for more shitty..

But the weekend is looking great, from what I can see..

Water temps have fallen from the low eighties just a couple weeks ago, to the low seventies as we speak.. Seventy one has been the number reported by most folks. Pretty drastic.. But that is what happens when you have wet, all clouds for ten days, and highs in the fifties and sixties..

I wish I could give you an accurate lake level.. But the gauges on the Rio Grande system don't seem to be working on the old internet.. Must be those damn Russians..

But we are on a slow rise from visual observations.. And maybe we'll jump a bit if we get rain in the right neighborhood..


Fishing has been spotty.. And I am not talking about the fish biting habits.. I'm talking about the fishermen.. There just ain't very many..

Those that have been out are reporting spotty catches as well..

All I can tell you is that if you find a couple of fish.. Beat that water to a froth.. When you find some fish, there can be a bunch in a small area..

According to most all reports, the fish in any numbers are in eight to twelve feet of water. Edges of ditches and sharp breaks on semi shallow creek channels.

Spinner baits and swim jigs with a swimming tail trailer seem to be catching as many fish as anything else.. Mid diving crankbaits are catching a few fish as well..

But honestly, with the few folks on the lake, it is hard to get a handle on what the fish are doing.. They are not seeing many baits..

There have been a few quality fish caught..

We've got brisket on the pit here today, as my son is getting married this weekend, and we are cooking for a crowd.. And it has been a while since the place smelled this good.. Certainly a lot better than the Gar smell we had hanging around here a few weeks back..

The last three weeks has been a son of a bitch around here.. But once I get past this weekend I actually might get on the lake again..

And I apologize for not having better intel for you..

This weekend looks like a good weekend to get on the water.. So get your ass down here..

And I'll see you next week.. If not before..

October 18, 2018: It's still a wet and cool miserable son of a gun around here.. And the next week appears to continue with the wet.. Albeit a bit warmer starting this weekend..

Not that it's cold.. But I like to bitch if it gets below seventy.. And it has.. And it is.. And I am..

We had a quarter inch of rain today, (by 1:30) and there are sprinkles that have come and gone.. But it is warming up a bit and we are in the middle sixties.

As often happens, when the water cools off a bit, these fish will migrate to a near creek channel and hang out on the edges in slightly deeper water..

Yesterday Matt Reed found a pack of bigger fish and caught a thirty eight pound sack with his clients.. In the nastiest weather you can think of.. Well, Almost..

They also had twenty five fish over four pounds..

Most of the fish were caught on swim jigs.. Yuk.. I hate that shit.. Bout like a spinner bait.. But when it's working it can be magic..

He was probably one of two or three boats on the lake yesterday.. There is nobody here this week..

Cain't say I blame em.. I ain't going out there either..

Who is here is the Highway Patrol big cruiser boats.. Three of them out patrolling the lake.. I guess that someone finally listened to our complaints about the incidents on the lake.. Not sure for how long they will be here.. But it is good to see their presence on the water..

It is about time we take the gloves off and clean this mess up.. But I seriously doubt if that will ever happen..

As long as Americans keep demanding drugs.. Somebody is gonna provide em..

Pretty simple.. And pretty stupid..

So that is about it for the fishing report.. Ain't nobody fishing..


I have been watching baseball on TV.. And while the Astros looked great against Cleveland.. They are sucking against the Red Sox.. I think the end is nigh..

How come baseball doesn't have cheerleaders? Neither does NASCAR..

I can understand NASCAR not having any.. Too far away to the infield to see um.. Although I am sure those rednecks would all bring their spotting scopes if they were there..

The NFL and NBA have Cheerleaders/Dancers..

And while I am not watching the NFL or NBA any longer, I could really care..

But a buddy of mine told me that they hardly ever show the cheerleaders on TV anymore..

Which seems kind of silly to me, but I guess if you look at the way today's society is going, I am surprised that they have any cheerleaders at all..

(Jeckyl) Because we all know that it is purely the sexualization of women, in vulgar display on the sidelines.

Leading to rapes, assaults, and unwanted verbal advances towards all women, because men can be over aroused after looking at this pornographic display on the sidelines..

I am just not sure why any woman would want to subject herself to that lifestyle..

(Hyde) I see on TV that there is a show about the Dallas Cowboys cheerleaders and a drama about making the team..

And from the ten minutes of it I have watched, it's all about the individuals ability to dance, jump, and cheer all in a coordinated effort with the rest of the girls..

But let me ask a question.. Are the cheerleaders there for the women at the games, or for the men.. Or maybe that is a sexist question to ask these days..

Because we are all equal and women can enjoy the cheerleaders as much as the men..

But I kinda doubt it..

So let me save Jerry a few dollars and suggest that he just hire the gals with the thinnest waists and the biggest hooters and let them jump around in clothing that has to be pasted on to keep a nipple from showing..

Men don't give a shit if they can dance in rhythm or not.. They just like to see bouncing boobs..


On a slightly different note.. I often watch the local evening news for the weather and such.. And it is always followed by the local sports. I am sure it is the same in your town..

Have you even seen the volleyball girls shorts that they wear when they play? If they were any shorter they'd have to get a hair net.. And these are high school girls.. Think any high school boys have any testosterone?

Have you seen what the young kids wear out in public these days?


I am probably the last person earth that still has AOL.. Had an e-mail address there since they invented it..

And I know it is the most liberal site on the planet, as most "news" is provided by the Huffington Post..

And I find it hilarious how freaking hypocritical they are with their rolling news stories.

On one page they have Harvey Weinstein stories and all the bad things he has done to women..

On the next page they have "(fill in the blank) stuns on red carpet in see thru dress that leaves nothing to the imagination.."

Followed by a story about a young girl that was abducted by some pervert...

And on the next page they have some young slut twerking (There's a great new word I shouldn't know the meaning of) on some guys crotch..

Don't that make your Mama proud..

If it sounds like I am picking on you ladies.. Well I ain't..

But I am picking on the girls/women that don't act like ladies.. That dress, act, and talk like whores.. And then get offended when someone treats them like one..

Maybe I am wrong, but I just don't think that things will change in the relationship between men and women if we stick with the status quo.

But this is just the opinion of and old country boy that was taught some manners at a young age and a respect for women. And all peoples..

And I pass that respect to women I meet, even if it is obvious that they don't deserve it..


I live by one rule when it comes to dealing with people.. Treat them the way you would like to be treated..

Some folks call it the golden rule.. I'll have to agree..

I am not saying that I do not judge people.. We all do.. And I'll let you judge me on your own terms..

Being a good judge of character will take you a long way in life.. Fortunately I have been blessed with the ability to be a quick study.

I can spot an asshole a mile away..

I can also see the good in a person in a matter of seconds.. Because that is what a good person exudes..

And so can you..

Pick your friends carefully. It is probably one of the most important things you can do in life..


Well this blog has gotten a bit long and a bit personal and a bit political. As there is nothing as political as the ongoing battle between the sexes..

And if you are still reading this far down, you may share some of my beliefs. If not I am sure you have tuned out several paragraphs back.. (Not sure why that last sentence was needed.)

In any case, I hope you try to be as nice to every human you encounter as you can possibly be.. I know you are going to encounter a few assholes out there..

But be nice to em.. Just to piss em off..

See you soon.. I'm bored out of my gourd!

October 16, 2018: It seems that I talk a lot more about peripheral shit than I do about fishing.. But I reckon that is the nature of the beast.

And some times it is hard to get the head chopped off the beast.. And I ain't sure I got that done, but I'm sure I got the son of a bitch bleeding..


Well let's talk fishing first..

The last week saw few fishermen on the water, and those that did struggled to achieve anything that might be considered good fishing.

Till about last Saturday.. And some will certainly consider last Saturday's fishing as so-so. But some didn't.

Uvalde Bass Club and Ingram Bass club were both in town, and we talked to a lot of the anglers in both clubs.

And while I have been promised pictures of the big fish, which I have already seen, I have yet to receive a digital copy.

The big bass of the Uvalde tourney on Saturday weighed in at 11.42 pounds. And believe me it was a pretty fish..

And the big fish from Ingram was a big eight.. And he also had a big seven.. Both caught on buzzbaits..

And yes FLT ran out of buzzbaits on Saturday afternoon.. But I have already fixed that..

I have been telling you that frogs and the like have been catching some fish in the flooded grass and bushes.. You might try a buzzer as well..

Other folks also caught fish, not in record breaking numbers, but enough to keep it interesting..

I have not heard final results from either club.. I'll pass em along if I hear..

Let's shift to Monday. As in Monday morning, aka yesterday..

A wet cold front was predicted to blow in.. And yes it did.. And a few boats that had made a pilgrimage to try our famous October fishing got a little more than they were looking for..

I warned em.

You know a front can't blow in an hour before daylight.. It has to wait till about nine so you can get your ass spread out on the lake.. And that's what happened..

And several boats had an interesting and wet trip back to the boat ramp.. And I am talking about one of them rides that would certainly put foam in your beer..

Like I said.. I warned em..

We have a week of this shit coming.. With north winds overstaying their welcome.. Which is pretty much nonexistent.. For my thoughts anyway..

We are supposed to be in the mid eighties this time of year.. A small respite from the usual heat or unbearable cold.. But we are getting screwed out of our two weeks of fall.. We don't even get back to the seventies till Sunday..

I hate cold..

I am going to stay with a 6.5 on the fishing scale.. Mostly because the weather is not really gonna let us on the water, and it is hard to get a grip on what is really going on under these conditions.. Bad weather and damn few fishermen.. But I can't blame anybody for not fishing in this shit..

And I can tell you that the tarp ain't coming off the ol Skeeter this week..

There are a couple of guides still fishing this week.. They're trying to make a living, and evidently their clients are as crazy as they are..

I was there once..

If I had to fish, I would certainly be throwing a noisy top water in protected areas early.. Hell as cloudy as it will be all week you can probably throw it all day..

Before the big weather change we were catching fish on flukes and dark colored flippin baits on the edges of the grass and on the hardwoods in about eight feet of water on outside grass lines.. When the sun was out..

The spinnerbait was also effective last weekend, as a lot of the tournament fishermen were throwing it in the same areas.. But overall most said the you had to cover a lot of water to catch some fish..

And if this lake ever looked like a spinnerbait paradise, it does now..

We are still catching some water and this AM we are sitting at 273.85, essentially at 26 feet low.

We still have a bit of water in the pipe and we will gradually gain a bit, but it will be slow, unless we get a deluge north of us..


Speaking of a deluge, by now I am sure you have heard of the Llano being on a major flood, and its water is smothering the homes on Lake LBJ as I type. And that water is headed down stream to Travis and down to Austin and points south.. And looking at the video I have seen, there is no way they can hold it all..

This will be another one for the history books I am sure.. Thoughts and prayers to all of you affected by the flooding..

I remember a similar event that took out everything on the confluence of the Colorado and the Llano some years back.. A lot of years back..

Back in the day I spent a lot of time in that country.. Some of the prettiest in Texas.. Sad to see..


I had a barrage of bullshit I was going to write today.. But suddenly I find I am not in the mood for levity.. Maybe that is just what we need.. But it will have to wait a day or two..

Help your fellow Texans where you can.. And keep yourself safe.

We're waiting for the sun, and we'll see you soon..

October 8, 2018: I sure meant to get back to the computer quicker than this, but life has gotten in the way as it often does. I have had a friend and two family members in the hospital in the last week, and I have been a little overwhelmed..

Nobody ever said life is easy..

Well maybe somebody did.. But it wasn't me..


The lake is still creeping up.. But it is down to just creeping.. We are up to 273.54, which is still 27.66 low, but the lake looks good and there is certainly a lot of water to fish.

As I type there is some rain in our watershed again, but it is too early to see if it will help us any.. But we are in pretty good shape heading into winter..

Winter.. Really.. Did I just type that..

It is only 78 days till Christmas..

Water temps are still right around eighty degrees, so these fish ain't thinking about winter just yet..

And neither are we..

The general consensus is that a lot of the newly inundated weeds and grass in the shallows are starting to break down, and fish that were right up in it have moved off the decaying cover a bit.

Some fish have been caught still using spinners and squarebills on water color change lines in the backs of a lot of the creeks. I also talked to a couple of folks that have caught fish out of matted shit..

I use the word shit because there is a bit of it mixed in with the other shit that has formed a few shit mats..

Like mixed in with the shit is some reeds, sticks, grass, plastic bottles, chanklas, and whatever else the litterbugs have so woefully discarded..

When the river really runs, it can be amazing what you will see floating around out there..

I think it is time to put that crying Indian commercial back on TV..


There are still fish being caught on rocks, and rocks that were bare, devoid of grass and weeds, seem to be holding the bait and therefore fish better than banks that were covered with grass.

It is not at all uncommon for the fish to get in that newly flooded grass, but then leave it when it starts to decay..

Even smells a bit funky out there in the back of some creeks..

So I will have to say that numbers are down a bit from where they were the last few weeks. At least in the shallows.

There are still fish there, but they are scattered.

There is still very little current moving down south.. And I don't mind.. But the fish that have been stacked up down by the dam all summer are surely not in a biting mood like they were for months..

The river up here on top of the lake is still a bit murky, but it is starting to settle out as the flow decreases. And all the greens on the bank do help to filter out a lot of the sediment..

The catfish in the river channel are still in the biting mood, and I talked to some folks on Saturday that said they are still murdering them.

I need to find me a tin boat..

White bass are schooling all over the lake, and if you catch one, you can usually catch a bucket full.. Look for birds.. Or just throw a shad pattern crankbait around some rock.. You'll find em..


The scuffle between gangs on the Mexican side of the lake appears to be calming down. There is a big Mexican military presence along the lake, and soldiers and trucks and helicopters have been reported from top to bottom.

And the netters are back on the lake so that tells me that things are de-escalating over there. As it usually does.

And I spoke to several folks that fished the Salanaias and Benavides and the Coyotes and they reported no suspicious activity..

So take it for what its worth.. But things have calmed down, according to all observations..


I'm gonna rate fishing at about a 6.5.. Not great.. But not bad either.. If I was going fishing, I would still fish from marker three south, and I would certainly visit State Park Cove and Government cove.. I saw some pics of some really nice fish this week.. But not as many as the weeks before.


Our first wave of Winter Texans has appeared.. Maybe I should call it a ripple.. But a few folks from northern climes have hit town and I reckon we'll see a few more in the next week. Every year we have less and less of them as a lot of the older folks can no longer make the trip.. Or they have gone on to the happy fishing grounds.. Somewhere we are all headed sooner or later..

But I'm in no rush..


Well unless you live under a rock, I am sure you have been pummeled by all the news media in the last week in regards to the Supreme Court appointment of Mr. Kavanaugh.

And thank God that it is over. And whether she is lying, he is lying, they are lying, or none of them can remember shit because of time past, or the fog of alcohol tainted memories, I'm glad to see that for the time being, innocent till PROVEN guilty, is still a cornerstone of American policy.

That may be the most important tennant of individual freedom of free people living in a free society. If there is such a thing. And that is one of the many things here in the US that does separate us from other "shithole" countrys.

I am not trying to belittle anyone that has suffered any kind of abuse at the hands of others.. But this whole deal stunk to high heaven from the get-go..

But lets get on to the really important stuff..

I grew up in the sixties and seventies.. And I thought we did some pretty wild shit when I was a kid..

Did we drink? Oh hell yeah.. Did I ever blackout? And not remember anything?

I can't remember.. But I am sure my buddies would have..

Did we have rape parties? Did we have girls stupid enough to continually go to rape parties?

I can answer unequivocally, no..

Maybe them Yankees do things different than us..

Was I continually trying to get laid? I can answer unequivocally, yes..

But I did it with style and panache..

I did plenty of stupid shit when I was younger, and I am glad that we have a society that understands the ignorance of youth. And forgives it for the most part.. Within reason..

Because we know that people under twenty one, for the most part, are idiots.. And we forgive them.. Because we were once young idiots ourselves.

A connotation of sophomore means 'young fool.' And for a reason..

Now don't get all offended if you are under twenty one and are a model citizen.. Or if you have a child that is.

I know a lot of sharp kids that got it going on. And kudos them and you for raising them..

But lets face the fact that you don't have much life experience at that age.

And with a few more years under your belt, you just might look back and think that what seemed perfectly thought out at the time, might not have been as good a decision as you thought it was..

Wisdom.. You can't buy it..

But you'll certainly pay for not having it..

The only way to obtain any of it is to live life. Some people absorb it at an early age.. But I know people my age that still have never had an encounter with it..

I have noticed, however, that there are a few traits that will help you glean a little wisdom, right out of thin air.

Humbleness, humility, courteousness, a bust your ass work ethic, and the ability to listen three times more than you talk, will turn you into a wisdom magnet..

And once you possess all this wisdom, people will seek out your advice. And you'll get to talk three times more than you listen..

Hey, I'm no Rhodes Scholar.. But even if I was, that wouldn't make me wise.

Hell, I heard of one who tried to use an intern as a humidor..

But I digress..


And here I am talking about all this crap, when I really wanted to talk about cheerleaders, actresses and female entertainers who dress like hookers, men and women in the workplace, hypocrites, AOL, the NFL, the BFL, MLF, BASS, and the FBI..

And MLB.. Go Astros!

But there are just too many acronyms to keep up with.. Maybe when I retire..

I think I'll go fishing and try and gain a little wisdom about what the fish are doing..


Keep the faith America! The sky is not falling.. No matter what the dimocrats are telling you..

See you on the water..