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FLT Flash Fishing Report!

Not your Daddy's fishing report...

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May 21, 2016: It's Saturday and the fishermen around here have the day off.. And everyone of em that got a kitchen pass is out on the lake.. And they're whacking em'.. Big time..

OK.. Here it comes.. And it don't come too often..

Quit your job and get your ass down here.. If you're worth your salt, they'll hire you back when you get back home..

Or as Stephen Tyler and Aerosmith said.. "I got to take me on a Permanent Vacation!!"

The fishies ain't on vacation.. Them Sum Bitches is biting..

I talked to a bunch of fishermen this morning, and everyone I spoke with whacked the hell out of em yesterday..

What the hell am I doing in here.. Oh yeah.. I whacked the hell out of em yesterday too.. So I am trapped in here till tomorrow.. And then I am gone for a week.. Seems like the fish go crazy every time I am out of town..

I used a jig a lot yesterday.. But it don't really matter.. You might catch a few more big fish on the jig..

I got into a wolf pack of three to four pounders and my ribs are blue.. This shit is hard on an old man.. So I am telling you that if you can get down here, get here yesterday.. I'm never sure how long this stuff will last..

As far as location goes, I don't think one part of the lake is head and shoulders above any other. I am hearing of good fishing from top to bottom.. And everything in between.. Find you some rocky bottom with a depth change and and get ready..

Main lake river channel from Salado to Coyotes is producing fish. So fish those hardwoods on the channel edge.. Rocky drops in the Salado and the Salanaias are cranking out the fish.. Tigers area is also good..

If you get out there and do some poking around, you are gonna catch a bunch of fish..


TPWD is going to be stocking about 200,000 FLMB bass next week, and I wish we had more heavy cover to stock them in. We still have some woody areas, but nothing like we had a couple of months ago.. Survival will be so-so I am sure, and even on good years, it is doubtful that 5% will make it to sexual maturity.. It is a numbers game for sure..

Keep in mind, we do not stock to try and increase numbers of fish. We stock to influence the genetics of the pond.. And every little bit helps as we try to increase the influence of Florida genes.. And we all know that putting in 400,000 or 500,000 Pure Florida's is a miniscule number when compared to the natural spawn.


Instead of trying to stock Sharelunker fry, and scatter them around in extremely insignificant numbers, maybe it would be better for the program to try and grow them up to three pounds, and put a tag on them, identifying them as as a Sharelunker fish.

Because we all know that the odds of them making it in the wild as a fingerling are extremely low..

I am not talking about thousands of these fish.. Maybe a few hundred.. And scatter them across the lakes that have good conditions at the time.

Then they could offer a reward/prize to those that catch and release the fish on its way to giantness.. A date stamped pic of the fish being caught and released should suffice.. But I guess you could still take it to an official weigh station to document its length, girth, and weight..

The Sharelunker program could still have its promotional impact, and a whole lot of people would be catching Sharelunker fish.. Just at a different point in their life..

And you could make a special prize for every fifth fish or so..

You could still keep a program for the thirteens.. And maybe tweak it a little bit.. Or a lot..

You could have a contest for anglers that already turned in a thirteen pound SL.. And the first one to catch a tagged one would win a golf course or something.. There's all kinds of possibilities..

Then the fish would have a great chance at survival, and a great chance of being released, when and if she gets caught. And we could see and track these fish to see if they really are growing faster than Florida bass living in the same waters..

There's a real science project..

This is probably my last report till after Memorial day.. I'm going to take a week off and run thru the south a little bit and go visit some southern friends.. Some that I know.. And some that I don't..

I'm sure I will run into a few good rednecks on the way.. I'll tell em you said hello!

May 19, 2016: Guess what.. They finally put a plug in the dam.. At least for a little while..

I am not sure it would have happened if the valley hadn't got inundated with rain this week.. Still took em two days to shut it down..

In any case the lake has stabilized the last twenty four hours, and I was hoping to see a bit of water in the river.. But there ain't much there.. I'll try to stay optimistic..

The fish have gone stark raving mad, and everybody is catching them.. Well everybody that lives around here anyway.

We beat the crap out of em again yesterday, until the big black cloud swooped in from the northwest and ran us off the lake.. And we got off just in time.. It got wetter than a group of sorority girls at a Chippendales show..

Any craw imitator bait is catching the shit out of em, so pick your favorite and put it on your flippin stick and get after it.. I caught this one on a W/M Red jig yesterday..


It's still all about rocks folks.. And I don't reckon it is going to change.. Whether you can see em or not, you need to be fishing em.

I have not personally been on the fish like this in a long while.. Now that I said that, I am sure I will loose my Mojo my next trip out..

Maybe not.. These bastards are biting..

We'll see if the water stabilizing affects the bite any, but I can't imagine that it will bother them too bad..

I forgot to tell you that I, and others, have been catching some fish on crankbaits as well.. I have been paralleling the the rocky banks and bouncing a DD-22 off the rocks.. I do not get bit quite as often, but I have caught some nice fish in the three and four pound class on the crankbait. And a lot of little ones as well..


Well we finished up the transgender bathroom down at the county park.. And we have a bathroom monitor there to keep everybody straight.. Well I guess straight ain't a good word to describe the situation..

Anyway he/she/it is hanging around there to help anyone that might be confused.. Now that I think about it, I am not sure if he/she/it has it hanging or not..

In any case look for the guy/gal with one big tit that needs a shave.. You figure it out..

May 16, 2016: It was a crazy weekend around here, with thunderstorms scattered all around, and fish that are going bat-shit crazy..

I have not seen the fishing here on Falcon this good since early 2012.. This weekend was nuts..

There were several clubs in town, and I heard good things from all of them. On Saturday evening I heard great reports from the back of the Salanaias to the back of Salado. And everywhere in between.

Lots of good quality fish are being caught, with the sudden appearance of a whole lot of four to seven pound fish. I don't know where they have been hiding.. Yeah.. I do..

They have been in the backs of these thickets, which are now bank decorations. As the lake continues to drop, despite of the ten foot drop we have already experienced.. And rains that have covered the valley on several occasions.. Including last night..

We got about .6 in the gage in the last twenty four, nothing like the rain in some places nearby.. I find myself praying for a flood. Hopefully above us..

I had some buddies from the home country in town over the weekend, and they fished Saturday in the Salado in a few spots we recommended. And they caught them pretty good till the rain/lightning ran em off the lake in the early PM. They had twenty something fish with a 8.75 biggun..

When they went back out in the evening they had boat problems.. Which turned me into a guide for the last two days..

We fished yesterday from 9:30 till four, and I can't tell you how many fish we caught. I had a great day and caught a seven, a six, and a few fives. Not to say that my buddies did not catch a bunch of nice fish. They caught a couple of sixes, and a plethora of fish from one half to five pounds.. It was awesome.. We found them stacked up on a couple of places and we hammered em..

And if yesterday was good, today was great.. We fished from eight thirty till noon, and we caught more fish than we did yesterday, to include a 7-12, a six-four, a six-two, and so many three to four pound fish that it was retarded..

And if we did not catch seventy fish this morning we did not catch a one.. We found a couple of hammer holes and just flat out kicked their ass.. It was the best day I have had on Falcon in three years.. No bullshit..

I caught a couple on a DD-22 and all the rest were caught on craw imitating baits, like the Rage Craw or similar.

Last weekend Jarrett Robinson caught this whopper on a topwater frog in the Tigers.. This one went 10-10.. He said he also caught several others on the frog..

I do not know how long this shit is going to last.. If you have some time off and your itching to catch some fish, you might consider getting your ass down here..

I rarely say to quit your job and pack your shit, but if it stays like this, I just might. I will try em again on Wednesday morning if the weather permits. My last three or four trips have been awesome..

I'll let you know what happens!

May 13, 2016: Well some of you may be reading this today, if your triskaidekaphobia is not acting up..

I just wanted to pass along a piece of advice that may keep your Friday, and days to follow safe from hazard and what some might consider bad luck.. Good information triumphs over bad luck every time..

The lake has dropped to 274.54, and there is no end in sight.. I am beyond my ability to decipher what they are doing with all this water.. Maybe the chemtrails are finally getting to them..

In any case I want to tell you that the markers on the old bridge in the Veleno are starting to come out of the water.. The one on the eastern side is already out by a foot.. And I am not sure how many there are left on the bridge. There should be some more on the west end, but they have not surfaced just yet. These markers are attached to the old bridge with cables, and the markers themselves are wrapped by a cable.. So they are not something that you want to hit..

So what I am telling you is this.. Skirt the brush on the west side of the creek going out of the Veleno, and you will not have a problem.. If you do not know where the bridge is, ask..

Before too long we may be seeing it..

While I am writing, I'll tell you that the fish are biting like crazy. It ain't all bigguns.. But it is fun.. But some quality fish are being caught on deep crankbaits and jigs primarily.. Of course any given cast..

Think gravel and rocks..

I was out yesterday and saw two phenomena that were note worthy.. The lake is dropping and I saw an old bass bed that was out of the water..

I also saw a sight that would almost bring a tear to your eye..

Well.. Maybe not...

There have been several gar hit as of late by boats on plane.. Not sure what caused this bastards demise but it did have a gash towards its tail..

Speaking of gar, if you are hunting them it appears that the better hunting is south of the Veleno.. Dropping water in the creeks up the river has them pulled out.. To where I do not know.. A few weeks ago you could walk on them up there..

Yesterday I whacked the holy crap out of the bass in the Salado.. I found a couple of schools of fish on rocky points.. All fish were on the windy sides.. Go figure.. I did not catch a bunch of giants.. Some other people tell me they are.. But I am a small fish expert..

I was throwing plastics.. I still hear the big fish are coming on jigs.. Shallow..

I'll be trapped in here all weekend.. Tommy has a grandbaby birthday party to go to..

Bring me some Miller Lite...

May 11, 2016: Summer is setting in around here it appears, with hot temps and some windy conditions the last few days. But I reckon that ain't nothing unusual.. This crap happens every year.

What is unusual, especially as of late, is the drastic water drawdown that has been going on since late February. I have seen them take water before, but never like this..

There is no way that they can use this much water.. And we're not even talking about what they have taken out of Sugar.. Which was at 95% in January, and is now at 64%.

We are 9.44 feet lower than we were less than two months ago.. Are you shitting me?

This is bullshit. And yes Mexico has taken the vast majority of water from Falcon.. With no replacement of water from Amistad or Don Martin..

I have absolutely no understanding of how this water "Partnership" works..

I can't even fathom how much water they have taken.. The human mind cannot even conceive that much water..

I am out of adjectives to describe my shock, amazement, bewilderment, helplessness, anger, disbelief, and utter exasperation with the situation..

But of all the words I can think of, bullshit is probably the best.

Because that is what this is..

Now with all this bitchin, I realize the fact that the lake was not put here with fishing in mind. But in today's world, the fishing on Falcon is all that is holding Zapata's economic nose above water, if you'll pardon the pun..

Quite frankly the best way to describe Zapata's economy is to say that it is a small group of folks passing a few dollars back and forth.. With an occasional influx of new money from fishermen who come to town for tournaments.

And of course the monthly influx of government dollars that appear in the form of Lone Star and EBT cards..

You get the picture..

For years the oil and gas industry was a mainstay for Zapata county. And it may be again.. But certainly not under the current administration..

So in the mean time, all we have is the lake.. Which is disappearing fast..

Well now that I have got that off my chest temporarily, let me tell you about the fish and the fishing.

The fish that were happily living in the jungle that covered the shores of Falcon, have been drawn out of the bushes, and are being fairly easily accessed by all..

That "all", includes fishermen, gar, and cormorants.

And while the beasts of nature do it in a natural way, fishermen are catching fish with every means known to man.

I am not sure there are any baits that stand out head and shoulders above the rest.

Simply put, you can catch fish on any bait we have in the store. If you are fishing in the right spot.

If there has been any big change lately it is that a jig is catching some larger fish.. And some days a bunch of larger fish. I have heard of some really big strings lately that have all come on a jig.

This is bad news for me.. Cause I hate fishing one.. But I am gonna throw one tomorrow..

And like I have said for the last century, fish are holding on or near rocks. Rocks that are near dropoffs, or ends of points and near decent depth changes. It is not rocket science..

As a matter of fact the fishing here is about as good as it has been in years. And yes a lot of it has to do with dropping and moving water.. And if you can stand a little heat, you should get down here and get you some..

Last weekend there was a little tourney in town, that comes to Falcon every other year or so.. And them boys caught em pretty good. As a matter of fact, there were a few really impressive stringers. They call it the Poor Boys tourney and they know how to have fun, and cook.. And catch fish.. This was the thirty eighth year they held this little Soiree

The big fish of the tourney was caught by Mike Flores, and it weighed 10.71 pounds.

A bunch of other good quality fish were caught as well. Thanks for the inviting me to dinner boys..

The next tournament on Falcon that will be an open, will be on June 10th and 11th. Of course that is the annual API tourney. It used to be that only oilfield folks could fish the tourney, but in the last few years it has been opened to all who want to compete.. It is a fundraiser after all..

It will be hosted at Beacon Lodge, with registration and Calcutta to be held on the evening of the ninth..

You can call Christine at 918-392-9237 for more details.. It is always a good time.. A BBQ cookoff will be happening as well so there will be some good eats around as to boot..


I might have left you hanging on last weeks little cormorant excursion since I haven't written in a while. Had to do some work at the farm and it was Mothers day after all..

Me and three biologists from TPWD took a trip out on the lake to observe a flock of birds, and try to figure out what kind of birds they were. And while we watched a flock of several thousand roosting in the trees up around White House creek, it became evident to us that they were NeoTropical cormorants, not double crested.

Which don't really make a shit to me, because they are all big time fish eaters.. And I am not sure if all the birds on the lake are NeoTropicals, but I feel certain that these were..

In any case, to date, the feds have not allowed depredation permits on these birds.. Time to make some changes.. Hardest part will probably be getting PAW to take on the job.. We'll see..

I am going to South Carolina at the end of the month, and will talk to some of their DNR staff about the issues they had/have with the birds, and their groundbreaking bird reduction program.. I believe we can easily model one off of their plan..

We just need some folks with some chutzpah to take care of this Texas problem, here in Texas. And that job starts with TPWD getting the ball rolling.

It's your job to protect the fishing here in Texas.. Somebody's gotta do it and it is your turn to step up to the plate..

The folks at PAW know what damage these birds are doing to our fisheries, to our stocking programs, to the habitat, and to our water supplies..

It is time.. I am a patient man, and I have been waiting for years without a single sign from anyone in government making a move to control these birds.

We are already being held hostage by an antiquated water treaty. And it looks more and more like we are being held hostage by another outdated treaty that has long outlived it purpose.

I don't mean to exterminate the species, but how many do we really need to say that the population is healthy. Or is this treaty still in effect just to placate a few bird lovers.. That never come down here to watch birds anyway..

We ain't talking about the passenger pigeon here.. We're talking about a nasty predator, that has no predators.. That shits on everything in site, decimates our fisheries, and destroys the habitat that other species use.

It's time..

Well I got a lot of things going on.. Not the least of which is getting out there to whack some fish.

And I am volunteering to help build the transgender bathroom here at the county ramp..

That'll bring a whole new meaning to; "What's behind door number three??"

May 2, 2016: It's a windy sum bitch this morning as another cool front has made its way all the way to Zapata.. Not that it is too cool.. But it is cooler than it was yesterday. Given the two, yesterday was a much better day to fish..

I was on the water yesterday for a few hours with a buddy I rescued from yard work.. And we caught a good number of fish.. But not a lot of bigguns.. Our best fish was probably a three pounder.

The last stop we made was on a rocky point near deep water, and it was loaded with sub-keeper sized fish and a good number of fourteen to sixteen inchers.. And we could have stayed and caught all we wanted..

I guess we did.. They were still biting when we left..

Good numbers of fish have been reported by a good number of fishermen. And just like we did yesterday, you can land on a couple of rocky spots and really bump your numbers up..

These fish are not on every rocky bank, but they are on a lot of em..

But even if you are not fishing near the shore, you need to put some gravel in your travel.. Gravely humps and slopes with brush on or near em are holding a lot of fish. The Salado is full of them as are a lot of creeks like Tigers and Pierces..

You can catch em your way..

Crankbaits, worms, senkos, lizards, chatterbait's.. Whatever.. A Carolina rig is whacking them as well.. But I personally just hate throwing that contraption..

I am not hearing of any monster fish being caught, but I do hear about a bunch of six to eight pound fish.. The fact is that there just aren't that many ten pounders in the lake right now..

Some folks disagree with me.. But I think that if there were, we'd see a lot more of em.. It should be a short term problem, cause these fish are eating everything in sight.

The lake is still dropping, albeit not as bad as it was.. There is no way they could use all the water that was let out of our pond.. No freaking way.. We are sitting at 277.50 this morning, or 23.7 feet low. That is 7.8 feet lower than in February, a scant two and a half months ago..

In the short term, it has been good for the fishing.. We'll see about the long...

I have been talking with PAW about the cormorant situation down here the last couple of weeks. And I am not sure where it will lead, but I figure we have to start somewhere..

Three PAW biologists are supposed to be here tomorrow to take a look at the birds around here and determine their species.

I know they are a fish eating species..

I plan on showing them a few nesting colonies, as there are still a few babies in the nests. I know of three nesting colonies personally, and I have not even been looking for them. I am sure there are more.

Besides eating a shitload of fish, these birds also destroy a lot of the habitat that they hang out in, and pollute the water as well with their excrement.. And that same water is our drinking water around here.. I guess chlorine cures it all..

Man if I could convince the government that cormorants are causing global warming we could get this nipped in the bud real quick.

You know the problem is that the Feds have made these rules, and they are so scared of the environmentalists, that they are afraid to do what's right, and adjust the rules as needed to properly address the situation.

And the fact is that the feds have no fucking idea how many birds we have down here. Of course the US government is rarely proactive in taking care of problems.. And their reactive actions are rarely efficient, if even prudent..

Most of the time they miss the ball because they are trying to manage from thousands of miles away from the problem.. And they have no real idea of what is happening locally.. And when I say locally, I am talking about a lot more locations than just Zapata..

You would be hard pressed to find anyone in Washington that has ever heard of Zapata, much less know where it is..

"Isn't that a shoe store or something?"

In any case, we'll see what the future holds in store..

The Sharelunker season is over and I am sure the folks at Athens are resting up from.. Well nothing..

This is the second consecutive year when zero Sharelunker fry have been produced.

Only two thirteen's were tuned in this year. One was an Fx, and the other was caught in April. Even though it was a pure Florida, it was not put into the breeding program. Which is not unusual. The Sharelunker season was extended thru April a few years ago, if memory serves.

And I don't think they ever have tried to spawn a fish caught in month four.. It was always, and still is my belief that April was added just to get the numbers of fish that were turned in fluffed up..

And it worked this year as it helped the numbers by 100%..

I am not sure who could have ever expected the number of fish to be so low..

Oh shit, except for me.. Like I said, get ready for this to be the norm..

Oh I am sure we will see a slight increase here or there.. But it ain't gonna be much.. At least not for a while..

I have read on the internet that there were some fish caught that were not turned in.. I am sure there were a few, but I bet their numbers are down as well..

I do think that many folks perception of the Sharelunker program has evolved, as I, and a few, (but damn few) writers have encouraged some critical thinking on the part of fishermen when it comes to the SL program.

And I think that less folks are likely to turn in a big fish, given the history of the program today. Now that they have examined it..

In any case, no surprises.. Least not around here..

The catfish are going crazy around here as well, and we have seen some whoppers caught lately on jug and trot lines. Kevin Reissig caught this sixty two pound yellow about a week ago..

Where I come from the old Alsatians would say. "Look at the size of that big chubbelhead! That's about a big son of a bitch, yet.."

More big blues came on jugs this weekend as a group of our homeboys from LaCoste came down here and put the smackdown on em.

This one was a fifty three.. They also had a forty three, and twenty over twenty.. That's a lot of wiskerfish!

Well, I got plenty to keep me busy this week around here.. Being it is Cinco de Mayo on Thursday.. Hopefully UPS will show up with my case of Hornitos on time..



April 25, 2016: It would be a great day to be out on the lake.. But I chose to stay in and catch up on some stuff that needs doing. Which is questionable decision making at best.. Them fish are biting out there!

Mondays are always a work day around here, especially after we have a big tourney leave town. If I want stuff by next weekend I gotta get it coming my way today.

And I thank all of you who came in over the weekend and created all this work for me. We truly appreciate your business.. Thanks for coming down.

The Bass Champs tourney affirmed what I thought; that a lot of good stringers would be brought to the sales. And they were..

Thirty two stringers over twenty pounds were weighed in, and everybody that I talked to at weigh in said they caught a bunch of fish. Some folks told me that they caught fifty or sixty fish. Lots of little ones mixed in of course, but lots of fish nonetheless..

And it is hard to bitch with a mouthfull of food..

The weather turned out pretty good on Saturday, and no rain fell till Saturday night.. When we and a good portion of the valley get some nice rains.. Hopefully the valley's appetite for Falcon water has waned.. River levels below Falcon are falling, but I have not seen a current water report today to tell me what is happening for sure.. But it looks like they have slowed the releases considerably..

God I hope so..

If we can keep some water on this mess of fish we have in the lake right now, things are going to get interesting in a year or so. I am hoping we can get some water back in the next couple of months.. And Amistad is fuller than it should be.. They could share a couple of feet..

We have always taken the brunt of the irrigation cycle.. And so far nothing has changed..

Back to the fishing..

Most of the folks I talked to said they caught their fish in water less than ten feet deep during the tournament. A few caught some deeper fish off old house rock piles, and that has been going on for a good while.

But the common denominator for most was rocks..

Some fish were caught flipping hardwoods as well.. You can catch them doing most anything down here about now..

I will say that chatterbait's and spinnerbaits are catching a lot of fish. You also need a trap or Red Eye on the deck as well.. Be observant.. Lots of fish will tell you where they are right now..

And that is shallow fish of course..

I went out yesterday morning about ten, and I fished all the way till noon.. The wind started blowing and it actually rained on me. And Jimmy don't play that shit...

Of course bout the time I got the boat back home and covered up the sun came out.. I was tired anyway.. I caught a few fish with the biggest about a 3.5 on a Red Eye.. But it weren't nothing to write home about.. Tommy talked to several folks this morning that said they caught over sixty fish yesterday..

And I believe em..

The fishing here is good.. The catching is better.. The best it has been in three years..


Instead of just bitching, I have started a dialogue with the folks at TPWD, in regards to the cormorant population/problem we have down here in south Texas. If you have been around here much, you have had to noticed the ever burgeoning population of the birds. And it is a pretty much accepted fact that these birds eat fish.. A lot of fish..

Who knows for sure just how much.. At least around here.

It is a well known fact that south Texas is a bit of an outlier when it comes to norms of nature.. We have seven and eight foot rattlesnakes.. We have the fastest growing bass in the country.. We have the biggest and fastest growing Alligator Gar in the country.. And the biggest and baddest of most critters that are native to north America.

And it is the belief of many of us that the exploding population of cormorants is the biggest threat to our fisheries since the invention of the gill net..

I mean.. These birds eat fish.. And nothing else.. Ok.. Maybe a crawdad or two..

It seems that years back that these birds would migrate, and we would see some here during the winter and till the babies were old enough to fly.. But I guess they have decided that living in south Texas is easy, and they have adapted to the local environment.. Full time..

I have also been doing some research online.. And if it is on the internet, it has to be true..

The last study on the birds in Texas, at least that I can find out about, concluded in 1990.. And it was done by Texas A&M.. And that study did not include any research in any waters this far west.

That's 26 years ago.. And I do believe that populations could have grown and evolved since then..

Now before we go out and just kill several thousand of these birds, it would probably be a good idea to see what it is that they are eating. And I have requested that a study be commissioned to find out.. And in every other study, regardless of the date performed, it was found that cormorants will gladly eat what presents the easiest opportunity.

Just like an alligator gar..

And I do believe that a water body with a healthy and recovering small bass population could be adversely affected by a huge number of resident cormorants.

Even if the fish are eating primarily baitfish.. Making it harder for the bass to grow at a fast rate while competing for the food source..

We'll see what happens.. But biologists that I know will tell you that a group of ten cormorants can wipe out every trout that they stock in city ponds for their inner city fishing programs, in only a week or two..

What is happening on a lake that as several colonies of thousands? Think how good the fishing could be with a controlled population.

I think you get the picture..

I am sure there are a few folks that think that I am concerned only with Falcon Lake and Black Bass.. But it is not only Falcon that suffers at the beaks of this predator.. And here we go with that word again..


Since the dawn of time, man has fought predators. Whether it a wolf, lion, coyote, bobcat, hyena, or alligator gar.. Or whatever..

And I am sure in some battles with nature, man had in mind to wipe out the species that was causing the problems. That is not the case here.. We are certainly a more progressive society.. With management in mind.. Not annihilation..

Just like with the gar..

A treaty was enacted in 1918 to protect the birds.. It served its purpose..

But like a lot of things it has become outdated.. And wouldn't an intelligent society modify things of it's own making to best suit it's evolving needs?

Just some food for thought.. We'll see what happens..

Well get your ass down here and beat on some fish. But treat em nice while you do..

However I cannot guarantee that they will do the same to you..

April 23, 2016: Bass Champs Report! Well the weighing is about done and from what I saw, I believe the winning weight is going to be 31 something.. And the big bass was a 10.7? something.. Tried t take a pic of their screen but it was too bright outside.. BC will have final, and official results posted in a little while I am sure..

But the big news is that there were a lot, a bunch, many, twenty something stringers weighed.. It is gonna be tight in the top twenty I believe..

One hundred forty six teams I heard.. Bout like a carbon copy of last year..

We'll discuss it next week.. But a shit ton of fish were caught.. Que te dije...

April 20, 2016: The story of the week is water.. Er... Fish.. Well one or the other.. Or both.. Hell I don't know which dominates the news cycle.. But both of them are being discussed by locals..

Dropping but stabilizing water levels.. And fish most everywhere..

Rains in the valley, in spots, and the fact that the ground down there can't possibly hold any more water after the way they have raped the water levels around here, have slowed the release rates a good bit..

And no one knows better than me that this lake was not built with the idea that fishing would be priority one.. Hell it is evident we are way down the list.. I get it.. But there has to be some sort of compromise..

We are 6.64 feet lower than we were two months ago.. Can someone please do the math for me and tell me what they can possibly do with all that water.. And this irrigation cycle started with a lake level that was better than we have seen in years.. Somewhere around sixteen feet low.. Now we are more than twenty two feet low..

If there is anything good about the receding water, it is temporary, I can assure you.. Right now we are enjoying fantastic fishing, also another cycle we have seen before..

What happens when you pull six feet of water off thousands of acres of brush filled water? After a couple of years of great recruitment of most all the game species?

I'll call it exposure..

The fish are exposed to predators.. The least of which is man.. At least down here..

Granted there is a ton of bait in the water.. And easy access to it by all forage species.. If you are a shad, and you live in Falcon lake, your ass is pretty low on the food chain..

But the the links in the chain get progressively bigger, and the hunter quickly becomes the hunted, as shad and baby bass are favorites of the thousands of cormorants that call Falcon home.. Of course when you get just a bit bigger, the alligator gar find your ass pretty tasty as well..

Speaking of Gar, there have been a good number of gar hunters on the water as of late.. And success rates have been pretty good.. The really big fish have been a bit elusive, but if you want to go out and whack some four footers, they are everywhere.. As the water warms, you will start to see big fish rolling all over the lake.. It's just a little early yet..

I fished yesterday morning for about four hours, and whacked the crap out of em. No giants in the mix, but I only caught four fish that were not legal.. That's out of thirty two fish, or maybe thirty four.. I will guess that I had about a twenty two pound stringer, with a few fat four pluses in the mix..

And news flash! These fish were caught shallow. I mean really shallow for the most part.. Oh, they were close to deep water.. Some of it must have been six feet feet deep just twenty yards away..

There was almost no wind yesterday morning, which does not help the pattern I was fishing. Or I think I would have caught fifty.. These fish have really been tuned in to shallow rocky, gravely banks.. It don't have to be a point.. But it sure as shit don' hurt if it is..

If there is no wind on these rocky areas, you can still bet that the fish are not far away.. Just back out a bit into the nearby trees and chunk a chatterbait or a crankbait you can get thru the trees.. Of course you can flip up a bunch of em if you want to as well..

I did not throw a soft bait yesterday.. But I talked to some folks that did.. And they caught fish on the same pattern that I did..

I meant to take a pic of the Red Eye shad I have been throwing for the last couple of weeks.. But I lost it yesterday.. It was down to about a half inch of chrome on both sides.. And then I lost another brand new one..

It's good to own a tackle store..

In any case, the fishing has been really good, if you like beating the banks.. The deep water fishermen are also doing pretty well, with some good sacks coming from isolated rock piles and points.. If you know where the good ones are..

Notice I keep talking about rocks..


Speaking of rocks, I have discovered a whole bunch of new rocky locations.. And they're all between the ears of Democrats.. Especially young ones.. Most of the old ones know better, but they are too embarrassed to admit that they are dumb asses and won't give up the party line for fear of being castigated by their own ilk..

I have never seen such a bunch of uneducated dumb ass kids in my life.. And I am talking about most big city kids in the age group from eighteen to twenty five.. How can they be this stupid.. What are we teaching them in High School.. Except acceptance.. Of anything..

If you take offense to this, then you must be one of them..

There are certainly exceptions to the rule. And we are lucky enough to meet a lot of them here in the store.. But we also meet a lot of lifetime government dependents here as well..

And neither side is hard to pick out..

The topic of Texas secession is back in the news, and I find it hard not to read about the subject when I see a headline about it.. But what is most interesting is reading the comments by readers when there is a comment section at the bottom of the page.

I am not sure what Texas has done to piss off so many people across the country.. Other than being freedom loving, tax paying Americans.

I think that freedom loving part really pisses a lot of them off.. That we have the belief that we have the right to make decisions for ourselves, and not have special interest groups and big government shove more and more rules, regulations, and taxes up our asses..

Most of these Assholes are just sore winners.. They have won on every front that liberalism represents, and still there is no appeasing them.. Yall can all kiss my ass..

Why do you give a shit about what we do and believe in Texas anyway.. Take your winnings and back away from the table.

Do you think that I give one damn about what you do in New York? Hell no..

But I have to put up with laws that are being decided for me by people in big population areas, that have no freaking idea what it means to live in country or rural areas..

Why in the hell are we putting up with this? Maybe succession is a good idea.. Texas is certainly bringing a lot more to the table than we are taking off of it..

If you are a liberal bastard then don't even think about moving to Texas.. There is nothing here you like..

So stay the fuck away..


I was reading on the TFF that fishing has been tough on Fork and a lot of north and east Texas lakes.. If you got time off and some gas money, get your ass over/down here.. I guarantee you can get your string pulled..

Bass Champs is three days away.. I think we're gonna see a lot of fish caught.. Hell I know we are.. We'll see how big.. In three days..

Come get you some..

And if you Yankees think yall can whip our asses.. You come get you some too..

April 15, 2016: Well the hot topic around here this week is water.. Disappearing water.. Lots of it.. The phone is busy with people calling, and people walking in and saying "WTF is going on with the lake level?"

In one word.. Irrigation..

Granted, wasteful irrigation..

If you take four feet off 60,000 acres of water, that's 24,000 acre feet of water..

They were even letting water out of the flood gates..

And that's not counting what they are taking out of Sugar lake.. Which is also crazy..

But we have seen this played out before.. I just hope it has an end in sight.. If there is any light at the end of the tunnel, the releases reduced about 10% yesterday.. Let's hope it becomes a trend..

There has been a lot of really good cover that has been taken out of the water.. There is still a lot of stemmy and woody cover in the water. But the really good thick stuff has been greatly reduced..

I am sure the cormorants are liking it..

On the brighter side, as far as fishing goes anyway, the fish are being pulled out of the cover, and a lot of the bait and the bass are way more accessible. And if you get on the right point or gravel bank, you can whack em..

You might have to wade through a load of little fish to get where you want to go..

There are also some reports of big sacks of fish being caught on occasion.. And some of the bigger fish are starting to show up in groups.. Not the one here, and one there, that we have been seeing for the last few months.

I fished the last two days and even I have noticed a few bigger fish in the batch.. No whoppers mind you, but solid chunky fish that pull like a mule..

Not a lot of info is being disseminated this week in advance of Bass Champs next week. But it sounds like a few folks are on some decent fish.. I still think we will see more twenty something sacks this go round than last time..

There were forty something rigs at the county ramp yesterday, which is double what we have been seeing the last two weeks.

On Wednesday I was headed to the west side of the bridge to check out the water flow thru the pipe from the back of the Veleno to the front, the pipe being under the road they built across the creek where they are building the new bridge..

On the way there I saw a gravel point on the north side of the creek with a bunch of egrets pickin shad.. So I stopped and whipped out my Red Eye shad in blue and chrome and I put the smackdown on em..

Only half of them were legal, but what they lacked in size they made up in fight.. But I am telling you that the gravel/birds/shad pattern is working on the entire lake.. You can throw most anything in there and get bit.. But a lipless or a square bill are best..

Anyway, when I got to the bridge, I was impressed with the amount of water coming thru the pipe.. And the amount of construction workers with fishing poles in their hands.. And the stringers of fish they pulled out of the water..

No wonder the bridge is taking so long..

Every species is attracted to that current.. Bass, white bass, crappie, and drum, are all swimming around there in big numbers.. Put a shad on a gold hook and toss it in there.. Something is gonna happen.. I hear you can catch a limit of crappie in an hour.. The water there is teeming with bait.. Cain't see why they'd bite one with a hook in it..

But they do..

Lots of fish are showing up on outside edges.. That's kinda general, but I think you known what I mean.. Look for some brush lines with a break near them and flip the hell out of em..

Ol Monsters, lizards, and craws are working pretty well..

The falling water is bad for the lake in the long run, but it has been good for the fishing in the short term..

Pray for rain.. A lot of it..


I got a new computer a few months back and it came with Windows 8 on it.. Which I figured out after a bit, but I think it sucks compared to XP.. Or 3.1..

Well just about the time I got that shit figured out they forced me to "upgrade" to Windows 10.. They called it an upgrade.. I think the consumer should be allowed to decide whether it is an upgrade or not..

The only thing they upgraded was their ability to shove more commercials and ads up my ass.. It's like a daily digital colonoscopy..

I ought to be able to read an e-mail from my Mom without seeing ads for viagra and dress stores with clothes to fit giant women..

I mean really.. Is nothing sacred..

The other day I got an e-mail with some adult content in it.. By accident I am sure.. Everyone knows how pure and chaste I am..

Well I accidentally clicked on a hidden link and for the last week every time I open my browser, I get ads and popup's from some woman dressed in leather wanting to beat me with a cat-o-nine tails..

And another site that wants to sell me stretch mark cream..

There is only one part of my body where I have skin that stretches.. And it don't stretch like it used to..

This shit is ridiculous..

The next few days we have a slight chance of rain in the area, and maybe we will get lucky and get the ground wet..

And if we get really lucky, we can stop the bleeding going on around here..

April 9, 2016: Well the weekend is here and so is the wind.. And there ain't a lot we can do about it but bitch.. And a lot of folks were in the store doing just that this morning..

We had a line of showers go by this early AM but they managed to settle the dust only, here in Zapata.. Other areas to the east of us got a bit of rain.. But not in the valley.. Which is a damn good thing because they are already under water.. Water that came out of Falcon, of course..

They even have the flood gates open a bit.. Guess they can't get enough water through the generators.

The lake is dropping like there is a flood coming.. We are down to 281.93.. That's 19.27 feet low.. Down 3.71 feet since the middle of December! And dropping like a hookers knickers!!

I don't know when it will end but it is making me damn irritable.. Think I'll go kill some gar..

It certainly ain't the first time this has happened.. But I was hoping for better..

The fish are liking it though, as a lot of them are pulling out to brush lines close to creek edges or even the river channel. I also heard that some fish are piling up in front of the dam.. Probably swimming as hard as they can trying not to get sucked out of the lake..

Soft plastics are wreaking havoc on the fish.. Same old story on choices.. Your favorite will probably catch em.. Plum colors and Junebug are really coming on as well..

And here's a mathematical equation as constant as Pi..

Sunny day.. Low wind.. Hardwood with a big shadow.. Throw a Plum Ol MOnster.. It's the shiznit..

That ain't the only thing that'll get em.. But it is a good one..

People are always telling me, "Why you always talking about that freaking Plum Ol Monster?"

Cause that SOB catches fish.. When it quits.. I'll quit talkin' bout it..

The locals that are on the water a lot are really doing pretty darn good.. Some of them are smacking em.. If you'll follow the simple rules we spoke about above you can too..

There is no doubt that the falling water is moving the fish. Some don't have to move far.. Some have had to move a lot..

If you were a fish, and were comfortable living in six feet of water, where you gonna go if the water falls four feet? Within reason, to the nearest water that was similar to where you were living, long as there is a grocery store nearby.. That's my theory anyway..

There is no doubt that there are a lot of fish that have moved back offshore after the spawn wrapped up.. And we are hearing of more and more deep fish..

That should make Jay happy..

But a lot of these Falcon fish just do not live deep.. And I don't care how hot it gets.. They live in shallow water..

Last time I posted I made mention of the thought, that Bass Champs was coming later than usual.. And as some of you so astutely pointed out, it is not at all unusual for BC to come here this late in April..

I'd like to say, that I was trying to see if I could catch you believing that.. But not.. Guess old age is taking its toll on my memory.. And that ain't the only thing..

There is a story going around about two old men talking to each other.. One says to the other, "Would you rather have Parkinson's or Alzheimer's?"

The second man says, "Parkinson's of course.. Better to spill a little scotch than to forget where you put the bottle.."

I guess that make sense.. I'm not making fun of either disease.. But I love old folks with a sense of humor..

There are quite a few folks on the water today, as there are two clubs in town and the Olivares tournament that is being held down at the dam on the Mexican side of the lake.. I hear there are about fifty to sixty boats in that one.. We had a bunch of the Mexican Nationals in yesterday and they are a hoot.. And they love fishing..

I am sure the Salanaias is chock full of boats today.

There ain't a lot of stuff going on around here, other than some pretty good fishing.. We still ain't catching big numbers of giants, and don't let anybody tell you that we are.. There is always a chance to catch a whopper.. Any cast.. But it is not near as likely as it once was..

But it's coming..

But as far as catching fish, with some nice ones on occasion, I still think we are fishing as good as any lake in the state..

I don't know if we are going to see a bigger winning stringer at Bass Champs this go-round, but I think we will see more good stringers.. There should be a good many twenty something's weighed in.. Last time there were only five stringers over twenty pounds.. (I looked it up this time..)

The reason I believe that is because I am hearing about a lot of four and five pound fish being caught.. We'll see soon enough, I reckon..

I did not make it on the lake a single day this week.. But I plan on hitting it tomorrow.. Wind allowing.. It has been blowing every day this week, cept one, and I did not go out.. And yes, I do cherry pick the days I fish.. And getting worse all the time..

And with my recent proclivity for Gar killin', some of those sunny and still days tend to find me with a bow in my hands instead of a rod and reel.. I'm telling you that is some fun shit..

In any case, this place is a sportsman paradise right now.. Catchin it or killin it, it is hard to beat Zapata..

Yall come get ya some..

April 4, 2016: It is rare for a cool front to make it down here with any "uumphf" this time of year, but we had one do it last Friday. And we had cool temps and kinda big waves on Saturday, just enough to make you want a jacket in the early am.. Especially if you caught a little spray over the bow..

It did not get cold, but we had lows in the fifties even this morning.. I'm tired of wearing blue jeans..

The weather did not seem to bother the fish too much, as we have heard reports of big numbers of fish on most every day. Not everybody is catching scores of fish.. But some are..

Their secret is simple.. Find the right point or rockpile and stay there and hammer em..

It is all about rocks of course.. And when in the last year ain't it been?

You have heard me say a thousand times that you need to be around rocks.. Make that a thousand and one..

That being said, the old summer pattern of flipping fish off the bigger hardwoods is starting to kick in. There are usually a couple of things that need to be happening for that pattern to work well.. A light wind, and beat you down sunshine..

Falcon bass love shade, and they will cozy right up to trees that provide a bit of an ambush point. Much like Jack The Ripper.. They like to lurk in the shadows.. And then jump out and put a beat down on your ass..

If you are fishing sloping rocky banks or rockpiles, I recommend that you give a senko a try.. A five or six incher will get you bit.. A lot.. And dammit for the hundreth time put some chartreuse on the tip..

That ain't the only thing that will catch em.. Smaller plastics work better than big ones right now.. But it ain't rocket science..

You can also whack em on a lipless bait, in the right conditions..

There are also a lot of deeper fish to be caught on long points and and old foundations.. Or any deeper rocky structure.. Time to put that new side imaging to work.. That shit is money..

The lake is dropping at an alarming rate.. Something we have not seen in two years.. I was on the river below the dam yesterday and I can tell you that there is a ocean of water headed for the gulf.. You could surf in some rocky locations..

We fished the slack water below the floodgate floodway, that has been recently inundated by the big water releases.. It would remind one of fishing Okechobee.. Acres of flooded grass in four feet of water.. But the fish were not too tuned in to it just yet..

It's hard to get up to the dam from below.. Lots of rocks and rapids, but at this release rate, it can usually be done without adding any aluminum content to the water.. If you lost power in the middle of the river right now... Maybe we'd find you down about Harlingen..

We only hooked one good fish, between six and eight pounds, but it did not make it into the boat.. We caught a bunch of rats.. But it was fun to see a different part of the country..

The lake has dropped about a foot in the last week, and by the end of today, we will be eighteen feet low..

We still have a lot of cover in the water, and I hate to see it go..

Have you ever seen the film, "The Count of Monte Christo?" When Edmond Dantes gets his annual beating when he is in the Chateau D'if..

Well we're getting ours now...

The falling water has pulled some fish out the backs of the pockets, and like normal, it has moved them to some secondary points at creek mouths.. It don't hurt that a lot of shad are still up on the shallow points, finishing up their spawning..

This has been a great pattern as of late for numbers of fish.. The chrome or sexy shad colored shallow runners can kill them on certain days.. Give it a try..

In an unusually late appearance for Falcon, Bass Champs will be here later this month, on the 23rd. I don't recall a April tournament being that late around here.. Of course I can't remember much of anything these days..

But in any case, here we go with revisited redundancy..

Our water temps are above eighty degrees.. If you are going to be hauling a bunch of fish around please be prepared to deal with keeping them alive.. Keep that recirculator going and try to keep the water in your livewells cool..

Enough said..

The Alligator gar are everywhere right now.. I have never seen so many.. If you like whacking a bunch of these snaggletooth bastards then get down here.. We went out last Tuesday.. And saw fifty in the first hour..

I shit you not.. Then the trolling motor went south..

If you are here when the sun is shining and there's little wind.. It can be awesome..

Not a lot else going on around here. Just good fishing..

**The following editorial is intended for adult readers..

Are you keeping up with the shenanigans that are going on with the presidential primaries? I've never seen such a bunch of bullshit in my life.. And it's not just the candidates that are crazy.. The media and the party heads are crazy as well..

It would be funny if it wasn't so serious..

I know I am always amazed by the things that both sides have to say.. And there has been some real doosies out there this election cycle.. But more often than not, I am dismayed about what they don't say..

I think I am being disenfranchised..

The issue of abortion comes up in every election, whether for dog catcher or president. And of all the things I have heard said from either side, not once have I heard a candidate say, "When in the hell are you going to start taking personal responsibility for your actions and prevent yourself from getting pregnant in the first place?"

I understand that there are rare occurrences when someone gets pregnant when they don't want to and are doing everything they can to prevent it..

Short of abstinence..

And who really wants to have an abortion?

Do you think someone goes out and says, "I think I'm going to go have a bunch of unprotected sex so I can get pregnant so I can have an abortion.. I really love having an abortion performed on me.. It's awesome.."

I don't think so..

Ain't it easier to get on the pill, if you don't want to get pregnant.. Ain't it easier to slip on a freakin rubber than getting an abortion.. Ever heard of spermacides? Douches? Leaving that seed in places other than the Birth canal?

That still don't guarantee that the rabbit won't die..

And if you are a woman, being we are talking about "Women's Health", which has little to do with abortion, and you are sleeping around, don't you think it would be best to be on the pill?? And surely using a condom in today's world should be a prerequisite..

And you; young stud with the perpetual hardon.. They'll give you a rubber and a lollipop at the principals office..

Use It!

This is a societal problem, and unwanted pregnancy and the following abortions are just side effects of ignorance and people not giving a shit, for the most part.

Irresponsibility.. The plague that has taken over America..

I cain't help it.. I was drunk.. And horny..

I am not saying that abortion is not warranted in certain situations.. We all know what those are..

But the fight that this country is having is basically unnecessary.. If people had some sense of responsibility..

Do you think that there would be as many abortions performed if they were illegal? I can't answer that..

But it might give people pause before they had unprotected sex..

There are a lot of issues that are pressing on the minds of the American people right now. And overall abortion is probably a ways down the list.

But whether the issue is an unwanted pregnancy, or an angry neighbor because your dog always craps in his front yard, both problems can be prevented..

With a little personal responsibility..

Try some today.. It will change the world..

March 29, 2016: It's been a while since I sat in front of this computer.. But I still got plenty of exercise with my hands to keep my corporal tunnel working.. It sucks to get old..

But it might suck more not to..

Fishing here on Falcon continues to be pretty decent, with more and more offshore fish showing up.. At least that's what several folks who fished late last week said, that they caught a lot of fish on shallow rocky points, which has been going on for a couple of weeks, as there are a ton of shad up on the banks making more shad.. It is that time of year.

This lake is teeming with fish right now, and a lot of undersized fish are out there trying to eat a hole in the schools of shad.

TPWD was down here last week doing their spring shocking study, and from what I hear what they saw aligns with what we have been catching. Lots of juvenile fish, a decent number of keeper sized fish, and one between nine and ten pounds.. Overall numbers of fish are good, which we pretty much figured.

If we can keep them covered with water the future will bring some excellent fishing.

And speaking of water, which I talk about more than the fishing, they are sucking it out a lot faster than it is coming in. Something that hasn't happened in a couple of years. But it ain't like we ain't seen it before.

I was certainly hoping that the rains the last few weeks would have satisfied their appetite down south, but obviously they did not get all they wanted.. At least not everywhere..

But back to the fishing.. Lots of fish have been caught on the chrome and blue or chrome and black lipless crankbaits. The Red Eye shad is a good one and the Rattle Trap ain't bad either.. When you get around a mess of them little fish they are on a smash and grab run for the most part and sometimes you can catch a bunch of them quick.. Have your needle nose pliers handy..

Soft plastics always work around here, and again, small offerings are doing most of the catching.. If you have read this report more than once it might sound redundant but dammit if it works don't try and fix it. Lizards, senkos, baby brush hogs and super flukes are as good as it gets.. Not that there haven't been a lot of folks throwing the big brush hogs and flukes..

But more action on the small baits seems quite apparent.

Water temps are right around eighty, give or take depending on the last couple of days. The lake is dropping about an inch a day and this has also helped pull some fish out on the ends of some secondary points. It ain't rocket science.. But think rocks in whatever you do.. Like always..

I hope you had a great Easter, and got to spend some time with your family. It is the time of the year that I consider a period of rebirth.

I know many of you might be agnostic, or non practicing Christians, or might not even believe in God at all..

It's OK.. He still believes in you.. And he will be there for you when you change your mind.. Don't wait too long..

I got back Saturday evening from fishing four days down in Mexico at El Salto. And it was quite an experience. We stayed at Ron Speed Jr's camp there, and the accommodations and food were top notch.

And I didn't know it at the time, but the first day that I was there these little no see-um bugs thought I was top notch food as well.. After day one I learned to bathe in insect repellant, and the little bastards left me alone.

Let me say for the record that all bugs love me.. At least all blood sucking son of a bitches.. They did not seem to bother the other guys very much. But I have more bumps than an ear of corn..

A mosquito will fly across the county, and a flea will hop across the Rio Grande if they hear I am in town.. I must be one tasty white boy..

In any case, we caught the hell out of fish.. I did not catch a whopper, but other fellows in our five man camp did. But I guess what one might call a whopper another might just call a nice fish.. A six-twelve was my big fish, but I caught a shitload of four to sixes, especially the last day.

There was a ten, three nines, several eights, and a plethora of other nice fish caught. Most of the bigger fish came on small swimbait's like a skinny dipper on points and secondary points.

I caught the shit out of fish on the Plum Ol Monster.. That's a no brainer..

The last afternoon we got on a school of fish that was.. Well it was the type of school of fish that makes Mexico lakes legendary.

I was in the boat with Dave Krantz, and if that names sounds familiar it should. He is my Argentina dove hunting buddy from Georgia. And like usual, when we get together, something gets killed.. Or caught..

It was a windy afternoon and we headed up the river to get behind something. And there is plenty of something on Salto. Huge rock faces line the lake and you can be in fifty feet of water five feet from the rock face.. And you can fish in the shade pretty much all day if you want to..

Anyway we were in the river fishing a kinda dirt bank lined with big woods with the wind blowing on it, and the water was kinda dirty compared to the main lake, where visibility was nice, about three feet. Kinda Falcon colored water.

But up here in the river it was maybe one foot. It looked like perfect spinnerbait water to me and I tied on a big 3/4 oz chartreuse and white bait with a chartreuse trailer.. And a big trailer hook.. And I started whacking em..Dave was throwing a square bill and having similar success. I had about a six pounder jump off, but most of the fish we were catching were three to four pounds. Bad ass fish with a Mexico attitude..

We fished about two hundred yards of similar water, past a little creek, and down another row of hardwoods. And we continued to whack em every third cast or so.. I knew there were a lot of fish we did not catch, so when we got to the end of the stretch of hardwoods, I told the guide to turn the boat around and we'd fish them again.

After we went in the opposite direction, still catching fish, another boat came out of the creek we fished past, and was fishing towards us. The guide was thinking of pulling up stakes, but the other boat did before us.. And that turned out to be the best thing that happened of the whole trip.. For me anyway..

We fished back up towards the creek, and Dave had taken to throwing a deep diver in the trees, bouncing it off the woods. And he was catching a few and ended up hitting a tree and getting a little professional overrun.. Of course when you are down in Mexico you just don't pick out your own backlashes.

So our guide cleaned up the mess and chunked the bait out into the middle of the river for a cleansing cast. And damn if he didn't catch a twelve inch fish on the way back. And about the time he was going to pull the fish out of the water this giant mouth appeared and tried to eat the bass on his bait.

Well of course the big fish missed but I threw my spinnerbait right on top of her head.. And caught another fish about a foot long.. And Dave chunked his squarebill in there and caught another fish about three pounds..

And all of a sudden the river came alive with fish busting tilapia all over the place.. And it was on!!

We followed this school of fish up to the creek channel corner, and this wolf pack of fish had this giant school of three inch tilapia pinned to the bank..

And we commenced to kick their ass.. For an hour and a half..

The smallest fish in the school was about three pounds, the biggest about six.. But a shit load of fours and fives..

Every cast.. I put on a 8.0 square bill in Sexy Shad and they were murdering it.. I caught two doubles in ten minutes.. They were swarming..

One of the best hours of fishin in my career.. If I have a career.. It was awesome..

They were still biting ten minutes after we should have left and reluctantly we headed for the camp.. With a big shit eatin' grin on our faces.. We had to hold up our cell phones for running lights..

I have no real idea how many fish we caught.. But it was a lot..

It was our last outing, and of course I wish we'd have found this area earlier in the trip.. But it was what it was..

Kind of like that last kiss of the night from that new girlfriend... Left a good taste in your mouth... And the longing to get back..

What I would describe as infatuation.. Not only big in relationships, but fishing as well..

And let me say that we flew American Airlines and everything went as scheduled.. Could have knocked me over with a Bloody Mary.. And they did.. Even got my bags on both ends.. There is hope for them yet..

Anyway, if you have any questions about El Salto, or Pichachos, give me a holler.. Our buddies that fished Pichachos also hit it out of the park.. I can get you hooked up with the right folks and you'll have a good time.. And catch a lot of fish..

I'm gonna hit Falcon as soon as the wind quits.. Whatever day that is..

I need to go Fishin!!

March 17, 2016: Spring break is in its death throws as the week winds down, but I hear that there are a few schools that still have it coming next week. But not many.. So we have seen a fair amount of kids thru the store, from ages one to eighty two..

Fishing this week has run the gamut from some folks struggling to catch fish and a whole lotta folks catching big numbers of fish. I did not say catching big numbers of big fish.. But there have been a few sixes and eights reported and my buddy sent me this pic of a DD from earlier this week..

Jim Padgett.

And as you can see some of these fish are still full of eggs. But she does look a little like some rough foreplay is going on down there..

A lot of the rocky banks are littered with threadfin shad.. And everything that eats them is not far away. Including the bass.. And I will reiterate that if you see some white birds on the bank, namely egrets, they are there for a reason. The cormorants and bass are usually there as well.

There are not a lot of big fish in these groups, but on occasion you will you can catch a good one out of the pack.

I have heard from several groups this week that they have had hundred fish days. Most all of these fish are associated with rocks. Some deeper than others. Guide Jay Grieshaw told me this week that he was catching huge numbers off deep rocks.. Like thirty feet.. That's too deep for me.. But I know a lot of you like it..

We do have the numbers of fish in this lake where you can have hundred fish days.. If you find the right spot.. Lots of folks have told me that they have caught an easy fifty..

Bait selection is all over the board.. If you walk in the store, and I spin you in circles, and hand you a dart and let you throw it, you will hit a bait that someone told me they were catching a fish on..

Now don't get me wrong.. There are still areas that are not loaded with fish, big or small.. But if you come down here and put in a little time, you are gonna catch fish.. Or you need to take up golf..

Watermelon based baits are still best.. Some folks want W/M Pepper.. Some want Seed.. Red Magic and Candy are fine as well.. Put some chartreuse dip on the tail.. We have sold a train car load in the last months.. It works..

The water temps are right around eighty, and you know that Falcon fish like eighty like Charlie Sheen likes powder burns.. And they are pretty damn active.

We have rebounded a bit on water level and we are sitting at 284.6, which equals 16.6 feet low. Which is just about a foot lower than we were in January at this time. Releases from the dam are still below 500 CFS, and about 1200 CFS is coming down the river above us. The rise, if there is any, is hardly enough to chart, by the time Zapata and irrigators above the dam use water as needed..

In the last ten days I have bass fishing, catfishing, and bowfishing.. Hey.. Somebody has got to do it.. And I will have to say that I have had decent luck at all three.

David Benavides took me out bowfishing for gar on Monday afternoon, and I shot a personal best.. By a long shot..

This one was six foot five inches long. We also got another that was six foot one, and seven others that were between three feet and four feet long.. And we could have loaded the boat with them.. It was a calm hot day and a lot of fish were sunning themselves in the bushes.. I am serious. We could have shot twenty easy..

I have never seen so many, and we were only out two and a half hours.. It was nuts..

I am a relatively newbie to bowfishing, but in the last two years I have really gotten to like it.. As I have said many times before, I am a natural born killer, and I like to shoot shit.. And I figure I am doing the lake and bass fishing a favor while I am having fun.. And that's a win-win..

If you'd like to give bowfishing a try, or already have the addiction, give David a call.. His info is on his website and you can find it under bowfishing guides on the link bar on my front page.

Next week I am making a pilgrimage back to the west coast of Mexico. I'm going fishing of course.. What else would I do on vacation..

I'll be spending four days on EL Salto, and I am kinda pumped up about going there as I have never fished the lake before. We were going to do a two days Pichachos and a two day Salto trip, but with the great reports from El Salto and a good number of big fish showing up we decided to put it all on red.. I am sure I will head back to Pichachos this fall..

Of course I am going with Ron Speed Jr's outfit so I already know the food and drink and service will be awesome.. And if I get to make love to Miss Piggie it will just be a bonus.. And trust me, I am going there loaded for bear..

If any of you have been there lately I am certainly not above taking some recommendations..

I'm taking so much tackle that the plane will probably be pulling a trailer..

You know better than that.. I just hope I can get there.. My luck with airplanes ain't that good.. Especially on American..

I will certainly post a story about the trip on my return..

It is quite possible that this will be my last post till I get back.. I got a lot of stuff to do and I have not touched a thing..

But I'm fixin to!

March 11, 2016: It has been a long dry spell around here.. Till the last couple of days. It had rained all around us and finally it rained on us last night. We have right at two inches in the gauge, and an inch and a half of it fell in the last twelve hours. And as I write the giant low that brought all this rain to Texas and Louisiana and beyond is centered in the heart of Texas. We'll see if we get any more when the low moves east, as it may swing one last giant rain band across us on the way out.

The best part of this rain event is that the valley has gotten hammered for the most part, and releases from Falcon dam are next to nothing as of yesterday morning. Release rates were starting to get serious early in the week before the rains started, with over 4000 CFS going out the chute.

And there is no doubt that these rains will save us at least a couple of feet of water. Thank you Lord!!

And what this rain means to the spawn is... Well it is spectacular..

We will be able to keep a lot of brush in the water and that my friends is what it is all about around here.. If we can keep these ten million cormorants off the baby fish for a while it will certainly give us a shot in the arm.

I am not sure how many cormorants we have down here.. Ten million might be a little strong.. But nobody else in the country has an idea of how many there are either.. So I reckon my guess is as good as theirs.. And their numbers are exploding.

And evidently nobody in position to do something gives a shit either.. The people who love the birds don't have an idea of what we have down here.. And they don't have any idea what damage they are doing to the fish populations.. And I guess they don't give a shit either..

But if you are a wildlife lover, as I am, you care about more than one species of animals. You care about all of them. And caring about them also means managing them.. For their good, and the good of their co-habitants.

God gave us dominion over the animals on the earth. And with that comes responsibility..

And some of you might think that I am a special interest party only caring about the Black Bass in the lake. That I hate alligator gar. That I hate anything that can have a negative impact on the bass..

It is true that I make a living selling fishing tackle, and eighty percent of it IS geared towards the pursuit of bass. But that is because eighty five percent of all money spent on freshwater fishing is by fishermen targeting largemouth bass.

It's a simple business equation. And Falcon is one of the best bass lakes in the country.. I'm just trying to help keep it that way. Yes because of self preservation, but a big hunk of it because I love Falcon Lake.

And I am telling you that the cormorants are out of control in south Texas and northern Mexico.. And that's first hand experience.. Not sitting behind a desk in Austin or Washington..

I see what's going on.. Too bad that nobody in power wants to..


Fishing has been a bit spotty the last few days.. High north winds, big waves, and cold rain have hampered most anglers efforts. And these fish just do not like a north wind..

So I believe that when the sun returns tomorrow things will quickly go back to last weeks results.. Good numbers of fish, with a few gooduns mixed in.

Uvalde bass club saw some sevens and eights caught last weekend. Some of the females were spawned out, some still carrying future wall hangers.. And we still have a good number of fish that have not spawned.


Running a business of any kind always involves getting requests for help, donations, sponsorships, and things of the sort, and we get asked for a lot of things around here. And we help out when we can.

Recently I was asked to help promote a cause that I have always had a weak spot for, and that is CAST. Which is an acronym for Catch A Special Thrill.

CAST is a 501 c3 non-profit charity that is celebrating its 25th anniversary this year. Their goal is to get disabled, special needs, and disadvantaged children some fishing and outdoor opportunities. Things that they could never experience in their normal existence. Some things that we all take for granted.

If you have been around Falcon much you probably met Jim Behnken, or at least heard of him. He was guiding here for several years but last year he became the western region director for CAST.

Anytime you are affiliated with these kinds of organizations you are always looking for funds. And here's a way you can have some fun and help out CAST for Kids. And go fishing of course.

Jim has put together an online auction of sorts and it is being held on the Texas Fishing Forum. And what you can bid on are some guided fishing trips, that have been generously donated by local guides on Falcon. All monies raised will go to the CAST organization to to help them continue to provide outdoor opportunities for the afore mentioned.

Guides participating in the auction are, in no particular order, are Jim Edwards on Falcon Lake, Carlos Olivares on Sugar Lake, Jay Grieshaw on Falcon Lake, Charles Whited on Central Texas Lakes.

And while I am not a practicing guide, I too am offering a trip on Falcon that I promise will be entertaining while we are reeling in fishes.. So if you have been looking for an opportunity to take me out and drown me, here it is..

You can make your bids on the TFF, and here is a link to the page which describes the the auction. You can also donate to CAST at any time by going to Castforkids.org. It'll make you feel good and in the big picture what's a few bucks to most of us.

I'm so happy it rained that I could just.... Well I don't know what but we are going to have good survival of the spawn again this year.. And that bodes well for the future.. Now if we can just gain some water.. The sky will be the limit..

Get down here if you ain't already, and get you some when you see some good weather coming. Next week looks great.. And hot! Should be awesome!

See you on the water!

March 7, 2016: It appears that spring has sprung around here.. And spring always includes some wind. And we are getting it.. A lot of it..More than we want of it.. I'm sick of it.. And we're getting more of it..

There is also some rain in our forecast, and it sounds like this time we may actually get some.. Well.. I can't believe I just typed that.. These guys don't know shit.. But a bunch of them are saying it.. We'll see..

But it couldn't come at a better time as we are dryer than a popcorn fart around here.. And so is the valley.. And they are sucking water out of us pretty hard at present.. I don't think that this possible rain event will run any water down the river to us.. But maybe they will get some rain in the valley and alleviate the need to take more water from us..

We have lost about fifteen or sixteen inches of water since the middle of January. And we have had no measurable rain since January first and second.

Meanwhile Amistad is holding steady as a rock.. Give me my water!!

There is nothing new in the way water is handled between the US and Mexico.. Mexico will still hold or pass water as they see fit. Maybe Trump will fix that too..

But right now it is not Mexico that is pulling water from Falcon; it is the US. Lots of irrigation going on in the valley..

The fishing was really good last week and into the first part of the weekend. Thursday and Friday we heard of a lot of fish and some nice fish as well. Six and seven pound fish were commonly reported on Friday, as there were a lot of folks in town and some of them know the lake well. Uvalde bass club was here and they slapped them around pretty good.

But yesterday the wind slapped them around pretty good I am sure.. It was blowing.. I don't have final results from them as of yet..

Soft plastics still dominated the the show, but a lot of folks have been catching them on crankbaits this last week. And down the lake a ways the egret pattern has kicked in.

If you see a bunch of white birds lined up on the bank, they are not there waiting in line to vote. Although the democrats are probably signing them up as we speak..

Yess sir the shad spawn has started and there are a lot of them on the bank in places and the egrets will tell you where they are stacked up. And where there is a lot of shad, there are a lot of bass.. Especially the schoolies that love to gangbang them in the shallows. And we are seeing more and more schooling fish as the water remains warm and the fish get more active.

I took a buddy out last week and we smacked em pretty good in creeks up the river. Some of the creeks are having themselves an algae bloom and the water is a green as the Emerald City. And we did not do as well in the green water. Maybe it was mental.. But I don't like it..

But we caught a lot of fish that we saw.. Not on beds.. But chasing bait.. Not any of these were in schools per se, but if you chunked something in their general direction odds were that you were going to catch em.

The square bill and the chatter bait were both catching fish last week. Shallow wind blown rocks is where these baits were working best, and should continue to do so. And you will have no problem finding wind blown rocks this week.. Take a koosie for your beer.. And one for your nuts..

There were several big fish caught last week, and here are a couple..

Jack Hollingsworth

Steve Rowland

One spawned out.. The other not.. And that is what is going on around here.. A lot of it is done, but there is still some to come..

And although I ramble on about the hard baits and the moving baits, soft plastics are still the king of the hill. And chartreuse is still a trigger for more bites if you dip the tail, or in some cases the head of your bait.. When they will hit it but not eat it sometimes it makes a difference if you dip the top of the bait instead of the tail..

Probably just because they have the part of the bait in their mouth that has the hook in it.. That does help with the hookup ratio..

It cracks me up to see guys waiting to set the hook when they think they have a bite.. And sometimes it is a second or two before they pull the trigger.. I am not sure what they think is going on down there. Do they think the fish has it under his arm?

And if you are not on your toes around here right now, then you are going to miss a lot of fish. These fish are not eating it like a porn starlet, they're eating it more like a high school girl..

Damn, I shouldn't have written that...

In any case the fish are biting light and you may not receive a jarring blow when her lips bottom out on your worm.. So be ready and if you feel the slightest pressure on your line, set the hook.. Jerks are free..

Don't worry if you mess up a few baits on phantom bites.. We got plenty of em..

Our new gun/show room is about complete, and we are busy populating it with various adult toys and stuff you might find interesting. Of course guns are the main reason for this addition.. Well not really.. I have been wanting to build a T-shirt rack for years.. And I finally built one.. My brother said he could have got a T-shirt rack cheaper than 4K.. Oh well..

You will certainly notice a difference when you walk in the store.. If you have been here much before anyway..

And don't worry.. Fishing tackle will always be the emphasis of our business.. And we now have more room for tackle than we ever had. And we are busy trying to fill up the newly reclaimed space..

Water temps are up in the low to mid seventies, and we are a few weeks ahead of schedule in that regard.. And so are the fish.. They are getting more active, which is the norm for these water temps. We are even seeing some offshore activity where fish are gathering on some deeper rocks. So we got a bit of everything going on..

Come see us if you get the chance.. And we'll see you on the water..

March 1, 2016: Two months of 2016 are already in the books, and I don't know about you but it seems that the year has cut an .01 light and is headed down the track at a record pace.. Even though we had to add a day in February to get the sun/earth/orbit thingy straightened out.. Happy Birthday Arnie..

Leap year only comes along about every four years, and when it does it always delays Texas Independence Day by twenty four hours.. Which will happen tomorrow if you are keeping up.. Or care..

I for one will be putting up New Texas flags in front of the store.. And probably raising a glass to the greatest state in the nation.. And don't try and argue that point with me cause I'll kick your ass just like we kicked the Mexicans..

Back in 1836.. But they sure seem to have the upper hand lately..

Texas independence only lasted about ten years, before we foolishly let ourselves get annexed by the United States.. I know at the time we thought it best because we were still fighting with Mexico to retain our independence and we were still arguing over the southern border of Texas. And we wanted the protection that the US could offer.. And the US wanted Texas and all the goodies that came with it..

Seemed like a good idea at the time..

Today Texas leads the nation in so many categories that I don't have the time to list em all.. And number one on that list is we have a lot of friendly.. So if you decide to visit Texas, or move here, leave anything that don't match that behind.

The divide in this country has never been bigger, and I know a lot of folks don't like anything about Texas or Southerners for that matter.. And I could really give a shit..

And to look at the polls and difference in opinion, and belief systems, it seems to me that it would only be natural that these two trains of thought need to be separated. If one belief is in power over the other, and it makes the subjugated party miserable, why on earth would you want to stay together.

No matter which party or belief is in charge at the time..

"When in the course of human events, it becomes necessary for one people to dissolve the political bands which have connected them with another..."

Sound familiar?

I know to a lot of people it don't.. A lot of em don't even know which planet we're on..

So in the interest of everyone in the country's happiness and well being, why don't we split the son of a bitch down the middle.. Hell I ain't particular on exactly where.. The Mason Dixon.. Route 66.. I-10.. Hell I reckon I-70 would be good.. Plenty of room on both sides..

And then all you pansy ass liberals can stay on your side of the line and we southerners will stay on ours.. And you can do whatever it is you like and we can do whatever it is we like and we will both be happy.. And neither side will need to try and control the other in the name of what's considered right..

If you believe that liberal values fit you then move north.. If you are a conservative then move south.. And by all means take your belief system with you when you go.. Whether you are headed north or south.

And we southerners will cede you all of California..

Of course both sides will have to pay for their own shit.. Which would present no problem for us down south..

Today is Super Tuesday.. Which is just some bullshit name somebody made up because a lot of states are holding their elections today.. Why in the hell don't we just hold em all at the same time.. This shit is ridiculous.. At least after today the political commercials in Texas will come to a stop.. For a while..

The political campaign season should a maximum of thirty days.. That will give em plenty of time to disseminate their bullshit and if you are a voter with any sense at all it should not take six months for you to decide who you are going to vote for.. If it takes that long then you are too stupid to vote..

Anyway, hopefully this crap will be over soon..

Fishing is doing pretty good, depending on who you ask.. Some deeper fish are starting to bite and I am not sure if they are going or coming.. Try some jigs on deeper rocks.. Or a fluke..

The Salanaias is still full of fish in the bushes.. Lots of small fish but fun fish.. I have seen a couple of tens that were caught this week.. But not a lot has changed..

Fishing has improved the last two days as we get away from the cold front that came thru last week. Water temps are back up to about 70 in the afternoons, and the fish are getting more active..

The crappie and catfish are in the shallows spawning, so if you can't find em, go shallower..

My construction project is nearly completed here at the shop, and it is down to restocking the rearranged front and moving some fixtures and building some displays and hanging up a bunch of stuff and decorating the new walls and holy shit I still have a lot of stuff to do.. But it is looking good and I have very little stuff to do that requires a ladder and a hammer..

I'm too old for this shit..

Get down here and get you some before it is illegal..

"That fish has rights too you know!"

February 26, 2016: The last week on Falcon featured a lot of folks on the water, a full moon, warm and cool temperatures, and a mixed bag of fishing, at least when it comes to really big fish.

It also featured the first real group of post spawn fish that we have seen, with eye witness reports and pics of big bass with big flabby bellies. Kinda like going to the Jenny Craig nude beach..

Spotty reports of fry in the water have been coming in as well, and these reports have come from both ends of the lake.

I have no doubt that a lot of this activity is going on back in the bush so deep that even John Holmes couldn't get there..

But that doesn't mean that people aren't trying..

Falcon is currently a lake that can make you look good.. Or leave you with a bad taste in your mouth.. At least if you only fish for a short time. Those that have fished a few days usually find a couple of spots that are loaded with fish.. And some of those fish are gooduns..

I was talking to a couple of fellows this morning that came here from Arkansas yesterday, that also have a place at Toledo. And at 1:30 yesterday afternoon they were ready to pull the boat out and head east.. And then they made one last stop and the magic happened. They caught three fish over seven pounds and a couple of fives in thirty minutes..

They decided it wasn't as bad as they thought.. This scenario has been played out over and over again the last few weeks. You can go from zero to hero in a short amount of time.. Of course it can work the other way as well..

Speaking of hero, or hero-ess, Victoria here caught this 9.88 pound fish last week.. It is my belief that this fish is probably an old one, and on her way down.. (That's what a lot of people say about me..)

She said when that head came out of the water she used some words that are not normally in her repitwae.. That is a fourteen pound head if I ever saw one..

I do believe that there are still a few giants swimming around in Falcon, but I do not believe there are a lot of them. If there were, we'd have seen more of them in recent months. There have been a lot of hooks in the water..

A bunch of the eights and nines we are seeing are from the 2010 and 2011 spring spawns. And while there are not a lot of them that survived the low water conditions of two and a half years ago, there are a few.. Some of these over achievers may make us a few thirteens in a couple of years. But we have a bit of time to wait I believe..

That being said, we could see one at any time.. We have not seen a teenager in two years..

I am the ultimate optimist, but I also am a realist.. And when I see folks across the state of Texas talking about a new state record or a big year of Sharelunker fish going to be turned in I just have to laugh..

After the last eight to ten year period of drought, depending on where you live, one has to look at the facts and admit that conditions for growing giant bass have absolutely sucked.. For a long time.

And not until recently has there been some light at the end of the tunnel, especially in north and east Texas. But keep in mind that conditions need to remain favorable for eight to ten years and then maybe we will see another few years of big fish output.. Or Sharelunker output.. But that's a tall order..

If you are looking for double digit Sharelunker output in the next few years, you are dreaming..

One good thing that is going on is the lunker program on Toledo Bend.. And that consists of (basically) you catching a ten pound fish, bringing it in to one of the participating weigh stations, they certify it, you release it, and the organization gives you a replica of the fish..

What a great idea.. Somebody should have thought of that years ago.. Oh shit.. I did.. In 2011.. You may remember the Spare-A-Lunker program from 2011-12 here at FLT.. Or not..

If the state of Texas had a similar program it would certainly lead to bigger fish in our lakes..

TPWD's theory that genetics outweigh conditions don't cut it with me..

I don't have a problem with having good genetics in place, but just put me some Floridas in the lake and leave the science projects to the private sector.. The evidence is clear that big fish will appear. If Florida fish are present, and and conditions are right.. for the right amount of time

And quit killing all the grass in all the lakes while you're at it..

Falcon is falling about a half inch per day, and we are sitting at 284.95 this afternoon. Water temps that were in the low seventies early this week have fallen to about 67 or 8 in the last two days.. Courtesy of Mr. Coldfront.. It is still February.. Albeit not for long..

There is an algae bloom going on in some creeks up the river, which is not unusual at this time of year.. The fish are still there.. But the water appearance messes with a lot of fishermen's heads..

The south end of the lake still looks great.. Clear water has had a lot of fish in it.. For bait selections, see below.. Nothing has changed.. Except that maybe the spinnerbait is coming on some..

Don't forget your Spike-it..

I have been watching with muted interest the debates and primary results that are being held across the country. And I find it funny that the democrats have two such dunces in the race.. Bernie's only chance that he gets the nomination is if the Clinton woman is in irons.. And I don't think that is going to happen..

You know that Obamma would slap the hand of his newest female henchwoman, who is basically a female Holder, if she even thought about giving Hillary a speeding ticket..

The only burn you are feeling is the joint nearing its end.. Time to roll another.. Dude...

The fix is in for Clinton.. It's her turn.

The republicans are in quite a state of disrepair themselves, and I ask myself would it really matter to me if one of them got elected over the other.. I really doubt it..

But I do think it would be better than having Hillary..

I am a realist as previously stated. I don't think Trump can build a wall between us and Mexico.. And I know that Mexico won't pay for it.. And if you think Trump is a conservative you are crazy..

I hear Cruz telling us to add thousands more Border Patrol agents.. We don't need em.. Just let the ones we have do their jobs.. I talk to them most every day.. The people they catch are being released right back into our population with a court date set a year or so down the road.. What the chances of them turning up for that?

Your government is wasting so much money that it is unimaginable.. And all they want to do is spend more.. There will never be enough.. I promise..

Rubio has gotten some wind in his sails lately, but he does nothing to excite me.. He reminds me of Obamma.. Sorry..

I like you other two guys, but it is time to swallow your pride, and go enjoy your millions.. Maybe you can get appointed to some future cabinet job.. If you don't piss em all off..

Why don't you hear of any candidate saying that we are going to slash spending.. Get rid of a ton of social programs.. Balance the budget..

I could do it..

Or at least I got as good a chance as Trump does getting the Mexicans to build a wall between us..

And then maybe we could go to work on the defasite..

Never going to happen..

No, I am sure we will charge headlong into oblivion.. And when the shit hits the fan it is going to be ugly... Real ugly..

I am just not sure when it is going to happen..

Probably about the same time that free college education goes into effect...

February 18, 2016: OK so it has been a while since I have written.. But I have had my hands full around here.. With either a flipping stick or a hammer. And I can tell you that I prefer the former..

The fishing on Falcon has really come around, and when I say that I don't want you to think that we are catching ten pounders in every boat. But there have been some really nice fish caught, which include a bunch of six to nine pound fish, and yes Virginia, a few bonnafide ten pounders including this one.

And then he followed it up with another one over ten as well..

I have been sent a shitload of pics of fish in the eight pound range, and a few bigger, but you get the drift..

Can you catch a true giant around here these days? Sure you can. But you are much more likely to catch a bunch of quality fish, with some rats mixed in, and maybe a Rosie or two if you get lucky.

And I know the reason you drive all the way to Falcon is not to catch some "quality fish."

You want to catch a 'Freakin Hog'.. I get it..

But you surely ain't going to catch one in the office or trimming back those red tip photinias in the back yard..

The Huisache's are starting to bust out their orange blooms, and that means one thing.. Get your ass back in the creeks cause the bass are on the beds.

Maybe you will or won't remember Galen Gilbreath from Beacon Lodge, aka El Indio or "The Chief." He had a way with words and with people.. And a way with fish..

And I used to stay over there before we built a place down here in the late eighties.. On one particular evening I pulled up to Bourbon Street with my boat about half filled with Huisache blooms.. Well the Chief came over to me to dispense his usual dose of bullshit, and upon noticing all the huisache flowers in my boat, he said, "Well, you might not be as stupid as I thought you were.."

I took it as a compliment..

The water temperature on Falcon is at seventy, and above, in some locations. Less in others but where you find stained water it will be a bit warmer. I am personally looking for the clearest water I can find. It don't mean the end of the world if the water is off colored a bit but I have been having good luck in water that I can see a couple of feet into..

I am not sight fishing the bass, but in a very few areas it is probably possible to see some fish on the beds. But it is certainly not the mainstay of our fishing down here. We are just not that clear in 99% of the lake.

Irrigation in the valley has commenced and they are starting to draw some water from the lake. They do not have it washing the banks out but we are releasing about 2000 CFS. We are getting about 1000 CFS..

We are down about six inches give or take from the high, and we are just about sixteen feet low.. And dropping about a half inch a day.

Senkos, brush hogs, lizards, and flukes have still been the best things going, and putting some spike it on the tail will certainly help.. We have sold an ocean of the stuff in the last month, and the fishermen that have used it have certainly validated it use as of late.. So whether you like it or not, use it. You can get those stains out later..

So get out there and fish shallow.. Or deep if you want.. But for me it is the flipping bite that trips my trigger..

The spinner bait will also get you a few fish.. It is becoming more productive as time goes by.. Try a double willow blade..

I know I have been mailing it in as of late when it comes to the fishing reports.. But I am like a sixteen year old virgin with a new girlfriend.. Who thinks he is going to get laid.. And until I (or she) can make this hard on go away I just can't promise I'll get much better.. These fish are making me crazy.. I'm infatuated..

I haven't felt this way in three years..

Besides, all the political shit going on has me stressed out.. How about this scenario.. It was one discussed in here this morning..

Hillary gets elected.. And to pay back Obamma for appointing her Secretary of State, she appoints him to the Supreme Court.. And with the pussies we have for Republicans, they would probably be glad to anoint him..

We'd be dealing with that till after I was dead.. That should scare the shit out of everyone..

I guess Obamma is going to play golf again this weekend and skip Scalia's funeral.. What a rat..

I gotta go.. I gotta get something pulling on my stick..

February 9, 2016: Word on the street says that a bunch of good fish are starting to show up around here.. And I'll have to admit that we are hearing and seeing more and more big fish. But not everybody is whacking a monster.

And there have been scattered tens and eights caught quite often as well.. There is no doubt that the big fish are on the move.. And we do not even have consistent water over sixty degrees around here..

This week should bring some more of the spawners up into the backs of creeks. If the freakin weather men are any kind of right.. Which is a fifty-fifty proposition at best..

Let me put it this way.. If a north wind is predicted, at about seven to twelve miles per hour, you better hang on to your ass.. There is no north wind that has ever crossed into Zapata county at nine miles per hour.. And I have no idea how anybody that has ever been in Zapata county could ever say that..

Problem is that none of the folks writing that shit on the internet have ever been to Texas.. Trust me on this one..

For the next five days, there is no north wind anticipated.. I'm still calling Dallas before I put it on the lake..

When you get here, you need to head for the backs of the creeks.. Pick one.. With clear water.. And don't be afraid to plow up some mud with the trolling motor. These fish are getting in the skinny water..

If you do not have a bunch of sticks and branches in your boat at the end of the day then you are fishing too deep..

I am not too sure what the best bait is right now.. Folks have been catching them on a plethora of soft plastics. But a small bait seems to be working pretty well..

If you get around them, odds are that you are going to catch em..

Senkos have still been one of the most popular baits, but a lizard and a fluke will also get you bit. Some whacky rigged fish have been reported, but a senko fished Texas rigged is hard to beat.

And I have been saying it for months, but if you are fishing a watermelon or pumpkin based bait you need to spike it and you will get more bites.. I promise..

The spinnerbait is catching more and more fish as time goes on. And it would stand to reason that as the water warms it will only get better. A square bill is also catching a few..

But for my money, I am fishing in the bushes, and the mostly weedless use of the soft plastics is by far the easiest, and for me, the most productive. It is a thicket up there, so put on your leggins, and get in them bushes.. Use some heavy line and rods and don't cut em any slack..

I have a few pictures to post and will do so in the near future.. I have seen some really nice fish porn as of late.

I have been getting a lot of calls and e-mails asking about the fishing and people wanting to know if I think the fishing is as good as years past.. I say hell yeah.. Depending on what years you are talking about..

Is it as good as 2010?


Is it good? Yeah..

Can it suck? It can..

Can it be great.. Yes it can..

Some of that is up to the weather.. Some of it is up to the fisherman.. Some of it is up to the fish.. And the third has a lot to do with the first.. Warm water is everything right now.. And we just don't have much of it..

But I can tell you this.. You ain't gonna catch em on the couch. And if you're gonna catch em anywhere in the country, you chances are better here right now than anywhere else..

So if you have the opportunity then I think the next week might be a great time to come and give it a try..

My posts have been limited lately as I have been working/fishing my ass off.. And will be continuing to do so for the near future.. Holler at me if you have any questions I have not answered here.. It's all good. Come and see us..

February 5, 2016: Our busiest (normally) month of the year is underway, and we have seen a marked increase of fishermen in town. Nothing like years past, but there are a lot of folks down here enjoying being around some biting fish.

Of course the common complaint is that they are not catching a lot of big fish.. I ain't either.. But I am catching a lot of em..

I have been fishing quite a bit so my time at the keyboard has been limited. And we have a building project going on around here and you can guess who is doing the work.. Manual labor is still just like it was the last time I checked in on my previous life.. It sucks.. But it will all be worthwhile when I am done..

Water temps around here are hovering around 60 in the mornings, and if the conditions are right and you are in the right place, you may see temps get up to 64 in the afternoons.. On warm days.

We are approaching the new moon, which is on Monday, and it is likely that we will see a few more really big fish show up. I have been hearing of a few eight to ten pound fish here and there, but a lot more of the four to six pounders.

I have fished both ends of the lake this last week, and I feel that the upper part of the lake is fishing a bit better.. Which is a reversal of what I have been saying.. Some of the creeks on the north end are putting out big numbers of fun fish, if not a lot of monsters.

I have been told that the very back of the Salanaias is also putting out a shitload of fish. I have not been deeper than Krueger Creek, or Bulldozer creek, whichever you may know it as.. Of course I have rarely been known to hit bottom.. Yes the bulldozer is still there..

I have heard reports from all over the lake.. And I am not going to say that any one spot is head and shoulders above any other. You can catch fish in any creek you go into.. The key factor is finding clear shallow water.

I even caught fish on a spinner bait this week, something that I have not done in a long while.. Of course if you never pick it up, they're not biting good enough to jump into the boat to get it.. I even got watch a few eat it, and a few miss it..

But the best bait is still a soft plastic.. And man we have been asked for everything from a senko to a used condom.. We were out of stock on the senkos..

Just kidding.. We got plenty of em..

Your favorite flipping bait will catch em, I don't care what it is. As long as you put some chartreuse on it.. You don't have to. But trust me you will get more bites..

This week I have been pitching a super fluke in W/M Red Magic with some spike it on the tail.. And they have been eating it up. But any small soft plastic will catch em if you get around em..

I believe that some bigger fish are way back in the bushes.. Where you can't go..

I believe that some big fish are on the creek channel edges, wanting to go shallow..

And I believe that the vast majority of big fish that are going to spawn are still waiting.. Somewhere.. For the water to get to about 63 and stay there..

And that could happen next week or so, if the warmer weather that is coming hangs around.. We'll see..

But so far it has kinda been a trickle rut..

I have been trying to get to the computer and sit down and do a fishing report.. But I have been spending more time gathering information in person, which I am sure you would want me to do..

You better get down here and help me..

See you on the water!

January 26, 2016: Well what will probably be the biggest tourney weekend of the year has come and gone, and so have the fishermen and the folks from Bass Champs. And unless you were too weak to remove your rock, you already already know the outcome.

It took over thirty two pounds to win it, a weight that we have not seen in quite some time. The thirty pound threshold had been out of reach for a while, or at the least it had not been attained in recent memory. Or at least not in a tournament.

Thanks to the Bass Champs folks for bringing their event to Zapata. And I predict that in the not too distant future more folks are going to want to fish the BC tourneys at Falcon. Everybody likes nailing a fat girl now and then..

I had been hearing of a few thirty pound sacks on occasion. And you will be hearing of more of them from Falcon in the near future.

Thirty pounds is quite an accomplishment. That is a six pound average.. Duh.

A few years ago it was no big deal to whack a big sack, and I can remember when a Bass Champs championship tourney here paid the last team in the money for a weight in excess of 28 pounds..

I'm not saying that that will ever happen again, but in a year or two a thirty pound sack should be pretty common place. Barring any and all disasters..

There were a lot of quality fish caught during the tournament, with a bunch of four and five pound fish weighed in. And I find it interesting that the big stringer did not weigh a fish for big bass.. All chunky five and six pound fish..

Of course there were several DD's caught, and those fish looked like they were about to bust.. The spawn is imminent here on Falcon.

After talking to lots of fishermen at the weigh in, it appears that most of the fish were caught inside ten feet of water. Which makes perfect sense to me as these fish are on their way up, not out. And of the two biggest fish caught, one on a spinnerbait, and one on a Rage Craw, neither was over ten feet deep. (according to fishermen reports)

We have a cool front blowing on us right now, and it is supposed to be cool and damp today and tomorrow. But after that the forecast calls for much warmer, with eighties coming on Saturday thru Monday, and who really knows what will follow that.

One of the best baits of the last week or so has been a super fluke. Mostly in a watermelon based color of course. A little chartreuse on the tail won't hurt you either. Flip it or throw it on a Carolina rig with about a two foot leader..

A spinnerbait is starting to be a necessity on the deck, and it will become more in demand in the coming days I am sure.

Everybody has their favorite way to catch fish, and right now most all of them will still work. Yes I am glorifying the shallow bite, but there are still a lot of fish that are not in the mood to get shallow just yet. There are also schools of small fish deeper in places and you can catch a bunch of them in a hurry when you happen on a big wad of them.

Time on the water, like always, makes all the difference.

The spawn is the most unpredictable time of year to fish, and quite frankly, I don't know why a lot of us want to fish it so badly..

Well that's a lie.. Of course I know..

It's because them big egg laden fat sows are in the shallows and they're thought to be easier to catch.. You couldn't prove it by me lately..

What I like most is that they're in shallow water.. Fish I can get to with my limited supply of fishing line.. I hate having too much string on there.. Don't feel right.

Someone once asked me why I didn't try to hit the 25 point pail at the Bass Champs flippin contest.. It's cause I don't usually have that much line on my reel..

If I tell you that I'm catchin fish in reel deep water.. That means my reel won't get wet if I stick my rod in the water vertically.

You get the point..

Do you remember Jim Murray that was a guide down here some eight years ago that passed away? He was a heck of a nice fellow.. Did a lot for Falcon as well..

Anyway, his brother Dick still comes down a few times a year. And he whacked a 10-4 last weekend as well. That guy is always around big fish..

Last week I posted a picture of Terry Hoffman with an eleven something.. He caught a another big fish on Sunday afternoon.. It was an 8-2.. Not quite big enough to make the page but a great looking fish as well..

Starting to get the Picture?

I'm starting to get em..

Maybe you better get down here and get you a picture fish as well.

I'm about to start hitting Falcon hard, as it is that time of year. But I have also been fishing Sugar quite a bit as the last year or so it had been a better big fish lake.. And still might be for a little while..

And in that vein I have been over there doing a little scouting with Jay Grieshaw. Last week we took a trip that was planned to be a two dayer.. And after fishing day one, with a few cold beers and a fog so thick that Pamela Anderson could not have seen her nipples, we checked it in after seven innings.. Had to drive with the GPS till 2:30.. Not something I relish with all the net boats running around.. But I did not run over anybody and nobody ran over me..

In any case it was a so-so day, and I think we boated about fifteen ho-hum fish with the biggest about three and a half pounds.. Pretty crappy from my point of view.. But we did cull a lot of water..

So after having our asses handed to us, we decided to go Ricky Bobby yesterday and get back in the car with the fear.. And a box of band-aids.. (Hence the delayed fishing report.)

It turned out to be a beautiful day and we whacked the shit out of some really nice fish up to six pounds. Jay had one take more line than Charlie Brown's kite, and the fish, like charlie's kite, ended up in a tree, out of reach..

I have always held that the fish on Sugar are a month behind Falcon when it comes to the spawn, but there is no doubt in my mind that these fish were on beds, or certainly around em.. The water is not clear enough to see any fish, but they were on gravel in four to six feet of water.. And we caught some of the meanest three pound males you will ever tangle with. They pissed more than your neighbors dog at a used car lot..

We had a bunch of fish move the bait and drop it like right now.. You had to be on your toes.. And being that I have cougar like reaction times, I figured it out pretty quick and kicked their ass.. As did Jay..

But if you thought something was up with your line, or you couldn't find your weight, you better be setting the hook. I probably caught ten fish where there was absolutely no indication of a strike. Other than your bait did not seem to be the way you left it..

It's good when you're in the zone.. But most days, I don't even know where the zone is.. Least that is what my wife says..

In any case, if you are in the mood for a Mexican adventure to Sugar, now is a good time to go.. If you need a guide, call Jay or someone who knows the ropes, for your first trip anyway..

Speaking of Mexico, I am heading back to Pichachos and el Salto in March.. I hear the numbers at Pichachos are absolutely off the hook right now. If you want info on a trip there shoot me an e-mail and I'll tell you all I know.. And I'll give you a no bullshit report on El Salto when I get back..

If you want to take a youngster fishing, and fuel his/her addiction, then take them to Pichachos.. You won't get em to shut up for a week..

Going to Pichachos is pretty much a sure thing.. Kinda like going to a whore house with $200 and a hardon.. What you think is gonna happen, is gonna happen..

I am about as geeked up about the fishing in our neck of the woods as I have been in a couple of years. Good things are happening here on Falcon. I do not think you will be disappointed if you can get down here on a few decent weather days. It's not like picking the nuggets up off of the ground, but you might not have to dry pan too much either..

Come see us and we'll tell you all we know.. You'll still have plenty time to fish..

January 23, 2016: The Bass Champs weigh in is just wrapping up and there were some pretty good stringers weighed in. The team of Rodriguez and Harrington took top honors with a five fish bag that went 32.63 pounds. In second was Brown and Reynolds with 26.59, and in third was DeLaFuente and and Benoit with 22.63.

There were a lot of stringers in the high teens. Big bass was a 11.44 I believe, and I also saw a 10 something being weighed. Lots of nice fish were caught.

Most of the folks I talked to said that they caught their fish in the seven and eight foot range, but some folks caught them deeper.. Sounded like most off the best fish were caught in less than ten feet..

All the details will be on the Bass champs site within an hour I am sure.. And I will post a full report tomorrow or so..

January 19, 2015: It was a interesting weekend around here, with two days of weather. One nice and one not so nice..

On Saturday it blew out of the north about as hard as it can, and giant waves were the order of the day. I mean giants..

The wind was forecast to hit about eleven or twelve, but it made an early appearance at about nine o'clock and a lot of folks got caught with their panties down..

It got ugly..

On Sunday it was about as nice as you could ask for in January. Sunny and calm, with temps getting into the low seventies.. I went bowfishing..

Saturday was one of them made for disaster days.. Nature will often tempt you to stick your head of your shell a little to far.. And then she'll chop it off.. Fortunately no one was injured.. Physically...

There were a lot of folks in town prefishing for Bass Champs, and there were three bass clubs in town as well.

The best fish I heard of on Saturday was a seven something, and with the conditions I am surprised that any fish were caught at all. Sunday was a great day to fish but I don't have any results from the clubs, and the Bass Champs guys ain't saying much..

Water temps are on the rise, and I heard that some folks saw some sixty three and four degree water yesterday. Continued clear skies and highs in the seventies should raise the water temperature a bit more by the weekend.

And warming water is going to make something happen..

Yesterday Terry Hoffman showed up at Falcon for his annual trip and was immediately rewarded with this eleven pound, five ounce monster.. Awesome..

Next time maybe they won't have to take the pic from Starr county..

He caught it on a spinnerbait in eight feet of water.. I don't think that fish was on the way to deeper water..

I do believe that we could see a lot of fish on the way up in the next week.. Lord knows that some of the bigger fish we have seen look like they're going to pop.. They're ready if the water temperature holds up.. Saturday is the full moon, by the way.. In case you didn't notice..

Makes you wonder what is going to happen this weekend if we get some good conditions with a lot of folks on the lake. I will surely be at the BC weigh in to observe.. It could be a freak show..

A couple of years ago a fellow hauled in the second biggest bass ever caught on Falcon during a Bass champs event.. On a spinnerbait.. We'll see..

I haven't been talking about the spinnerbait much because nobody else has.. And I ain't caught squat on it.. Might be worth tying on..

Of course plastics are still king around here.. Your favorite will catch em if you get around the fish. I think creek channel edges and transition points will be where the fish will be found. They might not be up on the flats making love just yet.. But I think a lot of them are on their way there.. Staging areas as they say.. I call em highways..

Of course the smaller fish are on points and rocky ledges and edges in a lot of areas of the lake. Nothing has changed in that regard..

There are other species of fish in Falcon and right now all of them are active.. The crappie have been going nuts and the white bass have appeared in the Veleno and limits of both have been easy around the Veleno bridge.

Yesterday Tony Coatney caught some magnum crappie.. 2.5 in his right hand, and a 3.60 in his left.. Yep. Woulda been a lake record..

And the catfish are also biting good on rod and reel. I saw a boat on Sunday whacking the shit out of them while tied to a tree in a creek channel.. And last week Randy Roselle caught this sixty pounder on rod and reel here in the Veleno.. Chicken Liver..

In any case it's a fisherman's paradise down here right now.. Whatever fish you are chasing.. And it is January..

Thank you Lord for putting me here..

I'm really excited about the coming months and years.. No, not just because we're getting rid of Obamma.. But that's some of it.. Don't let the door hit ya where the good Lord split ya..

And I look at the Democratic candidates and I just have to laugh.. One lying, uncaring, unqualified broom rider with zero credentials of any consequence.. Running against a Communist that would all but shut down American businesses.. And then there's that other guy.. Who can't get a minutes time.. Although of the three he's the most sane and probably best qualified..

But he is just not bat shit crazy enough to appease the democrats.. They have to have a total maniac to appease the party.. I find it comical..

I tried to watch some of the Demoncratic debate the other night.. But it was hard for anyone with at least a fifth grade education to watch.. Even my intelligence can be insuled just so long..

But they were speaking to their base. A low info voter that really has no idea of what they are even talking about.. But then neither do they..

Of course the tit suckers heard a lot of what they wanted to hear.. How wonderful it will be with all the free goodies they will be getting once they were elected..

For the most part they were speaking to people who are sucking the life out of this country. And the money.. And certainly to the youth of this country.. The ones that don't know shit who they are trying to indoctrinate to the democratic party's way of life..

For the life of me I still have no idea why we let eighteen year olds vote.. It is retarded..

There is a reason that we put child proof caps on medicine.. To keep out those that are not smart enough or strong enough to open the bottle.

I think we need something similar that would prevent dumb fucks from voting..

Maybe a six question intelligence test.

What side of the faucet is the hot water handle on, if properly installed?

Have you ever changed a flat tire? (A no answer would automatically disqualify you.)

What year was the war of 1812? (No. Not a trick question...)

Who was the first president of the United States" (Ah.. They're getting harder..)

Who's ass did we kick to gain our independence..

And lastly, what are the three branches of our US government? (That's gonna send a lot of em to the showers..)

I know what you are thinking..

James.. You're just an asshole.. You lived a life of white privilege and what you have was given to you; you didn't earn it..

You are right..

I grew up with one pair of shoes, no air conditioning all the way through high school, and had to go to mass every day thru fifth grade.

My folks whipped me when I needed it and praised me when I deserved it.. And were not afraid to do either.. Without the threat of government telling them what was right or wrong for their children.

They taught me right from wrong, what charity really is, and a love and respect for nature and the outdoors..

They taught me the value of hard work, which in turn has provided for me and my family.. Not the life of Riley..

But I spent a lot of time fishing and hunting when I could have been working..

But I got no trouble with the trade..

If we as a society are considered to be evolving, then I got a problem with the definition..

I'm sure there will come a time when those of us who think like I do will have our day.. I'm just not sure when its a commin..

But make no mistake.. It is..

See you on the water!

January 14, 2015: I have been looking at the long term forecast, and I'll have to admit that I like what I see.. Of course I am sitting here reminding myself that these predictions are being made by weathermen.. The most inaccurate humans that ever stood in front of a camera..

Why in the hell would I ever believe anything they have to say.. I must have had too much tequila last night..

But let's say that for once the bastards are right.. Next weekend could be awesome.. Your shallow water game plan may not have to be discarded just yet..

The last few days have had water temps right around sixty.. A bit higher when the sun pops out.. I was in the back of the windmill creeks last Sunday afternoon and I saw some 61.5° water.. Unfortunately it was devoid of fish.. But it looked awesome..

I have not been back out this week as we have a project going on around here, but tomorrow just looks to good to stay in the shop so I am planning on hitting it in the morning.. And I am heading south..

I have heard a lot of stuff this week about deeper fish, from twelve to twenty five feet. And it sounds like most plastics and a few jigs will catch some fish off of those deeper rocks.. We've had this conversation before..

There have been a decent number of boys down here prefishing for Bass Champs, and while some say they are catching a few fish, I am not sure I am getting the whole story. Nothing unusual..

It intrigues me though, to look at the possibilities of what an extended stretch of unseasonably warm weather might do.

Our water was down in the middle fifties a couple of weeks ago, and maybe more recently than that. Now we do have a cool front coming on Saturday but it looks to be short lived, and I don't think it will knock the water temps back too bad.. And after that we have a weeklong stretch of seventies and upper seventies predicted..

And maybe eighties after next weekend..

I certainly don't know what the bass are thinking, but I know what I am thinking.. And I think that if the water gets up to 65 and stays there for a few days, the shit is gonna hit the fan.. And I hope to get it all over me..

Yes James' time of year is just around the bend when the fish get up in the skinny water and the females are easy to get into bed. And you won't need no blacklight to figure out what is going on..

There is going to be a lot of squirmin and spermin.. And I just want to be there when it happens.. At my age at least I can witness sex..

And I just want to extract a few of the participants for a quick interview about what is going on down there..

I know it is the same every year.. Always wanting the cold to be over and the bite to be on.. We'll see what happens..


Did you watch the state of the union speech the other night?

Me neither.. But I did see some highlights..

That guy should have been a doctor a lot of years back when they actually blew smoke up peoples ass.. He wouldn't have needed any of the equipment..

He has painted such a rosy picture of what is going on in the world that evidently someone else has blown some smoke up his ass.

One more year..

I have a lot to say about current events, but I want to be drinking when I go to write about it.. So I don't feel so inhibited..

But in any case, if you ain't doing anything, you might want to look at the weather next week and maybe sneak down here.. I'll let you know if them fishies start getting frisky..

See you soon..

January 10, 2016: The first ten days of the year have been an interesting mix of weather.. Mostly shitty.. But we did finally see the sun yesterday. The only bad thing was that it was accompanied by gale force winds rendering any open water virtually unfishable..

Welcome to January..

I have fished twice since I last wrote, and neither day was worth the price of admission.. But I went inside the tent anyway. And it was basically a three ring circus the first time I went as I had Gary Harlan and Jim Edwards with me..

Last Tuesday we fished the Salanaias, and where I had whacked the fish a week before there was just a lot of water.. With damn few fish in it.. Oh I reckon they were still there.. But they weren't biting.. Mostly due to the fact that the water temperature had dropped ten degrees since my last visit. Due to some of the shitty weather I was talking about..

We moved out to some deeper rocks and managed to keep ourselves entertained, but it was mostly a midget show..

Edwards got lucky and caught the big fish of the the trip, and it was a four pounder that fought like a six.. These fish are mean.

We caught fish on a lot of stuff but a plum soft plastic worked as good as anything. A jig also produced a good number of bites, but a lot of the fish would just knock the crap out of it and drop it.. They did the same to a worm but not quite as bad..

We caught em on a Texas rig, and I caught a lot of em on a Carolina rig, and a lot of other folks have been doing well on a C-rig as well..

It was a lot of fun and it had been a long time since all three of us were in the same boat.. We used to do it all the time and we need to do it more often.. Note to self.. There was just a little bit of BS being spread..

I am not much of a Carolina rig fisherman, and I missed a good number of fish on it. And I really hate rigging one but I will put up with it if I think it will get me more bites..

It's kinda like having a high maintenance girlfriend.. There are a lot of details you can't overlook, and operating the damn thing takes patience and lot of money.. But occasionally it performs as desired so you are willing to eat a lot of shit in hopes that you can make it all come together.. And sometimes it will..

But a lot of times you find yourself wedged and tangled up and only getting back half of what you wanted and you have to break it off.. Happens all the time..

But I'll take me the Ol Country Girl, Texas rig 99% of the time.. Something you can get right in the middle of the bush with.. And she likes it.. Goes down and usually will come back up, but only when you're through probing the area..

Tom Haralson has been whacking the crappie down the lake and I talked him into taking me with him on Thursday.. The weather was predicted to be great, with eight to ten MPH winds, albeit out of the north. And sunshine..

My happy ass..

What was supposed to be a fairly calm day had four foot waves and no sunshine, and after trying to fish some deeper rocks we looked at each other and said, "What in the hell are we doing here?"

We had launched at the state park, and we put it on the trailer and headed for the Veleno.. Where it was windy, but a lot more protected than what we came from. And we fooled around and managed to catch about eighteen crappie off some deep ledges, which took some doing..

If you did not have your bait right on the edge, you just were not going to get bit.. It took me a while to catch on but I managed to make it respectable by the time we quit.. We also caught a good number of throwbacks. Some of the fish we caught were beautiful fatties.. And fairly tasty as well..

Most folks around here are catching their fish on soft plastics and in the last week the fish have really moved a bit deeper.. Or at least if they are in the shallows they have really slowed down..

I have seen pics of some really nice fish as of late and there are a few guys that are really on some good fish.

The common denominator as usual is rocks.. From old rock houses to chunk rock on points and ledges. They ain't everywhere..

Depths from ten to twenty five feet have been commonly reported as hangouts for bigger fish. And If I was fishing a tournament today I would fish nothing else..

If the sun comes out and warms this water back up in the mid sixties I recommend that you hit the spawning flats cause a lot of these fish are ready.. I mean egged up fatties that are just waiting for the flag to drop..

There are a few folks down this weekend pre-fishing for the Bass Champs tourney that is happening in a couple of weeks. And they should actually get a cool but decent day to fish today. I think I'll join em..

You might be surprised by the weights brought in come the BC tourney if we get a good day. I'm not talking 2010 numbers but I am telling you that some good fish are starting to show up.. And catching a limit should be no ordeal..

We'll see pretty damn quick.. I'd make some reservations for February and March now.. It is gonna be on..

I have been working on the tournament schedule page and if your club has a schedule for the upcoming year I'd appreciate it if you would let me know when you are headed to Falcon. I'll add you to our page and we'll all have an idea about what is going on when. And in turn it will help me prepare for your arrival..

We got 1.85 inches of rain to start off the new year. That was on the second and third I believe..

Here's hoping for a wet and wonderful new year..

See yall soon.. Hopefully on the water.. And it won't be ten days till I post again.. I promise..

January 1, 2016: Well I typed that without screwing it up..

Happy New Year! and good morning to all of you! I hope your hangovers are mending.. Or maybe you are still asleep.. I was in bed by ten thirty which is my norm for NYE.. I leave the streets to the amateurs on this annual occasion..

When you get my age, every day is a celebration.. Lots of good fellas have left this world at a younger age than me.. And a lot of good friends of mine are in that crowd..

Here's to you fellas..

But for those of us still here, there is a lot to look forward to. Sharing time in boats with good buddies is just one of them.

And if you are reading this then we probably share a common thread. Or ten.

I am sure that over the years I have run off a few readers.. But I don't give a shit.. I ain't throwing my paper in their yard and they don't have to read this if they don't like it..

It is no secret that I am a bit old school, and some might consider me a bit blunt and outspoken. But I rarely say anything that don't need said..

Too many good people don't say anything out of kindness to idiots who really need their asses kicked.. These people really don't deserve any kindness, but we continue to give it to them as a matter of courtesy. Good raising I guess..

And often times our silence is taken for acceptance or approval. Which in turn breeds further contempt.. Some of which you are starting to see boil over by people on the right.. And in the right..

I'm not advocating kicking anybody's ass.. But a lot of people in this country certainly need some lessons in what America is all about.. At least the way it started out.. I don't think it is getting better..

America is not about providing everything for you so you can sit on your lazy ass and do nothing..

Nowhere in the founding documents does it say that you have a right to free medical care, housing, retirement, cell phones, food, and fishing rods.. And guaranteed happiness..

They do provide some protections for folks that want to pursue these things, both real and emotional..

Opportunity.. That is what America was founded on..

Attitude.. That is what makes America work for you..

Diligence.. That's what compounds your efforts..

Hard work.. That's what America rewards..


Yes you can sit on your ass and get by.. For now.. But being a lazy sack of shit and mooching off the others that bust their ass ain't ever gonna get you to the good part of America.. Which exists in every square inch of the USA.. If you work for it..

Certainly not all of us have had the same opportunities.. But they're out there.. Waiting to be exploited.. But you got to want to..


It is about the nastiest weather that you can imagine down here today, and predicted to be the same tomorrow. I hate winter.. And it has arrived..

We certainly don't have it as bad as a lot of folks that are a lot colder.. But hell, that is why we live in South Texas..

There is some terrible flooding going on in the Midwest and central US, and our thoughts and prayers are with those folks.. It's gonna take a while to get past this flood..

Here at home, Falcon ended the year at 285.47, or 15.73 feet low. That's 12.09 feet higher than this same time last year.. I'll take it..

Here at the shop we got 27.95 inches of rain in 2015. Most of it fell in the first six months of the year, and we had a dry summer.. But when fall rolled around we got some nice rains to get the country in good shape heading into the winter.. Which has arrived..

Our "normal" rainfall, if there is such a thing around here, is about 18". So we are way ahead of the game..

In 2015 we saw a change in the alligator gar limit here on Falcon, something that we worked toward for years. Falcon now has a five fish per day limit and Falcon is the only lake in the state to be unburdened of the one fish limit. Choke Canyon needs to be added to the list in a bad way.. That's another story..

We saw a resurgence in fish numbers after we caught some water and recovered from being 41 feet low in 2013..

And we started catching a lot of fish, thank God, about five months ago..

In 2015 the catfishing was off the hook.. It was incredible in stretches and I mean there were some monsters caught..

The Crappie rebounded in 2015, after a ho-hum 2014 season of very small fish and not a lot of em..

White bass have kind of made a comeback and you can occasionally get in on a school of em and catch a bunch.. But they ain't everywhere..

The new Veleno bridge is under construction, and there is a dirt dam across the creek just west of the bridge. If you want to fish the back of the Veleno then you will have to find alternative launching back here behind the shop. Ask me about it if you want info..

I have a great optimism for 2016. Short of any catastrophes and huge drop in water levels this lake is going to kick ass in the coming year.. And be better in 2017..

I have seen this cycle several times in my long term affliction with Falcon, and I am telling you that if we can keep these bushes wet it is going to be fantastic..

And if this El Nino wet pattern keeps the valley wet there ain't no telling what might happen in a couple of years.

Do I think it will get back to the kind of fishing that we had in the 2006-2012 period?

I don't know if that is likely.. It is possible. But it all depends on water levels. And some predator controls.. We need to start killing some freaking cormorants..

If you will recall I was telling you in 2008, 2009, 2010, and 2011, to quit your job and get your ass down here.. Some of you did. Some of you wish you had.. I am just glad I was here to fish that period..

It was beyond description..

2016 holds many unknowns of course.. As all new years do.. But there is one good thing that is going to happen..

We are going to get rid of this administration that as occupied Washington. We do have another year to live under this Obomination of a ruler.. But I can start to see the light at the end of the tunnel.. And it has been a long trek by any means.. This president has certainly taken us backwards as a society and has stirred up the races and religions against each other in a way that I could not even imagine eight years ago..

And I feel myself angered and filled with resentment towards people as never before..

And I don't like it..

I pray that we can heal as a country, and as a people, and put our prejudices and hatred aside, and rediscover the America that the founding fathers envisioned. It's still there.. No mater how hard we try to turn away from it..

And that all starts with me.. And you..

From the Bendele Family here and in Medina county we wish all of you a blessed and best 2016..

Happy New Year!

December 28, 2015: Here we go into the dead week.. When anybody at work don't want to be there.. And you can bet the boss ain't.. At least you can screw off in his absence..

Hey wait a minute.. I'm here.. Kinda..

There are actually a few folks down here this week.. Despite the weather conditions taking a turn towards winter.. It was so nice last week.. Back to reality..

The wind blew so hard here yesterday that old men were standing outside naked just to see it sticking straight out again..

I was supposed to go quail hunting this morning but the birds don't have any feathers left on em.. Wouldn't be fair if they can't fly..

We had sustained winds in the high thirties and gusts to I don't know what.. It was so windy that I saw a cat get blown through a chain link fence.. It was nasty.. Little cubes of pussy everywhere..

I told you there ain't nothing good that comes from north of the Mason Dixon line.

I'll bet there were some giant ass waves out there yesterday. I can't even imagine..

It was 90° on Friday.. This is a hard pill to swallow..

I fished last Monday, that's a week ago today, before I headed to the ranch for a few days of summertime deer hunting. I should have stayed here and fished but I had promises to keep to family.. It's not like I never get to fish..

But the fish were going crazy last week..

My buddy Gary went with me last Monday and we fished down south.. And it drizzled on us all day. But we absolutely whacked the shit out of em and we put 84 in the boat.. I don't know how many we missed.. It was a jerkfest..

Most fish were keepers but we did not boat a fish over four pounds.. The fish were biting so light that you really had to pay attention.. Most of em would just start swimming off with it..

Backs of creeks were best and most of our fish came from less than six feet of water.. Some were really shallow..

Water temps then were about 67 in the afternoon, but I'll bet that this morning it is sixty at best..

We caught most of them on soft plastics, and that is really all we threw.. I was using a Rage Craw in Falcon Lake Craw.. And Gary was using several baits including a junebug red speed worm and he was tearing them up on it.

But it probably would not have mattered.. I also caught em on the senko.. Same one I have been throwing for months.. W/M Red Magic in a 5" version.. It's a killer..

We caught all of our fish in or around bushes, and when there was some rocky stuff nearby it certainly did not hurt. But it was not a requirement.

I had one fish that had me on for a few seconds that took a couple chunks of drag and then pulled off.. Problem was that he just swam off with my bait in a big hurry and I really did not get a chance to stick him.. And that was my one brush with a decent fish..

I got back in the store on Saturday and I heard all kinds of good stories about the fishing while I was gone.. I knew it would happen.. But what is going on this week we'll have to see with the high pressure and change in water temps.. And so far not too many people are heading out as the wind is still pretty strong out of the south..

I hope you had a good Christmas and got some of what you wanted.. We had a great family get together and it was good to sit around in the shade and chew the fat.. It was in the eighties all week while at the ranch. Should have been fishing instead of hunting..

Didn't bother the critters though, and I killed a couple more big gobblers and a ten pointer that I should have let walk.. I'm still feeling guilty..

Of course we made some more sausage and jerky.. I still ain't eating any.. But it sure smells and looks good..

I hope you had a great time with your family if you were able to get together, or maybe you are just doing it now.. And if not then I hope you will soon..

Not sure what the weather is going to do to us, but we'll make the best of it and I promise you that the fishing here will be better than where you are..

Providing we don't ice over..

Happy New Year! Come and see us..

December 20, 2015: Well if yesterday was any king of precursor as to what the fishing is going to be like the next few days, you might want to get down here..

And bring your sunblock.. Highs in the eighties all week and low winds are going to make for some fine fishing conditions.. And the fish are on the bite..

I talked to three boats that fished yesterday, in three different creeks, and all of them put the smackdown on the fish. Those three creeks being the Veleno, the Tigers, and the Salanaias.. Pretty much from end to end..

The common denominator was rocks.. Go figure..

Deeper rocks are holding some schools of fish. Big schools in some instances.. Not necessarily schools of big fish.. But the numbers have been outstanding..

Senkos and lizards and senko type worms have been really good the last few days. Of course the same old colors are still working.. And don't forget your Spike It..

Water temps are running in the mid sixties, and the fish are very active.. Maybe getting a little frisky.. I am not sure what the long term weather is going to do, but we may have a bunch of spawning fish earlier than the norm, if there is such a thing. I have seen a lot of fish spawn in years past in January, and have caught fish on beds when most folks were watching the New Years Day parade..

You just never now.. It could be the year..

In any case I have never seen a forecast in December look like this week's. Freakin awesome..

I was headed to the ranch today to do some chores and sit in the deer blind.. But I am finding it hard to get motivated to sit in the box while it is eighty degrees with low winds..

Think I'll spend a little of my Christmas Vacation here at Falcon this week..

The fish are biting.. See you on the water!

Merry Christmas!

December 18, 2015: Seven days till Christmas boys and girls.. You better get out there and get your newest Chinese made shit before it is all gone.. After all.. What says Christmas more than a giant plastic Santa in your front yard, shipped all the way from Beijing..

Made by ten year old kids that have never heard of Jesus Christ..

All right.. I know I'm being a dick... But the commercialism of Christmas just gets stuck in my craw every now and then.. And this would be one of those times..

The very idea of Christmas has been so distorted and hijacked by retailers that never mention Christ.. It's shameful..

Let's poke some fun at some of the commercials that are out there..

How bout the one where she hands him a small box and inside is the key to: "A Brand New Car!"

Yeah.. I can see my wife buying me a new car for Christmas. And I want all of you whose wife surprises you with a brand new car to e-mail me for a free guided fishing trip..

I don't mean to be insulting to the ladies..

But if you are a man, and you let your old lady splash 60K on a car that you are going to ultimately pay for.. Without consulting you.. Well let's just say that you and I are not likely to run into each other anywhere..

Cause you are an idiot..

How about buying her another big diamond for Christmas.. Hell yeah.. There is something about seeing the sparkle in the many facets glimmering in the light of the fireplace..

While she is giving you oral pleasure..

But that won't last a week..

I guess you did not get her one on her birthday.. Mothers day.. Valentines Day.. Sweetest day.. Last Christmas..

I don't mean to be insulting to the ladies...

It should also comes with a box of Viagra.. And a red ribbon to tie around your boner..

I'll need the long ribbon please..

How bout getting a new cell phone.. Holy shit I would have never thought of that.. I hadn't seen a commercial for a cell phone in.. Minutes.. How many billions of dollars have phone company's spent on advertising??

You know if you made a great product or offered a good service at a good price you would not have to advertise it every fifteen minutes.. People would be beating a path to your door..

And putting the internet in your child's hands is not necessarily a good idea.. Because most parents do not have the time or the know how to supervise their children's digital presence..

When I was a kid my parents were my anti-virus software..

And that's what we have these days.. Kids raised by the internet and social media.. What a disaster..

I drove thru McDonalds the other day.. Yeah I was desperate and needed a snack..

So I pull up to the window and order a small order of fries.. Big spender..

So I pull up to the next window to get my fries and the genius inside the window, who I assumed to be a fry expert, said they were out of small orders of fries.. But they had plenty of big ones..


How bout all these college kids that want to protest everything on the planet when they know shit about anything.. Why on earth do we give them any creedence at all? Bunch of stupid whiny assed know nothings.. Why on earth do we let eighteen year olds vote?

I truly believe that we have lost our minds..

Why am I on this rail...

For those of you that still recognize Christmas for what it is, and not for what someone tells you it is, I salute you..

I don't want to get too preachy on you, and I don't do it too often..

I hope that you take the time to remember that it is only through Jesus Christ that you can find fulfillment and happiness in your daily life.

Not thru a bunch of materialistic bullshit that you will not even remember that you got or gave a year from now.

And remember that some two thousand years ago a man gave his life for you.. So that you may have eternal life.

Merry Christmas! to you and your family. I hope you get to spend some time with folks you haven't seen in a while, and quality time with those you get to see all the time.

Merry Christmas!

December 16, 2015: I know I said I'd write sooner but I got tied up a bit and went on a road trip of sorts.. But I'm back just in time for the latest cool front.. It appears that it is not going to be too bad.. I'm liking the winter we are off to..

Fishing conditions are looking good for the next week and on into Christmas.. And I'll have to admit that it is hard to get in the Christmas spirit without it getting down to at least sixty at night.. Highs in the upper eighties have been the norm as of late, and I am diggin it..

There have been a lot more decent fish being caught lately, and some big girls have started showing up at the dance. I'm not talking ten pounders in every bush, but numbers of bigger fish are on the rise.. Looking at several pictures I have been shown lately definitely indicate that egg development is going on.. Big time..

You gotta remember that these Falcon fish often spawn in January around here in big numbers.

I'm not sure if this warm weather is just a juke from Mother Nature, and she is going to slam us later, or if we are just going to be exceptionally mild all winter.. I'm for the latter of course, but I am sure we are going to get hammered sooner or later. After all it is just December.

From all accounts, fishing has been pretty good this week, and I heard of a giant sack being caught, but I have to verify this story before I talk any more about it.

Some folks are catching some good fish dragging a Carolina rig on long points and humps. Around rocks of course. Small baits on the C-rig are working good, like a super fluke or a Mag trick worm.. If you call that small.. I do.

The citrus shad cranks are still catching fish as well.

Lately big points and even secondary points have been producing most of the fish. These must be rocky of course, and they are still the best place to start. But some fish, and a few good ones are starting to show up in the backs of creeks. Look for corners and mini points in the creek channels as they swing back and forth on their way to the bank.

I ain't telling you nothing that you don't already know..

A buddy of ours busted a forty pound sack a couple of days ago, and he had some real fatties in the bunch.

I think that Falcon is poised to jump thru its ass this spring..

Just cause I say so don't make it so.. But just squat and watch..

I was telling you last time that the Mexicans were turning a bunch of water out of Don Martin, water that has gotten here via the Salado.. According to yesterdays water report the releases have stopped.. But not before we picked up a foot of water. We are now under sixteen feet low.. For the first time in a long time.. There is still some water in the pipeline, but the rise should slow down pretty quick.. I think it already has..

I don't know what precipitated this water release, but next time I am in the vicinity, I'm taking a bottle of Hornitos to the watermaster and we are gonna get liquored up..

A buddy of mine had a doctors appointment up in Columbus, Ohio, and he had to leave on Sunday, for an appointment on Tuesday.. Which might sound like a lot of time.. But it really wasn't..

And being he'd seen my driving record (I have it framed on my wall) he knew I liked to drive fast.. So we did a Cannonball Run up there and I flew back yesterday.. That is a long ass way thru some really pretty country.. Too bad we drove right along with a bad ass rain system as it swung east.. It's a wet son of a bitch from Austin to Kentucky.. Arkansas was under water.

But anyway I was back in time for the debate.. Oh Boy.. I'm still a little groggy.. There are more Waffle Houses up that way than we have Whataburgers.. And that's sayin something..

I heard that Lindsay Graham won the debate.. Who the hell is Lindsay Graham...

It's way past time for three quarters of the contestants to get the hell out of the race.. They're taking up too much space.. Don't you think that if you have one percent of the vote in the polls you pretty much don't have a snowballs chance in hell?

I'm not sure who has the bigger ego.. Donald Trump or someone that stays in the race with one percent.

"If only I could have gotten up to two percent.." "I coulda been a contender..."

What a joke..

I have a thought or two on what is going to happen, but in the Christmas spirit I am not talking about politics or the potlickin' shitheel in the white house currently..

But no matter what happens, it will be better than what we have now..

Get out there and get your Christmas shopping done.. So when I start on Christmas Eve afternoon you won't be in my way..

See you soon.. Get your ass down here and enjoy some great fishing and some warm weather.. Before winter does get here..

December 10, 2015: I don't seem much like Christmas around here.. Weather wise anyhow.. We have been in the eighties the last couple of days and today and tomorrow we are supposed to be in the low nineties..

And I don't care if the polar bears are sweating, I'm enjoying this stuff.. I'm plenty sure we'll shiver later..

So far I'd say that the weather predictors are about at their normal efficiency.. They suck.. Not even close..

The fish are a bit confused, but are still biting on a pretty consistent basis. Last Sunday was a slow day for me and a lot of others I heard, but the last couple of days have been good.

You have to understand that we just do not have a lot of folks down here fishing, so reports have been slow in coming. There are maybe a dozen boats at the ramp on a weekday, so there is plenty of room for you park..

It seems like every year this lake goes on a crankbait terror.. And I am thinking it may have begun. But I guess it has a lot to do with which crankbait you are throwing and where you are throwing it..

For whatever reason the Citrus Shad crankbait seems to be catching a lot of fish. The Spro and the Bomber are two of the best patterns. Both have a mirror type flash to some extent so maybe that is the key.

Anyway, they seem to like it and I don't question anything when it is working.. And it is..

As far as soft plastics go, the choices have been all over the board. And not just colors..

Most any plastic will catch fish it seems. If you are around the fish. There are giant schools of small fish from one end of the lake to the other. And there are times when you can sit on em for hours and catch all of em you can stand..

But just cause you found em like that one day, don't necessarily mean they will be there the next..

There are lots of three to five pound fish being caught, but certainly more three pounders than fives. Of course there is the occasional whopper that gets caught, like this ten pound two ounce beauty caught last Saturday by Buster Jackson..

I noticed last Friday on the water report that there was some water being released from lake Don Martin, otherwise known as Carranza, and that is the lake that feeds the Salado that runs into Falcon right above Zapata.. And when I got back into town yesterday I noticed that the releases were up over 7500 CFS.. That's a lot of water..

Don Martin is currently at 55% of capacity so I have no idea why this is happening.. We'll see what happens..

Falcon is sitting at 284.37 or 16.83 feet low.. And it looks great.. It IS great..

The crappie fishing here is also doing very well. There are crappie being caught all over the lake, as well as under the bridge here in the Veleno. You'll have to find alternative launching if you want to fish under the bridge, as construction on the new bridge has the Veleno blocked off just west of the bridge.

But crappie are being caught on rocky points and ledges all over the lake. If you are proficient at using your electronics you can find them in a lot of places. But rocky points and ends of points in 15 to 20 feet of water can have them stacked up.. Deeper ledges can do the same.. Come see me for some Monkey Milk baits..

I have been down at Sugar for three days, looking for some big fish. I did not find any.. I did find a few new spots with fish stacked up on em.. But none of them were big fish. We had two boats and five guys and none of us caught a fish over five pounds. Maybe it is just me.. Or us.. If was so foggy yesterday morning that I would have never known my co-angler fell out of the boat if I hadn't heard the splash..

I heard that woods were where it's at. But I never caught a fish flipping a hardwood.. And if you know me then you know that that is what I like to do.. All our fish were caught casting to the edge of woods, and mostly on deeper rocks..

That is not to say that we did not catch some beautiful fish.. Lotsa three's that are so fat and mean that they'd try to pull you out of the boat.. Holler at me if you have questions about a trip down there and I'll tell you what I know..

I got some catchin up to do, but I promise I'll write a note before too long..

Fourteen shopping days till Christmas!!

December 4, 2015: What a beautiful stretch of weather that is set on us.. Cain't beat it with a stick.. Lows in the forties and highs in the upper sixties and seventies.. And next to no winds.. This is what a Zapata winter is supposed to be like.. And it is certainly what I like..

There have been a lot of rumors around lately that some deep fish are being caught, and a few quality ones in that mix. And being that I am of the curious sort I teamed up with Jay yesterday to go out "in Search of" these alleged deep fish..

And we found a few.. But we did not find any whopper fish in the mix..

We fished from the Salanaias to the Tigers on deep ridges and humps, where we kept the boat in twenty five to thirty feet of water, and threw up to somewhere from six to fifteen feet of water.. And we fished all spots that neither of us had fished in six months..

I had not been on the far end of the lake in ages, as I have been catching a lot of fish on the top of the lake. And it is amazing how much water is actually in the lake.. There is some big water down south. So plan accordingly when the wind does decide to blow.. It's an ocean out there.

We started out in the Salanaias on some main creek big points, and I missed a couple of fish on a mag fluke wile I talked myself out of the idea that I was getting bit.. Light biting bastards.. But I caught on pretty quick. Meanwhile Jay was whacking em on a deep crankbait.. Namely a Citrus Shad by Bomber.. And he as bitching cause the bastard would not float.. But the fish did not give a shit.. He was kicking my ass..

I switched to a five inch senko, which has been golden for me on the north end of the lake, and guess what.. The southern cousins like that bastard as well.. Game on..

We left em biting in there, and we caught them on two different points.. I think you could reproduce our results on anything similar in there.. Of course it was too easy in there.. So we left..

You know those deep ledges around marker three on the river channel on the Texas side?? Evidently the fish don't cause we fished some old money spots that did not produce any fish.. Don't know why cause it sets up perfectly. Maybe next time..

So we headed to some deep humps in the Tigers and once again it was game on, with several doubles coming on the senko and a Carolina rigged Ol Monster.. We had a mini jerkfest for a little while.. And before we knew it, it was two o'Clock and time to head in.. Big ass fun on a day that would be hard to improve on.. You couldn't request a better weather day..

We did not catch a fish over three and a half pounds.. Which has been status quo for me as of late.. I am a small fish master..

The lake is continuing its slow rise in water level.. And I mean slow. We are up to 284.12, or 17.08 feet low.. This is the highest we have been since August of 2012.. And it looks awesome..

I am not sure what bait is the best choice right now.. As there are a lot of em.. But a senko will get you bit as will a bevy of other baits.. What do you like to throw?

Whatever it is it will probably get you bit.. Just get around some rocks with a depth change and there should be some fish hanging around..


You know there has been some real shit shows going on in our country, and in others, as of late. And I am exasperated as to what to think about them, as I am sure you are as well. Shock is probably a better word to describe my feelings.. As I just cannot comprehend the idea of killing people in cold blood.. For any reason..

And maybe reason is a bad word to use in this particular situation.. Because there is no reasoning in the thought process of the people that are committing these crimes against humanity.

It is obscene..

And I don't care which side of the gun control issue you are on.. This has nothing to do with it..

I know some of these people are mentally ill.. But many of them are just enemies of Christianity and the western way of life. And while they are deluded, and brainwashed into thinking that anyone that does not think like them needs to be killed, they are not crazy.

They are motivated..

It is just that they are at war with us.. Although most people in this country will not admit it..

Of course I am talking about the radical fringes of Islam that we have let gain a foothold in our country..

And I don't care if someone wants to worship whatever God they please.. But when you start killing people in the name of your god, you have crossed way over the line..

This is the 21st century..

The problem we have in this country is denial.. We don't want to be at war. So we bury our heads in the sand and leave our ass sticking up and you can guess what that leads to..

How much longer will this go on? Do you think it will go away by itself? How can we protect against this? Is it even humanly possible?

I do not think that there is any quick cure to the problem of mass killings here or abroad. I think it has become a way of life, even here in America, where a few years ago the idea was almost unthinkable.

The only chance we have of stopping or curing the problem is to admit that we have one.. And the current administration doesn't think we have a ideology problem.. They think we have a gun problem..

Some of the problem is that stupidity engulfs the leftists and socialists in our country.. They possess no common sense.

And you can't fix stupid.. But you can vote it out of office..

It has never been more important for you to vote these democrats out..

Or we'll have more of the same.. On an increasing level I would guess..

I feel lost and helpless in this situation. And pissed off.. But unsure what to do other than to be ready to defend myself if need be..

I recommend that you do the same.. And pray that a bad situation does not appear on your doorstep..

As will I..

November 30, 2015: Well the first of the big holiday season weekends has come and gone, and if you are reading this I reckon that you, like me, survived it, one way or another..

And somewhere in the middle of all the food, fun, fights, and football, I hope that you managed to get together with family and have a good time. The decibel level was high at the ranch on Thanksgiving day, as is normal.. With a house full of Bendele's. Which always includes lots of good groceries and spirited conversations..

This year was no different..

And now we are down to twenty six days till Christmas.. Where has the year gone..

I turned sixty last week and I want to know where in the hell did all those years go?? Last week also featured my thirty sixth wedding anniversary.. Never thought I'd make it. I must be a saint... Or she is...

The weather has been a bit sketchy around here all week, with rain, wind, drizzle, clouds, and fog.. Sounds like winter to me.. And I hate this crap..

And that being what it is, coupled with the holiday,we have not had a bunch of fishermen on the lake.. And those that have been out have had varied results.

The fish are very clannish, and if you find a wad of them you can catch them every cast. If you do not happen on a school of them you can have a so-so day.. And of course the crappy weather is not helping much either..

I went out yesterday afternoon, in search of some crappie. And we caught em pretty good.. As did a few other boats..

These are not the two and a half pounders of a couple years past.. But a lot of nice twelve to thirteen inch fish that are hard to beat after being exposed to cornmeal and hot oil..

And with my no beef/venison diet they fit right in..

I made a shitload of of sausage and jerky the last few weeks.. And it is killing me to watch everybody else enjoy it.. And rub it in.. They better shut the hell up or I'll quit making it..

Jerky around our place is like crack.. I got a bunch of nieces and nephews that are jerky eatin machines.

There better be some shit in my stocking come Christmas..

Anyway.. Back to fishing.. I had a some buddies catch fifty or more fish from one spot on Friday, and they said seventy five overall, the day before the front rolled in. Just like it is supposed to work..

Yesterday there were four boats at the ramp during the warmest time of the day.. There just aren't many people here folks..

The senko is still.. Wait a minute.. Yall been hearing this shit so long that I can probably just copy and paste the baits part of this report.. If you ain't read it, see below.. Don't forget the chartreuse dye..

I will reiterate that the deeper bite is coming around.. Jigs and the Mag Fluke are starting to catch some fish in a bit deeper water.. All the way out to twenty five feet.. On rocks of course..

And this stuff has not really happened in two years.. We'll see if the trend holds up or if it is just a juke..

As winter sets in, I am sure that there will be some periods where fishing will just not be any fun. And wet and cool ain't much good for fishing.. And that is what we got in store the next few days.

This weather is much better for hunting, cooking soup, and making love.. I'm pretty good at a couple of those..

So stay warm.. And if you see warming trend and get the itch to catch some winter time bass, get yourself down here..

See you then..

November 21, 2015: The weekend is here.. And a bad ass cold front is on our doorstep at this writing.. Wish I could shoot back..

It is what it is, so we'll just have to deal with it. Although I'd rather piss on a spark plug than be subjected to this kind of treatment. I know a lot of you who live up north are thinking, "What's the big deal.. It ain't even going to freeze."

You just don't understand..

Fishing has been good the last couple of days, and I imagine that this morning just in front of this blow job it is pretty good as well. But I ain't taking no chances.. I been there and done that..

I fished yesterday with a buddy and we caught them pretty good.. We did not murder them but we caught em. And I guess it is just me, or the way or where I am fishing, but I have not seen a five pounder on my bait in a month.. Sugar not withstanding..

I have always been a little fish magnet..

I am hearing more and more this week of deeper fish.. And some grouped up deeper fish. The water is cooling down and you'd think that the fish would be charging the backs of creeks.. But hell they have been there all year..

And believe it or not, there is actually a jig bite developing. On deeper rocks of course and most of this is a bit south of Zapata from what I hear. I'm not much for fishing jigs but I know there are plenty of you who are. So if you are headed this way that is another bait you need in your arsenal.. And we got plenty that are properly aged on the rack.. Cause for the last two years the jig bite has been near nonexistent..

The last few times I have been out I have been in the backs of some creeks up the river, that a lot of folks probably don't know even exist.. And I don't mean nothin' by that but to say that these are not major creeks but a lot of them have a lot of water in them. And a few of them have no fish in them.. And some of them do..

But man they look great and come spawn time they could be awesome.. I'm talking about acres and acres of flats in four to six feet of water..

I occurs to me that maybe we just do not have enough fish to populate all this back water yet.. But they are making babies as fast as they can.. There is undoubtedly new fry in the water right now.. We had another good spawn in October..

You can fish all the bushes you want, but I am still targeting rocks. Rocks with a depth change.. And yes if the rocks have some bushes growing from the cracks that is even better..

A lot of folks have told me lately about magic bushes where they have caught a shit load of fish all from one location. I have not been that lucky to stumble on one of these magic burning bushes.. But I have found a lot of hot rocks..

Some of my most productive spots lately have been feast or famine.. And I reckon that it is a timing issue as much as anything.. And it is not like I am beating on them every day..

But if you get down here and put in some time, you are going to catch some fish.. I promise..

We chunked a lot of different plastics yesterday, but the five inch senko was still as good or better than anything. I also had good luck with a baby brush hog in W/M red.. With the tail spiked chartreuse of course..

I guess if that is all you throw, that's all you'll catch em on.. If it works, don't fix it..


Thanksgiving is next Thursday and it just may be my favorite holiday of the year.. It's not just the food and family that I like, but the general concept of giving thanks for all the blessings that have been bestowed on me.. Not that I don't think about it every day. Thank you Lord for putting me here..

I hope that you are able to be with your family, and get along with them, next week. Looks like it is going to be a tho' down this year at the Bendele farm..

I'm outta here tomorrow and I plan to sit in the deer blind a few days as well.. And I'll be back next Friday for those of you who are heading down for the long weekend.. I need to check my license for Turkey tags as my turkey jerky turned out really good.. And if that batch of gobblers comes back I'll smoke another one or two.. Depending on legality of course..

I've had to lay off the deer jerky.. Bad news for the guacalotes..

There are a lot of things to talk about in politics this week.. But in honor of Thanksgiving I am going to let it lay..

And from the entire Bendele family we wish you and yours a great holiday weekend. Thanks for your support and Happy Thanksgiving!

November 17, 2015: If cool fronts were paydays we'd all be in good shape the last couple of weeks.. Seems like every three or four days we get a north wind, and and not only do I not like it, the fish don't like it either.. I talked to a lot of other fishermen and they don't like it either.. The mail lady didn't like it.. Nor did the cable guy.. I even got an E-mail from the putas down at Sugar lake and they don't like it either..

The conclusion is, after all data has been evaluated, that winter sucks.. At least the deliverer of winter sucks.. That being north winds..

Now that we got that out of the way..

The northwest wind is blowing pretty good and it has most of the fleet still in the harbor. This one is not supposed to last too long but we got another one coming this weekend.. Oh Boy.. I hate winter..

But the days when we can get out have been good fishing, and for most, good catching..

There were three bass clubs in town over the weekend, and all of them had similar results.. And I'll have to say that it was Hill Country weekend as we had clubs from Fredericksburg, Ingram, and Medina lake all in town..

We should have had a rock chunkin' contest.. Lots of boys from the home country in town..

There were exceptions to the rule, but most everybody caught fish.. Yes a shit load of small fish were caught.. Hundreds of undersized fish. But lots of keepers were caught as well.. Not all folks had limits both days.. But most did..

Heavy stringers is a relative term.. But heaviest stringers this last weekend were around twelve to fifteen pounds, depending on who you talk to.

Best baits were still a senko, a squarebill, a lizard, and a few on spinnerbaits.. There were a few other baits that caught fish, like a baby brush hog, but the one thing the baits had in common was that they were small. Some folks told me a 4" senko was good.. We don't even sell any.. But we do sell scissors..

Like one of my old girlfriends once said, "I'll go down to a five inch, but I won't waste my time on a four.."

The square bill in a chartreuse color has been doing better as of late. Someone showed me a picture of a four and a three hanging on the same bait.. Baby bass pattern crankbaits, shallow runners of course, are also a good choice.. We still have fresh hatch of bass in the lake and a lot of babies are being cannibalized.. Bass think bass taste good..

A lot of it is about getting around a school of biting fish. One fellow told me that he caught over forty fish from the same spot two days in a row. About half keepers he said..

The biggest fish I heard of over the weekend was a six something.. And that is about what has been happening..

The lake is holding about dead steady, and we are sitting at 283.80, and that is the highest we have been this calendar year.. It would have been nice if we had not lost those two feet of water in the summer.. But we have it back and a bit more..

The lake looks awesome..

Thanksgiving is fast approaching and I have already bought a new pair of pants a size bigger.. If I get any fatter Rosie is going to start writing about me.. But I am certainly looking forward to some of Mama's dressing and some giblet gravy.. You can keep the bird itself..

We will be closed on Thanksgiving day, but I will be here bright and early, for those of you who are not going to the deer lease, on Friday of next week.

We are going to have a high percentage of the immediate family all in one place, and the decibel level is sure to be high. I hope that you and your family will have the opportunity to do the same.

I will be putting on a sausage making seminar at the ranch on Monday of next week, as my daughter will be bringing a bunch of her old college classmates out to join in the fun. This has pretty much become a tradition in the last few years.. I get to kill a deer, skin it, cut it up, buy the pork, the guts, the seasonings, and smoke the sausage, and usually provide all the liquor it takes to get it done.. With their help of course. And then give it all away..

I am not really bitching as I usually get to convert some ultra liberal chicks into people who may just open their eyes a bit into some of what country living is all about.. The day usually includes some skeet shooting, (while the smoking process is going on) and I, (we, my daughter and I) have put a gun into the hands of many a young woman who had never fired a shot in their lives..

And I don't think we have ever had a one that would not give it a try and that did not crack a huge smile when they made the orange circle turn into dust.. Last year we also burnt up a few boxes of 9mm..

What's not to love.. Of course we have some repeat offenders that turn up every year.. I'm looking forward to it..

I'm carrying on, Daddy..


I am sure you have heard about the cowardly acts of more Islamists shooting up a bunch of unarmed people in Paris over the weekend. More brainwashed bastards who showed real courage.. Shooting at a bunch of unarmed people in a surprise attack.. I don't have the words to describe the loathing I have for these people..

Well I do, but I won't use them here.. I am over my limit lately on profanity, but let me tell you that there is nothing on the planet lower.. Well them and child molesters. And if it was up to me they'd both get the same sentence..

I remember a few weeks ago when the president came on TV, with his latest attack on guns, and said something like, 'How many more times am I going to have to come on TV and offer condolences to the family's of victims of another crazy gun owner.'

I'm wondering how many more times he is going on TV and not acknowledge that these Muslim Islamists are a problem, and that their ideology is to kill Americans, and any other race or nationality of people that they consider infidels.

He still thinks that they just have a few bad eggs.. Ignorance is bliss.. If you think that is what he is.. Ignorant.

Or you might think him brilliant.. He has done exactly what he said he was going to do..

Or you could believe that he is one of them.. Systematically dismantling the US and our Military by ignoring any one that does not agree with his philosophy, or firing them if they do not come around..

If you surround yourself with yes men then you are rarely going to hear anything negative about your decisions.. And any fool can see that this is exactly what he has done..

And why on earth should we sit back and allow a shitload of Syrians into our midst? So they can bring their way of life to the US? Your telling me that we can vett them? Are you serious?

Nobody is that stupid.. These people do not want to be Americans.. They want to be Syrians.. In America.. Because they don't have the courage to stand up and fight for their own country..

I don't give a shit if they had to fight with rocks and sticks...


These are Muslims killing Muslims.. And you want to make them love America and the western way when they can't even get along with a different sect that supposedly believe the same god?

How fucked up is islam?

Evidently there is no limit..

And evidently our government, whose agenda is pushed by this aberration of a president is not a lot better..

Get on the phone, and call your senators and congressmen, and tell them that you are opposed to the current goings on.. Send and E-mail.. Make your voice heard..

This shit has got to stop..

November 11, 2015: It's Veteran's Day, and I'd like to start off by thanking every veteran that ever donned a uniform in the service of the United States for their service. Some of you are still fighting a war even though you are no longer wearing the uniform. And I pray that you conquer your enemies, no matter the source.

A lot of things piss me off, but none more than someone with no respect for our soldiers, past or present. These people are the same pieces of shit that we see on a daily basis on the evening news that have no respect for their country, much less their self. And if they all decide to go jump over a cliff like the lemmings they are, I say, What took you so freaking long..

Again, Thank You! for putting you ass on the line for me..

It's a beautiful day here in Zapata, albeit a bit windy. But fishable it is and there are about a dozen boats at the county ramp. I was headed out this morning but got detained here at the store and figured it was too late by the time I got my rat killing done. There is always tomorrow.

The word on the street is that there are a bunch of fish to be caught, if you are fishing in the right area. Some folks have struggled a bit with locations and tactics, but the folks that fish a day or three usually figure them out and put the smackdown on a good number of fish. Some folks do it sooner than others, but if you will pay close attention to what I say you are going to catch some fish.

These fish are still shallow.. And I don't look for them to go anywhere else anytime soon. A senko is still the best thing going and you need to throw one. Whether you like it or not..

There are still other baits that are catching fish, but if you are struggling then put on a five inch senko and go fishing. And for the tenth time put some chartreuse dye on the tail..

A square bill and a spinnerbait will catch fish as well.. Sometimes the squarebill will catch em two at a time. These fish are grouped up. And when you find em you will catch em.

Rocks, and rocks with brush on them are the best thing going.. Still.. But it is not unusual lately to happen on a school of fish in open water, inside a pocket, usually. Pay attention to bait and birds, as the former are on the run and the latter are there for leftovers.

Wind can push some bait right up on the bank and there are usually some bass there as well.. Keep your eyes open.

I can't say that one end of the lake is fishing any better than the other. Good reports have come from areas from the dam to the Chapotes up the river.. You just gotta get out there an go fishing.

If you are looking for a thirty pound stringer every day, then you need to go somewhere else. It happens, but it is rare these days. But fun fish we got a lot of..

I was at the ranch last weekend and things went about as good as I could plan it. I killed two turkeys on opening morning, and my son killed a giant bodied eight pointer that evening that I figured needed killin..

We made sausage on Sunday and I got the jerky rack covered with meat.. Too bad I can't be eating it.. I am still on gout patrol.. I'm sure I'll have a taste.. I even made some turkey jerky for the first time.

Saturday night was dry and cool and I left the door of the drying room open.. I shoulda closed it as my Mom's cat ate about a square foot of the turkey meat off the rack.. Sneaky bastard.. You can't trust a cat..

I hope he got a case of the shits..

It's a great time of year for sportsmen in south Texas..


There wasn't much on the tube last night, so I ended up watching some of the debate. And while most of it was a reiteration of the same old crap, I did hear a few new things. None of them earthshaking.

But one thing was brought up that I talk about all the time.. Well kind of..

I am not sure which candidate it was but one of them was talking about how a single mother of four making forty thousand a year is living in poverty..

No shit Sherlock..

But what every one of these presidential wannabees always fails to say is, "Why in the hell do you have four kids?"

None of them ever talk about personal responsibility for their situation. And I'll bet that most every one of these single mothers with four kids is on every kind of government assistance available..

None of them have the balls to say that maybe you need to keep your legs closed if you don't have the wherewithal to deal with the consequences of having unprotected sex.

Or learn to put on a rubber.. Or get some free birth control pills from the government.. Or go down and buy some Summers Eve..

And some of you men are no better.. You are just as much to blame.. And if you are not man enough to pay for the children that spring from your loins then you are just a pussy..

Running around like a semen sprinkler is all fine and dandy.. But man up and take responsibility for your actions.

Prevention is much easier, and inexpensive than the alternative..

If I hear a candidate say that, they'll have my vote..

I'm not holding my breath on that one either..


Hope to see you down here before too long.. I'll be trapped in the store for the next ten days.. Come see me..

November 4, 2015: It's been a gorgeous stretch of weather around here as of late, and I just can't imagine it getting any better.. Lows in the sixties and highs in the eighties.. And biting fish.. Gotta love it.

There are actually a few groups in town from across the midwest this week, who have ventured down to check out the fishing. Several of them have never been here before. It's about time..

And when they come in the store the conversation invariably gets round to, "You should have been here five years ago.."

I have uttered that phrase more than once, but lately I am thinking that if you couldn't make it back then, that now is as good a time as any to be here. Matter of fact it is pretty damn good fishing about now..

One of my favorite sayings is, "When's the best time to plant a tree?" Of course the correct answer is twenty five years ago.. "When's the second best time to plant a tree?"

Right now..

And a few folks are digging the hole as we speak..

I reckon if I had to pick one bait right now it would probably be a senko.. Although I am sure some folks would argue with me. But one thing we can mostly agree on is that the senko should be watermelon red. It's a fish catchin dude..

I am not sure how many different ways I can say it but the fish are just biting around here.. Sure we have a slow day or two mixed in now and then, but overall it has been pretty damn good.

Yesterday the wind blew like a bastard and made things a little tough. I was crappie fishing in the Veleno and there were some big ass waves out there.. I did not venture out on the big water..

There are crappie a lot of other places than under the bridge. And we caught some on some rocky bluffs with those freaking retamas on them.. You don't get em all in the boat.. We also caught several good bass on the crappie jigs, but only one made it into the boat. Six pound test and retamas don't go very well together.. But I do believe a man could hook a decent sack of bass on the crappie rigs.. Landing em is a different story.

I was just talking about he-man equipment last time I wrote.. You do have to match equipment to the job..

That's why Rosie drives a Super Duty..

The lake is holding about dead steady with an ever so slow rise going on.. There is a very small amount of water being released and a lot of folks believe that the fish don't bite near as good when there is no water moving thru the lake. I do believe that they bite less when this lake is rising..

I still believe that if you get anywhere close to a school of fish these bastards are going to bite your worm.. There are just so many of them..

Yesterday I was fishing in the shallows (whooda thunk it) and the bushes were filled with fry, about 1/2 to 3/4" long.. I am not positive what they were.. But I believe they were bass.. This lake is cranking the babies out..

"Dear Lord.. Please don't let our water levels drop.. I'll talk to you tonight about for how long.."

There have been some Federales on the bank on the Mexican side of the lake in a few areas. Several groups of fishermen have had interactions with them, and if you are asked to speak with them I recommend that you interact with them as well. They are the authority on their side and are doing their job.

If you do see them they will be asking if you have arms or drugs.. If you are dumb enough to take either into Mexico then you may get what you deserve..

Common sense is a good thing. Use it if you got it..

Hunting season opens this weekend, and it is predicted to be a wet one. And a warm one.. Traditionally at our place a nanny gets a headache on opening morning and by Sunday evening she has been ground, stuffed, smoked, and shrink wrapped.. I hate making sausage with mosquitoes buzzing around so I may wait till it is a little cooler.. But I ain't promising anything.. I do like me some fresh backstrap..

I feel a gout attack coming on..

What else..

The first Sharelunker of the season was caught Monday from Sam Rayburn. It is another small thirteen which has become the norm for SL fish. We'll see if it survives the rigors of stardom..

But it did not work out too well for Janice Joplin, Stevie Ray Vaughn, or Bon Scott..

Exposure to the SL program last year was as not too good on the bass.. It was kinda like exposing a cockroach to Raid!

It caused more broken jaws than Cassius Clay, and drew a lot of flies to the dumpster's around the TFFC at Athens..

Maybe this year will be better..

I never figured out last year how so many big fish could come in with broken jaws and and then get an infection and die in two days.. Or whatever the short time period was..

Where were all these broken jaws and infections in years past? Last year was not the first year that fish got held up by their lower jaw. I would really like more info from PAW on this issue.. But they rarely share any of that..

I kept hearing about more info from necropsies but have yet to see any results or articles written about the issue..

I just know that it sucks to kill a giant fish..

I know that some of you Sharelunker lovers out there get all pissed when I speak negatively about the program.

I figure that I am not speaking negatively, I'm just telling the truth.. Something that sportswriters around our great state will very rarely do.. They just regurgitate the same old PAW line about how great the program is..

You don't expect PAW to say anything negative about the program, do you?

There are only fifty one (51) shopping days left till Christmas.. I can't believe that there's another year shot in the ass..

I hope the next year goes by even faster.. Cause putting up with another year of campaign ads and debates is about enough to make a man want to deep throat a 1911.. Keep America in your prayers..

"And deliver us from evil.. Amen.."

October 29, 2015: Well we didn't get the rain we were hoping for last week.. But we got the valley soaking wet.. And that is a good thing. Water kept is as good as water caught in my book.. And they have finally put a plug in the dam and are letting out just enough to service the municipalities down stream. Hot damn..

And while Patricia did not put enough water in the places we wanted it, it's remnants gave some folks a lot more water than they wanted. But that is the way it works.. Hopefully the folks that were badly affected by the flooding will make a quick recovery..

The lake ended up catching all of three inches from rains associated with the storm, a damn sight less than could have happened.. So we are waiting on the next one.. We got 6/10ths here at the shop.. And on it goes..

I have been talking to a lot of fishermen this week, and this period of full moon and post frontal conditions was tough on the fishing Monday and Tuesday. Fewer fish were caught on those two days, and on Sunday, nobody fished, as north winds blowing up to thirty miles per hour were howling down the lake.. It was a Lazy-Boy kind of day..

But yesterday and this morning have been a lot better, and more like what was going on before the front. Moving baits like a small swimbait or spinner bait in real shallow water are catching a lot of fish. Get around some secondary points and tree lines and you can catch some numbers.

We have a bait in bulk that is a W/M red magic senko in a five inch variety.. With a little chartreuse on the tail it is a killer. Throw it in any retama on a point and see what happens.

The Rage Craw is still good.. And I caught the crap out of the little fish on a 1.5 square bill earlier this week. So I do believe that you can catch a bunch of fish as long as it is shallow. I know, I know.. You want to get out there on some deep ledges and rockpiles and catch em.. Good Luck..

Me and about twenty of my friends want to do it too.. But it ain't happening..

I know that I am always talking about shallow water fishing.. And I love it.. But I have nothing against catching them in water deeper than your boat is long.. It's just that there is no consistent deep water bite.. And a lot of my deep water guru buddies are fishing shallow as well..

I love to hear em cry.. Like my Daddy would say.. "It is what it is.."

The lake is looking awesome, with water clarity just about right.. It is a bit clearer on the south end of the lake, but most of it is Falcon Green.. Water temps have slipped to about 77 degrees this week, after the cooler nights and the big norther blow job.. These fish should be going crazy in the next month. Looks like we will have October water temps in November..

I've been scoping out some likely spawning grounds the last few times I have been out, and let me tell you it is going to be pretty gnarly this spring if we stay anywhere near the water level we are at right now. Broom sticks and parachute cord may be the only way we get em out of the bushes.. But we been there before..

Six feet of line straight down in the middle of a thorn bush and hang on.. I'm getting goose bumps..

And you better not let her have an inch of line either.. Or she'll have you tied up like a leather clad dominatrix with your panties down around your ankles.. And it'll only get uglier from there..

Where was I? Kinda drifted off there for a moment... Oh yeah..

Catching them fish out of that thick stuff is a Falcon tradition, and if you are not prepared, you are rarely going to win. And when you are in the thick of it you need to learn to make your hookset and boat flip all in one motion.. You just can't quit.. Or you loose.. And that is why it is imperative to have a stout rod, that will not go tits up on you when you get Ol Rosie on the string..

Picture this...

There's big fat Rosie, no makeup, in lateral lined green spandex pants.. Bent over, looking in the refrigerator.. Two big ass cheeks, perfectly sculpted by the spandex, jutting out of the box like the faces on Mount Rushmore.. One butter covered hand on the open refrigerator door, and the other with a death grip on a half gallon of Dutch Chocolate Blue Bell.. She's got a mouth full of Krispy Creme's and she's trying to get to a half eaten apple pie in the back of the box.. And suddenly you try to yank her out of her comfort zone..

It ain't gonna go well..

When you set the hook, let me tell you that the shit is about to hit the fan..

If you're lucky, you'll get a pic with a fat bottomed girl, and there'll be a big shit eatin grin on your face.. But it is a crapshoot, and you could just as easy take a pic with a broken arm and tearstains on your cheeks..

It happens.. But longing for the former pic is what keeps us going out there..


The weather is awesome today.. Wish I was out there..

Deer season starts next weekend, and I'm planning on sitting in the box for a few days. My senderos look like the road to OZ so I ought to be seeing a lot of critters.. It's always fun to sit the first weekend to see what the local deer are doing.. It'll be mid November before the senior circuit shows up.. But I hear there are deer up around Kerrville already starting to push some does around.

I have purchased the new Marvin Gaye grunt call and was trying it out the other day.. And I tested it in front of my computer with the new Google audio translator turned on.. And while I anxiously waited for the printout on the screen, while that little clock thingy went round and round, I was surprised when the text finally appeared and said,"Let's get it on.. Ouuu Baby.. Yeah, let's get it on.."

I think I'm gonna like this thing..

I blew on it last night when the old Lady came to bed.. She just yawned and rolled over.. I'm gonna have to get her that Google app..

October 23, 2015: There's a lot of speculation going around about how much rain we are going to get.. All I can say is that in these parts it is rarely enough. Or as much as we want.. Or in the place we want it.

But we're always glad to get what we do..

In Genesis, God said that he will never again destroy all life on earth by flood. So I am not gonna get too excited just yet..

Looks like some of west Texas might even get in on a little rain.. Hope you get some water in your lakes.. There is still a lot of places that can use it.. Including us..

I would love to see Falcon in the near full stage.. I need one more good run before I hang it up.. Could you imagine Falcon in two years if we filled up and had this incredible base of fish in the lake.. It would be like..

Well.. Like 2010...

I know it is wishful thinking.. But it has happened before.

TPWD was down here this week for our mostly annual fall shocking survey. And I got to ride along a couple of days. And what we saw pretty much confirmed what I have been telling you.. And some of it blew the minds of the biologists.. At least the part where we kept collecting bass three to four inches long on every stop.

I been telling them that we have had an all summer long spawn going on.. And this confirmed what I have been seeing and saying. We caught a lot of bass from three inches to seven inches long.. Of course we caught some keeper sized, lotsa unders, and the biggest was a four and three quarter pounder..

It is not common to catch a bunch of whoppers in the shallows this time of year.. Of course you gotta have em to catch em..

So these bass that are under four inches long, and there's a shit ton of em, can't be much older than two months.. And I swear that I saw some bass in the water last weekend that were in the two inch range. You might question my age guesses but I can tell you that fish that are stocked in our lakes are right at thirty days old and they are two and a half to three inches long. And the water is no more fertile or better equipped to grow bass at the hatchery than it is here on Falcon.

This lake can churn out the babies quicker than welfare mamas.. And it's doing it..

We also caught a lot of big fat threadfin shad. The kind and size I have not been seeing to much of. And I mean there were some baitballs we ran into.. Lots of gizzard shad and carp.. And some bluegills but not in the numbers from days of old.. And no crappie..

But I have heard that some crappie are being caught under the bridge and in various areas of the Veleno..

In their continuing study in relations to the alligator gar, the boys from TPWD also set out a few jug lines to see what the gar were doing. And we used some giant baits cut from common carp..

What happened you ask? I'll tell you what happened.. We got our asses kicked.. I personally had a six and a half footer on the end of a rope and that bastard bout pulled me out of the boat.. Till the leader snapped.. And it happened more than once.. Lesson to self.. Get bigger leaders...

One gar we caught was over a mile and a half from the place where the jug was set. Another gar towed the float over four miles.. Luckily someone else told us where they had seen it..

I see why the commercial fishermen shoot the gar with a bow when they get them on the line.. Trying to get them up to the boat to dispatch them is a lot easier with a arrow in their head.. Lesson learned..

We also ran into a giant whiskerfish on the jugs.. This one went about 65 pounds.. He ate a bait as big as a cantaloupe..

If it is true that we are heading into a wet period, and we do manage to hold a lot of water for a few years, it could get silly around here again.. I'm getting goose bumps just thinking about it.. But that's why I live here..

The fishing around here is still decent to great depending on who you talk to.. If you need info on baits and where to use them see below.. Or better yet stop in the shop and we'll talk about it..


I made another day trip to Sugar yesterday with Jay and some of our mutual customers and we smacked em.. I fished all day with ten pound braid and a spinning rod.. It was awesome.. And I managed to land a 7.23 on it no problem.. Plus a shitload of threes and fours.. Do I recommend it? Hell no...

We also had a 10.02 and a 7.77.. It was a good day, Tater. Call Jay if you want to go.. He's on em.. So is Tommy Law..


Man the global warming advocates (aka meteorological mayhem mavens) are out in full force today.. Global warming has surely struck and the end is near. I don't think I can take much more of these world ending scenarios.. I'm still eating MRE's from Y2K..

We survived that, the 2012 Mayan calendar debacle, September 23rd of last month, and we just may make it through the Obamma presidency.. Hope springs eternal..

The government is telling us that GW is imminent, but they can't put down a solid argument on paper. And they have no problem cooking the books to make you think that they know what they are talking about. One must remember that these are the kind of people who would fix a football with an Allen wrench.

Makes you wonder how they procreate.. After all. There is no government manual on it..

Government is the ultimate self licking lollipop, and there are a lot of tongues stroking that sweet ball of money that is stuck on the end of that giant cardboard stick. And government is run so efficiently that one would just have to believe that they know exactly what they are doing.. Or at least that is what they would have you believe.. If you are that stupid..

Governments way of dealing with failure or incompetence is usually to supply it with better funding..

If only I were king..

Instead of this mendacious collection of "leaders" that we are stupid enough to elect.. And re-elect..

I think I know what has happened to many of the voters in this country.. Follow me on this one..

Things really started to turn to shit around the turn of the century.. And here's a link..

Viagra was invented in 1998.. And now all the blood that was in men's heads that operated their brains has been relocated to their dicks..

What about the women you ask? Well that's easy.. They've all had their brains fucked out..

And that folks is how we ended up standing where we are today...

(Sorry about the use of the "F" word.. But "screwed out" just didn't really sound right..)

Well get on down here and catch you some fish.. We're whackin em pretty good.. All bets are off If I wake up on Monday and the lake is full.. I ain't holding my breath..

It's more fun than wreckin a Maserati.. Come get you some..

October 19, 2015: If I didn't know better I'd say that fall is in the air around here.. It was sixty five this morning and it felt pretty good. Highs in the eighties this week is the forecast and I got no problem with that. But I also know what's coming and I do have a problem with that.

First they lure you in with this nice sixties stuff.. And the next thing you know you're ass deep in snow.. I hate winter..

But before the lake does freeze over, you ought to get your ass down here and catch a few fish. We have been having a lot of fun with em here lately.

Not a lot has changed when it comes to the what's and where's.. This is basic bass catching and you can run into a school of fish almost anywhere. It is my belief that rocks have a lot to do with fish location, especially on open water or on the main lake.. Bushes are the deal when you get back in the creeks. Bushes and rocks.. Well that's where the big piles of fish can be.

We're selling every kind of bait known to man, so that tells me that the fish are biting. But smaller baits are still catching the lions share of fish. Lizards, brush hogs, and senkos are great, as are the craw baits I have been talking about.

Some better quality fish are starting to show up more and more, and I am hearing about a DD now and then, but pics I have not got. But five and six pound fish have been showing up more and more frequently.

Water temps were still 82° over the weekend. But I expect that when we keep getting these cooler nights that it won't be long till we are down in the high seventies. The lake has leveled off at 282.87 or so. And that puts us at 18.33 low.

When the river ran last week, we had a big fish kill up the river between the Colondrina at least up to Ramireno. It may have been farther north than that but I don't have any info for areas north of San Ygnacio. It affected mostly grass carp and a few big catfish. And I mean a shitload of dead grass carp.

We reported it to TPWD and they sent a fish kill team and TCEQ to check it out.. I have no results at this point. But apparently it has had no impact on the lake and we saw dozens of grass carp in Oscars yesterday so it has not affected them.

And let me make it clear that no bass were seen dead at any point. I'll let you know what I hear. A good grass carp is a dead grass carp..

We were in the back of Oscars creek yesterday with the bows and we shot the hell out of the big grassies.. Some monsters.. Well maybe I should say we shot at a lot of em.. We killed a five foot four inch gar.. But only that one.. They were not very active yesterday.. But carp galore..

I fished yesterday morning before we went bowfishing, and I caught a few here in the Veleno. I only stayed out till 9:00 and then switched boats. But I also fished Friday morning and did pretty well on some old rock houses on the main river channel on the north end of the lake. The fish were not on every old house, but they were on some of em. Best fish was about a three and a half.

I also got into a school of baby's that would bite every cast.. Sometimes two at a time. This lake is loaded with small fish..

And speaking of small fish.. Most of you know I am from Medina County, home of Medina lake. And if there is any lake I have fished more than Falcon it is Medina. And it is still very near and dear to my heart.

And if you'll recall, TPWD stocked 200,000 plus Florida fingerlings in her this summer, after the lake came up. This week I was talking to our biologist, Randy Myers, who is also in charge of Medina for PAW.

They shocked it at night last week, and the findings were amazing. I have been on a lot of shocking expeditions and when we were kicking ass here at Falcon, we might shock up 90 bass per hour.. And that is awesome.

But last week on Medina they shocked up over 300 bass per hour. They were scheduled to shock eighteen different locations but only had time to do nine due to the sheer volume of fish they caught. And when they shock they measure and weigh every fish.. Glad I missed out on that one.. Randy also said the bass were on the rocky buffs as well as back in the creeks.. On all ends of the lake.

Most of the bass were in the six to nine inch size..

Shad and minnow populations were also reported to be off the hook.

There is no doubt that there was a hell of a natural spawn this year and survival is high.. But not as high as I am after hearing this report.. Give her a year and there is going to be some fun fishing going on.. Or you fly fishermen just might have a bonanza on your hands already.. Jim's Rebait better stock up on grubs and Shysters..

Everything here is going about as good as it can, I guess. Whatever your species is, it's biting here on Falcon.

We have a lot of winter Texans rolling in, along with a few groups from out of state that came down here to whack on some fish. So things are picking up. Come join us and you'll see why Falcon is always a great destination.

See you on the water!

October 13, 2015: When last I wrote I mentioned that it had just started raining here in Zapata. And man did it.. We got 3.60 in less than three hours on Friday. You could say that the bottom fell out.. Cause it did..

I have seen it rain harder but not in a long time. A few white bass swam all the way up to the shop in the bar ditch from the neighborhood behind us.. I looked like an eskimo out there stabbing them with a sharp stick..

It also rained a bunch up around Eagle Pass and on up to Del Rio.. But the really good stuff was a bit too far east and ended up in the Nueces and the Frio.. We have picked up about ten inches of water so that is a good thing.. If they'll quit letting it out.. This same system swept down the valley but some areas got skipped..

Fall crops are in the ground down there and they will be watering PRN.. Maybe it'll get em again before too long and they'll shut down the river flow..

I was up the river yesterday and there was quite a bit of shit floating in it.. Mostly trees and trash and it has discolored the main lake down to about marker ten.. It may have spread farther by now. But if you are running up the Rio Grande keep your eyes open for assorted floaters.. It should clear up pretty quick though..

A buddy and I fished the Salado and the Hedieona, and so did a lot of other folks.. It was pretty busy on the north end of the lake. We caught about fifteen or twenty fish I guess and the biggest was a bit over three. We did not kill them in any one area, but it did seem that we caught two or three in spurts when we did..

The best bait was still a Rage Craw but I did catch a few on watermelon plastics, with the tail dipped in chartreuse.

I am not sure if it really matters what you are throwing if you get around them. It seems that I did start a bit of a craze with the Rage Craw. People have bought them and they keep buying them.. All of em I can get.. So I guess the son of a bitch s still working.. It is for me..

The POM is still kicking their ass as well.. But it always does..

Dead bushes seem to be better than green ones, but I have those that will argue with me. But any bush near a depth change or a creek channel might have twenty fish in it. As always small ledges or depth changes are a good thing. And if it is real rocky it is better yet.

Some of the places up here on the north end of the lake have cooled a little for me, at least they did on Sunday. Probably has a little to do with pressure but most likely the rising water.. These fish can get a little finicky when the water is rising.

There were several bass clubs in town over the weekend, and they all caught good numbers of fish. A 7.47 was the biggest fish I saw.. And it was a beauty.. Looked like a pot bellied pig..

These fish are throwing the munch and they look like it. Most all of them are having successful hunting trips I'd say. Some ten inch fish look like they swallowed a tennis ball, and they're growing at an incredible rate..

A few winter Texans are starting to roll into town, and then there are a few folks that are down to see whether I am lying or not.. It's good to hear people bitching about bait throwing little bass again.. Those are tackle store fish.. The ones that sling the bait off your line when you get them to the top of the water..

We train em..

Deer season is only two and a half weeks away, and I don't know about your neck of the woods, but these deer are as fat as a Blue Bell addicted retired porn star.. And we ought to see some good horns as well..

The spring was certainly a wet one but it did dry out about the time the fawns were hitting the ground. Most all deer down here are out of velvet and I have seen some trail cam pics that look pretty awesome.. Deer porn.. I love it..

I saw today that Playboy magazine is going to stop putting pictures of nekid womens in their magazine. I am sure that Hugh Hefenner stopped putting anything into nekkid womens years ago..

I was always one that bought the magazine just for the articles anyway.. With all the porn available on the internet (I hear) I reckon that this is a good business decision.. And I predict that before too long Bassmaster magazine will be outselling Playboy..

As Darryl Royal said, "You gotta dance with the one what brung ya.."

I was speaking of rain earlier and so far this year we have had 26.60 inches of glorious wetness. And we still have a couple months to go.. I hope this El Nino don't fizzle out on us.. I'd love to fill this thing up again about now.. You can't believe the jungle on the banks..

I keep a chart of rainfall and lake levels on another page you might not know about.. With lake levels going back to 1994, if you are ever looking for any of that stuff.. Also Amistad levels, as we are inextricably connected.. You can find it here if you are interested..

Holler at us if we can help you in any way. And if you're tired of not catching anything, we can fix that.. Get your ass down here before I catch them all.

October 9, 2015: I reckon we can start this off by taking about water.. Cause not a lot has changed with the fishing.. It is still very good. But still not a lot of big fish.. And I don't reckon the big fish report will change for a while.. We gotta kinda grow into it..

They are letting some water out of the lake.. I am not quite sure what they are doing with it.. It's not a lot.. But once it is gone it is gone.. There is however some water in the river above us due to yesterdays and last night rains below Del Rio and Eagle Pass. The river is on a bit of a rise between Amistad and us but it is a little hard to quantify just how much. No rain has fallen in Zapata as of this morning.

Some spots got five inches or better, but the bulk of the rain may have fallen just a bit too far east of Eagle Pass and some of that water is sure to end up in the Nueces and the Frio. It has been a good year for the Nueces.. The Frio.. Not so much, as Choke Canyon is still suffering from low water.. And a shit load of gar..

So we'll wait around here and see what kind of water actually ends up pushing against the dam.. But it is good to see some in the pipeline. Maybe this will be the start of a wet fall as predicted by the weather guru's that are predicting all kinds of devastating flooding due to El Nino out in the Pacific.

I know California is in a hell of a drought, so some big rains will probably be welcome out there. Drought to flood seems to be the norm for as long back as I can remember. I don't ever recall a time where average rainfall fell averagely.. There have always been wet and dry spells.. That is how they come up with average I reckon..

I can tell you that average around Zapata in never average.. When we get rain we get it.. In a hurry.. Some of the most violent thunderstorms I have ever seen I have seen here.. And it will rain so hard that you'll have to strain your eyes to see your outstretched hand. And I figure that is what was happening around Eagle Pass last night.

The fishing on Falcon remains steady, with good numbers of fish being caught from end to end of the lake. There is a shitload of fish under three pounds on the bite, and when you land on a pile of em they'll keep coming like Rice Crispies out of the box.. And occasionally you'll stick a hook in a big one..

Jim Edwards had some guys out on Monday and they caught 97 fish.. And they said they had a slow start.. There were several groups in town this week and all of them reported good numbers of fish.

And these bastards are as mean as tom cat with his tail pulled.. They gonna fight you..

Flipping the dead woods, like mesquites and bean bushes have been good.. Not necessarily the hardwoods, but a mixture is a good thing.. Those freaking Retamas are holding some fish but a combo of the dead with them on the edges can be a good spot.. We had some buddy's catch a lot of fish during Metro fishing the dead bushes.. Not hardwoods.. Eight to ten feet of water..

I also heard of some folks catching fish in a foot and a half of water.. These suckers can be anywhere, so start with your favorite style of fishing.. You'll figure it out pretty quick.. Rocky points can have a huge school of fish on them..

The alligator gar are everywhere.. And success rates have been high for people pursuing them. Jug lines are flat ass wearing them out.. Some big bastards as well. Rod and reel fishermen are catching the shit out of them off the bank here in the Veleno and they are catching a lot of last springs spawn and they are already pushing two feet long. There are incredible numbers of gar from last year and this year.. Lots of three footers as well. Now is a good time the gar doubters to come to Falcon and see what is happening with them.

Cormorants continue to decimate the small fish populations, and I don't think that I have ever seen more birds on the lake. Or more nesting birds.

I wonder what we are going to blame low bass numbers on the next time it happens..

Sharelunker season has started.. Oh boy..

Just because a lot of lakes got a lot of water in them, don't expect to see a lot of giant fish. They don't get that big overnight.. In about ten years you might see a class of big fish roll around in east Texas.. But this year should suck for Sharelunker again.. Unless you consider five fish a good year.. I don't..

I wonder if Vegas is doing an over/under on dead Sharelunkers this year.. Especially with the mysterious broken jaw syndrome that appeared out of nowhere last year..

It's a numbers game folks, and we need big year classes to have a few fish live long enough to get to Rosie proportions.. Besides needing to have the ultimate in cover and food for those ten years.. But who knows.. Maybe we are at the start of a wet period and good conditions will persist..

Oh shit.. I forgot.. Global warming is going to make the water too hot.. Forget it .. We're screwed..

It's nine am and a good rain is upon us.. We'll see what happens..

Get down here and catch you some fish while they're biting.. Lots of other folks have done got the jump on you..

October 5, 2015: The last three weeks have been a blur for me, as I have had my hands full with tournaments and their peripheral tasks. And I am glad that we had everybody down here, but I am also glad that it is all over with for a while..

I'm too old for this shit..

Last weekend saw the San Antonio "Metro" tourney in town, and while it was not quite as big as the TABC contest, it still had 160 fishermen plus staff and family. So it was a pretty big deal.

We thank you, and all of Zapata thanks you for coming down.

I do believe it was handled with relative ease and the weigh ins and all the gatherings went well.

And holy shit did they catch a lot of fish. Almost everyone I talked to said catching fish was not a problem.. Catching big ones was a different matter..

There were a lot of nice fish caught, including a nine plus pounder for big bass.. There were also a few eights, and a good number of four to five pound fish. I believe we are a year off from seeing a bunch of twenty five pound stringers.. But next fall it should be a common occurrence.

The Metro tourney was a team event and I am supposed to be getting an e-mail of the final results.. Haven't seen it yet.. And I had my head in the fish care tank so I have no pics to share..

I do know that San Antonio Bass Club was the champion when it was all over. They had to make up an almost fifteen pound defasite on Sunday to come from back in the pack for the win. Congrats to all of them!

Most of the fish were caught on soft plastics, but a bit of everything caught fish.. From DD-22's to jigs.. Most fish were caught inside ten feet of water, which has not been unusual. Ten to twelve may have held some larger fish..

From what I heard, the big fish on Saturday and Sunday were both caught on Rage Craws in Falcon Lake Craw..

Whooda thunk it...

I got more on order.. That bait has been kicking their ass.. Even I don't have any.. Till Thursday..

Fish were caught in every creek on the lake, and I don't think that there is a bad place to fish. I am sure there are some better than others, but there are fish everywhere. And people caught fish everywhere.

Get yourself down here and get you some..

There are a few snowbirds starting to show up, and that is surely an indicator that fall is on the way. I reckon they wouldn't be here if fall hadn't already lit at their summer homes. The last couple of mornings have seen temps in the mid sixties, and yesterday I could tell that my neck had already started to swell.. Stepped out the back door and charged right into a big palm tree..

Bow season has started.. At least in climes north of us.. We're still swattin mosquitoes and pickin ticks.. I saw a couple pics of some decent deer killed last weekend.. But not from around here..

The deer and quail in our country are in great shape. We had a hellova wet spring and we're probably on hatch number four or so with the quail.. It is incredible.. There are still babies everywhere..

Babies having babies.. But this is south Texas..


On a different note..

I see that another cowardly son of a bitch, no count bastard that hated Christians went on a shooting rampage last week.. I'm not really quite sure what to say.

But I'm gonna try..

I see the president and wanna be's of his ilk rushing to whatever microphone and or camera is available to spew the same old bullshit about how guns are killing people. More meaningless rhetoric to pander to those who do not have a clue on how to maintain their, or the publics safety. Of course the president has no idea either..

All he can say is that guns are bad..

He has no clue about what is causing these deaths.. Evidently.

He's good at espousing a bunch of lies about gun violence in the US and around the world. But I guess you can spin almost any story you want, if who you're telling it to wants to hear it.

Lets think about what the democrats "gun control" has done for the US.

In Chicago, where some of the strictest gun laws ever implemented are in place, 216 people were killed in the first half of the year. One year Chi towns murder rate was higher that Iraq's..

In Detroit, in 2013, there were 333 murders.. Making it competitive with New Orleans..

New York, another town where gun ownership is a near impossibility, saw murders up by 25% in the first three months of this year.. No doubt due to the discontinuation of Stop and Frisk.. Good job Bill de Blasio..

St Louis is another shining example of gun control.. Not to mention Baltimore, another inner city plagued by gun violence.. You think all those guys killing each other passed their background checks? Think they bought em from a FFL?

Modern day concentration camps..

What do all these places have in common? Well I reckon it must be a high concentration of guns.. It certainly can't be the people living there..

Well why in the hell doesn't the government go in there and clean it up? Why won't they even address the problem?


But lets get past the inner city cesspools and get back to rural America, the only place that the government ever comments on, when one of these crazy white people goes off his medication and shoots up a crowd of unarmed, and unguarded, defenseless people.

And mostly by their own choosing, of course ..

That was not the case in this situation by all reports, as this asshole was half black, and hated Christians.. A commonality with the federal government some will contend..

And where did the brave lad go off to, in search of some easy victims that he knew were unarmed? To a gun free zone of course where security did not carry even a sidearm. Exactly what the democrats have built to protect your kids all over the country.

I guess it takes a lot of courage to shoot people point blank when you're the only one with a weapon. Chickenshit Son Of A Bitch.. Not brave enough to shoot it out with the cops.. Freakin Coward..

I am sure that gun free zones have deterred a lot of folks from carrying out crimes..

My Ass..

If this shit would work then all you would have to do is put up a sign that said, "This is a no killing people zone."

And we'd never have another murder..

No administration has ever done more to stir up racism and religious animosity in this country. And when it comes to lying, Nixon was an amateur in comparison..

With all the executive orders this president has issued, why doesn't he just issue one demanding the confiscation of all weapons in this country.

Because he knows that it would not make one ounce of difference..

It is not the people that live in Cornfield, Kansas that need be worried about.. It is the mentally ill and imbalanced that we have been forced to consider "fine" to mingle in our open society.. It is the Islamic's that we are inviting to live with us that resent everything American and disdain our freedom that need to be watched and expelled..


When it is OK for "Me" to feel offended?

When you continually shit on MY way of life, and tell me that MY beliefs are outdated and that I am out of style. And I must accept all new-comers and embrace their customs and respect their rights?

I don't think so..

My family has been in Texas since 1844 working to make this a great place to live, and to prepare for me and my children and grandchildren a great place to live..

And I do not want, nor will I allow, a bunch of foreigners or Johnnie come Lately's to fuck it up..


So go round and do your gun collecting.. And when I hear that there have been no shootings for a week, I'll bring my guns to you..

Don't hold your breath..

October 2, 2015: There was a hellova slowdown in fishing this week here in Zapata, after the folks from TABC left town. And the lake has gotten a good rest, with minimal fishing pressure this week. Just before the San Antonio Metro tourney kicks off tomorrow..

The good news is that the folks that are fishing here have reported similar results as were experienced last week, and the few weeks before.

Very good numbers of fish. With a good one or two mixed in here or there. The hard part is finding that here or there..

I cannot say that any particular pattern has produced bigger fish. There are no doubt areas that have held groups of bigger fish, and finding one of these is certainly the key to catching a good sack. Catching a limit of keepers should not be too hard.

This weeks Metro tourney will be a team event, which will again have clubs competing against each other. This week the top eight stringers of three fish, after two days, will determine the winner. And these weights will be from individual fishermen, not from a two man team in each boat.

It's a pretty cool format, and while you were helping your club on Saturday, you might not be on Sunday..

Registration for the tourney will be at the Community Center this evening, which is located just across Hwy 83 from the courthouse. The annual banquet and awards ceremony will be held at the same location on Saturday night.

Most of the fish are still somewhat shallow, which has been in vogue for.. Hell a long time now.. If you're flippin or pitchin the bushes, look for a mixture of woods and greens.. Dead bushes or hardwoods next to some mean nasty retamas can, and have been holding some fish. This can be in most any creek.. Pockets and points.. Fish em..

And when I say a point, I am talking about subtle points as well.. Two or three bushes jutting out of an otherwise nondescript line of brush can be a fish magnet. Those trees did not just grow there for no reason.. There is usually an undulation on the bottom that caused it. But even if it didn't, fish still love to hang out on those irregular edges. Pay attention to particulars..

I know a lot of that is old hat, but it is important.. How many times have you found a wad of fish on the very end bush or hardwood on a point? Or found an underwater tree on the end of a point that you could not see, but could feel, and it was loaded with fish?

These kinds of places are holding fish now.

Points that end in rocky drop offs are money for me as of late. And most of them have some bushes on them. The drop does not have to be a lot.. But it don't hurt if it is. Throw that craw or brush hog up on top and drag it off.. And hold on..

These fish are on crack right now and I don't know if I have ever seen them any fiestier. A two pounder may have you hollering for the net. I told you that I have been fishing with some light gear lately and it has been a blast. I don't recommend it if you are fishing a tourney, but if like me, and you don't give a shit if you get em in the boat or not, it can be a whole lot of fun.

And while I have been bragging on Falcon, I have been at Sugar lake for the last two days, trying to slip in a little day and a half mini vacation between all this big tourney activity.

And while I can catch all the fish I want here, the big bite is definitely better at Sugar. And I don't have phone service there and I really like it..

I went with Jay and we hammered them.. Fishing a lot of "his" water. And a little of mine and some of ours..

Those fish are meaner than Rosie on a diet and they did a little ass kicking of their own.. We missed a lot of fish but never lost a good one on either day. We had a 9.2, several sixes, and one that might have gone seven.. And a shitload of threes and a few fours..

It was awesome.. I used six bags of Plum OL Monsters.. You don't need to take nothin else.. (Of course I know you will..) When I ran out a few other things worked.. Watermelon with some chartreuse on the tail would be a good start..

Anyway, if you want to go, call Jay and go whack em.. He's on em..

I'll be doing a trip report in the Mexican Lakes section as time will allow..

But for now it is back to the salt mine.. There's a big tourney in town!

September 28, 2015: It's been about a week since I wrote, but I got a good excuse. I been having my ass kicked.. And I'd like to take this time to personally thank all of you who came down here and kicked it..

Yes we have been busy.. And our thanks go out to all who visited Zapata this week, fishing the TABC Championship, or pre-fishing for the Metro tourney coming this week. Or just plain fun fishing, which is damn good right now I might add.

Lots and lots of fish were caught. Average stringer size was about twelve pounds, I would guess. But there were also a lot of seventeen's and up and a few over twenty.. I believe the big stringer of the tournament was a twenty two something. I don't have a lot of pictures of the weigh ins cause I was spread pretty thin.. Although you would not think that looking at me.

This tourney was a team format with four boas fishing on each team. They all weighed every day and the low weight was kicked out each day. So thirty fish were weighed for each team after two days of competition.

The Shelby County Bass club came out on top with a total weight of just over 105 pounds. That's a 3.5 pound average and not too bad for the current conditions.

The big bass of the tournament was a big eight and there were a few of them caught. Sorry I have no fish porn for you this go round.

Fish were caught by just about every method known to fishermen. Short of noodling..

But the best bite was the soft plastic, and what caught em varied widely. I had about 100 bags of Rage baits in the Falcon Lake Craw color.. And we sold em all.. It was catching fish. As were brush hogs, senkos, lizards, big worms, and about any other creation you can imagine.

Some folks caught em on crankbaits, and some folks caught em on jigs..

I think it was more about being around the fish than what you were throwing..

There were also a couple of bass clubs in town, and they had similar catches and stories as the guys from TABC.

I am sure TABC will post full results on their site shortly.

Congrats to all, and once again thanks for coming to Falcon and to Falcon Lake Tackle.

I have spent all morning ordering all kinds of goodies to replenish the shelves, as we're going to do this thing all over again this weekend with the San Antonio Metro tourney.

And don't worry if you think the fish have been beat on the last two weeks.. This lake is full of biting fish, and what they lack in size they make up for in fight.. You're gonna have a good time..

Friday evening registration will be at the Community Center in the middle of town, across the highway from the courthouse. Weigh in will be in the same place as last year with the same setup. It worked great last weekend as well..

Fish are in every tree and bush on the lake, or so it appears. Lots of folks told me that they caught forty or fifty fish per day. I have been fishing all rocks, but I have been informed that the trees and hardwoods are also holding a lot of fish. I have not been doing a lot of flipping.. But I reckon that I will be the next time I get out of here..

I gotta say that I have not been this excited about the fishing here on Falcon in a couple of years.. Maybe longer.. It has been a long dry spell around here. If we can keep some water in the bushes this son of a bitch is going to be awesome in about 365 days, and unbelievable in 700..

Come on El Nino.. I hope the wet predictions are right for this fall.. But that's the predictions of people who usually can't predict yesterdays weather.. We'll see.

We got about an inch of rain on Saturday afternoon, and some folks showed me some wet money that evening. Some folks got lucky and missed it all.. But there was a bunch of lightning around and that ended some folks fishing day a bit early. Popcorn showers, but if you were under one you knew it.

It was good to see a lot of folks that I don't get to see too often. Lots of good people in TABC. I enjoyed talking with all of you. We'll be more than happy to have you back in a year or two when these fish grow up.. You call me.. I'll make it happen..

We'll talk before the weekend.. But I bet that there is gonna be a shitload of fish caught again this go round..

I gotta go get me some before yall get here!

See you on the water!

(See there.. I can do a fishing report without sum-bitchin the democrats..)

September 22, 2015: It's the middle of tournament time around these parts, and that is keeping me busy.. In spurts at least. Last weekend saw an awful lot of planning for the Platinum tourney, but low participation when the weekend arrived.

In case you have been living in a no information zone the winners caught forty five pounds of fish for the two days for the win. That's a four and a half pound average by my arithmetic.. Which has been known to be faulty at times in the past.. But not today..

That's pretty salty for the way things have been the past year.. A thirty seven and a thirty five were second and third..

I told you it is turning around..

This weekend brings to town the biggest tourney of the fall, with the TABC state championship coming to town. If things go as usual then there should be between two hundred and two hundred and fifty fishermen here this weekend..

Zapata can use the shot in the arm.. All of us.. And we thank TABC for choosing Falcon this year.. I don't think she will disappoint..

Almost everybody we talked to last weekend caught a lot of fish. Some folks could not get away from the small fish, but a five fish limit was pretty easy to come by.

I fished this AM as my son and his GF came to town and we went out and beat on some of my pet fish. We did not catch any monsters but we caught some fun fish and exposed another gal to the sport.. She works at a gun range so she cain't be all bad.. And she is a damn sight better looking than my last few fishing partners.

I am still catching them on the Rage Craw in most any color, but the Falcon Lake Craw was named that for a reason.. It's a goodun..

Plum colored baits are good and rumor has it that that is what won the Platinum tourney last week..

A lizard in watermelon anything with the tail tipped chartreuse will catch a lot of fish, as will a senko or brush hog..

Holy shit.. Sounds like lots of stuff is working.. Including crankbaits..

Bushes and rocks are still the good stuff. Flpping was good last weekend where retamas and dead woods collide. Get in the middle and I recommend some braid for this application.. Quick removal of the fish is essential or he'll have you tied up like Houdini quicker that a cat can lick his ass..

Some good fish are coming from the trees..

There are already a good number of folks down prefishing for TABC, as there is no off limits.. Being retired is a good thing.. Or on vacation.. Or whatever means it takes to get a few days off.. I was/am/hope to continue to be, pretty good at it myself.. I love screwin off.. Especially if I am catchin or killin something..

I told my wife I would go on a cruise with her if they let me take my down riggers.. So far I have avoided a Titanic adventure..

I believe that there is going to be a shitload of fish caught this weekend. And that being said I would like to remind those of you that are fishing that we still have some very warm water and you will need to pay attention to your fish to keep them alive and in good shape for release. Currently water temps are still reaching the middle eighties in the PM so please take action to keep them healthy.. I'm not gonna bore you with the details.. But know that the water is warm..

Looks like we will have a drive thru weigh in at the parking lot on the curve before you get to the county ramp. It worked great at Metro last year. And we will be using the same setup at Metro again this year as well.

The ramp is five wide easy and six if everyone can back up a trailer.. So we can launch four at a time no sweat.. So getting in and out will be fairly simple.. If there is such a thing..

Registration for TABC will be here at FLT on Friday evening. We look forward to seeing you..

Currently there are no hazards in the lake that newbies to Falcon need to lookout for. Of course when you get in the backs of creeks things change. And the Mexican side of the lake does contain nets in many areas especially in the backs of the creeks. So keep your eyes open in the shallows over there. You won't like balling up a net in either motor, and the netter's don't care for it too much either..

Other than that it's just fishing.. Get out there and get after it..


I see that Obamma is signing an executive order to make the military all gay.. I reckon we can love em to death..

Actually he is trying to appoint a gay commander as chief of the Army.. That's interesting.. He said Jimmy Carter said he was good.. That's scary..

I guess Barry is taking some lessons from Carters "Shittiest President of the US" handbook.. I think Obamma is writing the sequel..

I keep thinking it can't get much weirder, but everyday I am surprised by something that was unthinkable before this administration.. Of course the prez fires anyone that don't agree with him and tell him he is the best thing that ever happened.. While his ignorance, arrogance, and glaring agenda continue to bring us to the brink of disaster.. We're circling the bowl folks..

Ever been in the pasture and seen them black shit rolling beetles? We need to send a bunch of them to Washington.. That'd keep em busy for a while.. I am not sure we have enough bugs..

I hope we can survive till the end of his reign and come out with some semblance of what America is supposed to be..

Cause it is getting ugly folks...

So try not to think about it, and come fishing..

So if you have to strangle some idiot Democrat you can at least do in a relaxed state of mind.

See you on the water!

September 19, 2015: Twenty two teams were registered to fish the tournament today.. But only fifteen actually put the boats on the water..

Leading it after day one is the team of Crissman and Durant with 28.22 pounds.. Yes.. I am impressed.. And they did it with all sisters as their big fish was under seven pounds. All solid fish..

In second is the team of Loving and White with 19.21, and in third are Bailey and Starnes with 18.88.. They had the big fish of the day with a 9.04..

There are two more stringers over 18 pounds..

The fellows from Platinum have a hell of a weigh in system and trailer.. And the fish are biting.. You should be here..

September 17, 2015: Well lets see.. Since we last talked I have fished three times and hunted doves once.. And I'll have to say that all four events have been fun and productive. As a mater of fact, I have kicked the fish's ass this week.. Some new water.. Some old.

But I will have to admit that the biggest fish I caught was a three pounder.. And several just like it.. But I have caught an easy seventy five fish this week..

I keep hearing of all these crawfish that they have been catching in traps up here on the north end of the lake. And crawfish like rocks and so do the bass.. Duh.. So I have started throwing the Rage Craw and Lobster in Falcon Lake Craw color.. And they are eating it up.. But I ran out one day and switched to leftover open bags of other colors and they ate it good too. But they prefer the Falcon Lake Craw..

Of course I had the school fired up when I switched to a different color.. I think I could have thrown a whole banana in there and got bit..

That being said, I have talked to several fishermen this week that had similar results with different baits. Including the Plum Ol Monster, and a senko in a variety of colors, which include chart/pepper and watermelon red magic.

The mag lizard is catching fish, as are crankbaits on rocky points where you can get it back.. It is a jungle out there..

This morning I was fishing a humped up old roadbed up in one of the river creeks, and the downscan lit up with more white dots than a clamidia culture.. And them fish was stacked on there.. Too bad most of em were white bass.. There were a few blacks mixed in as well..

I'm gonna go back there with a jig and wear em out next time I am out.. I like em crispy..

This week I have been throwing the spinning rig again with that ten pound braid.. Because a lot of these fish are near brush but close to open water.. And it has been a lot of fun. And that little craw bait on that rig works great.. I like the sound of screaming drag.. Even if it is a three pounder making it squeal..

I am 100% certain that I am going to get my ass handed to me before too long..

I spoke to a couple of Senior Falcon veterans that came to Falcon this week but had not been here in quite a while.. Like a lot of people..

And they told me that on Tuesday they caught over sixty fish out of one tree.. A big hardwood. I cannot disclose the location for fear of reprisal.. I don't need my ass kicked off the water either..

They caught em all on senkos.. Said they went back to the same tree yesterday and caught one..

That's the way it has been lately.. One day to the next it is on, like dumb on a Democrat.. Or off, like brain function at a gay pride parade..

Some spots however, are loaded with fish, and once you get one to bite, you can usually get em stirred up.

There are quite a few folks here today prefishing for the Platinum tournament that starts on Saturday. And there is a club or two in town this weekend as well.

Last weekend UCBC had a team tourney here and it took about eighteen pounds to win it.. (Six fish) There was a seven, a six, and a few fives weighed in if I remember right..

And I figure that a three pound average will get you in the money this weekend as well.. I am sure there could be a big sack weighed in.. But you could say that anytime..

I bet the weights will be a lot better than the weights at the SIT at Amistad this weekend..

The gar are still lousy here and you will see a lot of them in the course of day.. Here's a couple of pics from gar action this week.. We DID NOT screw up, upping the limit on gar here on Falcon..

As the Donald would say.. Trust me..

We need to start killing some cormorants..

I think I am going to get me a cap made that says, "Make Falcon Great Again." It's working for the hairless wonder..

The other night on TV he said, "This hair ain't really that bad, don't you think?"

If I had hair like that I'd look like Yul Brenner.. He looks like he has a squirrel stapled to his head.. (I know, I've used that one before.. But it is hard to screw up when you have good material..)

The lake is holding steady this week, with rains in the valley.. We actually got .65 here last Friday..

I forgot to mention that if you are headed down here and want to shoot some birds in the evenings there are a lot of birds around, and some day hunting opportunities.. Give me a call if you want to go whack some doves.. They are lousy..

If you like to catch fish, and who don't, then get your ass down here.. We might not be catching a lot of monsters, but you can damn sure get your line stretched.. And on that next cast.. You just never know..

I'll let you know on Saturday what is happening with the tourneys around here..

Get down here and get it wet!

September 12, 2015: I know it has been a while since I have written, but dang it there has been a bunch of fun shit that I have had to do.. Don't get me wrong.. There were a few bust ass days mixed in as well as the new licence year rolled around last weekend and I stood in front of that frickin license machine for twelve hours on Saturday.. I think I am seeing re-bar in the floor over there..

But we'll get to that later..

The fishing around here is good.. To some really good with reported catches of many fish in the the two and a half to three pound range. Boats with two or three fishermen in them are catching forty to fifty fish a day on a regular basis. And occasionally a big fish pokes his nose above the water. I have not heard of a whopper in the last couple of weeks, but I have heard of a decent number of five to seven pound fish..

The secret to catching these fish is not a secret.. At least not around here. Find you some rocks.. Find bushes near the rocks.. Find a drop off or kinda quick depth change near these rocks with bushes..

Fish there..

I know I am making it sound simple.. But it pretty much is.. Like I have been saying the last few weeks.. The fish are biting.

Favorite baits are still smaller versions like the super fluke, senkos in five or six inch.. And the old reliable.. That would be the Ol Monster in plum.. Duh....

More on the Ol Monster Plum later.. If it was a baseball mascot it would certainly be Chief Knock-a-Homa..

The middle and top of the lake have doing much better than a few weeks ago.. Lots of numbers of fish in a lot of places that I like to fish. The Salado and the creeks above have been producing well when you fish areas like I described above.

The same can be said for the midlake and some points south. Know any offshore gravely humps? Hell yeah fish em..

Rocks are your friend..

If you are fishing anything watermelon based, you will probably like tipping the tail chartreuse.. You'll get more bites..

I even heard of some guys dipping the Ol Monster Plum in chart and catching them..

The fishing on Falcon is certainly as good as it has been in a few years.. Certainly for numbers..

I have been running around like a chicken with its head cut off the last couple of weeks. And for good reason. We are fixing to hit a busy streak here at Falcon for the next month. And I want to get some screwing off done..

Dove season opened in the North zone on the first, and for me that is a national holiday. Which was extended into about three days. And while we did not slaughter em, we managed to kill enough to stink up a pot..

Some of you may not think that doves make good table fare, but I always liked em deep fried. What's better than batter?? Of course filleted and stuffed and bacon wrapped ain't too bad either.. And I can make a pot of doves and dumplins that will make you say, "That boy is just one cookin son of a bitch.."

No brag.. Just fact.. I got witnesses..

Well after that, with the Gar limit on Falcon being raised to five per day, we have been doing our part to put a dent in the population. Which is just not possible.. They are everywhere.. The biggest one we killed lately was a five foot eight incher but we absolutely missed a monster ten days ago..We had not seen anything in an hour and a half and were sittin on the butt seats with our bows in our laps when this seven to eight foot submarine surfaced right in front of us..

I was out with David Benavides, a local bowfishing guide and buddy. And we both jumped up and yelled and overshot the bastard as he executed an emergency dive. Our arrows hit the water inches apart right over his back as he exited stage left.. He was a monster and I had to listen to David bitch for thirty minutes about it being the biggest gar he had seen in years and how I missed him.. It was one big son of a bitch..

We were way in the back of the Big Tiger and there is a giant area of retamas and Huisache's in about four or five feet of water. And in this impenetrable jungle of thorns there is a giant nursery of egrets and cormorants nesting.. I mean a shitload of them. The smell is appalling and the noise is nonstop.. Wish I'd a had a ten foot piece of PVC pipe and I could have had some fun smashing pumpkins..

I am not sure when the state is going to wake up and accept the fact that we have too many cormorants.. Way too many.. I've heard the argument countless times that it is not the place for TPWD to be doing anything about them. Well it may not be them that can actually make some changes but a recommendation from them that we at least look at the problem is a good place to start.

You know it.. I know it.. They know it.. Why the hell can't we have an honest conversation about this out of control predator?

Just like the gar these things are hard to see from Austin..

We have tens of thousands and I don't know how many thousand more are sitting on nests as eggs, babies, fledglings, and birds just about ready to fly.. But it is a shitload..

We need aggressive handling of this situation, and the time is already past to be proactive.. The best thing that could happen now is simply a reactive action that could cut down the number of birds or at the least get them to relocate. These birds do not migrate and their numbers are exploding..

Don't believe me? Come and see.. It is nuts..

Tell me one thing these birds in these numbers are good for.. I'll go farther.. Tell me one thing these birds are good for..

Other states have been conducting hunts and using other management techniques to control their populations. Why the hell can 't we?

Let's pull up our panties and get something done.. Before we squander more years of good fish production..

Last weekend we went catfishing under the cormorant roosts.. Man there are millions of little fish under those birds. And a lot of them up to three pounds.. We caught fifty seven in three hours or so.. Easy pickins with some stink bait or shad.. The only thing that cormorants do that could even be considered beneficial for fishermen is to concentrate the cats.. But they're eating them at the same time.. The ultimate recycling..

I just came back from a few days over at Sugar lake, because I have been hearing a lot of good things about the fishing over there, and I figure I ain't gonna live forever. One of my old high school buddies and I had been talking about going for ten years, and we finally put the trip together..

It was hotter than the set of Debbie Does Dallas, but we figured em out and whacked em pretty good. We caught a nine, a couple of sixes, and a five or two. And a shitload of fish from ten inches to three pounds.

Most of my old spots are too deep for the most part, as the lake is still brim full.. And it looks awesome. And just like Falcon, Sugar has had a big league spawn this year.. Little fish are thick as fleas on a Cuban Chihuahua..

And they'll eat a trap or a spinner bait on most any rocky bank.

We caught a lot of fish on spinners and traps in the early mornings. Chartreuse on both were good. Once we got offshore the Plum Ol Monster was.. Well it was a Plum Ol Monster and it kicked ass.. We also caught em on the power worm in Plum, but not as good.

Most of the fish we caught were on points and ridges. But not close to the bank.. Maybe fifty yards off the land but where there were a lot of old hardwoods and rocks.. Not trees that you could see.. But I knew where they were.. You could look at the trees with the downscan and see em lit up with white spots.. It was good.. But if you did not see fish on the graph, you were wasting your time..

It was good to get back over there.. It had been a long time..

The next three weekends are going to be busy around here, with a bunch of bigger tournaments coming to town. And that means I am going to be on a short leash.. Payback for all the screwing off I have been doing..

And I guarantee you that a lot of fish are going to be caught during these tournaments. I hear more and more every day that better fish and more of em are being caught.. I am not predicting any forty pound stringers anytime soon, but some mid twenties should be seen and maybe a few bigger.. Things are looking up for sure.

A bunch of the UCBC folks have been in the last few days, and we'll see if their stories are fact or fiction this afternoon about three..

We got almost three quarters of an inch of rain yesterday evening and last night. First rain in months.. Thank you Lord.. I don't think we need to put a finger in the dyke just yet..

Wait a minute.. Is it now politically incorrect to use the term, "Put a finger in the dyke?"

I don't want to get harassed by any female homosexuals that think I am using a slur referring to... Well I better let that one go..

I just am not sure about all this new found freedom of sexual whateverness that is going on these days.. It's a bit too freaky for me.. And the language with it I just cannot comprehend..

I remember back in the seventies, when someone said they blew a tranny, that meant that they missed second gear at high RPM's.. These days, not so much..

Back in the old days, when you said something about a "Chick with a stick," you were talking about shooting pool with your girlfriend. These days you're talking about.. Well.. Bruce Jenner...

Remember when "Members Only" was the name of a jacket? Now it is the name of a disposal tub in the operating room..

Too many specialized areas of sexualism.. No wonder kids are so confused these days.. Am I a girl or a boy? Should I get my crank whacked off or just go with it for a while..

Maybe I'll try girls first.. Then if I cain't lick em I'll join em..

What a confusing time for these folks that need to go to the doctor.. Who should they go to? While a gynecologist and a proctologist work in the same general location, their fields of expertise are not necessarily related..

It's like putting a hot dog stand and a taco stand right next to each other.. And switching the signs on a regular basis.. Confusing..

Maybe we should give kids a set of flashcards.. With only two choices.. And they can compare and figure it out..

"Vive la Differance!!"

I just can't imagine going to the doctor and saying "Yep doc, cut this feller off.. Me and him been shaking hands for fifty years but I want to get rid of him and grow me some big ole titties.."

Sorry about that..

It's a freaky world out there folks..

Yesterday was 9-11 and I hope you took some time out to remember what happened less than fifteen years ago.. I am still really pissed.. And when you look at what is going on in the world today I wonder if you think we are better or worse off than we were some fifteen years ago.. Do you think we are closer to world peace or world war?

Do you think that the current administration has made us safer in the last seven years? Or do you think it has led us down a path that we may never recover from?

I urge those of you who do not vote to get yourself registered and get your ass to the polls when the time comes and put a stop to this shit..

Your kids lives depend on it.. Apathy won't cut it any longer..

The fish are biting.. Come see us!

August 28, 2015: There have been a bunch of good days to fish this week, and today was the coolest and nicest of them all.. We started out in the upper sixties and were hardly ninety at lunch.. It was fabulous out there on the water.

I went with a couple of buddies and had to eat shit all day long about "My water.." I apologize.. And I won't use that term again.. I promise..

Next time I'll use "My fish..."

We caught a few fish today but it was not as good as the last three or four trips we were out when I was guided..

Several other groups I talked to this afternoon also reported slower than normal catching today.. So I'll just write it off as a day that the fish did not cooperate as good as they have been..

Big fish of the day was about a four and a half pounder by my eye, and a bunch of shorts and a few two and a half pounders.. And with the skill level we had in the boat it could only be that the fish just weren't eating.. Or they were not eating where and when we were fishing..

And once again I did not catch the big fish..

We fished a lot of open and deep water looking for some bigger and concentrated fish.. Because it was such a beautiful day to do it.. We caught a few keepers here and there. But when we went back to the shallower water with rocks and trees we got bit.. A lot more..

The numbers of fish are still shallow..

One of the spots where I have been killing them, now seems to be devoid of fish. Even after a five day layoff.. Some of these fish are on the move. Maybe the dropping water levels, although it is not much, has made them relocate to more friendly abodes..

The chartreuse colored or tipped bait did not do much for me today.. But that damn Plum Ol Monster sure managed to get me some bites..

Don't leave home without it..

The weekend looks good and the winds aren't predicted to blow very hard, as a matter of fact seven or ten is supposed to be the tops.. Sounds awesome..

I will probably hit em again on Sunday if all goes as planned..

There were only nine rigs at the county ramp this morning so you have plenty of room.

Don't forget that your fishing license expires on Monday.. Probably.. If you have not already updated it..

Anyway, we got lots of biting fish.. All we need is somebody to come catch em..

Come on down and I will share with you where I am catching "my fish.."

And if you want a guide then call Jim or Jay as they are both on the fish..


August 26, 2015: It's damn near the end of August, and you know what that means.. It means six days till September.. Six more days till dove season.. In the north zone anyway.. About ten for us down here..

I know what you're thinking.. Didn't' that son of a bitch just kill thousands of doves in Argentina?? That son of a bitch sure did.. But I want to kill some Texas birds..

There is something uniquely Texas about sitting under a mesquite tree with a shotgun and a cold beer. I guess most of that unique stuff has a lot to do with the mesquite tree.. And it don't hurt if you have a dog with a mouth full of feathers with you either.

I know a lot of you in other states or in the piney woods or the panhandle do the same thing.. Just minus the mesquite tree. But the experience is the same..

I love killing them doves.. Piss on them that are against it.. Go water your tofu tree..

September usually brings some cool fronts, and they usually bring some thunderstorms.. And some of them are som-bitches.. My Daddy used to say there is always water in every cow track on opening day.. We'll see..

We could use some rain around these parts..

I have been fishing my ass off lately. I usually fish alone (so no one can disprove my lies) but the last ten days I have had some company. Last week I took Jim Edwards with me and we whacked the shit out of em.. I know what you are thinking.. Fishing with a guide..

We fished my water.. We had an easy seventeen pounds or so.. Not killer.. But for the way things have been, that's not too shabby.. We caught an easy twenty five fish.

I fished alone on Thursday and smoked the little fish, but still caught about eight keepers for about fourteen pounds.

On Sunday, I took Jay Grieshaw and we went out after I closed about 9:45.. We got on a few spots that were loaded with fish. We had several doubles and a bunch of back to back fish. There were some small fry mixed in but we had a stringer that was somewhere in that eighteen to nineteen pound zone.. No whoppers.

I know what you are thinking.. Fishing with a guide.. Nope.. My water..

This morning I picked up Jay again and we went in search of deeper ledge fish. And we actually found a few.. And as skill would have it, Jay caught the two biggest fish of the day. One about six.. And one near seven.. I caught the fill out the limit fish. These fish were not in twenty five feet of water.. Closer to fifteen. We had an easy twenty-two or three pound stringer..

I know a few years ago that was a ten minute flurry on any rocky point.. But these days that ain't too bad..

And all the water we fished today was exploratory water.. Nothing either of us had fished in months.. Hell some of it for two years..

Good to see that the fish are starting to spread out a bit.. We did not get bit everywhere..

I am sold on the thought that you need something with some chartreuse on it.. Whether it is a hard bait or a soft plastic. A chartreuse pepper senko or lizard is a great choice.. Anything in watermelon red with some chart dippin dye on the tail will get you bit.. The fish are diggin it.. Garlic is the best of course..

None of these trips have lasted past one o'clock.. Most of em ain't started too early either..

I am about as geeked up about the fishing as I have been in a couple of years.. Six months ago if you wanted to see a bunch of Zapata guides and tackle store owners, you'd have to go to Zapata National golf club..

These days we're back on the water.. Where we belong.

The golf course is in about as bad a shape as one can be in and still be played on.. I've quit.. When I played my last round a couple of weeks ago I walked into the clubhouse and asked, "Just how long has this course been abandoned?"

They didn't' think it was funny.. I ain't been back.. Even the goats won't go..


Ah yes.. Only a few days till September. Only thirty five days till the start of the twenty ninth Sharelunker season..

I'm gonna have to say that my prediction for last year was pretty spot on.. Although I did not think they would kill so many.. Percentage wise.. Like I said.. There just ain't that many of em..

I don't think this year will be much or any better. Six is probably a pretty good number.. I'd probably bet the under..

Only five came from public water last year. So that's all I count..

I think it is truly time to rethink the SL program. (for the last ten years). What they got ain't working.. I think that a reward for catching and releasing a monster is the way to go. If you truly want to grow giants or break the state record.

Them Coon-Asses over on Toledo have it going on with the free replica if you turn loose a DD fish.. Their lake is doing great, due to good conditions, and due to big fish awareness..

I'd love to instigate a program like that here on Falcon but I would have to foot the bill alone here I would guess..

I think a big prize for the biggest fish caught and released would be just as effective in bringing fishermen to Texas as the SL program is now.. Hell it would probably be better. Look how good the STAR program works at the coast.. And they charge an entry fee..

Give the angler that catches the biggest caught and released fish a new boat.. Or fifty grand.. His choice.. Or whatever.. Or a new Toyota truck if Toyota wants to sponsor it..

Anything. But quit killing them giant fish..

And then you will be truly sharing a lunker..

In the immortal words of Curly Bill.. "Come get you some, boys!"

August 22, 2015: Well here it is the weekend again and there are still very few folks in town.. I guess a lot of folks are getting ready for the back to school week and otherwise just not fishing..

Although we are whacking hell out of them.. I have officially taken my golf clubs out of the truck..

Monster fish we are not catching.. Well occasionally.. But most of the fish we are catching are around thirteen to sixteen inches long. And they will on occasion make a fool of you by making you yell for the net.. And then a three pounder jumps out of the water..

These bastards are pissed...

Small baits are still catching the lions share of fish.. And shallow is undoubtedly the best thing going.. Shallow with rocks that is..

The are some good fishermen here who fish Falcon all the time. And they are fishing deep.. Looking for some fish for some upcoming tourneys.. And they ain't doing too good.. A few of them have moved from the twenty plus to the ten minus and they are whacking them..

Told you so..

Flukes, senkos, lizards, and small crankbaits are working well.. Tip those plastics with chartreuse and get ready to get bit.. Or just throw a small bait in chartreuse pepper or a factory senko tipped with chartreuse Good medicine..

I don't really think it matters where you are fishing right now.. I have heard reports from the Burro to the back of Salanaias about good numbers of fish.. Long as you are near rocks..

There is bait and little bass on top of the water everywhere.. It is amazing.. I'm starting to get a little wood just thinking about it..

The lake has basically quit dropping.. Some parts of the valley got hammered with rain a couple days ago and down at the dam they have pretty much stuck their finger in the hole.. We have lost about 18" of water in the last month, and are now about nineteen feet low.. And kinda holding steady the last couple days.

We did not get squat in the rainfall category.. Some above and below us.. Doodley Squat..

It's drier that a popcorn fart around here.. And being the lake has dropped a bit and the wind has blown a bit, some areas have discolored a bit on unprotected banks.. But overall the water looks fantastic..

I know that fishing overall across the state of Texas has pretty much sucked this last year.. Or longer.. Especially for us here in south and west Texas..

But I am telling you that if you want to get your line pulled on then get your ass down here.. You might not catch a monster.. But you gonna get bit.. And you know I don't tell you it's on when it ain't..


Tiger has shot under par three days in a row.. Trump is leading in the polls.. Oil is under $42 a barrel.. All signs of the Apocalypse.. Maybe there is something to this September 23rd shit..

Speaking of shit.. Have you heard HiLIARys responses to questions asked her by reporters.. Well they're all softball questions anyway.. But she has trouble telling the truth to anything asked but, "What is your name?"

Truth be told she could eat a can of alphabet soup and shit a better response than she gives to most questions..

Obamma don't know shit we all know.. I heard he saw rabbit turds on the golf course and thought some one had spilled some trail mix.. I guess he has gotten a little too far away from his roots..

Took him a while to get it picked out of his overly whitened teeth..

I hear Biden is waiting to get into the race till HiLIARy is in jail.. There's a genius.. And people said Bush was a dumb shit..

Well this report has gone to shit..

I think I may need to go shit.. I ate a bunch of Jalapeno spiked tamales yesterday and my asshole feels like it has been stretched over a cedar post...

Dammit I'm sorry.. I did not really mean to write that.. TMI..

I'll see you here.. Or I won't.. But you're missing out if you don't come..

Bring me some Preparation H..

August 17, 2015: The wind that had been howling around here for the last month has disappeared the last ten days or so. And that has made for some great fishing weather if you don't mind it a little warm.. But it is not hot like it was a week or so ago around here.. We been hanging around 99 or a hundred the last few days. With a few showers scattered around.. We got a five minute shower on Saturday.. Did not even register in the gage..

Since we last spoke I have been fishing three more times.. And I'm liking it..

I am not hammering the big fish.. We don't have too many.. But we have got a swarm of twelve to sixteen inch fish.. And an absolutely incredible number of six inch fish that are every freaking where on the lake..

I'm talking about as many little fish as I have ever seen on Falcon.. And I been on Falcon a long time..

They are popping the water continually and schooling up on minnows and another class of summer spawn bass.. Which are also everywhere.. There are clouds of baby bass in this lake..

A guide buddy of ours was out with clients and they were on top of a school of baitfish, but could not get bit while dragging anything and everything through them. They were not in too deep of water so he whipped out his cast net and chunked it over the baitball. When he pulled it up he had a bushel basket of three inch long baby bass..

That's how freakin thick the baby bass are.. No shit..

I think it is time to organize a cormorant hunt.

PAW is going to be doing a shock survey down here in the fall, and I am looking forward to seeing the numbers they bring up.. It should be incredible.. I'd like them to come now..

I know that a lot of these fish won't make it to keeper size due to predation, but it is the best thing I have seen around here in a long while.. Yeah, I'm stoked.. The summer spawn was awesome...


Compared to how I was doing a few months back, I am going to say that I am kicking their ass about now..

And let me quantify that for you..

I have been fishing from about daylight thirty till ten thirty or maybe eleven. But not past. It's still too hot..

And I am not sitting on the same spots everyday, I am fishing anything that looks like places that I am catching fish. And there are fish most everywhere, if you give em what they want.

I am catching fifteen to twenty fish a morning, with some babies in the mix, but half of them are keepers. And they are biting lite and I do miss a few.

A lot of my success is due to throwing smaller baits. The super fluke and the five or six inch senko is catching 90% of my fish. And today I was fishing the fluke on ten pound braid on a spinning rod.. That was some fun shit..

I know this is a long way from flipping a brush hog on 65 pound braid with a broomstick.. But I bet that won't be too far away.. And you can still catch em on the heavy duty rig.. I'm just out there playing.. I am sure I'm gonna get my ass kicked pretty quick..

I have not caught a fish over three and a half in my last three trips..

These fish are on brush points that are rocky.. Period..

I can't catch squat flipping hardwoods.. Keep in mind I am fishing the north end of the lake.. Some folks might call it the river..

I am hearing of big numbers of fish coming from down south.. Lots of unders.. But keeper sized fish are showing up more all the time from what I am hearing.. Although a small club was in town over the weekend and did not weigh in many fish.. They did however, report catching a shit load of shorts..

But it is hard to bitch when you are getting bit..


So my advice to you is to fish points with rock and trees, while throwing a small bait tipped with chartreuse.. Pretty simple..


I have been trying to get a gar tournament scheduled but I have been foiled at every turn.. Nothing serious.. Just conflicting things going on every weekend..

Makes me think I am involved in too much shit..

We have been selling a lot of new fishing licenses.. Don't forget yours is due by the end of the month.. Your annual fishing tax..


Have you been watching the political circus going on? Me neither.. But if you watch any TV or turn on a computer you're getting it shoved up your ass..

I guess Donald Trump is running for President.. And that seems to have the illegals and their supporters all bent outta shape.. He wants to finish W's wall along the border and some folks just hate the idea..

Look how well the wall in Berlin worked.. Look how well the great wall of China worked..

The current administration says that a wall don't work..

Then why do they have a fence around the whitehouse?

If you want to keep your chickens safe from harm, you put them inside a fence.. With managed entrances.. To keep the predators out.. What's so hard to understand about that? We're spending trillions on other dumb shit.. Why not put a few people to work and build a fence..

Yeah.. We need to populate Mars.. That's money well spent..

Why not put a few people to work and build Keystone?? Oh I forgot.. This administration hates working people.. I reckon this Pacific rimjob thing will be good for American jobs as well..

Country folks always say that good fences make good neighbors..


How bout that Hillary chick.. I'd like to say that she has shit in her mess kit.. But you know it ain't so.. Gruber is right.. The American people are just plain stupid.. There are idiots that are going to vote for her no matter what..

No matter that she has zero accomplishments to her credit, and baggage that a train couldn't carry.. Besides being a criminal it appears.. And nothing in her past that qualifies her for dog catcher..

I can't imagine so many people being so stupid that they would want her for a president.. I heard something about her having a pork chop tied around her neck last weekend.. You know that neck that kinda looks like a Shar Pei..

It was probably to get the dogs to play with her.. Maybe that is where they got the name for the breed..

How bout Bernie.. At least he will admit that he is a communist..


I'm not so sure that there is a shining star in the Republican field either.. If only we could get a few more candidates to throw their proverbial hat in the ring..

I knew this was the year I shoulda run.. Wonder if it is to late..

I guess we get what we deserve..

Well try not to worry about it too much.. We'll see which Republican candidate the Yankees say we can vote for. It is a shame that we as Texans don't really have a say in who gets nominated..


You might as well come fishing.. Nobody down here will worry about your dangling chad..

August 12, 2015: Well the heat continues but the winds have died down enough to to call the fishability "good". And I am going to call the fishing good as well.

There have been several groups in town this week, and when I say several I mean three.. And all of them have caught good numbers of fish, and more importantly, they are all catching a lot more keeper sized fish. And where these fish have been all summer I don't know..

I have been on the water a couple times since I got back, and yesterday was a good morning for me.. I got out fairly early but did not have to stab lights on the boat. But probably should have according to the law.

I headed up the river because I had been hearing a lot better reports as of late. And due to the gravitational pull of the earth I ended up turning into the Salado and later the Hedieona.

I found fish in four locations and did not sit there and hammer on any of them. Well maybe one spot..

I caught eleven fish, not counting a big perch.. But I did nail his ass..

Nine of the eleven were keepers, and most of them were two to two and a half pound, jacked up, pot bellied, bad asses.. The biggest of the bunch was about a three and a half pounder. And I mean to tell you that these fish are spunky..

I caught most of them on a super fluke in W/M Red with the tail spiked chartreuse. I also caught a couple on a 5-XD in Citrus Shad.

Almost, no, make that all of these fish were holding on rocky structure with bushes in close proximity. I missed a few as well as the rod felt slightly different than a shotgun. But after a bit I caught on to the bite and actually set the hook.

None of these fish hammered the bait.. The fluke bite was just a "peck" or a slight "doink". Whatever that means..

I like the big "Doink".. With a capital D..

I caught several of these fish in one of my old spots in the Hedieona.. And it is classic ledge fishing..

Throw it up on top and drag it off.. And have your feet well positioned to set the hook.. Cause you know it is coming..

This is the same ledge where I have won a dollar or two in years past. The same ledge where Lawson and I caught seven fish in a row over eight pounds, and two of them were over ten..

That was back in 2009 or 10.. It was just stupid..

Lots of people did the same thing in lots of other places.. But this spot has always been one of my favorites.. For obvious reasons..

Several other groups that have been here have done real well on watermelon magic colored baits.. A little chartreuse on the tail has been good.. I use the garlic flavor of course.. The Ol monster and the MagII have been good baits..

Most of the folks fishing have been hitting the south end of the lake, which has been the best as of late.. And the Salanaias and Benavides are two Mexican creeks worth fishing no doubt..

But I am hearing of fish being caught most everywhere, including the back of Little Tiger and Goose Bay..

It is certainly the best fishing we have seen in a long time.. Praise the Lord..

Even The Donald was down here fishing for catfish the last week when he was here in Laredo..

I asked him what he was using, and he said blood bait..

I got some things I gotta go take care of, but we'll talk soon..

Come get you some boys... See you on the water..

August 8, 2015: It has been a while since I posted anything.. I know.. And in the ten days or so since I sat down here not a lot has changed with the fishing here on Falcon. The biggest news is that the lake has started to drop a bit, with the US letting out about 2200 CFS as of yesterday. We are sitting at 283.3, and we have not had a drop of rain since July 1st.. And that wasn't much..

One constant the last few weeks has been the heat and the wind.. I was on the lake yesterday and I'll tell you that it does not take a lot of wind to get her riled up. I like the lake with a lot of water in it, but I always seem to forget how a fifteen mile per hour wind can make a chop that will definitely put foam in your Big Red..

And that bassboat that everybody says rides great in a three foot chop.. Well it just don't exist..

Once again I did not go south of Pierces, cause I was just not in the mood for a beating.. Today is supposed to be no better, with gusts into the twenties..

Now that I have bitched about the wind, let me bitch about the heat.. It is hotter than Donald Trumps blow drier around here.. And that is what it feels like in the afternoons.. Like an oven.. Dry heat..

I reckon that this crap will let up sooner or later.. We need a storm in the gulf to push this high pressure somewhere else..

As far as the fishing goes, it has been pretty good, and some days real good for small fish.. Thirty to fifty fish a day have been reported, but only ten percent of them are keepers. I am not sure where all the fish that were three pounds last summer have gone.. It has been difficult to catch any quality on a regular basis..

There are also a ton of baby alligator gar in the water.. I mean a ton.. I have serious concerns about their numbers.. The new law can not get here soon enough that will allow five fish per day to be taken.. But with the small number of fishermen that pursue them, I am not sure if it can make much of a difference..

The new reg goes into effect on September first..

Speaking of September first, your current license will expire at the end of this month.. For most folks anyway.. New licenses will be available for purchase starting August fifteenth..

Best baits have been something small, like a super fluke or a baby brush hog or a five inch senko. Watermelon magic is a good choice. If you want to throw a moving bait, the rattle trap or the red eye are still good choices.. And in some places the little fish can be caught on every cast on these baits..

Chrome or sexy shad are good choices..

The Salanaias is still putting out a good number of fish, if you can get there.. Oh you can usually get there, but it has been a rough bitch on most days during the commute. The Benavides is also putting out some decent numbers of fish. Most all of these fish are shallow..

Flip the hardwoods in front of the Benavides and work your way in.. Get back in Salanaias a bit.. The better fish are coming off creek channel edges.. Outside bends seem to be better than the insides..

Coyotes have a few fish in them as well.. Same pattern.. And the river is starting to produce some fish back in the creeks as well..

I am not sure if the falling water will pull some of the fish out of the brush a little.. We certainly have not yet had a significant drop.. So it may not do squat.. But we'll see when this drop ends..

Dove season is less than a month away, and some places around here are covered with birds.. That don't mean I have access to em.. But there is a lot of birds.. And while it has been hot and dry, it is not unusual to have water in every cow track on September first.. Let's hope for some rains and maybe an early cool front to bring down some birds and mainly to push this desert air back into Mexico..

I hate cold.. But this is a bit ridiculous..

I was on vacation last week and I was in a considerably cooler place. As a matter of fact it was winter down there and highs were in the seventies and lows in the fifties.. Maybe a little warmer a few afternoons. But long sleeves were good in the mornings..

As many of you know I was in Argentina last week spreading death via firearms. A natural born killer am I..

I'll admit it..

But it wasn't like I was waving a Confederate flag or something.. Nothing that heinous..

No were weren't fighting over the Falklands..

We were killing doves. By the thousands..

And I think the number of birds is still growing.. It is hard to believe till you stand there and see the birds yourself..

I shot em.. And I shot em good.. I'll be working on a story about the trip..

It won't be long till cooler weather rolls around, and it is only a little over a month till the Platinum Team Trail rolls into Zapata.. If you are looking to fish a tourney here on Falcon, this will be your last opportunity to do so till the spring. They have about a two week off limits so check the rules before hand if you are looking to fish it.. It will be on the weekend of September 18-19th. Late Registration and captains meeting will be here at FLT on the Friday evening before the tourney.

The weekend after that will be the TABC state championship tournament, and the week after that will be the SA Metro tourney.. So three weeks in a row we will be hosting big tournaments. So with prefishing and tournaments the next two months will be a little busier around here..

The Veleno bridge has been walled off to boats on the lake side of the bridge. The new bridge construction will take a couple of years to complete.. Which will end with the removal of the existing bridge.. So don't plan on fishing the back of Veleno without launching on the back side of the bridge.. Which will take a little doing..

There is a new restaurant in town, and I am glad to finally report that you can get a good steak in Zapata. And I have not been able to say that for the last eight years. Nuffy's Sports Grille is now open and is just a couple hundred yards to the north of us on the other side of the road.. Big TV's, full bar, and a good menu.. Separate dining room from the sports bar.. And according to the owner, no rice and beans.. Something different.. Bout time..

Not a lot else going on around here.. But there's fixin to be..

Fall's a commin.. See you soon..

July 29, 2015: This time of year in Zapata is pretty hard on outside activities.. Global warming has set in.. The last few days have all been over 105°, and it don't look like it is going to let up for the next few days..

Yeah.. It's hot..

Hasn't bothered the fish any though. If you can stand the heat..

Big fish are not common.. Little fish.. Very common.. Most days anyway.. With a few exceptions..

Jeff Mergle caught this 10.42 pound beast last weekend during the Universal City Bass Club tourney.. First whopper I have seen in a while.

This fish looks a bit skinny.. Maybe because we have had another incredible summer spawn, with fry and fingerling size bass in the water everywhere..

Cast net results are bringing back baby bass from two inches to six inches long.. Everywhere..

Just give us a little time..

We talked to a fellow that caught a bunch of white bass and he said every one he caught was puking up baby bass about two inches long.. Same thing happened last summer.. Mother nature has given us a hell of a stocking the last two years..

The waiting is the hardest part...

Rattle traps and square bills in the shallows are still the best producers of numbers of fish. And you never know, you might dredge up a whopper like the fish above, that was caught in four feet of water..

If I was throwing a soft plastic, it would be a five inch senko, in W/M Red or Red Magic.. A small fluke will also get you bit when you get around the fish..

The lake has lost about an inch of water this week, with slowing releases from Amistad and a slight release from Falcon by the Mexicans. Maybe they are just turning the turbines a little as they have been resting for some six months.. I won't be surprised to see the Americans spin them a little just to knock the rust off as well..

I am hearing of a few more fish coming from the upper end of the lake, as a few of the creeks on top are starting to wake up. The south end is still hands down better, but you can get bit north of Zapata.. It's about freaking time..

Water quality looks awesome most any place you travel on the lake..

Today is 29th of July, a date I have had circled in red for some time on my calendar. For the last four years I have made a pilgrimage to Argentina to hunt doves the first week in August. And if mechanical road and air devices don't fail me I should be standing on the edge of a giant cornfield in about 36 hours delving into my retirement fund.

Stumbling over a pile of spent shell casings, speaking Argentinean Spanish, drinking a cold Quilmes, and wearing a shit eating grin..

Muchos Palomas... No.. Chingos...

I'll be back next Wednesday or so and I am sure I will have a report/story for you. Hopefully it will not contain anything nasty concerning airports..

I sure hope that none of these doves have a collar on them..

I have changed my diet and alcohol consumption the last four months in an effort to stave off another gout attack..

This is going to be the ultimate test.. In fact it is going to be a bitch.. Cause food and drink aplenty are all a part of this excursion.. And believe me, these folks know how to cover a table..

So if you see me limping around when I get back, you'll know why..

But like Jewels said.. "I'm trying.. I'm trying real hard, to be The Shepard.."

See you in a week!

July 21, 2015: It is still a hot and windy son of a gun around here.. So I reckon that summer has decidedly set in. We have been 102 for the last few days, and it looks like we got another week of it coming.. We had been spoiled by the unseasonably cool June that has now evidently sucker-punched us.. We ain't getting off that easy..

The wind has allowed us to fish a few days, but there have been no days that you would call calm. Of course if the wind totally quit we would burn up like a Space-X rocket..

Numbers of fish are still good.. Numbers of keepers are still so-so..

Universal City Bass Club was in town last weekend, and their results were less than spectacular.. Lots of fish caught, but again not a lot of keepers..

There was one bright spot however as Jeff Mergle caught a 10.42 pound whopper. This is the first double digit fish I have seen in a while..

I should have a pic of it soon..

I know there are still a few of them out there, but they have been harder to find than an honest Clinton..

Shallow water yielded a lot of fish, and still is for the most part. One would think that some of these fish would set up out there off shore on some deep rocks and ledges.. But no one that I am talking to has found anything other than onesies and twosies out there. Most of the fish are still relating to the thickets that line the banks.

A senko has started to catch a good number of fish. The watermelon red or red magic is a good choice.. And a five incher will certainly get you a lot more bites. I have been tipping the tail chartreuse, but some folks said it is not necessary.. I am a whacko for garlic. And what could be better than chartreuse and garlic??

And I guess I could mimeograph this report as a lot of small fish are still being caught on small shallow cranks.. The chrome baits are still good.. As are the shad patterns..

The lake is still holding steady and we have been hovering just over seventeen feet low. Mid and upper eighty degree water is the norm. Haven't heard of or seen ninety yet.. But it is probably coming..

There have been a few folks down here with their kids for a bit of a summer vacation. And while most of it just centers on having fun, some take the fishing pretty seriously..

Like ten year old Adele Myers that was hell bent on catching her an alligator gar. And it took a few days to get it done but by the end of the trip she caught her an 88 pounder that was 71 inches long. It was caught on a jug line with a big piece of cut bait.. That she caught and cut up.. I do think that her Daddy did help her drag it in the boat..

This size fish is all over the lake. It should weigh more, but all the females are spawned out that I have seen lately..

If you like fishing up the Veleno behind the bridge, you better do it quick.. On the 27th of this month the folks building the new bridge are going to put a floating barrier across the entire creek. Unless you launch behind the bridge you will have no access to the rest of the creek. There are a few options for launching back there.. Most of them may require four wheel drive..

Remember a few years ago when we were flooded and the U. S. Coast Guard said that it would cost a half million dollars to buoy off the Veleno so Darwin's theory of idiots dying could not be proven? (At the time the high line wires over the Veleno were about six feet above the waters surface.)

But instead of actually doing what they are paid for (like patrolling the area and putting out a few marker buys) they just decided to close the lake and issued a proclamation that there would be minimal impact to the local economy..


I bet the the good old boys building the bridge are doing it for a whole lot less.. But they are still depriving Darwin's followers the opportunity to continue to prove him right..

The access to the back of the Veleno east of the bridge will be impeded for a couple of years.. Get used to the idea..


I guess by now, unless you are living under a rock (or in Zapata) that you have heard about the attacks on the recruiting offices in Tennessee. And if you are following the story, maybe you, like me, are also amazed at the reports that are being repeated endlessly that have the FBI trying to figure out the motivation for these attacks..

What kind of stupid is our federal government? I think I should be hired immediately to supervise all domestic terror investigations.

I would start with a list of all religions. Lets see.. How many Catholics have blow up or shot up anything lately? None? Really.. I guess as long as we keep the liquor stores open they'll be happy.. (I'm Catholic.. Save the e-mail..)

How bout them Lutherans? You know how cranky they can get.. What? They have been cool.. All right..

How bout them Methodists.. They can be pretty touchy-feely... They're behaving too?? OK..

Ok.. It must be those Episcopalians.. No problems.. Really..

What about those Seventh Day Adventists? Surely the lack of coffee, dancing, drinking, and oral sex has them pissed off..

What's that? They've been behaving... Hmmm...

Well I just wonder who it could be.. Say what? The Islamists? Why would we ever expect them to do anything this insidious.. That's the religion of peace..

What a crock of shit..

The next scraggly bearded, rag wearing killer we see on our TV's or computers will probably come as a shock to the FBI, DHS, CIA, DOJ, and whatever other federal bureaucratic acronym you can think of..

How is it possible that the feds keep coddling these bastards? And don't give me that shit about we are all Americans with equal protection under the law.. How many have to die??

How can you call the asshole that killed so many at Fort Hood just a perpetrator of workplace violence?

It's preposterous..

It is way past time to arm every officer on base and at every military installation.. These people are soldiers.. They're not afraid of guns.. That's what they do.. They're trained to use em..

Before Fort Hood I just assumed that most everybody on base was armed.. I guess I was the ignorant one.. Let em carry a gun.. Give em a chance to defend themselves.

How many more must die??

I know you cannot guard against every threat.. And certainly not against a cowardly son of a bitch like this bastard in Tennessee who did not have the balls to face his victims but chose to spray a building with bullets.. That's about as low as it gets.. I hope he bled out slow..

But in many circumstances the deterrent of armed resistance would be enough to keep these cowards from carrying out these attacks, and at the very least it could put our servicemen on equal ground and would absolutely cut down on the number of victims.

This country needs saving.. Saving from ourselves.. We need an American President..

And He, She, or It better get here pretty soon..

July 15, 2015: The heat has finally set in around here and we're back to what summer in Zapata is supposed to be.. And that be a hot SOB.. We're supposed to be around 102° for the next week.

And while that might be hard on the fishermen, it don't bother the fish a lick..

Small fish is the big story.. Lots of em.. All you care to catch when you get on the right spot.. As was evidenced by tournament results over last weekend..

Helotes Bass Club was in town and they caught a lot of fish.. But darn few weighers.. Big fish of the tourney was a 4.48 pounder.. And there were only three fish caught that were over two pounds..

Trophies have been hard to come by..

The wind has laid somewhat, but it is still a factor most afternoons. Monday was the best day in three weeks, and I think there were two boats at the ramp.. Plenty of room around here..

If you come down, you are going to catch a bunch of fish.. But I can't say you're gonna catch a bunch of big ones.. But you can keep yourself entertained..

Bass champs has announced their schedule for next year, and they will be hosting tournaments on Falcon on February 20th and April 23rd.. Never too early to get those reservations made. We're going to be catching a shitload of fish next spring..

And while it is Ho-Hum time around here right now, things are going to get busy in the not too distant future..

In September the Platinum Team Trail is headed here, and the following weekend will be the TABC state Championship. And the next weekend, the first one in October, the SA Metro tournament will be here..

And I imagine there will be some pre-fishing going on before all of these so we should see things get a little busier around here before too long.. And maybe that will rile me out of my dormancy where I will get to this keyboard more than once a week..

The rains around these parts and just above have pretty much quit, and the slow steady rise we have been experiencing has just about stopped. We are sitting at 283.93 this morning, or 17.27 feet low. Water temps are right at 85 degrees in the afternoon just about all over the lake.. I could see them getting a bit higher in the next week..

I keep clicking on the Brownsville Radar every morning, although it is a ritual steeped in disappointment as of late. This high pressure is sitting on us like a cluck hen and it don't look like it is going to go anywhere anytime soon.. I reckon it will move over when it takes a notion.. Won't be too long till we get our first cool front.. And I'll start bitchin..

There is a nice storm out in the Pacific, but it looks like it will keeps its distance from the Mexican mainland. Thanks again to the giant high pressure sitting on us.. But hurricane season is just getting cranked up and maybe we'll get something good before it is all over..

Orale' El Nino!!

I have been following the news a bit lately, and I see that we are going to remove the sanctions against Iran and legitimize their nuclear program.. I can see how they need nuclear abilities as they have no natural resources to produce electricity in their country. What a farce..

There is a reason we keep guns away from children.. This is the same reason we keep nuclear weapons away from idiots. And these people are basically an ignorant bunch of inbred morons that have the IQ level of a tomato.

And while I do believe it is not up to the US to control other country's affairs, which we seem all too ready to do, I would make them one promise. The day that you launch one nuclear weapon is the last day that any semblance of your piece of shit country will exist..

I see that the mayor of Baltimore fired the police chief.. There's a stroke of genius.. When she basically gave the street thugs the green light to tear the town a new asshole..

One rule never changes.. Shit runs downhill..

And the DA there.. There's some real talent..

I guess that these inner cities, places like New Orleans, Detroit, Chicago, Baltimore, and a lot of others, are versions of American concentration camps.. But it is kinda a catch 22 for the residents.. They are free to come and go.. But if they go they'll have to give up all the government freebies.. And get a job..

Decisions, decisions..

A lady was gunned down in San Francisco.. By an illegal alien from Mexico that had been deported a half dozen times.. In a city where gun control is front and center..

They're not blaming the individual or a piece of shit immigration system.. No, it is a gun control problem..

I'd like to call them fucking idiots.. But I do not use that kind of language on here.. But that's what they are..

There are now sixty something Republican candidates in the race for president. And according to polls I hear that all of them are behind Hilbillary in a like/dislike questionnaire..

That's pretty scary..

I hear they are going to let transgender folks join the military.. I thought they already did.. Man where was all this information back when all the draft dodgers were around.. All you'd have had to do was cut your dick off and you wouldn't have had to go to Canada.. Eh... I hear there are no atheists in foxholes.. Before long there might not be any peckers either..

Greece is on the verge of greasing their creditors backsides once again.. I can't believe that the US has not bailed them out.. If we could bail out Freddie and Fannie and AIG and Chevrolet, why can't we bail them out? Hell we did it with Chinese money anyway.. What the hell do we care.. If only Greece had been holding the retirement funds of congress like AIG, you know this deal would have already been done..

Then we can just declare bankruptcy and leave China holding the bag.. Now that sounds like something that would put some lead in your pencil..

Oh shit.. China has all the lead.. Well maybe we can find some in some baby crib toys..

You would think that Onassis would have called the Kennedy's and this deal would have already been done..

El Chapo escaped from prison in Mexico. Again.. Really.. Are you shocked?? Yeah.. Me too.. The Mexicans do have some top rated prisons.. And evidently some serious tunnel rats..

Why do we want him? Leave him Mexico.. We got more prisoners in jail on drug charges then we can hold.. According to Obamma.. He just turned a shitload of em loose.. It's good to be king.. No regards for the law..

We used to be a country of laws.. That pertained to all citizens.. But I guess the Prez and the Supremes can do as they wish..

I could talk about this shit all day.. I don't even know why I listen to or read the news.. Other than for the pure shock value of just how ridiculous it can get..

Well I better quit.. Don't want yall thinking that things are getting out of control in this country..

See you out on the water.. Or under a tree in Argentina..

July 8, 2015: When is it too windy to fish? I mean, is there any set rule or law that would disallow fishing under some circumstances that were deemed too extreme..

Cause if there were any, they certainly would have come into play this last week.. And it is still blowing.. My flags have been erect constantly and their life cycle will be shorter than an Obamma three iron..

And with all this wind there have not been a lot of folks out on the water.. There were plenty standing around it.. But not a lot on it.. The fourth of July was a busy time for the locals..

Fact is that there just ain't a boat built for the conditions that we have been experiencing the last week.. Unless it comes with a gangplank.. I guess you get the idea that it has been rough out there..

And very, very, few boats on the water..

With that being said, I have little to tell you that you cannot surmise.. No boats equals no fishing reports.. And I have certainly not ventured out since last Tuesday. And it looks like the the son of a bitch is gonna blow for the next three days at least.. Maybe Sunday..

So to say it has been boring around here would be an understatement.. I have every light fixture in the shop working.. I built a few new displays.. I framed a bunch of posters and pictures I have had for years.. I put up a new light fixture out in front of the shop.. I installed new mirrors in my bathroom.. Designed a new T-shirt for FLT.. And dusted everything in the store.. Which should be a daily event with all the dust in the air..

But I ain't been fishing.. I shot a 76 on Zapata National on Sunday.. Talk about unusual..

I did finally flip my desk calendar over to July this morning and noticed an event scribbled in for the 29th of this month. And it is kinda scaring me as it involves airplanes.. No, I'm not afraid of crashing... I'm just afraid that they won't fly when I pay them to.. Seems to be a common occurrence for me..

My annual pilgrimage to Argentina is coming up, and as bored as I have been I am really looking forward to making the trip .. Waiting another three weeks will be the hardest part.. Credit due to Tom Petty..

Getting out of this near hundred degree heat will be nice as highs over there have been in the sixties.. A little cool but you can always press up against that Beretta to glean a little body heat.. I'm looking forward to seeing some buddies and killing a few thousand doves.. A day.. It might not make sense to a lot of you.. But I like it..

Shooting a shotgun is one of my favoritest things to do, and shooting doves is challenging under a lot of conditions. And while I am not real good at a lot of things, I am pretty handy with a shotgun.. When you get my age, doing something well gets harder and harder to do.. So I am going to ride this pony till he needs re-shooin'..

If you too are bored, there is a link to a story about last years trip on the left side of this page.. And it will link you to a couple more about years past.. That'll keep you busy for a while..

If you have ever considered going on an Argentinean dove hunt and have any questions about any aspect of the trip, just e-mail or call me and I'll be more than happy to tell you all about it.. And I won't tell you no bullshit..

If I was going fishing here on Falcon, I certainly would not go out there without some shallow running crankbaits whether they be traps or square bills.. Some small plastics like a fluke or baby brush hog, and I reckon a spinner bait cause there is tons of spinnerbait lookin' water out there..

I promise if I hear anything to the contrary I'll let you know.. But for now the red flag warning is still in effect round here..

I'll see you later.. I gotta go find my shooting gloves..

July 2, 2015: Well it is just two days till the Fourth of July and things are going to heat up next week. We are supposed to be in the hundreds a couple of days.. But hell it is July! It's supposed to be hot..

But speaking of not hot, we just had the first June in eighty years.. Eighty years.. Without a day that reached 100 degrees.. Are you shittin me.. Not a hunnert one single say in June? Maybe this global warming crap only affects those that believe in it.. Kinda like only the kids that believe in Santa get any stuff for Christmas..

I bet Fat Al's ass is on fire..

It has been a beautiful week around here.. Albeit a bit windy.. But nice and cool with a lot of showers around.. We got a couple of tenths yesterday..

The lake is looking awesome and there is more wet bushes out there than there are in a gang bang porno.. It is incredible..

Near Pierces..


I was out on Tuesday with plans to run to the Salanaias.. But the waves made me stop at Pierces, near marker seven.. Eight to twelve my ass.. Maybe eight plus twelve.. It was rough..

In any case I caught a fat three pounder on the third cast.. Thought I was on to something.. But all I caught after that was some of this years spawn.. In the eight inch range.. Of course I was limited to fishing inside some creeks up here on the north end.. But some of these creeks look fantastic.. And impenetrable.. There should be fish in there.. But I did not catch em..

I heard from several folks that the South end of the lake is still where it is at.. I tried to get there..

Good numbers of fish are being caught on main lake and secondary points.. Lots of small fry, but lots of fish once you find em.. The moving baits will still get you more bites than anything else.. Throw a shallow runner with some chrome or in a sexy shad pattern..

I forgot to tell you earlier that PAW put in another 180,000 fingerlings last week. These were stocked in the Veleno and points near.. So we have gotten about 400,000 in all..

These fish were about two and a half to three inches long.. Which is about normal.. Once in a while you see some bigger ones in there..

These fish were thirty one days old when they were stocked.. So they grow damn fast.. And it won't be long till they are on a diet of bugs and small fish.. Probably already are.. It is not unusual to see some of them in the tanks on delivery that have tried to swallow each other..

It would be nice to stock some bigger fish, but it costs too much to raise them as you would have to start feeding them fish.. And they would start to eat each other being that confined and that rarely turns out good for either fish..

But these were some beautiful and healthy critters.. All that said, that don't do squat compared to the natural spawn.. When they got a place to hide.. And they do.. Keep in mind that unless it is a brand new lake, PAW does not stock fish to increase the number of fish in the lake, just to influence genetics..

It's been a while coming, but we have a lot of good things happening here at Falcon.. It's gonna be awesome.

We are working on scheduling a gar tournament in the early part of September, but we still have a few details to work out.. Should have a firm date in the next couple of weeks. September and early October will be busy times around here with several big tourneys going on.. Bass tourneys, that is..

Speaking of Gar, those that are pursuing them are catching them. It has been easy.. But I told you there are a shitload of them in here.. Lately there have been a few folks down hunting them, and they are just blown away by the amount of gar they see.. Even the boys from east Texas.. Where there is supposedly a lot of gar.. As one guy said.. "It's just stupid. " I say.."Come get you some.."

Well it is The Fourth weekend, and what would The Fourth be without throwin some meat on the pit and drinking a few cold beers.. And being we have all these new freedoms across the country it is time to party..

The shop is really not on fire.. But there's fire in the pit..

Now in Texas Fred can marry Ed..

Ellen can marry Helen..

And I can screw a goat with no fear of repercussion.... Long as her daddy says it is OK.. Her mother did say."Naaaaa.."

What a country!! Thanks to the supreme courts new laws they made.. Yep, now they have the power to make laws.. Not just rule on em.. It's awesome..

Now on the Fourth of July in Texas, playing cornhole will take on a whole new meaning.. Better watch who you invite over..

We should just do away with all the other bullshit in DC.. Who needs em.. The majority of people no longer matter in this country.. Just let us be ruled by the the Fine Nine.. They know what's best for us..

I find it funny that the country is in a self destructive shit spasm, and the government has no idea that it is even happening.. Or that they could be causing it.. It is embarrassing..

I'm sure Michelle is proud..

Work on the new bridge across the Veleno is well under way.. And I reckon they'll have our streets torn up for the next few years.. Supposed to get a new road in front of our shop as well.. I love the idea but dread the inconvenience.. I hear it has been coming for the last two years.. The bridge was only seven years in the making..

Speaking of the bridge.. There is twenty feet of water under it.. And the crappie are hanging out on them poles..

Northwest side.

Well Ted and Fred want me to go tend to their meat.. I better get out to the pit. I don't want to get sued for not cookin my meat for everybody, regardless of their sexual orientation.. They said they were going to pack some fudge for dessert..

I'm not really sure what that means..

Happy Fourth!!

June 29, 2015: Remember those days back in junior high, when it seemed that time just crawled. Like you were in prison, waiting for the final bell of the day to ring, so you could get your ass outside..

I wish I could get some of that feeling back.. Cause these days it seems like the years are flying by at an amazing pace..It's the end of July.. School has been out almost a month.. The longest day of the year has already passed.. It won't be long till we are talking football.. Half a year.. Shot in the ass.. Sixty three days till dove season.. Are you kidding me?

Speaking of sports.. I did learn one thing last week.. There is something worse than soccer.. Womens soccer..

Of course there were a few distractions in junior high.. But you gotta remember that junior high in the sixties was a little different than today.. We spent lot of time trying to see what color panties Mary Joe Baxter was wearing each day.. She was one of those overdeveloped pre pubescent types.. Like maybe she had been held back a few years.

We didn't have air conditioning, so most months it was hotter than a long haired bitch sucking nine pups in July.. We used to break rubber bands and stretch em out and kill gnats.. And pile em up on our desks.. See who could get the biggest pile before class was out.. That really impressed the teachers..

Billy Barnes used to stick a booger on his desk to lure them in.. We thought it was cheatin'.. You know with fair chase ethics and all..

Other than that it was just drudgery..

I reckon if you look up a girls skirt and get caught doing it today you will probably be charged with a felony. I know I dropped a lot of pencils back then.. But if you look up there these days you might see nuts and a pecker..

Oh, how times have changed..

Where the hell was I.. Oh yeah.. The summer is flying by and I will have to tell you that it has been about the most pleasant stretch that I can remember.. It has only reached 100° one day so far this year, and I can tell you that that is a record that will probably be around for a while..

And that has made for some damn nice fishing conditions around these parts. This is supposed to be a fishing report after all..

Last weekend there were a few fishermen in town, including SAPD bass club from San Antonio. On Saturday I heard there were a lot of fish caught.. A lot of short fish.. But not a lot of keepers. A six something was the biggest of the group. If I get final results I'll pass em along..

Most fish are being caught on rattle traps and red eye shad crankbaits. A square bill will also get you a lot of bites. Best colors are chrome and blue or chrome and black.. Of course Sexy Shad will catch em as well..

It is difficult to fish these baits in a lot of places right now. But you can find some points and secondary points where you can fish the edges of the greens and get the bait back to you on occasion.. It is not a pain free commitment to fish these baits. There are some tradeoffs.. Kinda like marriage..

You're gonna catch some fish.. And you're gonna get stuck in the bush every now and then..

The flipping bite is still decent where you can find some timber that is not corralled by huisache and retama to the point of in-penatrability. Try the shady sides of the wood and pitch it in there repeatedly.. Isolated green bushes have some fish in them as well. These fish have a lot of shit to eat, and they need to be pestered into biting a lot of the time.

I am a true believer that in times like these little things can make a big difference in your ability to get bites.

Do something different.. Nobody gets more stuck in a rut than me, and I find myself using the same baits, presentations, and colors all the time.. I wonder how many watermelon red brush hogs these fish have seen.. The bigger fish anyway.. These little bastards will bite anything some days..

Change it up some out there..

Use a scent on your bait. Especially when the fish are finicky.. I am a garlic freak.. And for whatever reason fish seem to like it as well.. And I will not fish any plastic without putting some Smelly Jelly on it.. I have proved too many times that it makes a difference.. Trust me.. Try it.. It WILL make a difference..

Down size your bait.. Instead of that full sized brush hog, use the baby version.. Instead of them Ol Monsters, try the Mag II..

I remember the eighties, (vaguely) when I would come down here literally with a 100 pack of Berkley blue fleck 7" power worms.. And nothing else.. And fish nothing else.. And tear em a new asshole..

It was a different time, of no pressure and a ton of fish.

Five years ago was also a different time.. When the lake was loaded with big fish and lots of em and they wanted big baits.. Not so much so these days.. I do believe we are headed back there.. But not just yet..

It may sound like suicide but maybe backing off from the 25 pound floro might not hurt either.. Easier said than done fishing in this thicket but you gotta get em on before you get em in..

Just a few thoughts to maybe get you a few more fish in the boat.

We have six and eight inch fish everywhere.. And these little bastards are not afraid to try and eat a 3/4 ounce Red Eye Shad.. They are crazy.. But Like I have often said, bass do not have mirrors and they have no idea how big or small they are. They just attack and bite and see if it fits in their mouth.. Sometimes to their demise.. It happens..

I imagine a lot of us will look like that this weekend.. With a hot dog sticking out of our mouths..

Saturday is the Fourth of July and it is truly The American holiday. Most folks are taking Friday off to celebrate and commemorate the founding of the greatest nation on the earth.. Ah, but some of you will use it as an excuse to go fishing an extra day.. And what's more American than a three day weekend. After busting your ass for the last month..

Whereever you go please keep in mind what we are actually celebrating.. And remember the blood spilled that provided you with the opportunity to live in the greatest country that was ever conceived on God's green earth..

And keep your eyes open for any assholes that might want to use this occasion to show how freakin stupid they are.. It don't cost a thing for you to be aware of your surroundings.. Just like that long tailed cat keeps an eye out for rockin chairs..

Maybe we'll see you down here this weekend.. If not, we'll see you next time..

Happy Fourth of July!

June 23, 2015: Summer has officially begun, and usually by this time of year we have had thirty days over one hundred degrees.. So far we have had one.. Jimmie likes Global Warming.. Although recent pontification warns against it.. More on that later..

Falcon continues to benefit from local rains and the watershed between us and Amistad keeps getting some daily downpours that sooner later add up to another foot of water.. And it is looking good..

We are sitting at 283.48, or 17.72 feet low.

I can't tell you how good the lake looks. When we were stocking fish last week the fellows form PAW couldn't believe it either.. Like I have said there are some flooded huisache flats that you couldn't run a hog thru..

And this thicket is going to be invaluable to the small fish growing up.. Gar and even cormorants will have a tough time negotiating their way thru the bushes without becoming a pin cushion..

More on those creatures later..

Fishing the south end of the lake is immensely different than the top end. I just don't know why.. Similar looking water.. Similar cover.. Just a lot more catchable fish down south..

I have heard of a few fish coming out of the Salado lately, but like I said it has been few. I had a buddy fish the Diablo the other day and not get a bite..

So I'd start at Pierces and Coyote and work my way south.. Or start in Government and work my way north.

Remember last year when I was telling you to throw a Red Eye Shad? Well the time has come again.. A rattle trap in chrome and blue or chrome and black is also good, or a trap in a shad pattern.

Yes you will hang up on occasion.. But you can usually get it back.. Lots of schooled up small fish in the backs of creeks and on secondary points. You can also throw a soft plastic in these same areas.. But you can wear em out on the hard bait when you get on a pile of them..

It is true that a lot of these fish are undersized. But for what they lack in mass they make up with mean. There are certainly some better fish being caught but you have to wade thru a lot of small ones to get to em.

Five and six pound fish are pretty common, but not in big numbers. Double digit fish have been very hard to come by as of late.

I wish someone could tell me where all the fish are that should be in their prime right now. In 2010 and before that in 2008 we had record water levels.. And tremendous spawns.. Where are all the eight to ten pound fish that should be all over the lake? That was five years ago.. We should have eight and nine pounders in every tree..

I know we dropped to about forty one feet low in the summer of 2012. Three years ago..

Do the fish commit suicide because the lake is low? Did they go Thelma and Louise over the dam?

Did they all die and sink to the bottom? Or did the gar eat em when there was nothing to hide behind but scattered hardwoods?

I tend to believe the latter of course.. Where are all the white bass that were making a comeback a few years ago.. And now you can't find one.. Where are all the giant bream that were everywhere? I mean everywhere there was rocks there were perch.. The Mexican netters are caching a few shad and carp.. But damn few tilapia.. Where'd those big crappie go?

Fact is that low water is bad for all species.. Except the gar.. It's an all you can eat buffet for them when the lake is low.. And who knows but we probably have a hundred thousand of them bastards in here..

I'll consider it a personal favor if you come down and kill a few.. Every bowhunter that comes to Falcon is freaked out by the amount of gar they see.. And you will be too.. Come get you some..

Meanwhile we'll pray for high water to protect our ASSets..

Seems like everybody is an expert on something these days.. I'm a freaking expert on gar.. Obamma is a freaking expert on racial harmony.. And the Pope is an expert on climate change..

I can understand him preaching socialism being he is from Argentina. And he has no concept of how capitalism works.

Wonder what shape the worlds people would be in if it were not the inventions and creations and risks taken by these rich greedy people.

And I am no expert on Argentina but after making several trips there I can say that socialism is certainly working for them.. What a freaking mess..

He is preaching that the poor need our help, but offers no way to help them, other than taking something from the rich.. And giving it to the poor..

Maybe it would be a good thing if he said that the poor need to quit making more poor children.. Think that'll happen??

Not a chance.. People who are not poor generally control their surroundings and expenses, and work hard..

Wait a minute.. That IS hard to do in a socialistic society.. Which seems to be the end goal of our administration these days..

I love kids.. Know why I only had two? Because that is all I could afford to support..

I figured I had to raise em.. Not the government..

It amazes me to see that it is acceptable to be born pregnant.. Or damn near.. The constant having of children by children.. With no means of support and not a clue on how to raise a family.. And in a lot of cases no plan to have a family in the traditional sense anyway..

Talk about locking yourself into poverty.. Because you are not responsible enough to keep your knees together or strap a freaking rubber on before you go for a joy ride..

Or maybe you were taught that having a bunch of kids out of wedlock is an easy way to sit on your ass and get money and housing from the government..

It's ridiculous. And here in Texas when one of these kids is born, you cut the umbilical cord and a Lone Star Card pops out.. It's damn near that bad..

I guess I can afford a lot more than two kids..

If there was ever anything to preach about, this is it..

I was raised Catholic.. I was an altar boy for ten years.. I went to mass six days a week.. I was taught to revere the Pope. I survived Vatican II. My knees are shot..

This is the first pope I have serious issues with.. I am sure he has heard of the Old Testament.. Maybe he should read some Leviticus..

Maybe he should center his attention on his own house.. Like getting the rest of the pedophiles out of the church. And owning up to the damage they have done..

Maybe some of the Vatican's artwork can be sold to help the poor.. There's a few billion in there I am sure..

No I really prefer to get my lecturing from somebody more like Al Gore.. Someone I have a lot less trouble calling a damn hypocrite..

I am sure my penance will be more than ten Hail Mary's and Ten Our Fathers.. But I reckon that if he has the right to speak up, I do too..

June 19, 2015: It has been slower than a seven year itch on a turtles tail around here, with very few fishermen in town. And fishing has been as good as it has been in a while. If you don't mind catching some little ones..

Square bills and spinners are still about as good as anything, and the flipping bite can be really good if you get on the right stretch of hardwoods. But make no mistake the trees and flooded bushes are filled with schools of little bass.. In some places they are just a pest.. If that is even possible.

Some summer time pattern fish are starting to show up.. On deeper rocks and old foundation type rockpiles.. But it is not a big numbers game. Some of those fish are decent quality with a whopper or two mixed in now and then.. But it is not a high percentage play..

The south end of the lake is still the best part of the lake for the most part, but I am starting to hear a little bit about the Salado and places north.. Many of the creeks are fishable up the river and they look awesome.. But after low water periods it always seems like it takes a while for these creeks to repopulate. But I can guarantee you that the little fish that were born up there the last year will remain there till forced out.. Which don't look to be anytime soon..

The lake is looking awesome, as we head to water levels above the 17 foot mark. We are still rising slowly and recent rains above and below us are putting precious inches in the lake on a slow but sure rise.. The last two nights I have watched serious storms both above and below, and east and west of us.. But we have had nothing but sprinkles here at the shop..

On Wednesday TPWD made a delivery to Falcon that consisted of about 230,000 fingerling Florida LMB. We still have another batch coming from what I understand. I was able to go out with the fellows and lend a hand spreading them around. We put this batch of fish in the Tigers, in some of the densest brush and trees we could get in. Survivability should be on the high side of the bell curve this year. It has been a long time since we have had this type of cover in the lake..

The next batch of fish will be spread on the top end of the lake.

Well the US Open is coming on so I have to get my popcorn made and get ready for an afternoon of golf. I think that the Mars rover is actually sending footage back of this event.. That is one strange looking course..

And the pope is supposed to call me this afternoon to clarify some of his statements as of late.. I've got some thoughts on his latest tirade but I don't want to go off on him before I get to talk to him..

Happy Fathers Day to all of you Dads out there..

I sure miss mine..

June 14, 2015: It was a great weekend around Zapata and Falcon lake, with nice weather and plenty to do.. Or to not do if that was your preference..

Of course a lot of my time was taken up by customers and helping with the annual API tournament over at Beacon Lodge. There was a lot more than a bass tournament going on, and for a lot of folks this was a three day party.. All for a good cause. I hear that more than $50,000 was raised during this three day event, but I do not have final numbers.

And I do not have final numbers on the bass tournament either.. I am awaiting an e-mail with aforementioned information.. But I do have the basics..

There were two divisions in the bass tourney.. A guided division, and an open division. An interesting quirk..

In the open division it took about twenty four pounds of fish to win. That's six fish.. So not too shabby.. John Adami and his partner won it. I am sorry I am short on the partners name. They had a 9.20 pounder on Saturday and it held up for big fish.

In the guided division, the team led by local guide Jay Grieshaw came in with the heavy stringer both days and their total weight was right at 33 pounds. They also had a eight pounder on day one.. He's been on some fish..

The ladies had a catfish tourney as well, and Hilda Lopez finished first with 4.34 pounds. They had a lot of fun as well.. They always do..

There was also a big cook off competition, and there were a lot of entry's. There were some serious BBQ rigs there, and their designs were as varied as the contestants.. Some tremendous workmanship has gone into some of these traveling meat wagons..

I talked to a lot of fishermen, in the store and at the weigh in. Most all of them said they caught a ton of fish.. A ton of little fish.. Many boats said they caught 40 to 50 fish a day that were short of legal size. There's a ton of em out there right now.. Eating everything in sight..

I heard that a square bill or even a jerk bait caught a ton of these little fish.. Soft plastics caught better fish in a lot of areas.. Not everyone that fished caught a limit of fish.. Some folks caught a lot of fish, but struggled to catch a limit of legal fish. Give us a year..

Uvalde bass club was also in town, and some caught em pretty good, and some did not fare as well.. Saturdays weight was about eleven pounds for the top spot. (three fish) I am sure I will hear what the final results were before too long..

Thanks to all who wandered thru the store this weekend. This was the last major event on the calendar till late September when the Platinum Team Trail comes to town, followed by the TABC state championship, and the San Antonio Metro tourney.

We are playing with the idea of putting on a gar tourney in September as well and we are working on the details. Currently the locals have taken to fishing for them with rod and reel and success rates have been high.

Remember a few years back when I told you to quit your job and get your ass down here if you liked catching big bass and a lot of em?

Well I'm telling you the same thing right now.. If you like to catch or shoot alligator gar..

Rod and reel fishermen are spooling up with 80 pound braid tied to a float with a steel leader. Put you a fist sized chunk of fresh cut carp on there, chunk it out there, and open a beer.. And you better have you a reel with a good drag and put it on a whoopin stick.. These fish are bad asses..

We got whatever you need right here and we have some custom leaders and hooks made just for gar.. We also sell a full line of AMS bowfishing products here as well.. So we got you covered however you want to chase em..

Do you ever throw a 10XD? While I am trying to sell something.. If you want some and they are not Powder Blue Back Chartreuse, Citrus Shad, or Sexy Shad, then give me a call.. I got a bunch of other colors and I don't want to.. And I'll sell em to you for $9.99. You can't beat that price with a stick and a yard of rope..

There are a lot of rain possibilities around the state this week.. Hurricanes to left of us.. Hurricanes to the south.. We'll see what happens.. We might as well go on and fill this one up while we're at it.. It'd make me happier than a puppy with two peters..

I'll get back to you real soon with more details from the weekends affairs.. And probably a few thoughts not necessarily related to fishing..

Fishing is good.. So is catching.. Just not a lot of bigguns.. But it's a coming..

June 9, 2015: It's been a week or so since I have written, but it doesn't seem like it.. And although things are pretty slow around here, I always seem to keep myself busy.. Doing something, even if that don't add up to much at the end of the day.

Truth is that we are pretty much waiting.. Waiting for these millions of fish to grow.. And waiting for the inevitable crowd that will follow.. It's coming..

Patience is not one of my strong suits.. I have always been a get er done kinda guy.. And get er done right now.. Like my Daddy always said, "Grab a root and growl.."

I'm not sure where that saying came from.. Maybe from the early Texas settlers when they were clearing land by hand back in the 1800's.. Them folks had some hard bark on em..

In any case I guess there is nothing I can do to make these fish grow faster.. So for the mean time we will just have to be happy catching a lot of little ones.. And I mean the lake is full of little fish. Throw a castnet in any area where you can hit the water without hitting a thorn bush and likely as not you'll come back with more baby bass than shad.. And that happened last year as well..

The future is bright.. But it is still the future..

I got invited on another night time gar hunting trip last weekend, and I gotta say that I was totally blown away by how many gar we saw. It was awesome. And scary..

There were about forty that we counted that we could have shot. And this was in about a ten acre area. Of course these fellows were only interested in killing a trophy, so we let lots and lots of four and five footers go. The big fish were a bit spookier but we did manage to stick a six footer.

Long nose gar were all over and they travel in schools of forty or fifty.. Lots of targets if you like a lot of shooting.. Kinda like shooting prairie dogs..

The guys I went with are serious bow fishermen. This is the sixth bowfishing boat he has owned. And so were the ones I went with a few weeks ago.. This is their sport.. And both of them say that there is no place that they have ever been that can even come close to Falcon when it comes to gar and big gar numbers. Something I have been telling you all along. It is incredible..

If you like bowfishing then get your ass down here now.. Grass and common carp are also all over the place.. Big ones..

Stocking of Florida fingerlings is underway around the state. Last week Amistad got 400,000, and we are scheduled for 500,000 sometime next week, provided that they are of size at that point. I am sure that demand for fish will be at an all time high this year, with water in lakes that have not seen these levels in years. It is great that so many Texas lakes are full, and many overfull. It's been a long time coming..

Speaking of stocking, I hear that there is going to be 100,000 fingerling alligator gar stocked in lake Fork.. That should get rid of those pesky white bass.. Don't worry.. They don't eat black bass..

That would lead to some good bowfishing action up north in the near future.

And speaking of the future, as some of you so astutely noticed, I jumped the gun about thirty days saying that half the year is over.. It ain't.. Maybe I am just anticipating the next president.. Still got a ways to go.. But could anybody, and I mean anybody, be less competent?

I heard that the United Consortium of Bald Eagles is suing the United States because they no longer want to be the national bird of the US.. Citing irreconcilable differences.. Seems that we no longer have much in common..

Truth in advertising laws will no longer allow a Bald Eagle, the ultimate bad ass of the skies, to be the national mascot of a country run by ignorant, narcissistic, politically correct, pussies, who don't have a freakin clue on how to run or govern a country of bad ass free men. Who are dying for some real leadership by the way... As if you didn't know.

Probably something about that "free men" thing that they don't like.. And day after day we continually allow them to farther erode our freedoms.. With all the best intentions I am sure..

It is scary.. When you think of all the low and no information voters we have in this country. Millions have no idea of our history and or current events. They can tell you whether Bruce Jenner has a dick or not.. But they can't tell you who the attorney general is.. Or how many states there are. Or who the vice president is..

And we are trying to get more of them to vote.. Voting comes with some responsibility.. There should have to be a test before you vote.

One good test is to see if you have a freaking ID.. If you don't have one you surely don't need to vote.. If you haven't mastered the skill of being able to prove to someone who you are, then you are too stupid to vote..

If you don't have the basics down for speaking english, and you are not making your kids learn english at home, you are too stupid to vote.

If you are twenty nine years old, and your job is listed as "occasional", then you are too stupid to vote.

If you spend your days getting high all the time, you are too stupid to vote..

If you are a third generation section 8 tenant, you are too stupid to vote..

If you think that the police are your natural born enemies, then you are surely too stupid to vote..

And P.S. If you do not obey a cop, at least from the get go, for the simplest of questions or requests, you are too stupid to vote.

And as a special note to those of you in this category, 99.99% of cops don't start fights.. But they have been known to finish them..

That is just a few thoughts on voter qualification.. There are many more.. I am sure many of you have some particular favorites.. But if you ruled out those it would be a good start..

Fishing has been good on the south end of the lake, especially for numbers of small fish. Try the Salanaias or the Benavides on the Mexican side, and maybe the Coyotes. The Tigers and Government cove have been decent on the Texas side, but spotty. The spinnerbait is still probably the best thing going..

There are still some flipping fish on the hardwoods, but you have to get out in a little deeper water to find woods that are flippable, due to the thicket out there.. Lizards and brush hogs are good choices.

The API tourney is this weekend, and if you haven't made plans to be here you are probably not coming. But if you are, registration will be at Beacon Lodge this Thursday evening. Calcutta to follow.. Should be fun..

I'll be doing the weigh in and fish care again for this one. And I'll let you know what happens on all fronts.

The hurricane that was out in the Pacific, named Blanca, has kinda petered out without doing much damage or bringing a lot of rain to the Conchos.. There is another in line, not yet named.. Looks like it could be another active year out west.. We'll see..

On a personal note.. Many of you that hang around Falcon may have run into Bob Stevens. Big guy with a big heart.. He passed away last night.. He had been fighting cancer for several years. He will be missed, and he and his family are in our prayers..

Well if anything exciting happens I'll be sure and let you know. Great weather for the next few days.. Get down here and get you some..

June 1 &2, 2015: Half of 2015 is in the books. Yep it's June first and we have a north wind blowing.. Go figure..

And the monsoon continues.. Now don't get me wrong.. I'm liking this wet and cool.. Specially the wet part.. We continue to rise and currently we are sitting at 282.46, just 18.74 feet low.. And while that many feet down might make a Forkie sell his boat, round these parts that is music to our ears.. It is looking awesome..

I just hope Mother Nature ain't finished with us yet.. Lots of other places in the state have had way too much, and I feel for them.. But we can stand another deluge or two..

The Pacific has gotten all riled up and there are a couple of early storms stomping around out there.. Mostly out there.. But the storm named Blanca might run up the Sea of Cortez's ass.. We'll see.. It is early in the season.. But maybe while we're catching water the Mexican lakes on the Conchos can too.. I had a Mexican girl named Blanca get me wet in the seventies.. Maybe I can... I better let that go..

In any case, things are looking good for Falcon lake..

And don't look now but the spinner bait bite has taken hold the last week or so.. And it has continued today.. The Chart/White is as good a choice as any.. Get back in them bushes and chunk and wind..

I reckon the reason that it is working is because that is what you can get away with up there in that jungle.. That and the fact them fish are back in those bushes.

San Antonio Bass Club was here over the weekend, and they did fair to middlin on Saturday. I think about twelve pounds (three fish) was leading it the last I heard, And someone had an eight something for big fish.. Not the leader.. I am sure someone will send me the final results before long..

I did not get this report wrapped up yesterday, and here it is Tuesday. There are actually a few folks in town fishing this week, and they have got some good conditions to fish. The wind has finally slowed a bit which will make fishing the midlake a lot more enjoyable..

I talked to a couple of guys yesterday that actually caught some deeper fish. On some deep rocks with a Carolina rig and a big crankbait. And reportedly the size was a little better than a lot of the fish in the shallows. I look for this trend to continue and improve, as we mosey down the road to warmer water temperatures.

We still do not have consistent water temps over eighty degrees, which is certainly an anomaly. Morning temps have been in the upper seventies and creeping into the eighties later in the day. We still have not hit 100° here in Zapata, and that certainly is not normal. I don't think we have even been to 95 yet.

It is about time to put some fish in the lake, and I would expect to hear of a stocking truck from TPWD heading our way sometime in the next few weeks. I have not heard much about whether they are ahead or behind schedule due to the weather. A lot of fish come from A. E. Wood hatchery in San Marcos and they were badly hit with rains last week as well. I'll let you know if I hear anything.

Don't forget about the API tourney coming to Falcon next weekend. It is always a fun event and there will be fun a plenty for contestants and observers. The fishing days are on Friday and Saturday the 12th and 13th. Registration and calcutta will be on Thursday night at Beacon. Call me or see the Border Chapter website for details.

Other than that is is pretty quiet around here..

I have been pretty gimpy lately but am finally getting around a little better. And I plan on hitting the lake a bit later in the week.. I want to go see if I can catch some of those, what should be, summertime fish, that are supposed to be living on them deeper freaking rock piles.. We used to murder em about this time of year..

I've only got about a hundred marks to check.. I'll let you know..

Have you ever inadvertently said the wrong thing.. I mean sometimes the wrong words just pop out.. Not thru any fault of your own.. It just happens..

A couple nights ago I was in bed (don't worry it ain't one of them kinda stories..) and I was about asleep.. My wife was up reading some new book that just came out.. Giving her a kindle is about like giving a fourteen year old boy (a straight one) a Playboy.. You ain't gonna hear from em for a while..

Anyway after a while she came to bed and I was about half conscious and I reached over pat her head goodnight and I said "You feel kinda clammy.." I thought maybe she had changed her reading style to one of them romance novels or something.

And she said something like, "That is just some wrinkle cream I put on at night.."

And I guess if I'd a been a little more awake I'd of thought out my response a little better.. But I said "Shit.. Why don't you use it in the daytime?"

Baloney really ain't that bad if you put a lot of Miracle Whip on it..

See you on the water..

May 27, 2015: It's come to my attention that sometimes too much of a good thing is a bad thing. And as dry as things have been in Texas for the last ten years or so, it is hard to imagine that in a very short time we would be praying for the rain to stop.. At least in a lot of places.

I am sure a lot of us had been praying for rain, but no one wants to see damaging floods.. But that is the nature of Texas weather. We rarely get what we want. And getting it to stop is as uncontrollable as getting it to start.

I don't have to tell you that Texas lakes overall are in the best shape in a decade or longer. Yes some south and west Texas lakes still need some water, but hell we know we are in a desert.. And we just have to enjoy the water we get, however and whenever we get it..

I was on the lake this morning running around up the river and in the Salado. The water color is still off in the river above the Veleno, and down right dirty up around the Chapotes. Mexican Chapote is dirty, but Texas Chapote is not too bad once you get back in there a bit. The Hedieona is beautiful, as is the Salado.

We are sitting at 281.92 this afternoon, and let me tell you there is a lot of water out there.. That puts us at 19.28 feet low, up five feet in the same time frame when we usually loose at least five. And we are still rising slowly. We have not been at this level since August of 2011.

The lake looks awesome and there is so much cover in the water it is hard to get your bait to the shore in most places. Some places only a minnow or baby bass can get in there.. The huisache is so thick in some areas that if a baby bass swims in there, and stays overnight, he may not be able to get back out.. Given the growth rate of these Falcon bass..

All this cover makes it hard on a bank beater like me to get a bait where I want it.. The fish I caught this morning were caught on a spinnerbait.. I was afraid to throw anything else..

It is a jungle out there.. Literally..

Many towns in Texas are dealing with catastrophic flooding as we speak. And prayers go out to the victims of the floods across the state.

There have been a record number of fishermen on the lake this week. A record low number. There was one other truck and trailer at the ramp besides me this morning at eight thirty.. Hard to imagine..

The few fishermen that have been out are catching numbers of fish on lipless crankbaits and small plastics for the most part. Any bait can catch some fish, and it seems like finding a pile of them is harder than catching them when you do. Main lake points, when the wind allows, are good places to start. A lizard or a baby brush hog is a good choice.. Once you find a pile of em the red eye shad has been producing decent numbers of fish.

Throwing a Carolina rigged lizard with about a two foot leader is good also on the edges of points and tree lines.. Fish it slow..

Catfish are very good in the muddy waters in the backs of creeks and up the river in the deep holes on cut bait.. Cut carp is as good as it gets for bait. The fresher the better.

Some crappie are holed up under the bridge again.. Lots of fish, and lots of under's as well.. Jigs and Gulp minnows are working pretty good.. Minners if you got em..

Alligator gar are being caught on rod and reel on a consistent basis. Also on jug lines with a huge chunk of cut carp for bait. A one pound bait is not too big. The bloodier the better.

The bow fishermen have been whacking them as well, but what do you expect.. We have a giant population of gar and the few that are pursuing them are doing well. More power to em I say.. So if you are shutout on the Trinity then come down here and get you some. And you'll have no problem disposing of the fish if you do not wish to clean them. There are plenty of folks in this town that will probably give you gas money for a gar.. No shit..

The south end of the lake is still producing better bass fishing that the top of the lake. Has all year.. But it will not be too long till the creeks up top get repopulated. There is too much good cover and tons of bait in the creeks I mentioned earlier not to be fish magnets.. But the bait on the end of your rod will have a lot of competition to get bit once it is in the water.

This lake is about as fertile and full of shad as I have ever seen it.. I'm stoked.. I wish I were more patient.. And ten years younger.. Give us a little time and it is going to be on..

I got a new computer last week, and this is one bad son of a bitch.. Quite a rocket compared to my old laptop with XP on it.. Don't get me wrong.. I wouldn't have bought one except the bastards pretty much forced me to..

And after I got about 99% of the preloaded shit off of it I almost got it working as good as my old one. It loads pages quicker that a flicked booger hits the ground..

Any way when I turned it on this AM the headlines read that some soccer people are in trouble for scamming a few million dollars from whatever organization it is that holds their sack of quarters.

What amazes me is that they were actually able to amass a pile of money like that. What did not amaze me is that a bunch of Eurocrats did the stealing.. I bet it is the same people that took the millions in bribes and hookers on the olympic committee a few years back.. Sure as Marv Albert wears panties..

But I don't see what the fuss is all about.. It's soccer.. Hockey on grass.. Lunesta on a TV.. Who really gives a shit..

Wait a minute.. That must be it..

Shit.. Like the shit in those baggies the fans throw at each other over in Euroville..

The people that have the concessions at the hockey.. err.. Soccer stadiums must be making all their money selling baggies of excrement and riot gear at the games.. I am pretty sure you can't take you own baggies of shit into the games.. You have to buy theirs.. A captive market.. Genius..

Why are the American networks trying to shove soccer up our ass? Isn't there any cheerleading competitions going on at the same time.. Or couldn't they simulcast some programs about toenail fungus?

I'd rather watch a program on how Rosie gets the smegma out from between her wrinkles of belly fat than watch soccer..

In any case, it's just soccer.. Leave those poor Euro guys alone.. They're the only ones working in Europe anyway..

Well if you get a chance to get down here you'll be amazed by all the water in the lake. And how much of the lake you'll have to yourself.

We'll see you on the water...

May 22, 2015: Is it too early to say that the ten year drought that has plagued Texas has come to an end? Or are we just in a wet period that divides one drought from another around these parts? I guess no one can say for sure, but if the drought is not broken, it certainly has a dent in it.

Yesterday morning Zapata was again hit with a thunderstorm that was the real deal. Over two and a half inches of rain fell in less than two hours and it came sideways. And two and a half or so was the amount reported by lots of folks in our general vicinity..

The lake is still rising, and currently we are up to right at twenty feet low with water still in the pipeline.

The fishing has been decent with good numbers of fish caught on the south end of the lake. Last weekend there were a few small club tourneys in town and some folks did pretty good.

The Helotes bass club sent me some results, and they are as follows. Greg Westall took the the top spot with a two day six fish limit that weighed a little over 22 pounds. Steve Ingram and Fritz Collier both had stringers in the 14 pound range for second and third.. Big bass was a 9.30 caught by Steve Ingram. Big numbers of small fish were reported by several of the contestants. And there has been a lot of that lately..

Lizards, brush hogs, and senkos were the best in soft plastics.. I hear a lot of the fish caught were tackle store fish.. The little bastards that shake your bait to pieces and into the air when you pluck them out of the water. Bad for you.. Good for me.. We train em that way..

Most of the fish were caught inside ten feet of water, and a lot of numbers were caught on the Texas side on the south end of the lake. There were also some crankbait fish and spinner bait fish caught..

It is truly a jungle out there near the shore.. If you can see the shore.. Lots of places for little fish to grow and hide..

The API tourney is approaching, and it is open to all comers this year. So if you are looking to fish a tournament and you want to see Falcon then then this will be a good time for you to come and check it out.. It will be held the weekend of June 11th thru the 13th and the competition days will be Friday and Saturday. It is always a good time with plenty of good food and libations..

It seems that everything I own has broken lately.. My feet are screwed, my cell phone with all my contacts died, my laptop is on the fritz, my windshield reached its one year Zapata life span, and I can't keep all the dirt out of my parking lot with all the big rains washing north Zapata to the south end.. My server switchover has all but destroyed my online store.. And I don't even want to think about it..

Not to mention a few things I am not going to mention..

I thought all my info was saved in the cloud.. I guess my cloud has just been shoving lightning bolts up my ass here lately..

I got most of it coming my way.. I hope.. But the last month has been pretty crappy.. Least I'm back to walking around..

I just can't say how excited I am about the rising lake level and the near-term future of Falcon. We may have a short term tough go of it, which we are already experiencing, but man the numbers of fish in the lake is awesome and they are growing like weeds.. I have seen this scenario before and I am telling you it is gonna be fantastic before you realize it. This lake makes three pounders out of fry before a cat can lick his ass..

If the long term El Nino sets in like the weather guru's say, we may be looking at an even fuller lake in the near future.. We'll see. But I put about as much in faith in long term weather prognostication as I do in Hillary Clinton. I don't think Bill is putting anything into Hillary either..

Except a few deposits.. And those are electronic ones, not penile.. I hope they can get by on what little they have accumulated..

I see that Obamma was talking to the Coast Guard academy grads yesterday.. Or the day before.. He must be the one that has ordered the Coasties to Zapata.. Now don't get me wrong.. I love the military. Including the CG.. But we don't need em here in Zapata harassing the fishermen. I've never seen a bigger crock of shit.. What possible good are they doing here? And at what cost? It is about as stupid a government venture as has even been dreamed up..

Your tax dollars bringing CG personnel here from Florida and California to check my life jacket?? And to make sure I have a fire extinguisher.. Texas may need your help.. At the coast.. As your name implies.. But we do not need you here.. At least not in uniform.. Come fishing and enjoy.. But don't tell me I need a boat inspection.. For the fifth time in a year..

Anyway, Obamma thinks that the Coast Guard needs to battle global warming.. And that the .1% increase in temperatures is driving the whack jobs in the middle east to jihad..

I mean really.. Is that the best you got Berry?? That is the most bullshit thing I have heard since the last time I heard him talk..

And what is a dope smoking, America hating, community organizing, silver spoon fed, spoiled brat doing talking to the military anyway? Shouldn't he be out shanking a six iron somewhere.. He should just thank them and move on..

As I will..

Thanks to all who have served, and to all who have given their lives so we may live here in freedom. As fragile as it is becoming.

Thanks to all those now serving, especially in these difficult times when we are so desperate for a true American leader, with America in mind before personal or international interests.

No words can express the gratitude that must be given to the men who delivered us to this point in history. And on this Memorial Day please take the time to remember those that laid down their lives for ours.

Thank You.. God Bless You..

Keep the Faith America.. Better times are coming..

May 16, 2015: A week has gone by since I last posted, and the most exciting thing that has happened is that it rained.. Not here.. But in the watershed.. And we are catching some water.. Not a lot.. But some.. And I reckon we'll get a foot or two out out of this before it is over, and the bulk of the water will be hitting the lake in the next five or six days.

I have been down in the valley the last few days, and it is wet down there. Most of the corn crops are already tasseled out, and they should not be needing any water from us this year.. Or at least not for a good while.

What is a shame is that Sugar lake is dumping between 10,000 and 12,000 CFS of water down the Rio Grande.. With nowhere to go but out into the gulf.. This is an unusual situation, but it would sure be nice to have a way to get that water into Falcon.. Just a pipe dream.. Pun intended..

The fishing here remains spotty but steady, with some days of decent numbers of two to four pound fish, with an occasional nice fish mixed in.

Most fish are still in the shallows but there have been reports of some deeper fish coming on crankbaits and Carolina rigs. I am not talking deep deep, but twelve to fifteen feet on some rocks.. And a few rockpiles. Like old houses..

The summer pattern is not in full swing by any means. Usually by this time you can find a bunch of fish offshore, but a bunch of fish have been hard to come by unless you are on a pile of peckerheads, usually near the shore. And if you are after a bunch of bites, there are times when you can whack the hell out of the little guys.

Recent cast net results are showing a shit load of baby bass in the shallows. A lot of them are in the three to four inch range, and there are still a lot of even smaller fish. These fish do grow fast and right now they are eating and being eaten like crazy.

With all the cover in the lake their survival will be phenomenal. And things are looking good for the near future.

Lizards are still the best soft plastic going.. Watermelon red and green pumpkin based seem to be doing the best. And throwing one on a C-rig is also a good idea.

The retamas are holding a lot of fish in the shallows, if you can get one out of there. Fishing the retamas is kinda like throwing your line into a running chain saw.. It's a risky proposition, but it can be a rewarding one. Braid is a good idea if you are flipping them, but don't expect to have a high percentage of boated fish once you get one on..

It's a crapshoot..

The lake level this morning is sitting at 280.09, and that is the first time we have cracked the 280 mark in just a little over three years. And yes Virginia, there is water in places you can't get to..

That equates to 21.09 feet low. And rising..

Catfish are still doing great, on rod and reel and on jugs or trot lines. The gar are everywhere and good success rates have been seen for bow fishermen. Fisherman with jug lines have also been catching them as well..

Speaking of gar, I saw where TPWD issued an emergency order to prohibit the pursuit of gar by any means on the Trinity river somewhere south of Dallas.. I don't know where, and I don't really care, but I just believe it is the most ridiculous thing I have heard of.. Well since they passed the law giving themselves the power to do this anyway..

I find it comical that it is deemed an "emergency"..

And while you may think that I am just a gar hater, there is some method to my madness..

PAW thinks that gar are more "vulnerable to harvest" during their spawning ritual. Maybe so.. But that also might be the only time that an angler/hunter might get a chance to catch/bag a real trophy..

I could see where it could be possible to sneak up on a big gar when she was in the shallows with a beau, and you had your bow, and you could stick an arrow in her.. Still sounds like fair chase to me.. It ain't easy.. If you don't believe me.. Try it..

Why the moratorium on on rod and reel fishermen is beyond me.. Your no more likely to catch one during the spawn than any other time on a bait..

Why not make it catch and release for gar during this time of "emergency"? Or do you think that catching one might disrupt the spawning cycle of a big fish? We better think about that..

These are not even considered a game fish.. But lets consider what the state considers, "game".

How bout a turkey? They are game animals.. Is it illegal to call them in and harvest them during their 'rut', killing them before they have a chance to pass along their genes? They ain't more vulnerable to to harvest during the rut are they?

Naw. Shit no, that's fine.. Killem all you want up to four or five, depending on the county you are hunting in..

Turkey hunting hardly generates any money for the state anyway..

How bout them whitetail deer? We would never shoot none of them while they were in mating season.. Those big bucks are not more vulnerable to harvest during the rut are they?.. Shit no.. Shoot all you want of those trophies. Up to three depending on the county you're hunting in..

Them deer don't generate no revenue for the state either..

How bout them big ole bass.. No one would dare to catch one of them off the bed while they are spawning.. When you can see em sitting there and you can pester them so long that they finally bite or try to move your bait..

Shit no.. They're not more vulnerable during the spawn.. And catching them and dragging them around won't disrupt their spawning cycle either, will it??

And they don't generate no dollars for the state coffers either..

Now them gar.. Them is some money making sons a bitches.. We better protect them.. We don't wanna kill the goose that lays the golden eggs..

And while I have been speaking phousiciously, it is only to point out the ludicrosity of this thought process by PAW about a fish, that in the big picture, no one gives two shits about.

Yes I know that there are those whose members get rigid when they think about alligator gar. And I am not belittling any of them. I think it is cool to catch or kill them, just like any other sport.

But lets stop the special interests for one species that is not in danger in Texas..

Why don't we spend some time on something important.. Like killing a few hundred thousand cormorants.. That are devastating our fisheries..

Oh shit I forgot.. They are another protected class on Texas waterways.. That PAW continues to ignore to date..

I guess we live in a world of special interests.. And some of them are specially stupid..

May 8, 2015: It has been a very slow and quiet week around here. Yesterday morning there was one trailer at the county ramp at 9:00, and three at the State Park. Yeah.. I think you got some room to fish.

And I guess I get why.. Fishing has been mediocre..

There were a few folks here for the last week, and they had some fair days, and some shitty days.. The wind has been a factor in both of the above scenarios.. It was a windy one starting last Sunday..

Of the fish that were caught, flipping trees and bushes was still the top producer.. You can pitch your favorite, but a brush hog and a lizard and a senko are still the best.. Some folks were wacky rigging a senko with little weight and having some success.. I cannot emphasize enough the need to fish slow..

There are still a few fish coming from a little deeper rocks.. Crankbaits and Carolina rigs have been the best for those wayward fish..

I wanted to fish this week but I am just now getting around enough to make it to the cash register without riding a rolling chair..

It's Mothers Day weekend, and we will be closed on Sunday.. As we're headed to the ranch to do some serious eatin'..

And we're gonna play with some shootin irons as well I reckon..

Don't forget to give your Mama a call.. Even if you don't want to..

Happy Mothers Day!

May 4, 2015: Well if I bitched about the wind last week, I'll really be bitchin this week.. Cept this week it is out of the SE. Least it's not a north wind.. But it is supposed to be in the twenties all week long.. With a chance of rain most days.

Fishing is improved a bit, at least for numbers if not for size. If you are willing to do the work.. Which includes trips to the south end of the lake and fishing a lot of Mexican waters.

There was a group of fellows in town last weekend that hold an annual event, either on Amistad or here, and they had about forty boats in their group.. On Friday the top stringer was about sixteen pounds for three fish. Lots of fish were caught and lots missed I hear. I did not hear the final, or maybe I did but I can't remember, except that the fishing on Saturday was better than Friday, for the most part. Maybe someone will e-mail me the final results..

I think the big fish was an eight something.. These guys really had a good time and thanks to all of you who came by the store. Somebody let me know the final results!!

Soft plastics caught most of the fish.. And whooda thunk it but a W/M red brush hog caught a lot of fish. And while I queried a lot of fishermen about depths, I still did not get much of a good response about fishing deeper. Most everyone caught their fish in water less than ten feet deep..

There were fish reported being caught on the square bill as well. I guess if I went out today I would basically have four rods on the deck.. A square bill.. A lizard or brush hog.. A spinner bait.. And a deep diving crank bait to throw at those shallower ledges in ten feet of water or so.. Especially if you can find one that is rocky and not covered with trees and or brush.. There have been a few showing up on ledges.. But not deep ledges..

Oh yeah.. And you might want to have a top water of some sort on a rod as well..

That's enough to create a trip hazard..

I haven't written in a few days.. Some of you might have noticed.. But Tommy is on vacation and my freakin foot is killing me.. And being in pain kinda kills my creative drive.. If you can call it that. I'm going to a specialist on Wednesday.. Getting old sucks..

I swear that when I was fifty I could jump a five wire fence with my dick in my hand.. These days I am tripping over cracks in the sidewalk..

The alligator gar are everywhere right now, and if you are a bowfisher you need to get down here. I saw a lot of big ones killed over the weekend.. Two over seven feet that I know of and several six footers. Of course we had calm winds and great visibility.. In any case the fish are very active. Even the locals are catching them on rod and reel pretty good..

Trot lining catfish is off the hook.. It don't take much to catch em right now.. Rod and reel fishing for the whiskerfish is also great.. Pick a spot.. But near cormorant roosts is golden.

What else is going on?

The API tourney is not too far away, and it is open to all; you do not have to be working in the industry to fish it.. It will be held on the 11th thru 13th of June with all activities being held at Beacon Lodge. Google the API border chapter for details..

The 29th Sharelunker season is over.. And that's never a bad thing.. Not too much to hang your hat on for this go round. Who woulda thunk it..

Why was this the year of the broken jaw? And we have never heard of it before.. At least not as far as it killing SL fish.. And killing them within days from an infection.. I am not sure I understand this one.. I guess it could happen..

Fish don't have handles and lets face it the mouth is about the only way to get a hold of a whopper and secure it.. And you better be holding on..

I have watched a lot of professional fishing the last month, just to watch how they handle their fish. And I gotta say it is pretty shitty.. If all these fish in the SL program died of broken jaws.. Then a shitload of the fish caught in Bassmaster events are going to die as well.. And the other half will die of infection after they left their slime coat on the carpet after flopping around for thirty seconds while the fisherman does a series of fist pumps, primal screams, and says a novena..

Not all the anglers are that way.. But too many are..

I know it is all about the show.. And selling yourself and therefore your sponsors.. I get it..

But the lack of fish care is ridiculous.. Especially on the bigger fish..

I heard from a few folks that I talk about too much politics.. Well I reckon that is up to the individual to decide..

I might go weeks without talking about anything political.. But I might not..

And I always tell people the same thing.. I ain't throwing my paper in your yard.. You don't have to read it if you don't want to..

I have this guy that throws the local free paper/flyer/toilet paper thingy in my driveway every week.. And two more in my driveways at my rent house.. And I am damn tired of picking them up.. And repeated attempts to stifle the delivery to my properties have gone unanswered.. So last month I collected about a months worth and re rolled em up tight with two in each bundle.. And kept em damp.. Makes for something you could throw..

I had a paper route when I was a kid and I am familiar with the ballistics of a tightly wrapped Express News.. I also had a 90 mile per hour fastball in high school.. I didn't get drafted because the only thing I could hit was the backstop..

But after years of practice I have developed my skills to where I could hit a passing pickup with great regularity..

And last week when I saw the traveling litterbug on the street behind me, I readied my bucket of parchment projectiles and hid behind the executive shitter behind the shop..

And when he started to make his strafing run, I jumped out from behind the shitter and cut loose with a kinda of a slider, cut fastball, looking throw that hit the passenger door with a big ass thump.. At about eighty two miles per hour..

I guess the thud kinda disoriented him and he let off the gas.. And I got him twice more.. One in the window, that kocked his spit cup off the dash, and the third one broke off his Jack in the Box antenna ornament.. Bout that time he realized he was under attack and he stomped it.. I fired off a fourth but he was burning rubber around the corner on to 83 and all I hit was air..

It's Monday morning and I don't see no papers in my driveway..

See.. Now that's how negotiations are supposed to work.. Ask nicely first.. And then kick ass..

So much for our political lesson of the day..

April 28, 2015: Man I wish winter would finish up with us.. I'm tired of this crap.. Twenty mile per hour north wind.. What's up this crap.. Lows in the fifties.. It's supposed to be summer..

There are less than five boats on the water this morning.. And yes I am counting both ends of the lake.. Two that I know of went south to launch.. But are already back.. It's blowin..

I'm sure it is disappointing to the few that are in town to fish..

As funky as the fishing has been, maybe stirring up the water a bit will do us some good.. It can't hurt..

I was certainly expecting a better showing at Bass Champs last weekend, and I have been reminded by several people that my guess was not even close.. I was only off by about seven pounds.. Guess I have not been on the lake enough..

No.. That's not a guess.. That's fact..

I heard that several of the top finishers caught their fish on topwaters. Well I was right on that.. And I did talk to a few folks at weigh in that said they caught em on frogs.. And some on walking baits..

And some folks said they caught big numbers of fish. But few were keepers.. Little fish do seem to be quite active..

But little fish don't win no bass tourneys.. Least they ain't supposed to round here..

I would hope that shortly the summer pattern will set in and we can find some bigger fish on the ledges and rockpiles in a little deeper water.. But right now that is pure speculation.. I know a lot of those fish are not coming out of that brush..

A lot of the north and east Texas lakes are really in good shape right now, with many of them at or above pool levels.. I am not about to say that the drought is over, but it is good to see some regular rains over much of Texas.. There are still a lot of lakes that need a lot of water, especially in central and western areas of the state.

Amistad is 28 feet low.. Falcon is 22 feet low.. Ivie is 45 feet low.. My old home lake, Medina is 86 feet low.. Travis is still 51 feet low.. And there are a lot of other lakes that are well below comfortable levels as well..

Even with the rains that have seemed so generous. And a few lakes have missed catching a lot of water by just a few miles.. The law of averages says that sooner or later a big rain has to hit in the right place. And it will.. But I am not sure when..

Even at twenty two feet low.. We are looking great. And while my patience is wearing thin, I know this lake is going to go off again in the not too distant future.. Squat and watch..

I just read what is written below.. And it's a little harsh.. But it's true.. Read if you want.. Or quit here


I am sure that you have heard of the shit that is going on in Baltimore. Just like the shit that went on in three or four other big cities as of late.. And I find it disgusting. And preventable.

Although no police force commanders seem to have the balls to put an end to this shit.

But who can blame them when you have the likes of Obamma and Holder basically enabling the rioters..

I will have to say that I have never heard of such bullshit as I heard from the mayor of Baltimore this morning when she said that she wanted to give to "those who wished to destroy space to do that as well."

WTF? And you tell the cops to stand there and watch..

Their right to protest?


What about my right to protect my property..

And people ask me why I like living in Zapata?

I don't know what kind of thinking goes on up there, but that shit won't fly around here.. If someone breaks out my windows, starts stealing all of my hard earned possessions and inventory..

Well they won't be needing no ambulances..

I guess if you live in one of these big cities then you better get used to this shit. Cause if the government is going to basically socialize these towns, provide housing, food, EBT cards, phones, healthcare, and whatever else they are too lazy to work for.. Then they are not going anywhere..

Big government, you started this shit. And now you ain't got the balls to fix it..

And we're gonna fix the Middle east. Yeah, right? We can't even get the people in our own country to get along.

This crap is an international embarrassment..

Speaking of international embarrassments.. Do you think the Clinton's have enough money stacked up yet?

Even after all the things that Hillary has totally botched, either due to indifference, or just plain ignorance and incompetence, the money just keeps rolling in.. Who in good conscience could support this woman?

She hates people.. She is so phony.. Arrogance reeks out of her almost as bad as Obamma..

But the minions line up like Lemmings in support of her.. How can these people not see?

She should have been a porn star.. Cause nothing sticks to her..

I am truly worried about our country.. What a divide we have.. The new name for socialism is liberalism..

It's a cancer that is eating us from the inside out.. And pretty damn quick we're gonna have to decide whether we want to fix it.. Or just lay dead on the throttle like Casey Jones..

If we choose the latter.. Then we ain't seen nothing yet..

April 26, 2015: I guess after watching the weigh in yesterday at the Bass Champs tourney I am feeling a little disappointed. And the fact is that I evidently don't know crap about what's going on around here..

Still no thirty pound stringer after two events here on Falcon.. I would have bet the farm that someone would have caught a twenty five pound sack yesterday.. These are some of the best fishermen in south Texas.. And it wasn't for lack of trying..

It is what it is..

Congrats to Rick Scheen and Mike Harman cause they got it done with 23.58 to outdistance about one hundred and forty other teams..

Big bass of the day was caught by Bobby Collums with a 9.06.

April 25, 2015: Well here it is Saturday morning, and it's turned out to be a nice day with low winds, partly cloudy skies, and a humidity level off the charts.. It has been a bit brutal the last couple of afternoons with mugginess that we are just not used to around these parts. But no rain on the screen.. Yet..

One hundred and forty teams showed up for the Bass Champs touney, and parking was not a problem. The county did a great job of repairing the area adjacent to the ramp, and the staff did a good job of parking them.. Most people below the hill..

We had a busy afternoon yesterday.. Thanks to all who came by..

I'll get get you a report later on what happened.. Good conditions.. I'm looking for a few really good stringers..

We'll see!

April 24, 2015: Rain is still the story of the year.. We had a giant storm just south of us last night that hammered Mexico and Starr county just below us.. But not a lot of it will end up in the lake. The valley is wetter than the chicks from Shades of Gray after leaving a Chippendales show..

It is soggy down south..

And that bodes well for the lake as we continue to rise slowly.. They just don't need any water. And I can't remember any year like this one in the last.. Well hell I don't know.

We have come up another foot in the last two weeks or less, and there is brush in the lake and on the edges that you couldn't run a hog through.. It is a thicket and a damn brooder house for baby bass.. And boy we got em..

There are pods of fry everywhere back in the jungle, and when we were out bowfishing the other night we saw fingerling fish in the water everywhere.. Like the song goes.. "The future's so bright, I gotta wear shades.."

It appears that fishing has picked up quite a bit this week.. With most everyone that fished catching some fish. But truth be told, there were not a lot of man hours put in this week.. In fact it was as dead as fried chicken around here..

But I suspect that things are about to change..

Soft plastics are still king, but I did hear of some spinnerbait and squarebill fish being caught.. And don't look now but there has actually been some fish caught on deep diving cranks.

Ten to fifteen feet has been a good range to throw a bottom scraper..

And don't be afraid to drag Kermit thru the shallow bushes..

There is a shad spawn going on in a lot of places.. Keep your eyes open for active fish as some schooling and slashing has been reported. And keep your eyes open for birds.. They are working the bait in some areas as well..

Normally this time of year we have a lot of eighty degree water, and some years hotter. But you will still see a lot of mid seventies water early. Sunny afternoons have surely yielded some warm spots, but we are well below our average water temps.

Parking at the county ramp is getting a little smaller as the lake continues to rise. The downpours have created some washouts near the ramp, and while the county has been trying to keep up with the dirtwork, there might be some rough spots to contend with. Keep your eyes open. The ramp is five boats wide so getting in and out should not be a problem..

If you have not been to Falcon since the last Bass Champs, things are going to look a lot different to you..

Catfishing is still going strong, and folks with lines out are whacking em pretty good. I've seen a lot of pics of big fish lately.. Cut bait is best.. But you can catch em on darn near anything..

The bow fishermen are finding the gar most everywhere, and we weighed a few this week.. And we also weighed a new grass carp water body record for Falcon.. There are lots of targets out there..

I see a lot of places where fish disposal is a problem for some bow fishermen. You will not have that problem here at Falcon. If you are giving away gar or tilapia it is more likely that you will have a fist fight break out over who gets the fish, vs finding a place to dispose of them.

Ask anybody bank fishing near the ramps if they want some fish.. If they don't, they know someone who does..

Around here, "Catan" is king..

I'll give you an update on Bass Champs turnout and any other news that seems interesting tomorrow morning. It's been a boring week around here.. Maybe we'll see a boat or two before the day is out..

I gotta go polish my Hillary for President button..

April 21, 2015: To say we have been in a wet pattern would be understating the facts, as we continue to get rained on in what seems to be a daily occurrence these days. We got skipped yesterday, but we're back in the damp again this morning.

Fishing was fair to good over the weekend, and a few folks I talked to whacked the hell out of em yesterday. Long brushy points in about ten feet of water were good places to be.

And the reason for the surge in catchability is that the shad are spawning in a lot of places. And one Falcon regular and his buddy said they had a career day yesterday and caught twenty plus fish over five pounds, all on the same point. They said the shad were so thick you could walk on em, and every fish they caught was puking up shad all over the boat, and many of them would have shad flying out of their mouths when they jumped.. Said there were a lot of smaller fish mixed in as well..

I've seen it before.. But not in a while.. Sounds like fun..

Another thing kinda out of the norm for these parts, is that there is a top water bite going on. And I have heard this from a lot of people. Frogs, spooks, and chuggers.. Nobody has said anything about a buzzbait.. But if they'll bite a frog...

In any case, last weekend did produce some fish. Many of them were caught on a lizard, and why would you throw anything but watermelon around here anyway.. It is certainly a staple here on Falcon..

There is still not a lot of fish outside of ten feet..

The Olivares tourney that took place down south last weekend drew forty eight teams, and it took a little over forty five pounds to win it I hear. If I did the kilo/pound conversion right.. That's for ten fish..

Big bass was a seven fifty something..

The lake is still rising, and we are up to 278.91, or 22.29 feet low.. The lake is looking great, and there is more shit in the water than you can imagine. Water clarity is really good on the south end of the lake, and a lot of places up here on the north.

There is a ton of fry in the water in just about any creek you go into. Including up the river.. It should be a great year for recruitment.. It's gonna be awesome..

I got invited on a bowfishing trip on Saturday night.. And I gotta say it was a ton of fun.. We only got one Alligator gar in the boat, and let me tell you when you get one stuck in the shallows with bushes everywhere the shit hits the fan.. We shot a lot of trash fish and some longnose gar as well.. And we had a few that we did not get in the boat.

And we made some locals happy with bait and "Catan."

I have never shot a bow at anything other than a target, but I caught on pretty fast and was whacking the shit out of em.. I can see why some folks are addicted to this sport. It's giving me an itch.. Right in the pocketbook.. And I really don't need another habit..

And BTW, all the bass fishermen are saying that the gar are everywhere.. And some whoppers as well are up on top.. If you like chasing em you better get down here..

There were a lot of folks down prefishing for Bass Champs last week and over the weekend, and I did not get a lot of info out of them. Except that no one was catching them deep.. Of course fishermen are known liars, so anything could be happening.

My last guess at Bass Champs winning weight was off by about five pounds. And I an not sure what is going to happen this time either.. I still think that someone could easily boat a couple of whoppers, and get their weight into the mid thirties.. But that is what I said last time. And it didn't happen..

We'll see soon enough.. We'll have a store full of stuff if you need anything and we look forward to seeing you this weekend. The forecast looks pretty good this far out.. Should be warm and hopefully dry..

See you soon!

April 15, 2015: Well it's happened again.. The fourth Sharelunker fish of the year has died.. Bringing the total number of fish TPWD has to spawn for their program to ... Zero..

Only six fish over thirteen pounds have been caught this year, and one of them was from private waters. So basically five fish from publicly accessible waters, from the whole state of Texas..

Now I don't know about you, but I really do not believe that there are very many fish in the state of Texas that weigh thirteen pounds. I know there is a big contingent of folks that do.. But why they believe that is beyond me..

Fact is that for the last decade or so, growing conditions in most of our Texas lakes have sucked, with low water conditions in most, and wildly fluctuating lake levels in many others. And that is not what it takes to provide food and cover for a long term life in the wild that results in a giant fish.

To say that a thirteen pound fish is a one in a million won't get it done.. These fish are extremely rare..

And the way things are now, we have a bounty on them that greatly inhibits the chances of us ever getting a fish up to state record size. At least for the ones that are turned in.. And a state record is a state record for a reason..

It's a freakin anomaly..

Fish that have been turned in to the program, that have been released, and later re-caught, have all stopped growing except for one, and most have lost weight.

Why haven't we caught a new state record?

Is there a reason that a nineteen pound fish won't bite? Hell no..

We haven't caught one cause there ain't one..

I am sure there is nothing worse that turning in a fish to SL, and getting a call a few days later that says that the fish has died. It's gotta suck.

Even though you did everything in your power to handle her properly and minimally. With the best of intentions..

Although I still say that anyone who actually studies the twenty eight year history of Sharelunker with an open mind, can surely see that the Sharelunker program has done nothing to increase the size of fish in Texas.. I can make a damn good argument for the opposite. And I have.

I do believe that many people are starting to see the light about this program.

And I know that the people at TPWD know the facts better than any of us..

But here's the problem..

How can PAW stop a program that has been wildly successful in bringing fishermen to Texas from across the globe? Without getting more egg on their face.. And running the risk of stopping the stampede of anglers to Texas?

Even though its primary objective of growing bigger fish, and its later stated goal of breaking a world record are nothing but a wet dream. (pardon the pun)

Here's a suggestion.. Keep on stocking Florida fish like it is going out of style. We all know a SL baby is nothing but a pure Florida anyway..

Take the Toyota money and use it in a different way.

Offer $50,000 to the angler that catches the biggest fish in Texas each year. Yes you can still give him a replica as well.. And jacket.. Give a replica to all the others that catch a teenager as well..

Your hundred thousand dollars will go a lot farther.. Offer some second and third place prize money as well..

You can still call it Sharelunker.. Because you will really be sharing your fish with the rest of the fishermen in Texas..

Would you rather fish for a fish in ten years that might exist, or one that is already thirteen pounds and you know it exists?

After you have your fish certified at one of your already established locations, the fish would be released immediately into the lake from which it came.. Are some still going to die?

I reckon so.. But a damn site less than what is happening now, and maybe we will catch them again as a monster in few years, and maybe as a new state record..

And weigh stations would probably pop up across the state of Texas..

Including here at Falcon Lake Tackle..

April 14, 2015: It is 6:45 Tuesday morning.. And it is raining again! Its like we have moved to the tropics.. Guess I won't get the grass mowed again today.. But I'm not complaining..

On Sunday night we had a storm come through.. And I mean it blew and it rained sideways.. Only eight tenths ended up in the gage but it is hard to get it in there when it is coming down someways other than vertical.. We were under a tornado warning and I mean it was blowing.

I figured I had a fifty-fifty chance when I opened my door that I would be greeted by the mayor of Munchkinland..

And it is raising hell right now... This morning..

The lake has not taken much of a jump, as we are starting to spread out quite a bit.. And it is looking awesome. Fry are everywhere, and and there is a thicket to hide in that is tougher to penetrate than a French chicks bush..

I mean it is gnaraly.. And that bodes well for survival of the babies..

Yesterday morning was beautiful, and a few folks in the know caught them pretty good. It was a cool and cloudy afternoon. But lovely to fish in..

Man I am still hearing that shallow is where it is at.. There are a few fish being caught deeper, but damn few.

I have been standing out under the big roof on the side of the shop for the last ten minutes, and I gotta tell you.. It just can't rain much harder.. It is freaking pouring..

Anyway, the lake is going to look a little different to you next time you see it..

If there have been any changes at all in the fishing, or at least in the baits that are catching fish, I will have to say that a square bill, in, or on the edges of the bushes is starting to produce some fish. With the warming water it is only natural that they should be a little more active. So tie one on if the feeling takes you..

A spinner bait will catch em as well in the same areas.. But sometimes the hard bait will just catch em when the blade won't..

Put on a lizard if you want to get bit.. That green pumpkin magic or a w/m red or red magic in the clearer water..

The lake is fishing like two different lakes.. With the top being tough, especially the river from all accounts. The south end of the lake has fished better all year long, and continues to do so..

And the Mexican side of the lake is still king..

There has not been a lot of really big fish caught lately.. Sixes to eights I hear of quite a bit, but double digit fish have been hard to come by.

I just went out and looked at my rain gage.. 2.40 inches in one hour and five minutes, give or take a few minutes.. Holy shit... It was coming down.. And that is all gonna run, cause there ain't no more room in the ground for it..

During this stretch, the valley has been getting hammered as well, and they are fixin to get hammered again this morning, as this same frontal passage is drifting down from us to the south. I can't see them drawing water from Falcon for weeks if it quit raining today.. What a spring.. Thanks for the rain, Lord..

It is April 14th, and we have had 14.05 inches of rain since the first of the year.. Incredible..

If you are a bow fisherman, then you need to get your ass down here.. The gar are everywhere, as are the big carp and the tilapia. Success rates on gar have been good and if you catch a nice sunny day with decent winds your chances are pretty good a sticking a good one.. Three to four footers have been lousy I hear..

Catfishing is also off the charts.. I have a buddy who has had lines in the Tigers, and out of fifty hooks he is usually catching over thirty fish.. It has been that good.. He said after two and a half days he took em out.. Too much work and nobody needs that much fish..

I have to agree.

I saw on the internet yesterday a survey of airline passengers.. Guess who came out on the bottom of the airline survey.. I was shocked.. It was American Eagle.. The same mode of transportation that is the only available travel from the US to Mazatlan..

And they didn't even ask me.. Maybe it is not a conspiracy..

I'm calling Herb Kellerman and telling him we need a flight from Harlengen to Mazatlan.. For peanuts..

If you did not read my story on Pichachos last month you can read it here..

I heard over the weekend that Hillary came out.. I've been expecting this for years.. There was always something about her that seemed..

"Say what?" Oh.. She came out that she was going to run for president.. Are you kidding me??

Well she does have a hell of a lot of credentials.. Yeah my ass..

And here they are.. When asked what her biggest accomplishments were as Secretary of State, this was her reply.. And no, I am not bullshitting you either..

“My accomplishments as Secretary of State? Well, I'm glad you asked! My proudest accomplishment in which I take the most pride, mostly because of the opposition it faced early on, you know… the remnants of prior situations and mindsets that were too narrowly focused in a manner whereby they may have overlooked the bigger picture and we didn’t do that and I’m proud of that. Very proud.  I would say that’s
a major accomplishment.”

- Hillary Clinton 11 March 2014

Can we really be this dumb?

God, I hope not..

April 12, 2015: It is a wet son of a gun around here, and we have received almost three inches of rain in the last forty eight hours. The good news is.. So has the valley.. And they're still getting it..

I really think that we will be able to hold on to a lot of water this spring.. And I guess we already are..

Thank you Lord for the rain..

Fishing was decent yesterday, with a few good sacks caught between the showers. If you were on the lake early, as my Daddy would say, "You got a wet ass.."

The McAllen Bass Club had a one dayer out of the state park yesterday, and I hear it took about sixteen pounds to win it.. That's three fish.. I haven't heard who the lucky angler was just yet..

Today the Texas Bass Federation is on the lake.. We held registration here yesterday, and turnout was low.. I'll let you know what happens with their tourney as I get info..

It was a breezy week and a wet week come Friday, and we did not have many people in town. There are a few folks down poking around in anticipation of Bass Champs.. Next week is the Olivares tourney and the College kids tourney, although I have I have not heard a lot from the college kids..

Shallow to fifteen feet is the word, with a few deeper fish showing up.. And by deeper I mean fifteen.. Nobody is whacking them out in open water in thirty feet.. Although a lot of the guides would love it if they were.. But it ain't happening..

Square bills near the shallow cover are catching a few fish.. I wonder what that old red Eye Shad will do in the same place? I need to get out there and try it.. We certainly killed em on it last summer and fall..

I'll holler at you tomorrow or the next day and give you the skinny..

April 9, 2015: It has been a windy week around here.. And not a lot of fishermen in town. And fishing has still been a little spotty. Some good fish were caught yesterday.. But good numbers have been hard to come by..

South end of the lake is still best for numbers.. Some good fish caught mid lake yesterday I hear.. Just not lot of fishermen on the water..

I have finally finished my Pichachos story.. You can read it here.. But it'll take a few minutes if you have time..

I forgot that the Bass Federation is in town this weekend.. We'll see what they catch on Sunday..

April 6, 2015: It has been a slow stretch around here the last two or three weeks. Most of the snowbirds have taken wing for home and there has not been too many folks in town. Kind of indicative of the fishing the last couple of weeks. Kind of So-So for the most part..

Several folks I have talked to have tried the fish a little deeper, but not a lot of luck has been reported. I keep thinking that these post spawn fish will certainly be out there on some deeper structure, but no one is telling me that they have done any good out there. But dammit it is going to happen pretty soon..

I'm not talking about thirty feet deep.. I'm talking about some ten to fifteen.. Shallow ledges and humps.. Rocks..

It's time.. But not according to all reports.. All the action is still in water less than ten feet deep.. And a lot of it is in water less than six.. Go figure.. But these are Falcon bass and they like the shallows.. A lot of em year round..

So if that is where they are, then that's where we'll fish..

The flipping bite is still the best thing going.. I guess that will never change. It hasn't in the fifty years I been coming around here.. I will admit that I sucked at flipping when I was nine.. But it ain't easy with a Zebco 404 and a five and a half foot pistol grip wiggly ended rod..

But I got hung up plenty.. So I musta been in the right places..

Small baits like the Rage Craw and Baby Brush Hog have been a good choice still.. Those and a senko..

I reckon I could just copy and paste the report as of late. Seems it has not changes in months.

Nor have the best locations.. The Salanaias is still as good or better than any, especially for numbers.. Bigger fish have been caught from one end to the other. But patterning them has been a chore.. It could happen any flip, or never happen at all..

Speaking of the Salanaias, on Friday there was a bonnafide Mexican game warden in there.. Checking boats.. Checking licenses.. Nice guys I hear. Heard this from several people.. They were in a big center console..

Just FYI..

We've got Bass Champs coming up in about three weeks.. So I reckon when we pull that dipstick we'll get a better idea of what is really happening.

I have certainly misread what I thought would be happening with mid seventies water temps and the dawn of April.. I was sure that things would be better..

The lake is still on the slowest of rises.. We are sitting at 277.68, or 23.52 feet low. That's about a foot higher than we were last year at this time.. And there is a ton of shit for the fishies to hide in..

I been up at the ranch for a few days sitting on the tractor.. Shredding everything.. My ass is still numb.. We got more weeds that a Colorado pot farm.. It is good to see the land wet again for a change..

I hope you had a good Easter as well.. I can tell you that the locals come out to the lake in force down here in Zapata. There were more popup's scattered around the lake yesterday that there were in my eighth grade science class when Ms. Johnson flipped over that big chart showing the female body during sex education week..

Easter is the biggest and the trashiest weekend of the year around the lake.. I say around, not on.. I hear that there were near two thousand people at the state park yesterday.. And here in Zapata it harder to estimate, but there were people everywhere.. And unfortunately, many of them leave their trash behind..

And that more than pisses me off.. Guess I'll never understand it.. County workers will have their hands full for the next few days.. Literally..

Between going to Pichachos (working on a story) and home for Easter I have not been around much lately.. But I have kept up with what is going on in the world..

More murdering sorry bastards killing Christians in the Muslim countries where the poison of Islam is running rampant. It takes a real brave son of a bitch to walk up to a school kid and shoot em.. In my mind I picture the flames of hell being a lot hotter for these bastards.

Don't let em convince you that this is just a radical fringe doing these acts of barbarism. This is an ideology that is spreading across the globe.. If it were anything else the assholes at the top of the dung heap would put a stop to it.. But they're not.. They're financing and supporting it..

I'm not sure when or if we'll pull our heads out of our asses and declare war on these bastards. While it may be masquerading as one, Islam is certainly not a religion. At least not in any sense that free and thinking men can understand. It is a cult of seclusion, intolerance, and hatred.. And it has no place in America.

But when our president continually coddles them, and refuses to place any blame on them, and continually forces our government as a whole to deal with them as rational people with the same desires that we have... Well it just ain't possible. We do not share the same values.. Why are we even there?

Certainly not because they like us.. Certainly not because we need their oil..

And now we want to make a deal with Iran to keep them from making Nuclear weapons.. And they want us to stop the sanctions levied on them by the free world.. Piss on em.. When they stop sponsoring terrorism, in the the name of Allah, and quit threatening any free nations and Christians across the globe, for about fifty years, then I'd think about it.. Till then they can eat camel dung and drink their own oil..

For years we have been saying that we need to become energy independent.. Here we are on the verge of.. No.. We are energy independent.. Except for the fact that we have a president who is handcuffing us to the middle east.. Turn the American worker loose and let him provide for us right here in the United States..

The Keystone pipeline should be complete by now..

We are still exporting more oil and gasoline than we import..


This is lunacy and we are being led down a path to destruction by a liar and a hater of American values.

How can we be so stupid?

I guess because we are lazy and apathetic and we do not demand the same respect for our values that we give them for theirs..

No matter how many of us they kill..

April 1, 2015: Well it is April fools day, and it has started off a little wet down here.. Scattered showers are dotting the landscape with some decent rain above and below us. We are just getting a few sprinkles so far.

I have talked to a lot of folks since I have returned, and most of them are reporting tough fishing, despite of some decent conditions. Water temps are around 75° and winds have been moderate. You'd think the fish would be going crazy around here..

I hear that there are still a lot of buck bass up in the shallows with an occasional big female up there as well. That's in two to four feet of water.

I also talked to two different groups of bow fishermen that have been out at night and they reported seeing the same.. Lots of small fish shallow..

Speaking of bow fishing, the gar are getting active and we have talked to several folks that have been chasing them lately. And they are having decent results, and are also shooting lots of carp and tilapia.. Our water is clearer than it has been in the last few years, and the folks that are night fishing are seeing lots of fish as well. Big gar are being seen in small numbers rolling on warm days, and they will be getting more and more active as the water warms up.

Keep in mind that the limit on gar is still one per day per fisherman till September first..

The bass are still spawning to some extent, according to most folks and most all of the guides. I do think we are in the final stages of it, as water has been in the seventies for a couple of weeks. And this year the spawn was certainly long spread and later than our norm.

Best numbers of fish are still in the four foot range, give or take. I would put my boat in eight feet of water where I could pretty much reach the bank and beat the bark off the hardwoods.. Not that there is any bark left on em..

Fish slow.. And then slow down.

The baby brush hog and senko are still the best things going, followed by a spinnerbait I reckon. Some tell me a lizard is just as good as the aforementioned plastics.. I am partial to the senko myself..

The next time I go out, I am going to my last summer milk run, that was some rocky shelves and bumps in the Tigers. I figure that some of these fish gotta be getting back to their summer hangouts.. And hell yeah I am going to throw a dropshot at em.. I have no pride...

I was talking with a buddy this morning about how much I used to fish.. Before I moved to the lake and bought a tackle store.. Seems like running a business and taking care of a lot of stuff I have to do has really eaten into my personal time on the lake. This crap has to end..

There is a very short list of things I like to do more than setting the hook. And I am gonna find time to do more of it..

Of course some of those things my wife disallowed the day I got married.. Well actually a while before that..

And some of those things I am getting too old to do anyway.. But it still puts a smile on my face when I think about them.

While I am thinking about it, I want to tell you that we will be closed on Easter Sunday. So if you are headed down here and need something let me know so we can get it taken care of before then.

There is going to be an open team tourney on April 18th and 19th down on the south end of the lake. And weigh in will be at the park ramp in Mexico, at the mouth of the Salanaias. It is being put on by Carlos Olivares that runs Falcon Heights Motel, and this will be the tenth annual Rogelio Olivares memorial tourney.. There is going to be some good prize money guaranteed.. Call Carlos for more info and all the details. His number is 956-353-9629.

This tournament is open to anyone who wants to fish it..

And don't forget the college tournament scheduled for the same weekend.. All college teams are welcome to fish it.. Call Blake Cobb at 512-925-0192 for info..

Bass Champs will be back on the 25th of this month, and that will pretty much do it for tournaments of any size this spring. There will be a decent number of clubs down for the next couple of months, and please let me know if your club is coming so I can add you to the tourney schedule.

Other than that it is pretty quiet round here, so we got plenty room for you. I was gonna talk about Obammy but in honor of Easter I figure it'll keep till next week.. And I hope you do too..

See you on the water! Or more likely in the shop..

March 30, 2015: Another month is about in the books, and as far as I am concerned, spring has just now gotten here.. And that's alright by me. If I don't have to put on jeans for another six months that will be just fine..

It has been a bit breezy around here I hear, and there is a bit of a blow going on this morning. And that has made it tough of the fishermen a bit. And from the folks I have talked to this morning, fishing has been a bit tough the last few days.

I did talk to a few locals that are still catching some fish.. Mostly in Mexico.. Mostly on the south end of the lake.. And mostly on plastics on hardwoods.. Sounds like nothing has changed.

Water temps are mostly in the low seventies, and some spots are round seventy five, as we had a couple of days nearing ninety this last week. Punctuated by a bad ass north wind last Wednesday that did not do too much to drop the temps.

The lake is still on a slow rise.. A very slow rise.. But it is at the point where it really starts to spread out so it takes some water to bring it up much.

The lakes in Mexico are in great shape overall, and if we get a wet hurricane season this fall like last year it could be good.. The valley is fairly wet, and Cuchillo and Sugar are way overfull, so hopefully that water will be used for a lot of Mexican irrigation below us when the time comes.. And it will.

But for now we are fat, dumb and happy.. Well I am anyway..

After almost three years of effort, the alligator gar limit on Falcon lake will be raised come September first. Last week the TPWD commissioners board voted to approve the recommended changes, which really was the last hurdle to jump before the law will be amended.

Did I get everything I wanted? No, but at least we got something. Maybe we can get a few commercial fishermen to come down here in the summers..

But I am still going to consider it a small victory.. In the face of government gone wild. We still have to wait till September for the change.. Which is crazy.. But why wouldn't it be?

Speaking of TPWD, some changes are happening in the structure of Inland Fisheries. And I am not talking about the retirement and promotion of personnel. Instead of three regions and region directors, there will now be only two.. East and west Texas.

I guess this might be a bit of a cost cutting measure, but it can't do us any good when it comes to the hands on information that any one region manager might have.

If I had the job, the first thing I would do would be to get to every one of the major lakes under my jurisdiction and see what they look like, and talk to a lot of people that fish them and live around them and try to get a feel for each particular body of water..

How the hell does someone that never sees the lakes get a handle on what is going on five hundred miles away? I'd grab my biologists and go on tour.. And interface with the people on the lakes everyday.. Then you will find out what is really going on..

And when we talk fish we are talking in real time.. Not what happened two years ago.. It is appalling to listen to the Commissions meetings and let them demonstrate how out of touch they are with the real world..

Not that that is unusual for government.. Not in the least..

Of course I am speaking of past meetings when the thought of raising the gar limit was first proposed.. When they thought the bass fishing was great on Falcon.. And there were low numbers of gar.. And it was all good.

And when you have an appointed board of individuals, while surely talented in their fields, they are certainly not there because of their experience with fisheries. I get it.. They are there because they are friends with the governor..

I know some people tuned me out when I started talking about gar.. Fair enough.. But thanks to those of you that got involved and help get this law changed.. From the top down.

I just got back from Pichachos down in Mexico after four days of catching.. It was awesome and we caught a ton of fish. If you want info on a trip down there give me a call.. I will be doing a story on the trip in the next few days..

There were some epic moments.. Including more airport drama.. I've started just giving my wife a target date for when I will be home..

Easter is this coming weekend, and for many of us it is the most significant weekend of the year. I hope you can spend some time with your family, and keep in mind that Jesus Christ died to save our sorry asses.. And through him you can have eternal life.

And I'd like to see most of you on the other side..

March 22, 2015: Well the fishing got pretty decent over the weekend with water temps into the seventies on Sunday afternoon.. After a crappy and wet Saturday morning.. And it should continue to improve this week with the warming trend going on.. Come and get em and send me some pics.. I'm headed out to Pichachos till next Monday.. See you in a week!

March 18, 2015: It is hard to believe that this time around we had the rain bulls eye on us, and we got the big rain that usually goes somewhere else.. We had right at three inches here at the shop in the last 36 hours, and it is wet.. It did not rain near as much in the valley, which is a shame, but we are supposed to have another round this weekend. We'll see.. I would rather have had it from the dam to Brownsville.. But it is what it is..

The valley is still pretty wet overall, and it could be that we won't get hit as hard or as soon as is usual.. Many years by this time they are already dropping us.. Hopefully it will rain on them good this weekend, and we'll get another reprieve.. We've still got a lot of spawners out there..

When I was writing my report yesterday, I was going to report on some dead fish. But I figured that I would let the folks at the sharelunker place do it first.. I ain't running the program that killed em, so I figured I'd wait till they came out of the closet about it..

And there is plenty of chatter out there about it..

So far five fish have been turned in.. One from private water, which should not count, but they do. Two of the fish were pure Florida's, three were integrates. Three of the five fish died.. Two were released, both integrates.

So for all that commotion, they have zero fish for spawning to date, and it is getting late.. And they usually don't keep any of the fish for spawning that are caught in April.. That's just a month to try and jack up the numbers I guess.. Most fish have spawned by then.. Maybe not this year..

I have discussed many times here the implications that accompany sharelunker. I know that many of you are big fans, and many, like me, see it as little more than a circus act. With a lot of baggage..

With a couple more suitcases added this year.

People tell me that I don't know shit about the sharelunker program. And about what it takes to grow big fish..

I guess everyone is due their opinion.

But you will hard pressed to find someone who has spent more time researching it and looking at the data.. And the data don't lie..

On average our biggest fish have been getting smaller. And a lot fewer. That is fact.. Fish that have been caught, held by the program, released and re caught, have all lost weight, or stopped growing, with the exception of one.

Including the one caught at Athens last week. It was a sharelunker last year. But was back under thirteen this go round.

And while I put a lot of what is happening on poor conditions over the last decade, there are still those that think the program has helped Texas fishing over the same period.

Would someone please explain that to me? I will gladly listen closed mouthed while you speak. Or type..

Of course this last decade would have been the perfect time for the program to show that it is more about genetics than conditions..

Which we all know is bullshit.. Although some won't admit it..

And yes it is still true that the sharelunker program has not produced one thirteen pound fish. And dammit don't confuse sharelunker with stocking of Florida bass..

It is your right to do whatever you want with your fish.. I'm not begrudging that to anybody. And I don't care if you turn it in..

But please if you plan to, be prepared to.. And I cannot stress enough how important it is to keep that fish in well oxygenated water.. Handle her no more than is absolutely necessary.

Weigh her in a hurry, and haul ass for the holding tank..

You should always have a livewell full of water when you are fishing if you are one that will turn in a fish.. You should always have an accurate scale at the ready.. And you should know where to go if you catch one..

Taking pictures of fish probably kills more fish than anything. The handling and time out of the water is a death sentence to many.. You can take pictures when PAW picks her up.. Quickly..

I always said that hauling around a giant bass is like putting grandma in the trunk and driving to California.. When you get there and open that trunk, she may be alive.. Maybe not..

These fish, for as bad ass as they are, are not bad asses out of their home. They are very delicate..

How long can you hold your breath?

In any case, it takes a near miracle to grow a bass to thirteen pounds.. And it kills me to see one die..

And I have serious doubts that we will ever break the state record again.. With a bounty on every thirteen's head..

You can argue all you want that TPWD takes good care of them..

But there is NOTHING better for her, and your lake, than slipping her right back into to the water she just came out of..

And her chances of survival are never better than releasing her on the spot.

All right I'm off my soapbox for now..

But I am sure this conversation is far from over..

March 17, 2015: Four days in a row without a jacket.. I could get used to this..

If the trees and flowers and cactus are any indication, spring may be breaching the birth canal as we speak.. Winter has certainly had a ten month pregnancy..

And in a bit of an unusual fashion, many banks on Falcon right now are covered with blue bonnets. I guess them seeds can lay there a long time.. A gorgeous blue blush..

And with the slowly warming water, fishing is slowly warming as well. Water temps are still in the middle sixties, and a continuation of that will be good for the fishing. A lot of fish that were backed out to the ten foot mark or so have creeped back into the two to six foot range.

I have been hanging around Falcon for a lot of years, and I don't think I have ever seen prettier fish. I guess a lot of the fish's coloration right now is due to the unusually clear water that we have in a lot of spots.. Some of these fish are Rembrandts..

I worked the weigh in for the IFBBA tourney over the weekend, and I weighed and worked the fish. Well I would have worked the fish, except not a one of them needed fizzing and not a one looked weak.. It was hard to keep them in the tank.. But that is another testament to how shallow the fish are.

There was a dismal turnout for the tourney, that saw near perfect conditions and biting fish. But I will have to say that the folks from IFBBA stepped up and still paid out some great prize money. They have scheduled a return to Falcon for next year in March again. You should have been here..

Jimmy Steed and Richard Cremo took top honors with a stringer that weighed right at forty seven pounds.

In second was the father son team of Gram and Gram with 41plus.

And in third was Fairley and Dickerson with 38.27.

Big bass of the the tourney was an 8.4 fattie brought in by Tom Haralson and Gary LaFreniere..

Most fish were caught on soft plastics and a few on moving baits. But overall most folks said that fishing slow was the key to catching fish.

A square bill has started to take a few fish, on the edges of the thicket where you can retrieve one. And the spinner bait is still catching fish as well. I did hear of an eleven plus caught yesterday on a crankbait..

I been run hard and put up wet lately, and it is high time that I take a little time off.. And next week I am heading back down to Pichachos for some R and R.. If you can call it that..

Catching a hunnert fish a day ain't easy on an old man like me.. But I am gonna give it the old college try.. I am sure there will be a few adult beverages mixed in and more food than a man should eat in a month.. A little gluttony once in a while never hurts anything.. Except the waistline..

Vacations is a good thing.. Hell it's working pretty good for Obamma.. Every time he gets bored with... Well hell I don't know what it is he does around the house but in any case whenever he is having refills put in his pens he shuffles off to some exotic location to play golf and dream up more ways to trash the constitution..

And he comes back charged up with new ideas to make more things free.. I got an idea.. Why don't you make the working man free.. Instead of strapping a ton of low life, no working, son of a bitches to their backs..

My unborn great grandsons already have a ton of debt to pay.. They'll probably come out with a sperm tax pretty soon.. They might not be born yet, but you can bet they are already counting the beans.. If you have the ability to make a taxpayer, then we need to charge you for it..

Maybe I should stay in Mexico, become a citizen, and then enter the USA illegally.. Then I can get all kinds of stuff for free.. Maybe I could get some of MY Social Security money back..

I guess because I am an idiot I still use AOL mail.. Old habits die hard.. But anyway that liberal rag Huffington Post does all their "news" headlines and banners that they put there to annoy you and try and sell you shit..

And one day last week it had a headline that said "White house issues stern warning to Republicans.." Boy that is scary.. I did not read the story because I am sure it was another red line that he warned them not to cross..

But his words have no weight..

We need a president like Josie Wales.. One who would ride right up to Ten Bears with his pistols on his hips and a big chaw in his cheek and have this conversation..

Josey: You be Ten Bears?
Ten Bears: I am Ten Bears.
Josey: (spits tobacco) I'm Josey Wales.
Ten Bears: I have heard. You're the Gray Rider. You would not make peace with the Blue Coats. You may go in peace. Josey: I reckon not. Got nowhere to go.
Ten Bears: Then you will die.
Josey: I came here to die with you. Or live with you. Dying ain't so hard for men like you and me, it's living that's hard; when all you ever cared about has been butchered or raped. Governments don't live together, people live together. With governments you don't always get a fair word or a fair fight. Well I've come here to give you either one, or get either one from you. I came here like this so you'll know my word of death is true. And that my word of life is then true. The bear lives here, the wolf, the antelope, the Comanche. And so will we. Now, we'll only hunt what we need to live on, same as the Comanche does. And every spring when the grass turns green and the Comanche moves north, he can rest here in peace, butcher some of our cattle and jerk beef for the journey. The sign of the Comanche, that will be on our lodge. That's my word of life.
Ten Bears: And your word of death?
Josey: It's here in my pistols, there in your rifles. I'm here for either one.
Ten Bears: These things you say we will have, we already have.
Josey: That's true. I ain't promising you nothing extra. I'm just giving you life and you're giving me life. And I'm saying that men can live together without butchering one another.
Ten Bears: It's sad that governments are chiefed by the double-tongues. There is iron in your word of death for all Comanche to see. And so there is iron in your words of life. No signed paper can hold the iron, it must come from men. The words of Ten Bears carries the same iron of life and death. It is good that warriors such as we meet in the struggle of life... or death. It shall be life. (he takes his knife and cuts his hand. Josey does the same and they grasp each others hand.) So shall it be.

Somehow I just don't see that happening with Obamma in the saddle.. Maybe he could ride up to em on a golf cart..

I'm sure gonna miss Ol' Clint when he is gone.. Reckon so...

March 12, 2015: The circus is in town folks.. Well no.. That was last week.. But the County Fair is here.. And it is about as busy as it gets around here.. These days anyway..

The sun is shining, and that has been rare, and it is a beautiful afternoon. And it is supposed to be beautiful all weekend.. Light winds and seventies.. Sounds awesome.. Good time to have a tournament.

I've been cleaning up around here in anticipation of the IFBBA tourney this weekend, as registration is going to be here tomorrow evening about five O'Clock.. The phone has been ringing a lot with questions, and it sounds like we will have a quorum.. We'll see how many sign up tomorrow evening..

Here's some basics.. If you are prefishing you must be off the water by four on Friday.. Weigh in will be at three both days at the county ramp. All the details at registration.. Four hundred dollar entry.. Team tourney.. Other than that you have to ask someone else.. And you can tomorrow.. At five...

The water is warming slowly, but air temps were down in the forties again last night. Water temps should be around 65 by this afternoon.. And the fish should be getting more and more active as we go through the next few days.

Shallow is still where it is at.. And getting shallower.. I'd be fishing a lot of two to four feet of water if I was today..

Small plastics are still king, and the small brush hogs and lizards are a good place to start.. Another bait that has really caught on the last week has been the Rage Craw.. Watermelon red or Falcon Lake Craw.. Good stuff..

Main lake is still sucking.. Gotta get in them creeks.. And it has never been more important to get your bait down in the trees.. Not close to em... In em..

Heavy line is a must.. Whether you like it or not.. Unless you just want to drive down here to get your ass handed to you.. These fish are pumped up..

There is a good number of fishermen in town this week, and I presume a lot of them waited till they saw a nice weather window on the horizon. Makes sense to me.. Now we'll see if the fish cooperate.

March 10, 2015: Well believe it or not the temperature is above 60 degrees this morning.. And after a Sunday and Monday morning of rain, things have gotten back to more Zapata like conditions. It's damn near short sleeve weather around here..

And from the folks we talked to yesterday evening, the fish have responded to the warmer weather. Water temps are back in the low sixties and on the way up.. We should be in the middle and maybe upper sixties by this weekend. And that all spells good.. Good for the fishing.. And good on the skin.. Please Lord don't send no more cold fronts down here.. We got all we need..

We got 1.6" of rain on Sunday and Monday, and we were overdue.. We have had all the drippy, foggy, misty, nasty, cold weather we can stand. And all of that did not add up to a quarter inch of water spread out over six weeks.

The lake is up to 276.21, and rising very slowly. And hopefully the rain we got and the rain the valley got will mitigate their desire for Falcon water a bit longer.

The best thing going is still soft plastics in shallow water, and we heard yesterday the fish were back in the four to six foot range. A brush hog or lizard or senko is still the best thing going. And something with some purple in it is good..

Back in the creeks and drains is the best thing going. Put your boat in eight to ten feet of water and chunk it up there in the bushes and hardwoods. And I mean in them, not near them. The bite is still very light and you need to be paying attention to your line.. A bite can feel a lot like your are pulling your bait through a barrel of 40 weight oil.. Just heavy.. Set the hook.. Something's got it..

Some good fish showed themselves yesterday, with a bunch of six to eight pound fish being reported. Did not hear of any monsters..

Speaking of monsters, I hear that three fish over thirteen pounds were caught this last weekend, all on the same day. And another fish was caught at Athens that was a repeat, but it did not quite make thirteen pounds. It was caught last year and turned in, and it lost about a half pound. Which furthers my theory that once a fish has been turned into the program it stops their growth cycle.

According to my research, all fish but one that have been turned in, released, and re caught, have lost weight, or basically quit growing. Guess it is quite a shock to their system..

I can see that.. I know three or four people that have been abducted by aliens and when they were returned after being probed and sexually manipulated their lives changed dramatically..

Guess the same things happen to the bass after being probed and sexually manipulated..

I did know some girls back in college, that did enjoy being probed and sexually manipulated.. But I ain't seen em lately.. I wonder what happened to...

I better leave that right there.. My ol Lady reads this once in a while..

In any case I still think the fish are much better off being quickly released.. But you knew that..

The IFBBA tourney is only four days away, and you can register for the tourney here at FLT on Friday evening. Details at IFBBA.com. Should be fun and good prize money.. Come and get it..

Motels in town are at a premium due to the Zapata county fair going on, so if you are planning on coming, get on the phone NOW if you have not gotten accommodations already. I hear it is getting a bit tight..

And here's another tourney.. For you college bass anglers.. There will be a college only tourney here on Falcon on April 18th. I just heard about it yesterday, but I understand that any college teams may participate. And here's a number to call for more info. Call Blake at 512-925-0192 for more details.

This will be a one day tourney with weigh in at county ramp I am sure.. Call the number above to get the skinny, and tell Dad you need some gas money.. We look forward to seeing you here..

There have actually been quite a few folks in town for as bad as the weather has been. And a lot of them toughed it out between the showers and blows.. Including the Adams family that came all the way from Florida to spend spring break here. And it was a mixed results trip.. As their motor blew up fifteen minutes into it.. But while limping back on the Minn Kota, Angela caught her PB with this 8.3 pound beauty.. Hard to frown while holding that baby.. The one with the scales or the one with the blonde hair.. Nice fish..

I know I have said it before, but I think that some good fishing is just around the corner. If it ain't right in front of us causing us to slam on the brakes.. I think we will run right into it this week.. There are still a lot of fish that have not spawned, and I think they are fixin to do it.. If they don't get abducted by aliens..

I mean Humans..

Treat em gentle..

See you on the water..

March 6, 2015: For the most part it has been too windy to haul rocks around here, and the air and water temps have not been too pleasing either.. Well I guess if you live north of us you might have more to bitch about than us..

But bitching is what I do best.. Or so I been told..

If you were man enough to fish yesterday, you were a crazy man.. Although we did see a couple of aircraft carriers headed towards the ramp after lunch. It was howling and I am sure there were some six or seven footers out there yesterday.. I know some of you don't believe that waves can get that big on a freshwater lake.. But I seen em.. And I don't ever want to see em again..

The day or two before the front the fishing was fair, depending on who you ask.. I took out a couple of biologists from TPWD on Tuesday afternoon for a lake tour, and we happened to have a few rods in the boat as well.. And we caught a few fish.. All on Senkos.. All but one were keepers with big fat bellies.. And I believe that they were all males..

None of em weighed over three pounds..

We threw.. Rather they threw spinners a good bit, but never got bit.. But when I got back to the store, I talked to a guy who said he caught a dozen on a spinner.. Hell if I know and hell if got em figured out.. I just reckon that if you get on something that is working, stay with it till it don't..

But a lot of folks have been talking senkos, and the other half are still talking baby brush hogs and lizards..

I just want to talk about some sunshine..

On a different note, I want to remind you that the IFBBA tourney is next week here at Falcon.. It is a two dayer, team tourney. You should fish it.. The late registration fee has been waived, and you can enter here at FLT next Friday evening. I hear that the top prize will be $5,000 with a minimum of twenty entries.. I am pretty sure they have that already.. But you never know with fishermen.

You guys that are always telling me that you want to fish an "OPEN" tourney need to get down here.. No off limits till 5:00 PM the day before the tourney.. You can fish most all day Friday.. So get your ass down here.

I will be cooking up something for supper on Friday evening.. But it ain't gonna be brisket.. $60 a piece for a brisket.. This shit is getting out of hand.. Anyway, we hope to see you here..

PAW held their public hearing here on Tuesday night to talk about the proposed regulation changes that will be voted on by the commission later this month.. It was poorly attended..

But anyway it looks like the five gar per day limit will get the thumbs up for Falcon Lake. If enacted the regulation change will not go into effect until September first.. Of course all of us at the meeting urged them to make the change effective immediately.. That rarely happens.. But regardless of what transpires, thanks to all of you for your support of this reg change for the last couple of years.. It has been a long time coming..

Being of inquisical nature, I asked my biologist buddies how a bass gets an infection from having a broken jaw. Neither one of them were able to give me an answer.. Of course both of them said that they were management biologists, not fish doctors.. If there is such a thing..

I guess I just don't understand it either.. And I am not trying to be an asshole.. I just really want to know..

And of course my inference is to the sharelunker fish that died last week..

Speaking of the Sharelunker program, the long time head of the program for PAW, Allen Forshage is retiring next month. This makes two top level personnel from the inland fisheries division of PAW that have retired in the last few months. Good luck to Allen and Gary Saul in their retirement years. Thanks for your service to the state of Texas.

And who knows, little new blood might be good for inland fisheries. Every now and then you need a new bull on the ranch..

What I want to know is why we can't have an open and honest conversation about cormorants..

We all know the damage they are doing to our fish populations across the country.. Some states have stepped up and done something about it..

TPWD, it is time to broach the subject.. Saying it is a federal matter is a cop out.. It needs to be done. And it starts with you..

The time is long past where the birds are threatened or low numbered.. And like any predator, they need to be controlled.. If we are going to preserve the fisheries we have for our future generations, then the time to act is now..

Management.. That's the job you've been entrusted with.. And it is time to start managing these birds..

The weekend is here and I hope you have a good one.. Whether you are braving the cold and fishing or cleaning out the gutters.

Spring is coming.. It's just been delayed a bit..

See you on the water!

March 2, 2015: March is notoriously a windy month around these parts.. And I'd be glad to accept that.. If we had March's usual temperatures.. But it ain't happening.. Cold and cool is still here.. And more in the forecast..

Water temps are still in the fifties this morning, and I can't remember if it has ever been this late when we still had water this cold. Last year was close I am sure, as it was a cold son of a bitch as well.. I'll have to check the archives.. These last two years have been an anomaly for sure..

And it ain't doing the fishing any good.. Saturday absolutely sucked, and yesterday was only slightly better.. I think we might have made sixty late in the day.. Both water and air temps..

We are supposed to be in a short term warming trend.. But it ain't happened yet.. Maybe tomorrow we'll bust seventy.. But we're not gonna make it to sixty again today.. Allegedly..

I think we would be better off if we just called a hundred miles north and south of us each day.. Instead of looking at the weather forecasts.. Probably have a better grip on what is going to happen.. I don't think they can predict yesterdays weather.

In any case, fishing is spotty, and catching a few is possible, but hard on the fishermen. Not a lot has changed.. I did talk to a few folks that caught a few on cranks a bit deeper on Saturday, in about ten to twelve feet of water. The very shallow bite really slowed down over the weekend.

Tomorrow night is the TPWD public meeting in Zapata, so if you are in town, you might want to come by and see the results from the Alligator Gar study that was done over the summer. I remember summer..

In any case, it will be held at the Education Center, at the Civic Center, on the Main drag. Across the street from the courthouse. 7:00 PM.. If you did not get your two cents in last time here is your opportunity..

Today is Texas Independence Day.. It is a state holiday for some.. Not all..

And while it may not mean much to most folks, it certainly is a day worth remembering.. At least for us Texans.

I do not have any kinfolk that fought at the Alamo or at San Jacinto, but I do have some that held that same spirit as the original Texicans. Talk about some balls..

The people that settled and built Texas were some bad asses if there ever were any. And their fight for freedom and independence is no less noteworthy than another war for independence that took place some sixty years earlier.

And down the road a few years it only made sense at the time to join the two up and annex Texas to the United States. I believe at the time it certainly was good for both countries.. But looking back now maybe we should have annexed the United States instead of vice versa..

So we could control the bullshit that is going on today..

There is no place the people are friendlier. No place with more opportunity.

You can pull a ten year old out of a Chinese shoe factory, draw the shape of Texas in a pile of rice, and kid will smile and nod and say, "Texas!" Try that with New York..

In any case, be proud Texans.. Whether you were born here, moved here, or just appreciate the Lone Star State.

And if you don't like Texas, most people here would just say that you just don't know any better..

I say you can kiss my Texas ass..

February 28, 2015: February.. Yeah February.. I thought January was bad.. This shit just won't go away..

As I type it is 38° with a nice north wind.. This crap is supposed to be a bad memory by now.. We are supposed to be selling sunblock and floppy hats.. Not rain suits and ice scrapers..

Ok.. We did not sell any ice scrapers.. But a lot of folks that have pulled into town this morning from other parts of Texas certainly used them before they left home..

Anything north of San Antonio had ice on it this morning.. Especially my old girlfriend in Dallas.. That hurt..

As you can imagine this cold spell has done nothing good for the fishing down here.. And it has done nothing for the fishermen as well.. Oh we've got some out there.. God Bless em.. Just add a stick and you'd have a popsicle..

There are still a good number of folks here from out of state.. And maybe to some of them this weather is not that bad.. But if I was young man I'd find me a gal with similar aspirations, a bottle of good whiskey, and a couple of frozen pizzas and hole up for a few days..

See if we could break some records..

Yesterday was fairly brutal as well with highs only in the mid forties, and not a lot of fishing hours were put in on the lake. There were a few fish caught, but numbers were low as you might expect. A very slow moving soft plastic was the best thing going. But I must say that I did not get a lot of intel..

That's a hell of a fishing report.. There were a few nice fish caught in the early part of the week.. Before augers were required..

One of these days it is gonna get hot and the fishing is gonna break loose.. These fish can't wait much longer..

The lake has slowed it slow rise.. It is still catching a hundreth or two a day. But it is slow.. We are sitting at 275.86, or 25.34 feet low. That is just about four inches below where we were last year at this time..

Water temps are back to about sixty.. Maybe lower this morning.. Last week we had a few places where it was seventy.. I has been up and down more than Clinton's zipper..

There are four club tourneys in town this weekend.. Too bad the weather is not treating them nicer. Maybe the weather will be better for the tournament coming in the next two weeks, the International Federation of Black Bass Anglers Tourney.

It is a open two day team tourney that will be held on the weekend of the fourteenth and fifteenth of March. Registration will be here at Falcon Lake Tackle on Friday the thirteenth.. See all the details and enter on line if you wish at IFBBA.com. We have entry forms available here as well..

Leonard Nimoy died yesterday.. Some of you may not even know who he was.. Maybe you know Mr. Spock..

Yes the pointy eared Vulcan who could put you to sleep with a neck pinch, or Mind Meld with you to check your thoughts and memories..

What a great talent to possess.. What a great interrogation process.. No sodium penathol.. No water boarding.. No jumper cables to the testicles..

Just think..We could have hooked him up with Obamma.. We could have found out where he was born.. When he became a socialist.. And what religion he really practices.. He don't act like a Christian..

Aw, I'm sorry for insulting Spock by associating him with Obamma..

But I loved his character on Star Trek.. His honesty and Logic.. And not to delve into Star Trek too deep, but my favorite episode was, "A Piece of the Action." Spock had a prominent role in this one, and his delivery of the line, in his best mobster voice, "I'd advise yas to do as he says," was a classic..

You can see it if on Netflix, if you are so inclined..

I had an old flatbottom boat at my old deer lease.. And where the TX numbers should be on a boat, I had the numbers NCC-1701.. Few people figured it out.. But those that did always got a kick out of it..

Mr. Spock did live long and prosper.. RIP Leonard Nimoy..

Well you gotta figure that things are pretty slow around here.. We're holed up in the shop talking to people who are also bored to tears.. Cooking soup... And bitching..

I'll see you later.. I gotta go finish writing a script for the newest Priceline commercial.. Captain Kirk awaits.. And that's always a fun Enterprise..

February 24, 2015: It's been a busy little stretch around here, and nobody's complaining.. And I have finally caught up enough to sit down in front of the keyboard and hack out a few lines..

Many of you have seen the Bass Champs results from last weekend I am sure. And many of you are probably thinking that I really have my head up my ass thinking that there was going to be some heavy thirty pound stringers caught.

All indications led me to believe that there would have been a team or three that whacked multiple big fish.. But it did not happen.. A five pound average is still a good sack of fish.. There was a twenty nine pound sack of fish that was disallowed due to an expired license.. Ouch..

Several people I know well have been catching thirty plus pound sacks of fish with some regularity.. Not every day.. But it has been happening. A few guides have had some forty pound sacks on occasion.. And I figured that with that many good fishermen on the lake it was gonna happen..

I blew the guess.. Maybe I should stick to predicting who will come out of the closet next..

The weather has turned to crap since Sunday night, and yesterday was another miserable dreary, damp day.. Today a repeat but a little warmer.. Long range has us looking good toward the middle of next week which includes a full moon on Thursday. There will be some spawning going on..

I looked at a lot of fish in the tanks and it appears to me that a lot of fish have still not spawned.. But it is gonna happen pretty quick. I am sure we will still have some fish on the beds well into March. It has been another cold year. There is no doubt that some fish have already done the deal, and fry are being reported in a lot of areas.. It gets done every year.. Whether we see it or not..

On a different note, I need to tell you that the TPWD is going to hold a public hearing here in Zapata next Tuesday.. Yes that is one week from today.. Not much notice.. That could not have much effect on attendance, could it?

In any case, they will be here to hear public comment on upcoming rule changes, one of which pertains to us here on Falcon. The hearing will be in the same place as the first one, in the education building at the Civic Center here in Zapata.. Next Tuesday.. 7:00 PM.. Come and show your support if you can and let em know what you think..

I'm gonna bug em to make the regulation change effective immediately.. Doubt if it'll work, but it won't cost me anything.. Of course I am talking about the regulation change concerning Alligator Gar..

You can also go and comment on-line about the proposed rule changes at TPWD's site.. Tell em what you think.. Again.

Here is a link to the site..

The fishing report, or the list of required equipment and where to use it, has not changed. It is still all about the shallow water. Flipping and spinner baits.. Yada, yada, yada..

The coming week should be excellent.. At least you will be fishing in good conditions.. Unless something changes..

If you are a bow fisherman, and you like to shoot carp, get your ass down here.. The shallows are loaded with big fish and the water is clearer that you have ever seen it.. Gar are still not very active, but on sunny warm days they are showing up here and there..

I have been having a laugh or two listening to the national media talking about Giuliani and how he has insulted the President saying that he does not love America.. And that he has no pride in America..

Maybe Rudy has been reading the Flash Fishing report..

My only regret is that he has crawfished on what he has said..

We need some politicians with some balls.. But we don't have any.. We have elected a bunch of pussies that would never thumb their nose at the king.. Much less lead a revolution against him..

Everyone is afraid of offending someone.. Even if what is being said is the truth.. What a crock of shit..

And people want to sue someone for defamation for telling the truth.. If you don't want someone talking about you screwing your secretary, then keep your dick in your pants..

Political correctness is a cancer. And it is eating America from the inside out..

I have never seen such a bunch of lying, hypocrite, elitist, egotistical, narcissistic, self important son of a bitches than we have running this country in my life..

Evidently it is going to take the people, not our elected, to ever effect changes in the way our country is headed..

Michelle said it was the first time she had ever been proud of her country.. There's a role model for you.. Makes you want to run Ol Glory right up the pole..

I have never been more ashamed of it.. Because we are shitting on the ways and traditions that made America the best thing that ever happened on God's green earth.

But don't worry.. They've got it all under control...

They've got us all under control..

February 21, 2015: Well the first big tournament of the year is underway, as round one of the Bass Champs south division hit the water at seven O'clock sharp this morning. It was good to see a bunch of boats filling the Veleno again..

It is also nice to have a ramp that is five boats wide in the water.. Looks like launching went pretty smoothly..

I hear that there are between 160 and 170 teams entered.. They certainly kept us hopping here yesterday at the store.. Thanks to all that stopped in!

I'll have some pics and results later today.. First wave weighs in at 3:00..

February 19, 2015: It has been a busy week down here, and I reckon it is fixin to get busier.. Bass Champs is in town this weekend, as is Helotes Bass Club and Capital Bass Club..

And it's February so it's just plain busy anyway.. And for good reason..

The front that came through here on Tuesday was a doosie, and it blew a six inch rise to the south end of the lake, and some Falcon Newbies got a rough water education on the way back from the Tigers.. They seemed pretty impressed with the wave heights they saw.. And I don't think they want to see them again..

We should not be seeing anything like that this weekend, but there will be a little southerly wind they say.. But it should be easily navigable.

Yesterday was a day of good and bad, with some folks catching the crap out of em and some not so much.. The pattern has not changed..

Shallow is still the order of the day, and the few that have fished main lake rock and deeper ledges have done poorly from all reports.. It's all about the backs of creeks and drains.. Good thing I got those 8 XD's in..

I know I sound like a scratchy tape loop on hold but the pattern has just not changed in the last month..

Brush hogs and lizards and senkos are still the best soft plastics. Red, gold, or purple flake is the most popular it seems, and that has not changed either.. The bite is still very subtle, and you need to be paying attention to your line. Often times you will feel absolutely nothing and your line will be slip sliding away.. Hadn't thought about Paul Simon for a while.. But that is what's happening..

The spinner bait bite is still decent, and it seems to be a streaky producer when it is working.. Many a man has told me they threw it for what seemed like an eternity and caught squat.. Then all of a sudden they're on it like Rosie on a Twinkie..

It is a strange phenomena for sure, and I don't know whether you finally found the fish, or whether they just decided it was time to put on the feed bag.. I do believe there are fish in the backs of every creek on the lake.. But surely more in some than others.

We have more clear water on Falcon that I have seen in years.. And not just in one area. The backs of many creeks are clear enough to site fish, and I heard a couple of fellows say that they actually caught fish off beds. Most of what you will see are swimming fish, not locked on to any thing just yet. At least that has been the last few days.. I would think that things could change any second.

And most of those fish you do see are pretty spooky, and have shyed away from most offerings thrown their way.. Or gulped it down immediately.. Which happens rarely..

Kinda like that good looking chick at the bar on her third Jager.. She's either gonna give you the finger or or choke you to death with her tongue..

But whether it's bass or babes, you'll never know if you don't offer em' a chew toy..

I do believe that it will take a heavy thirty pound sack of fish to win the Bass Champs tourney this weekend.. Thirty eight pounds won't surprise me a bit.. Somebody is going to whack two hogs and we'll see what they fill in the blanks with.. But it should be good..

Remember to be nice to the fish.. Put some water in them bags on the way to the stage..

Water temps are in the low to middle sixties so we should not have any problems keeping five fish alive in two livewells. But please try to do your part.. Enough said..

Last weekend a customer dropped off a boat seat they found floating in the lake, around marker seven.. It is a red and gray Skeeter seat.. The fold up kind.. We have it here at the shop if it is yours..

Don't forget that in three weeks we will be having another tourney here on Falcon that you might enjoy. And of course I have been talking about it here and there.. The International Federation of Black Bass Anglers will be hosting their first ever Texas stop here on Falcon.. I have a bunch of fliers on it here at the shop and there is info and registration on their site. I also have entry forms here at the shop.. Just ask when you get here. We can sign you up..

I don't know if you ever met the "Chief" over at Beacon Lodge in years past, but I saw something yesterday that reminded me of him.. And if you ever met him and talked with him for just a little bit it is not likely that you would forget him.. He was a one of a kind..

He always said when you see this,

You better have your ass up in the skinny water.. Cause them fish are having fish sex up there.. And these Huisache trees are busting out.. The time has come.. That's a funny looking boat behind that tree..

The bad ass storms in Tennessee and Kentucky have thoroughly screwed up our inventory, as nothing shipped this week till yesterday at the earliest.

Memphis and Atlanta are hubs for some of our biggest distributors, and I have had shit sitting on their docks for three days.. So I am a little beat up on a few items that are of course in demand.. Much to my chagrin..

Looks like a great weekend coming up.. See you soon!

February 16, 2015: It was certainly the busiest weekend of the year around here, speaking of the last one, and we were busy as well as the lake. My feet are still hurting.. But that is being offset by the feeling in my wallet..

Thanks to all of you who shopped with us.. We can't be here without you.. We appreciate your support..

It was a pretty darn good weekend of fishing around here, with good numbers and some quality fish being caught. There were a few who struggled, but that is fishing.. Overall fishing was decent for most.

If you fished the Texas side of the lake, it is likely that you did not catch as many fish as those who fished the Mexican creeks.. I don't know why.. But it is fact..

The very back of the creeks and pockets is where most of the best strings came from, and the vast majority of fish are being caught in water less than six feet deep. It's that time of year.. There are also some big numbers of small fish in the backs of some creeks.. Voyeurs I guess.. Even if they are too young to do it.. They like to watch..

After talking to dozens of fishermen, looking at pictures, and even actually holding a fish or two myself last week, I have come to believe that the fish are in active spawn mode as we speak.. Certainly not all of them are up, but many are and many are on their way. There are a few that have already done the deed, but I believe we are just getting into it good.. Several folks have told me that they have see schools of fry.. No one can swear what they are, but there are a few clouds of em out there..

Flipping is still the best thing going, but a few folks did say that they had some flurries of fish on the blades.. Seems they are either on em or not..

A bait with a little gold flake is still doing well, along with the old standards of watermelon red and green pumpkin base colors. Some folks been crazy about purple.. It is the color of royalty after all..

Any spinner with some white in it has been good..

I have ordered a ton of product to restock the shelves for this weekend.. But I a not sure if some of it is going to get here.. My two main suppliers are in Tennessee and Missouri, and I hear that they are getting hammered with snow..

We'll see what Brown can do for me later in the week..

Speaking of cold, we had a hell of a wind blow in this morning, and we are going to cool down tomorrow and Wednesday.. But it is supposed to be back around eighty come the weekend..

Just in time for Bass Champs.. I think it is gonna take a heck of a sack of fish to win this one.. There will be a few folks whack a couple of toads.. We'll see what they can fill their stringers out with..

But it should be good..

Please keep in mind that these big fish are in the middle of spawning, so treat them as nice as you can.. I don't know for sure what hauling them around in the middle of it does to em, but it probably ain't good..

There were a bunch of six to nine pound fish caught this last weekend.. And then there were some really big fish.. Like these.. Cory Leita caught this 11.70 monster..

Glenn Robertson caught this 11.96

Rick Herold caught this 10.13

And this young man from Oklahoma caught this 11.60

While I am posting pics, here's a pic of the new 8XD's from Strike King.. Yep.. We got em.. In the colors that Falcon made Famous.. Looks like a big 6XD.. Or a little 10XD.. Actually the pic is pretty worthless without something to compare it to.. Come see em..

got some stout split rings..

My web site is still killing me.. (Some folks said it is killing them) And I have not had time to deal with it.. This is the only page I have been able to update.. I'm still contemplating Servercide..

Stringers nearing thirty pounds were caught by several fellows in tournaments over the weekend. And I don't have final results from any of them yet.. I'll post them if I get em..

Spring is trying to spring down here, and the ash trees are out and the mesquites ain't far behind.. We never really had a freeze this year, but we did have a frost or two.. But nothing that would kill your dieffenbachia..

My wife's Plumerias are fixing to come out.. I'm expecting a call from Obamma any day.. He calls everybody else that comes out..

He is truly traveling at the speed of dark..

I'm sure I have still not seen it all.. But I have to be getting close.. The other day a fellow stopped in and bought a box of night crawlers.. And after he paid for them he asked, straight faced, if it was legal to use them during the day..

I figured he was screwing with us.. Nope.. He wasn't..

I'd love to discuss a few things with you.. But man I got a lot of things going on.. See you soon.. If I can upload this page..

February 11, 2015: If any one ever tells you that they have something new and improved and you are going to get it for free (read no extra cost) and it pertains to anything in the mysterious bubbling cauldron that is known as the internet, the information super highway, the cloud, or the world wide web, and you have no choice in the matter, just do as Richard Pryor said..

Hands up, pants down, spread your cheeks.. Cause you are fixing to get it..

A few weeks ago I was informed by my hosting company that my website was going to be migrating to a new server.. Or servers..

OK.. I don't give a shit.. As long as what I type on this end comes out on the other.. I have no idea how this crap works..

And according to them, wherever we are going is like passing thru the Pearly Gates.. Bigger, faster, harder, securer, safer, easier..

Bullshit.. What would have been easier was to leave the son of a bitch alone..

And of course while things may look the same when you signed on, or maybe not, there is a lot of crap going on in the background that I have been struggling with..

Updating my site lately has been a chore.. If not impossible.. I am not even sure if I can load what I am typing as I type.. I passed pissed a few s's a ago..

Mix in a couple of Whiskeys and I'm ready to start throwing shit..

Anyway.. Talking to the guys at tech support is like talking to Romulins.. In Romulin.. What the F....

I don't know how to redirect the root folder to the new IP address and who the hell changed my passwords, and what the shit is a <source/&^{thgud[Vdy(]}>???

Can I have a do over??

I'm too old for this shit..

In any case, if by some miracle you can read this, I will try and tell you about the fishing..

Some folks have really been catching the fish this last warm session.. Some fishermen have really been struggling.

But the patterns in which they have succeeded, or failed, have not changed.

Shallow is still the order of the day, and a soft plastic is still the best thing going. Baby brush hogs, lizards, and senkos are the top producers, but any small flipping bait can get you bit..

Location is the most important issue, and the major Mexican creeks seem to be producing better than the Texas side. I have heard of several big fish the last two days, including an eleven caught yesterday. I have a pic of another and I will try and post it..

There's a crap shoot..

In any case I will have to say that fishing has surely improved with the warming water. Yesterday morning the water temp was about 63 to start out, and got into the middle and upper sixties by mid afternoon.. Some places warmer..

Darrell Grove caught this 11.14 last week..

I was in the Salado again yesterday morning, and there is a ton of stuff that looks like this.. And a lot of the lake looks like this.. Should have great spawn survival again this year..

Seen some good fish pics this morning as well.. I'll post em as I get em.. If this SOB works..

February 3, 2015: Man if you've got some time off coming then you ought to get your ass down here next week.. Looking at the forecast I just can't imagine anything better.. Highs in the seventies and eighties...

I think the shit is gonna hit the fan..

This week, despite of a cool down, the fishing has remained steady with a lot of good fish caught over the weekend. Yesterday was still a good day with water temps back around 60°. Today we have a 10% chance of it not raining, they say.. But still a good number of folks have hit the water this morning.. And some water is going to hit them..

But after all.. This is February.. And this is Falcon..

It is supposed to clear up about noon according to Heatwave..

I am jacked about the long term weather forecast.. And I am going to take a few vacation days next week to beat on em.. Gettin a little wood just thinking about it.. I hate winter, and yee-freaking haw I think I see a light at the end of the tunnel..

Oh I know that February always has some wet and cold crap to throw at us on its way out.. Kinda of like all of Clinton's staff prying the W's off the keyboards at the white house on the way out.. Last ditch effort to piss you off..

But I am feeling better already..

The soft plastic bite is the shit these days, and shallow fish in the trees is where it is happening. I would personally not make a cast in water deeper than eight feet right now.. I know what you are thinking.. When do you ever.. But there just ain't much happening in water over dick deep.. Ok.. Shoulder deep..

Lizards and brush hogs are the best baits going.. Flip em in the hardwoods.. Between the bark and the sap.. I mean in the trees, not close to the trees.. The ones with some bean bushes or salt cedars or retamas surrounding them is where I have caught more fat spawning bitches than any place else.. (No offense meant..)

Get your flippin stick and some stout line and get with it..

The spinner bait bite is still there in the same shallow water.. But you will not get bit near as often.. But when you do it is possible that it could be Ol Rosie..

Congrats to Michael and Edgar who both guessed that the Patriots would win the Superbowl.. Both were off just a point but that is about as close to it as you can get.. Look for your mystery prize in the mail this week..

It was a fun game to watch.. But if you had any money on the game I am sure there was some hair pulling going each way.. Maybe next year Cowboys fans..

Bass Champs is only few weeks away, and there are a few folks down doing some scouting. Bad part about that is that this time of year everything is in flux and in eighteen days who knows what will be going on..

Our water level is still on the rise, and we are at 274.91, or 26.29 feet low.. Over the last couple of months we have been catching about a foot every ten days, give or take. I am not sure what the long term plan is, but for now the valley is very wet.. There should be no need for pre-irrigation this year, and hopefully we will get another good hatch before they need to draw any water for the fields..

And God willin we could get some more good rains this spring and get above where we were last year.. We were at 276.84 last year in March so we are still about two feet below the high of last spring..

We dropped about five feet from mid April to mid May last year, and that was certainly due to a big round of irrigation.. Timely rains can save us a lot of water.. Lets hope this wet pattern hangs on this spring..

Other than that things are pretty quiet around here.. We have had an influx of a few groups of fishermen but it is certainly not like years past. But prime time has just arrived..

I sure thought a Sharelunker would get caught last week, with the warmer weather across the state. Last year was a slow year but there were six caught by this time.. Those crappie fishermen are due to snag one out of Fork any day now.. Looks like another crappy year for big fish. Haven't seen one here on Falcon either..

Man I had the weirdest dream the other night.. And I think I am conflicted between pastimes.. I dreamed I was fishing.. With Phil Mickelson and Tiger Woods.. No Shit..

We were fishing inside a giant building with waterways and concrete walls running all through it.. My kids and nieces and nephews were with us.. And Tiger was driving the boat backwards.. On Plane.. While Phil and I were on the front deck.. He was flipping and I was holding a nine iron..

I'm not sure what this dream means.. Maybe it means I need to change sports.. And I am in a transition period..

No, not like Bruce Jenner.. Maybe Obamma has inspired him.. I dunno.. Do you think he will compete in the women's decathlon next year? I digress..

Maybe it means that they need to change sports.. Couldn't argue with that thought the way they are playing..

I'd be glad to swap em golf lessons for fishing lessons..

Three guys past their prime.. Yeah.. Maybe that is what that dream was about..

Either that or it was that Large Pepperoni with Jalapeno's and Anchovies I ate about 10:00..

But last time I had pizza too late I dreamed I was a fluffer in a lesbian porn movie and I had to shave Rosie's back..

I woke up holding a razor to my own throat..

In any case, I hope you have all your honey do's done so you have earned a kitchen pass or two.. Cause the times a commin.. If it ain't already here..

See you on the water!

January 30, 2015: I can't believe that we have already went thru a month of 2015.. Even as miserable as the weather was, this month has sure gone by in a hurry. But that stuff is just a bad memory now.. I actually had to use some sunblock yesterday.

The fish have gotten a lot more active the last two or three days.. And good to very good numbers have been reported by quite a few fishermen. Hell I even caught em good yesterday.. No bigguns.. But lots of bites..

And from what I heard, I was fishing the wrong end of the lake..

Water temps in big creeks on the north side were in the middle sixties yesterday, from the Salado to the Salanaias..

I took a boat ride yesterday.. A long one way up the river just to check it out as I had not been up there in a year and a half.. And it looked like I remembered. Cept with a lot less water.. We need about three feet to make some of the creeks up there interesting again.. We caught a couple of undersize fish in Mexican chapote.. Barely can float your boat.. But if you are a bow fisherman and like to shoot carp.. Get your ass up there.. It's loaded..

Texas Chapote has a new fence across it and a bunch of steel posts at the only place you could get in.. Use caution if you try to get in there.. Steel is harder than fiberglass.. Man it looks awesome.. Just needs a little more water.. And a piece of that fence cut out..

I also ran way the hell up to the bluff banks about a mile below the Colondrina.. And fished the deep rock walls on the Mexican side.. Didn't catch a fish there, but it was good to go see that part of the country again.. And I don't know what kind of fish I was marking in the deep holes in the river, but if I was driving a destroyer I would certainly have rolled in a few racks of depth charges.. Submarines.. Giant gar and catfish I presume..

But we did not really get on the fish till after lunch when the water warmed up, and I got off the spinner bait.. And threw a brush hog.. Watermelon Candy did the trick.. They would not eat the Plum Ol Monster.. Hard to believe..

We caught a lot of fish in four to six feet of water.. Lots of undersized fish and the big fish of the day would not go four pounds.. But damn it was fun getting bit.. On a regular basis..

I heard similar stories from the Tiger and the Salanaias as well.. Time to flip those shallow trees boys and girls..

Jimmies' favorite time of year.. And the most unpredictable..

Some good fish are being caught as well but not big numbers of DD fish. Like this one..

10.98 caught on Monday..

But decent numbers of sixes and a few eights.. An a shit load of little ones..

Best flipping baits right now are W/M Magic or Candy brush hogs. Or Green Pumpkin Magic lizards or brush hogs.. I am sure other baits will work.. But I know these will..

A spinner bait is working in areas as well.. All white is the best.. Fish it from the dirt to eight feet.. Keep it in the top of the water column on sunny days. Lots of these fish are up sunning themselves..

There is another little cool front upon us, and it is not supposed to be real cold.. But It is not going to maintain our nice water temps.. So I am not sure what it is going to do to the fishing.. Hopefully it will be short lived and we can get back to some more of this glorious sunshine..

The Superbowl is this weekend.. I'm not a fan of either team but I reckon I'll watch.. And I figure you will too.

A few years ago I did a Superbowl contest and the winner got an awesome prize package.. Well.. Maybe not awesome.. But he got some stuff..

Anyway, if you're interested you can enter with no cost to you.. Just do it this way..

Send me an e-mail (Link at the top of this page) with these two things in the subject line only..

The winner.. And the final score..

Exact or closest to the final score will win a prize package of goodies that I can't sell.. Or something like it.. Or a shirt.. Or whatever I decide.. Ties will all win..

So your subject line should look something like this..

Seattle 28-14 or New England 28-14.

Winner will be notified by e-mail on Monday or so. Remember.. Subject line only..

If you have the ways and means, you might want to get down here the next time you see a warm stretch coming.. I think it's fixin to be on!!

January 27, 2015: It sure is nice not to have to wear a coat every time you go outside.. And I am sure that is the way that God intended it.. Adam and Eve didn't wear no clothes.. Till they screwed it up..

Ah yes, it is glorious to stand out side and bask in the sun.. What yall doing up there in New York this morning?

Afternoon temps the last few days have been fantastic with highs in the seventies, and we have a few more days of it coming up this week.. Maybe we can get the water to stay over sixty degrees..

The last few mornings the water temps have been starting out around sixty, and topping out around the middle sixties in some places after the sun does its work. We have been having high thin clouds, which has not really let the sun beat down as hard as it could.

Creeks and coves with semi protected northern banks have heated up the fastest. And those areas have produced spotty good fishing from time to time.. But it really appears that catching numbers of fish is a timing thing.. You have to be at the right place at the right time..

Many the report has said that they fished all morning and caught squat, and then suddenly on one spot in fifteen minutes the switch gets flipped and the fish bite every cast.. Sounds typical of cold water Falcon fish..

There have been a bunch of four to eight pound fish caught lately, and they look like blimps.. It is hard to imagine them any fatter.. The proverbial Rosie fish..

Numbers of them are still less than desired of course, and catching them on a consistent basis has been a challenge.. Ask any of the local guides..

Plastics and spinnerbaits in the shallows have caught the best quality fish it appears. It is possible to happen on a pile of small fish on any offshore ledge from ten to twenty feet.

And be prepared to retrieve that spinnerbait a lot of times with no fish on it..

I truly believe that if we can get some consistent sixty five degree water we will see a bunch of fish caught.. This is a nice warming trend we are on but we are headed back into the murk this weekend. But Thursday and Friday could be the days..

Last week the TPWD commissioners met, and they approved an increase of the limit on Alligator Gar, on Falcon only, to five fish per day. This regulation change will not go into effect till September first.

I know.. It's like telling a man he has cancer, but we are not going to do anything about it for a year.. Don't make a lot of sense..

There will be another public hearing here in Zapata to discuss the regulation change, and it should happen in the next month or so.. I'll let you know when it is going to happen and hopefully we can put some pressure on them to make the change effective immediately.. There will also be an opportunity to comment online about your thoughts on this matter.. And in the not to distant future there will probably not be any more public hearings, due to apathy on the part of most folks, and the cost of planning and attending these get together's to TPWD.

The Internet will soon rule the world..

But it is damn nice to be able to stand up in front of your employees (TPWD) and say your piece.. At least you know they heard you.. Typing a few lines in a text box on a website often leaves one wondering if you have been heard, or if anyone ever even reads what you have written..

You can, if so motivated, still address the formal Commission at their semi annual meetings in Austin.. It does take a little doing.. But it can be done..

I for one would like to see some real world people on the PAW board.. Folks that work outside in the woods and on the waters.. Folks with hands on everyday experience that understand why moss grows on the north side of the trees..

It's no secret that commissioners are appointed by the Governor.. At his discretion. There are no written qualifications..

Oh I imagine making a contribution to the governors war chest come election time can't hurt your chances of getting on the board if that is one of your desires..

Maybe our new governor might be open to the possibility of appointing some folks that come from the blue collar world.. I think it is time to plant the seed anyway..

A new Inland Fisheries Chief has been named, to replace Gary Saul who retired last August or so..

Craig Bonds, who was working in the east Texas sector, and has done about everything that TPWD does when it comes to freshwater fisheries, is our new freshwater fisheries boss.. He is a sixth generation Texan, and that is a good thing.. I wish him the best of luck and look forward to good things from inland fisheries in the future.

Bass Champs will be here on February 21st, and I look forward to seeing what a bunch of good fishermen on the lake can do. I am certain that we will have a lot warmer water by then and I am optimistic that they will catch some nice stringers. I think it will happen before then.. But being that the water has been so cold, they could hit it really good..

And don't forget the IFBBA tourney coming up in March.. It too should have a nice Pay-Day, with 5K guaranteed with a minimum of twenty five teams entered.. It is open to any and all.. Details here..

The next few days could make something happen around here.. And I am gonna get out there tomorrow and the next day.. At least that is what I am thinking..

Water is till coming up about a half inch a day.. Lake is looking good!

January 21, 2015: Believe it or not, we have actually had two nice days.. That included sunshine.. And yesterday we got up to 86°!! That's what I'm talking about!

And although we had a couple days of nice, it is not like the water temps around here have skyrocketed.. But it damn sure helped.. Surface water temps yesterday reached 64° in a lot of areas, and I was in the Hedieona yesterday afternoon and for a second I saw 67..

But a quick warm up has not been enough to thaw all the fish at once.. And I am not sure how long we will keep any of this warmer water.. We are headed for three more days of cool and cloudy.. And I am sure low sixty degree water will be the norm the next few days..

It's kinda like putting a can of beer in the ice chest.. It's gotta be in there a while till the beer gets cold on the inside.. And it works the same going the other direction.. Fish are cold blooded, and it will take them a while to thaw out..

Tell me something I didn't know..

There could be light at the end of the tunnel though, as a warming trend is predicted starting on Saturday.. And it could be extended.. We'll see..

I know I talk about the weather more than Al Roker, but it is as linked to our fishing as much as Al Sharpton is to bullshit.. They go hand in hand.. They are inextricably linked..

I like that word.. Inextricably.. Just kinda rolls off the tongue.. Although I gotta look it up every time I try and spell it..

Warm water is going to bust these fish out of hibernation.. Pretty damn soon..

I have to keep telling myself it is January.. I hate January..

In fact the water has been so cold, that it has kicked the tilapia's ass in a lot of areas.. They are all swimming around like they are on ludes.. Or acid.. Whacked out.. Like an Obamma supporter..

It is nothing like the die off of 86.. When there were thousands of tilapia dead and floating.. But they are tropical fish and water in the high forties and low fifties tends to kill em.. Especially if it hangs around for a while.. I takes a while for that beer to get really cold..

Yesterday was still a tough day of fishing for most. But some folks got on some numbers of small fish. Still hanging around that ten to fifteen feet of water.. One fellow I talked to said they caught thirty two fish.. And only three or four were keepers..

One of my spots yesterday produced an 8-2 on the first cast.. And seven more small fish off the same spot the size of your dinner table.. Too bad it was not me fishing on that spot..

But yesterday was a good day for Harold Buchmeier.. He caught this 11-11 in the Salado.. Same creek (it's really a river) that 8-2 came from..

And day before that Gwen caught this nice Rosie fishing with Matt Reid.. Not sure what this fish weighed but the women always get a break on this page..

Best numbers of fish still seem to be coming from the Salanaias, which often happens this time of year. That north bank is a bit protected and it warms up as quick as any spot on the lake.. As does the north bank of the Salado..

You know that Salado is just a big fish factory.. It has put out more true monsters than any other arm of the lake.. I don't know how many fourteens have come out of there.. And of course the lake record came out of there.. And that's where I had my chance with a lake record about ten years ago.. Not sure she would have fit in a livewell..

I can still see her in my mind.. What little I have left of it..

There are certain memories that are engrained in the brains hippocampus, where your long term memory is stored.. And they say that those that are the most vivid are usually those that are engrained at the same time when a huge emotional situation is occurring simultaneously..

Well I am no brain surgeon, but I can certainly vouch for that..

I not only have the memory stored.. I have the Video.. I can still see her flying out of the water.. Which is rare for a fish of her size.. That's like Rosie dunking a basketball.. Seems impossible..

But for a second she was able to defy gravity and and then defy the laws of physics.. By breaking my new 65 pound braid on a straight pull in three feet of water.. And people ask me why I like to fish shallow..

She was headed for a fence and I tried to stop her.. I could smell my thumb burning on the spool.. But it was not to be.. When the line broke I hit myself between the eyes with my rod and damn near fell out the other side of the boat..

Every time I snap my fingers I can still feel the scar on my thumb.. A lingering and constant reminder of my failure..

But I caught a 12-1 the next week and it helped to ease the pain..

Did you watch the Obiminator on TV last night? Me neither.. But I did see and read a few excerpts.. A couple of my fav's are free college and transsexuals.. Oh I mean transgender people..

Free college? What actually is free college? Let me get out the Jimmy Bendele Lexicon for you..

That means that those that are already getting a lot of free shit are going to get some more.. And it will be free because you are going to pay for it.. That's simple enough..

I can see them setting up new college taxing districts now.. You know.. Just the same way that free public schools are free..

There is no free lunch.. Well yeah there is.. You're paying for that too..

And in closing I'd like to think that if you are born with a dick, you should keep it.. Of course that is just my opinion..

It is mighty handy when you need to piss, and you don't need to squat.. Or wipe.. Just a shake will do.. One of God's finer inventions.. And one of the true advantages man has over woman..

I know it is the twenty first century.. And people are getting weirder every day.. And I even heard a medical firm advertising for this on TV the other day.. Skinner and Whakum, M.D.'s 1-800 Whack-a-PP..

Actually do not call that number.. (unless you want to..) It is some sex site the way it sounds.. I hung up after I maxed out my credit card..

See you on the warm water!

And remember.. If you shake it more than twice you're playing with it!

January 15, 2015: It's gonna happen. The sun is going to shine. I just know it.. And just in time for the weekend. If not then I think maybe I will finally go insane..

This weekend we have three bass clubs headed to town, and from the looks of the forecast they might just get lucky. Scheduled to appear, in no particular order, are Medina Lake Bass Club, Helotes Bass Club, and Uvalde Bass Club.

And it will be good to see some folks in town for a change.. The new year is off to a slow start..

And putting some hooks in the water might actually help us get an idea of what is going on around here. And who knows maybe a few fishermen will catch something like this 11.04 pound beastie that was caught by local guide Billy Tompkins this week while he was out scouting..

There are still a few of these monsters left..

I have always had an unwritten rule that I did not put pics of fish weighing less than ten pounds on this page. And I have not posted many pics as of late.. I reckon we'll start seeing a few more in the next few weeks.. I have seen a bunch of eights as of late though..

And if you can believe it or not there is actually a shadow in that picture.. It was a short window..

Monday was a nice reprieve from the gloom, but alas it lasted only one day and we have been back in the cold and wet for the last three.. So there have not been many folks on the water, and those that have been have not been setting the world on fire. Water temps in the low fifties don't do us a lot of good..

This is a bunch of bullshit.. Texans are not supposed to have to put up with this crap..

Last time I wrote I was telling you about some possible big tournaments coming this fall, and we've got another one on the books.

The Texas Association of Bass Clubs, or TABC, will be holding its annual state championship here on Falcon on the weekend of September 26th and 27th.. It has been four years since they have been in town, and it is good to see them come back. They usually bring about 250 anglers with them when they come, and that is good news for Zapata businesses..

Thanks TABC for choosing Zapata and Falcon Lake..

The fish that are being caught right now are mostly being caught on slow moving baits.. Slow is the key.. Unless you just happen to hit one on the head..

Staging areas off the creeks edges are a good place to look.. And be sure to fish any points that are inside creek mouths.. Whether you see trees or rocks..

TPWD has a new Director of Inland Fisheries, and no offense intended to anyone, but I am glad that they picked a Texan. Craig Bonds has been named to fill the big chair in Austin. He has been around TPWD for a good while and started with them in 1999. He has been the East Texas Region 3 director since 2007. I think he will be a good fit..

I also hear he is a Sharelunker fan.. We'll have to work on that..

TPWD will be holding another public comment meeting here in Zapata in the not too distant future, to hear imput from the locals about proposed regulation changes, not the least of which is the recommendation to raise the alligator gar daily bag to five.

I will let you know when it is going to happen. But it should be in the next couple of months, probably in February or March..

All we need around here, other than a bunch more water, is some freakin sunshine and some south winds..

Oh.. And you..

See you on the water..

January 10, 2015: I know a lot of you.. Hell almost all of you have it worse than we do right now.. Weather wise. And this stuff sucks, today being the worst day we have had of it so far.

It is mid thirties and still misting, nothing you could really call rain.. But miserable is as good a word as one could use.. The winter of my discontent..

But then all of them are..

There have actually been a few folks fishing, and they have actually caught a few fish. And I am surprised and pleased to see a few bigger fish in the mix. I have seen pics of some really fat eight pounders and a few other really healthy looking quality fish. And most all of these have come somewhat shallow.

There is no doubt that these fish want to go spawn.. But the water is just too cold to get many of these fish up in the shallows. But it is gonna happen sooner than later..

I was looking at the long term weather pattern, and if you can believe any of that stuff, it is supposed to warm some after next week.. That'd be fine with me..

Water temps have been in the low sixties and I am sure this morning there are no gauges with a six as the first number.

It's cold..

I wish I had more to tell you, but most folks are smart enough to stay indoors during this stretch.. No offence intended..

We have a small window for fishing maybe tomorrow afternoon and Monday, before the next wet and cool pattern sits on us like a new clutch of eggs..

This is like waiting out a long prison sentence..

The lake is still coming up, and this morning we are sitting at 273.91, or 27.29 feet low. And if you're paying attention, we're up almost another foot in about the last ten days or so.. And it is looking good for the spawn.. We have some decent cover in the water.. And more every day..

The tournament season is about to kick off here in south Texas before too long, and Bass Champs will be at Amistad in just two weeks. They come to Falcon just a month later on the 21st of February, and they should hit it good..

And I want to remind you of the International Federation of Black Bass Anglers tournament that is coming to Texas and Falcon for the first time ever.. It is a team tournament and you can fish it as well. Details are on their site which you can find here.. It will be a two dayer on March 14th and 15th..

First place will be $5000 with a minimum of twenty five teams entered.. See the site for details and contact info.. Some of you local boys should eat this up.. It is a team tourney..

Bass Champs comes back on April 25 for their second go round, and that is it so far as what one might call a "BIG" tournament for this spring.

There will be lot of clubs coming to Falcon as well, and we have many of them listed on our tourney page. If your club is coming please let me know so I can add you to our schedule.

In the fall we have a few more bigger tourneys scheduled and we are still working on a few others.. And I'll let you know when they are cemented in place.

And if you or your organization wants to bring a tourney to Falcon please contact me and we'll get the ball rolling.

I am very optimistic that our spring fishing is going to be good.. If we ever get to spring..

The Sharelunker season is certainly off to a crawl.. Last year was the third slowest year in the history of the program and TPWD blamed it on the cold winter.. Which was colder than this one has been so far.. Maybe not nastier.. But colder..

And even as slow as it was, there were four caught by this time.. So far there has been one.. I don't see a lot of fish being caught this year either.. Of course I said that a long time ago.. This year could rival the lowest years in history..

It will certainly be in the bottom 25%.. And if it ain't you can rub my nose in it..

There just aren't that many big fish out there, especially with the low water and drought conditions that we have had across the state in the last decade..

This would, however, be a great time for Sharelunker to prove itself..

And show that genetics play a bigger part than conditions..

But it ain't gonna happen. Cause it ain't so..

And even the most die-hard of you Sharelunker lovers must be starting to see the light..

I know that there are still a few believers in the "Hope and Change" category.. So I guess there can still be a few believers in Sharelunker..

But after near thirty years you'd think that one might begin to see the light..

I think it is time to change the bulb..

See you on the water.. Or at Burlington Coat Factory...

January 7, 2015: Bored.. Bored to tears.. And from the looks of the forecast I will be pullin my hair out about Sunday cause it is only getting worse..

If only I had the wings of Icarus..

It has been a gloomy period around here.. And on days when the sun actually shines, people come out of the woodwork..

Today ain't one of em..

Yesterday was an exception, and we had a decent day with only high filtered clouds.. Not warm mind you, but fishable.

Gary Harlan and I decided to go for a boat ride up the Salado and the Hedieona, and we fished some of the prettiest water you have ever seen.. But the fish must not be holding it in such high regard.. Both of those creeks look incredible, but yesterday they were fishless..

I have written many times before that if the water gets in the mid fifties you might as well stay home and watch Captain Kangaroo.. Well we shoulda done that.. Or went to the golf course..

Water temps in both creeks were in the low fifties and finally got to about 55° by four o'clock.. Bout the time we said we had had enough.. But it was a great day for a boat ride.. We had actually been catching some fish in there the last couple of weeks..

It's gonna be awesome when it warms up a little.. If that ever frickin happens!!

We are currently experiencing a nice little shower.. With more in the forecast and more cold air.. We ain't warming no water up like this..

Here's a pic of the Palapa on the south side of the Salado I took yesterday..

Here's a pic of the same Palapa I took in 2010.. At nine feet over pool..

And here's a pic I took yesterday of Indian Bluff.. Well at least that is what I call it.. Also on south bank just a little farther west of the Palapa. I keep expecting to see some smoke signals up there..

We have had some beautiful sunsets.. Pic does not come close to doing it justice..

And not one pic of a fish..

We did certify a new lake record crappie on Monday.. 2.44 pounds.. There have been a lot of bigger ones caught.. But few people bother to get them weighed.. Maybe this will get them motivated..

They have been catching some whoppers as of late..

I see today that more representatives of the religion of peace murdered a bunch of people in France.. Chickenshit son of a bitches.. It takes a real man to shoot a bunch of unarmed people when they probably were not even looking at you.. You bastards will all burn in hell..

I just don't get it.. You keep telling me.. And telling me.. And telling me.. Islam is a religion of peace.. When are the peaceful Islamic Muslims gonna stand up and purge this cancer from their religion..

I don't see it happening..

And Obamma says we will find and punish these assholes.. I guess now we really are the worlds policemen.. This happened in France.. I think we got all we can do to protect the homeland.. And we don't even do that..

And in some cities people don't respect the policemen we have here.. People who do not respect the rule of law..

I wonder if there were no police forces how long they'd like the laws of anarchy.. You might be a bad dog.. But there's always a badder one..

Makes you wonder..

Well I'm headed to the store to stock up on chickens and chili meat.. And maybe a big jug of whiskey.. Looks like we are gonna have to hunker down for a few days..

I hate this shit..

January 2, 2015: Well here it is 2015, and it looks just like 2014.. Cloudy, cold, wet, and unappetizing for most outdoor activities.. Which would include fishing. But that hasn't kept em all of the lake. But when you're a big wuss like me you tend to stay close to the fire..

Those that are going out today have been greeted by a light mist and temps in the high forties.. And water temps in the fifties.. And these Floridas are not crazy about cold water.. Kinda like me.. They just lay around and pout..

We are still catching water ever so slowly, but when you look back over a couple of weeks it adds up. We are up to 273.45, or 27.75 low. And if you look back to the fifteenth of November, a scant six weeks ago, we are up 2.78 feet.. That's serious water.

Ramps are working fine at the state park and at the county Ramp here in Zapata. Beacon and Lakefront also have working ramps. And you can launch at the Tigers if you have the urge..

There is one hazard to talk about at this time.. If you are a Falcon veteran then you know about the giant old concrete bridge abutment up the river between the Salado and Hedieona. It has about three or so inches of water on top of it and it will ruin your day if you hit it.. So avoid it.. And if you do not know where it is and are planning on a riparian trip then you better ask..

Other than that you are good to go on the rest of the lake.. The two telephone poles in Big Tiger are only about a foot or so out of the water. You really don't want to run over them either..

There are still fish being caught, but I am not sure what an extended cold water event in the shallows will do.. Well that's bullshit.. Of course I know.. It will run the fish out of the spawning areas if it hangs on very long.

We have a full moon on Sunday, but I am not expecting a big wave of fish up there this go round. The water is just too cold. I am sure there will be a few exceptions, but it will not be the norm..

So hit and miss will be the order of the day for the immediate future.. Believe me, no one wants it to warm up more than me..

We have not seen a sunny day in a while, and as a matter of fact we have not had three sunny days down here in a month.. And while that sounds crazy, it is true.. I'm getting a little pissed.. It's like living in freaking Seattle..

Have you made your new years resolutions yet?

Me neither.. I thought of a few but it would just piss off a bunch of people if I actually took them to heart..

Last year I gave up a bunch of stuff I love and all it did was piss me of..

I went from drinking a pot of coffee a day to zero caffeine.. Cold Turkey..

I gave up ice cream.

I gave up cigars.

I gave up eating bread.. Well except for the occasional Whataburger..

And I have been trying to eat better to keep this gout from kicking my ass. Cause nothing sucks worse than not being able to do what you want.. Like go fishing.. Because you can't even crawl out of the recliner much less up on a bass boat.

Thank God for modern medicine..

What if we could make a gout bomb and drop it in the middle east.. Those bastards don't do anything but fight and make love to camels anyway, so the world would not loose the production of anything..

They'd never know what hit them.. And then they'd quit killing everybody cause you ain't doing shit if you got you a good case of the gout.. Maybe we been approaching this all wrong..

I can see it now.. Aktmed and Kasgar are warming themselves over a goat dung fire, and Aktmed says, "Kasgar, me freekeng beeg toe is killing me.. I vill not be able to go to the infidel recognition school tonight.."

I don't know though.. If they all had gout, the number of suicide bombers would certainly go up..

Yeah, I'm a little bored around here..

I been watching a lot of football, and and some NBA, and it has inspired me to make a new app for your Apple or Android device.

I think I'm gonna call it Click-A-Tat.. It will be marketed towards professional athletes of course, but wanna-bees are welcome to log on as well..

Whenever you are bored, like between possessions or during time outs, or when you are serving out your suspensions, you can browse through millions of Tattoo designs to pick out your next art..

The site will be sectioned of course with categories from offensive linemen all the way to power forwards.

It will also have subcategories that will help out with selecting tats for certain body parts.. Because from what I have seen, some folks certainly need help in this department.

Putting a heart on your ass cheek may send the wrong message to a certain crowd.

And tattooing "Mom" on your pecker.. Well.. We might need read some Freud about that one..

Anyway I think it will be a hit, cause I still see a few square inches of un-penned skin out there..

Having a tattoo is fine, but making your body look like a never repainted bathroom stall is a little too much for me..

I guess I am too old fashioned.. I don't even like bumper stickers..

Well.. The 'Obamma Sucks' ones are alright..

I better go before I start to tell you about the Obamma administration's plans to develop and plant cactus that grows popsicles instead of nopalitos on the leaves all along the border.. To help the undocumented Democrats.. I mean illegal aliens.. I mean the best and brightest as they journey into the country..

Happy New Year!

December 30, 2014: Well here it is boys.. New Years Eve, Eve.. And I reckon I have probably typed 2014 on this report for the last time.. And for the last seven years I have had a shit load of fun writing this thing.. I hope you have had a little bit of fun reading it..

And while in the beginning it was pretty much just a fishing report, and a what's happening page about what was going on here on Falcon, I guess it has kind of evolved into.. Well hell I don't know what..

But it is what it is..

All things change..

Hell seven years ago Miley was still on Disney lunch boxes.. Now she's rubbing her box on someone's crotch and licking an imaginary something on TV all the time.. Hell if I know..

Seven years ago I had a cell phone.. Now I got one that can give you a sunburn..

Seven years ago the Falcon Lake record bass was 15.12 pounds.. We've seen that bested twice..

Seven years ago the Bassmaster four day heavy stringer record was broken here on Falcon six times in one day..

Yeah, that don't happen very often.. And won't ever again.. You can write that down..

Seven years ago the state record largemouth bass was an 18.18 pounder from Fork.. Still is..

Seven years from now the state largemouth bass record will still be 18.18 pounds.. You can write that down too..

Seven years ago the Sharelunker program was 21 years old and had not produced a single fish that weighed thirteen pounds..

Seven years later it's seven years older and has still not produced a thirteen pound bass..

You cannot turn Cheetah into King Kong..

Those last two items go hand in hand.. If we keep a bounty on teenagers we'll never break the state record.. You can write that down..

Seven years ago there was no limit on alligator gar in Texas.. Now look what we've got.. A one fish limit on a piece of crap fish.. And a lake full of fish eating mutants run wild..

But you can still kill five trophy sized bass a day.. If there was any..

Last week I wrote an article for the local paper in response to the report on the alligator gar study they published in the same. And it was a long one.. I could write about that subject for days.. Maybe I'll post it here sometime, but you are probably tired of hearing me bitch about the gar.. But I wanted to set the record straight for the locals that read TPWD's side of the story..

If the gar ain't eating the bass, where's all my fish from 2008 and 2010? We should be crawling with eight to twelve pound bass..

I guess in seven years we will be able to look back and see how this one gar per day decision affected the lake.. I already know..

If gar are so precious why don't we have hatcheries and we could stock them in lake Fork and the like..

I know.. I don't own the lake.. But neither do they..

Seven years ago the fishing on Falcon was fantastic..

Seven years ago we had a hellova population of Cormorants on the lake.. Now we have a hellova super tremendous incredible population of cormorants on the lake.. We can't do anything about that either I guess..

Mr Spock once said, "The needs of the many outweigh the needs of the few.. Or the One.."

I guess that shit don't wash anymore.. Just like in politics the special interest groups take president.. This country has gone apeshit..

Seven years ago we still had a president with some scruples and some American pride.. Well that shit changed in 2010.. Along with the rest of your life..

And sometimes I wonder if it is too late to pull the stick back before we splatter on impact..

I guess I worry to much. And bitch too much.. Times seven.. But hell somebody's got to do it..

I am not sure what the new year will bring.. Hell, I don't know what last year brought..

But whatever it is you can bet I will be sure to let you know what is going on around here..

Lord Willin'..

Happy New Year to you and yours. Thanks for your support throughout the years, and we hope to see you here this new year..

They may not be monsters.. But the fish are biting.. And they're growin!